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    19:15Noga Erez: Off The Radar
    19:11SVPER: Azul Profundo -
    19:04Snyder: Something
    18:52BRANDENBURG: Mist
    18:48School 94: Common Sense
    18:44Die Selektion: Dein Herz Wiegt
    18:38SondreLerche: Soft Feelings -
    18:33Damaged Bug: Unmanned Scanne
    18:28Oumou Sangaré: Kamelemba
    18:21Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders: Susan

    Ganze Playlist   Tinnitus

    20:00 - 22:00

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    Mo 29.5.
    19:15Noga Erez: Off The Radar
    19:11SVPER: Azul Profundo - Tinnitus!!!
    19:04Snyder: Something
    18:52BRANDENBURG: Mist
    18:48School 94: Common Sense
    18:44Die Selektion: Dein Herz Wiegt Tausend Scherben
    18:38SondreLerche: Soft Feelings - Tinnitus!!!
    18:33Damaged Bug: Unmanned Scanner
    18:28Oumou Sangaré: Kamelemba
    18:21Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders: Susan
    18:17Phoenix: Ti Amo - Tinnitus!!!
    18:07Yser: Happy Tune
    18:03Broadway Sounds: Le Voyage d'un Vagabond
    17:59Future: Mask Off
    17:54BROS: Couldnt Hear A Thing
    17:50First Hate: Time To Start Giving
    17:44Men I Trust: You Deserve This
    17:38King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: Gamma Knife
    17:33Terry vs Tori: Leapday
    17:28Weval: Youre Mine
    17:20King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: Rattlesnake
    17:16Lorenzo_BITW & Mina: Tombura
    17:15King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: Doom City
    17:14One Sentence. Supervisor: Algo Rhythm
    17:13Flamingods: Jungle Birds
    17:13Ultimate Painting: Kodiak
    17:08Princess Nokia: Tomboy
    17:02Annie Taylor: Partner in Crime
    16:58She-Devils: Hey Boy
    16:54Keshavara: Creators of Rain (feat. Gío)
    16:51The Baby Shakes: Turn It Up
    16:48No Joy: Hellhole
    16:45Die Selektion: Bis unter die Haut - Tinnitus!!!
    16:40Julien Gasc: Luke Howard
    16:37Jo Goes Hunting: Confusion
    16:33Eaux: Sleeper
    16:29Menace Beach: Suck It Out
    16:25The New Romantics: Haikus - Tinnitus!!!
    16:21Code Walk: Doubler
    16:17biyo: moments
    16:17Mild High Club: Ceiling Zero
    16:13Flying Ibex: Away From My Mind
    16:06Joy Orbison: Fuerza
    16:03Mardou: The Enemy
    16:00Young Fathers: 27
    15:57MISTY COAST: LEAP YEAR - Tinnitus!!!
    15:53Children of Pop: Jealous Lover
    15:49Wuh Oh: Hairstyle
    15:45Black Market Karma: Shaking Sad
    15:42Fazerdaze: Lucky Girl
    15:37SVPER: Azul Profundo - Tinnitus!!!
    15:34Fake Laughs: Nothing But Good
    15:30Charlotte & Magon: The Game
    15:26Timber Timbre: Western Questions
    15:22Turbostaat: Vormann Leiss
    15:20Hollow Hand: End Of Everything
    15:15Joey Bada$$: LAND OF THE FREE
    15:11Tennis: In The Morning I’ll Be Better
    15:07Clea: Bright Blue
    15:02Moon Diagrams: End Of Heartache
    14:57What Moon Things: Party Down The Street
    14:54Broncho: Fantasy Boys
    14:51The Agnes Circle: Sister Flux
    14:46Athlete Whippet: Friend Of Mine
    14:40Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah: Diaspora (feat. Elena Pindergughes)
    14:35Retiree: Jan
    14:31Gnork: See Me Rollin
    14:28Twin Peaks with Juan Wauters: Back Door
    14:24Blind Matty: Gettin Stoned With My Ol Lady
    14:19Youandewan: 4D Anxiety
    14:15Ten Sleep: Roommates
    14:11Phoenix: Ti Amo - Tinnitus!!!
    14:08Tinariwen: Assàwt
    14:03St. Vincent: Prince Johnny
    13:59Braqueberry: U Must Be Ill
    13:55PVT: Nightfall
    13:48Christian Tiger School: If You Want To
    13:44NickHakim: Bet She Looks Like You
    13:44DIIV: (Fuck)
    13:39Mieux: Shenzhen
    13:36Brace! Brace!: Underground
    13:30Julia Holter: Vasquez
    13:26Thundercat: I Am Crazy
    13:20The Wake: O Pamela
    13:17Neon Indian: Bozo
    13:09Molly Nilsson: About Somebody
    13:02Jakob Ogawa: All Your Love
    12:55GØGGS: Needle Trade Off
    12:48Bayonne: Fallss
    12:45Julian Jasper: Wait Until Dawn
    12:39King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: Gamma Knife
    12:34The New Romantics: Haikus - Tinnitus!!!
    12:30El Último Vecino: Antes de Conocerme
    12:24The Legends: Riding The Waves
    12:21Las Robertas: Not Enough (Live @ 3FACH)
    12:15Las Robertas: Waves of the New (Live @ 3FACH)
    12:14Las Robertas: Not Enough
    12:10Gustav: Neulich Im Kanal
    12:04Slowdive: Star Roving
    11:56Twisted Wires: 0000
    11:53MISTY COAST: LEAP YEAR - Tinnitus!!!
    11:49Las Robertas: Not Enough
    11:43Fufanu: Sports
    11:40Mavi Phoenix: Quiet
    11:35SVPER: Azul Profundo - Tinnitus!!!
    11:28LCD Soundsystem: call the police
    11:26Shabazz Palaces: Shine A Light (feat. Thaddillac)
    11:21Dionisio Maio: Dia Ja Manche
    11:18Al Massrieen: EL Sobhiya
    11:15Shadow Band: Endless Night
    11:11No Vacation: Dræm Girl
    11:05Rob Shields: Suspend
    11:03Beach Fossils: Down the Line
    10:58Yser: Happy Tune
    10:55Sacred Paws: Strike A Match
    10:49SondreLerche: Soft Feelings - Tinnitus!!!
    10:47The Garden: California Here We Go
    10:44POND: Paint Me Silver
    10:38Kraak & Smaak: Stumble (feat. Parcels)
    10:35Triptides: Throne Of Stars
    10:31Phoenix: Ti Amo - Tinnitus!!!
    10:27Mazes: Skulking
    10:23Nicholas Allbrook: Pyramids And Cranes
    10:20Savoy Motel: Jennifer
    10:16Annie Taylor: Partner in Crime
    10:13Susan Hall: It's Only Love
    10:09The Palms: Future Love (We All Make Mistakes)
    10:04Koudlam: See You All
    09:59Creepers: Children Of The Vortex
    09:55She-Devils: Hey Boy
    09:53DonMonique: Selfish (Prod. by Kirk Knight)
    09:50Willie J Healey: Lazy Shade of Pink
    09:47Fever The Ghost: Calico
    09:43Die Selektion: Bis unter die Haut - Tinnitus!!!
    09:40Kendrick Lamar: Humble
    09:37Future Islands: Cave
    09:31Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders: Susan
    09:26DJ Khalab & Baba Sissoko: Kuma (Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix)
    09:23Noga Erez: Off The Radar
    09:19The New Romantics: Haikus - Tinnitus!!!
    09:16Blind Matty: Gettin Stoned With My Ol Lady
    09:12Far Caspian: You
    09:08Jennie Abrahamson: Wolf
    09:05MISTY COAST: LEAP YEAR - Tinnitus!!!
    09:02Her's: Speed Racer
    08:59Helado Negro: It's My Brown Skin
    08:52Sixth June: Night Before
    08:49Winter: Waiting For The Summer
    08:46Max T: Terror, Bright
    08:39Schwellheim: Summerflirt
    08:35Ten Sleep: Roommates
    08:30PeterLicht: Sonnendeck
    08:23Steve Lacy: Moron
    08:16Braqueberry: U Must Be Ill
    08:12Humanoids: Flyblown
    08:07Sleep Party People: The Missing Steps
    08:03Jeans For Jesus: Is It Better To Burn Out Than To Fade Away
    08:02Jeans For Jesus: Is It Better To Burn Out Than To Fade Away
    08:02Terry vs Tori: Leapday
    07:55Yser: Happy Tune
    07:52Noga Erez: Off The Radar
    07:48RIN: Blackout (prod. Lex Lugner)
    07:43Damn Right!: Stars
    07:38The Baby Shakes: Turn It Up
    07:33Merk: I'm Easy
    07:29Young Franco: Drop Your Love (ft. Dirty Radio)
    07:23The Espionne: Waves Roll In
    07:17Grizzly Bear: Mourning Sound
    07:12Ambaroots: Ambaroots Live @ Radio 3FACH
    07:09Ambaroots: Ambaroots Live @ Radio 3FACH
    07:06Dirty Art Club: Hemlock
    07:06Christian Tiger School: If You Want To
    07:02Ambassada: Loh Di Goh (feat. Da Nini & Easy Yves)
    07:01Ambassada: Loh Di Goh (feat. Da Nini & Easy Yves)
    07:01Grizzly Bear: Mourning Sound
    06:52SondreLerche: Soft Feelings - Tinnitus!!!
    06:45Moon Duo: Sevens
    06:41Die Selektion: Bis unter die Haut - Tinnitus!!!
    06:35DJ Hell: Car, Car, Car
    06:31The Fresh & Onlys: Waterfall
    06:29BABE: Scooping Pints
    06:22Clea: Bright Blue
    06:19Poison Point: Roses & Lies
    06:15Phoenix: Ti Amo - Tinnitus!!!
    06:11King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: Gamma Knife
    06:08Dignan Porch: Picking Up Dust
    06:08King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: Gamma Knife
    06:04Quiet Island: Andersens Fair
    06:01Mocky: Sweet Things
    06:00Mocky: Sweet Things
    06:00Phoenix: Ti Amo - Tinnitus!!!
    05:53Low: Clarence White
    05:50John Andrews & The Yawns: Drivers
    05:46The National: The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness
    05:42First Hate: Time To Start Giving
    05:38Malaka Youth: Champion Sound
    05:35Wild Honey: Eye to Eye
    05:32Men I Trust: You Deserve This
    05:29Dry The River: No Rest
    05:23Kevin Krauter: Bachelor
    05:19Daniel Meister: Another Day
    05:15Corbu: Promise Me
    05:11Cave Painting: So Calm
    05:08Steady Sun: Television Eyes - Tinnitus!!!
    05:05Eels: Accident Prone
    04:55Sun An: Full World View
    04:51Cant: Too Late Too Far
    04:48DM Stith: Get Out Get Out Get Out (Jason Molina Cover)
    04:44Holy Other: U Now
    04:38Jon Gibson: Criss X Cross #3
    04:34Julianna Barwick: Pacing
    04:29Trailblazer: Magic Hour
    04:25Koloto: Mechanica (Sun Glitters Remix)
    04:21Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX: Startseite
    04:14Valentin Stip: Regards Sur L'Enfance (I Et II)
    04:10L I M: YSK
    04:07French For Rabbits: Goat
    04:03Real Estate: Holding Pattern
    03:57Babe Rainbow: Now Is Not The Time
    03:52FaltyDL: Atlantis
    03:48Rat & Co: The Farm
    03:41Dan Deacon: USA: III. Rail
    03:34Radiohead: Staircase
    03:30Le1f: Tha Whip (feat. Haleek Maul)
    03:26A Lily: The Sparrow in the Lemon Tree
    03:19Stahlberger: Heimat
    03:15Hauschka: Sanzhi Pod City
    03:13Montage: Back Then
    03:07Darkstar: You Don't Need A Weatherman
    03:04The Streets: Puzzled By People (Zoo Kid Remix)
    02:57Bing & Ruth: Police Police Police Police Police
    02:53Polar Bear: Be Free
    02:50The Limiñanas: My Black Sabbath
    02:45Nightmares On Wax: So Here We Are
    02:39BADBADNOTGOOD: Eyes Closed
    02:35THAT PORK: Kayak
    02:30Panama: It's Not Over
    02:27Zammuto: Yay
    02:23Baths: Lovely Bloodflow
    02:16Karl Blau: A Melody To Wake Us In The Morning
    02:11Jamie Principle: Bad Boy (Unreleased Mix)
    02:03Suuns: Bambi (EP Version)
    02:00Woodes x Elkkle: Muddy
    01:56Sia: Chandelier (Dev Hynes Remix)
    01:52Pieces of Juno: Saffron
    01:46Grimes: Human Once Again (Four Tet Remix)
    01:41Cult of Youth: Todestrieb
    01:37Stabil Elite: Aether
    01:31Walls: Sunporch
    01:27Lee Bannon: Shoot Out The Stars And Win
    01:20EMA: The Grey Ship
    01:13Nicolas Jaar: Time For Us
    01:07Cavern Of Anti-Matter: planetary folklore (feat. Sonic Boom)
    01:02Bon Iver: Blindsided
    00:59Rabit & Dedekind Cut: R&D-ii
    00:56Still Corners: The White Season
    00:43Lotus Plaza: Indian Paintbrush
    00:39John Maus: Believer
    00:34Wovoka Gentle: Seventh Day
    00:29Deco Child: Nocturne
    00:24Washed Out: Eyes Be Closed
    00:20Kutti MC: Hüt Rägnets No Einisch Gäld (feat. Stephan Eicher)
    00:16Elysia Crampton & Rabit: The Demon City
    00:09The Field: Over The Ice
    00:05laFayette: Baboons (feat. Sandro Simon)
    So 28.5.
    23:57The Fall: L.A.
    23:54Supertramp: Breakfast In America
    23:49Happy Mondays: 24 Hour Party People
    23:44George Harrison: Wah-Wah
    23:41Manu Chao: Minha Galera
    23:37Violent Femmes: To The Kill
    23:33Giorgio Moroder: Istanbul Opening (Midnight Express/Soundtrack Vers
    23:29The Smashing Pumpkins: Thirty-Three
    23:26Liquid Liquid: Optimo
    23:21Charanjit Singh: Raga Lalit
    23:19Black Flag: Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
    23:15The Durutti Column: Self Portrait
    23:09Boubacar Traoré: Adieu Pierrette
    23:07The Temptations: You've Really Got a Hold on Me
    23:04The Seeds: Tripmaker
    23:01The Young Rascals: Sueno
    22:59Creedence Clearwater Revival: Lookin' Out My Back Door
    22:53Slint: Nosferatu Man
    22:50The Doors: Alabama Song
    22:46The Smiths: There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    22:43ESG: Moody
    22:36Bob Dylan: A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
    22:32Shuggie Otis: Strawberry Letter 23
    22:28The Psychedelic Furs: Mr. Jones
    22:25Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson: Your Daddy Loves You
    22:21Stars: The Passenger
    22:18David Bowie: Rock `N' Roll Suicide
    22:14The Brian Jonestown Massacre: When I Was Yesterday
    22:11Rodriguez: Inner City Blues
    22:07The Afghan Whigs: Debonair
    22:03Lee Moses: California Dreaming
    21:57Mahmoud Ahmed: Bey Terign (Call Me)
    21:55The Mighty Hannibal: Take a Chance on Me
    21:51Dr. Dre feat Snoop Dog: Nuthin` But A G Thang
    21:47Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Woodstock
    21:43Air: Talisman
    21:40Dusty Springfield: I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore
    21:35CAN: Sing Swan Song
    21:34Moondog: Caribea
    21:30Pixies: Here Comes Your Man
    21:28Ramones: Surfin' Bird
    21:25Todd Rundgren: International Feel
    21:20MC5: Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa)
    21:15Pink Fairies: Teenage Rebel
    21:10The Bluetones: Cut Some Rug
    21:05Underworld: Tongue
    21:01Nirvana: Come As You Are
    20:57The Stooges: 1969
    20:55The Third Bardo: I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time
    20:50The Sacred Mushrooms: I'm Not Like Everybody Else
    20:46Grauzone: Eisbär
    20:43April March: Laisse Tomber Les Filles
    20:41Piere Cavalli: Un Soir Chez Norris
    20:38Ofege: Whizzy Ilabo
    20:35Rolling Stones: Get Off Of My Cloud
    20:33Mani Matter: Hemmige
    20:29Gang Starr: Moment of Truth
    20:24Howlin' Wolf: Wang Dang Doodle
    20:20Wu-Tang Clan: Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing ta F' Wit
    20:18Martin Denny: The Enchanted Sea
    20:13Baligh Hamdi Orchestre: My Love Story
    20:10Exuma: Thirteenth Sunday
    20:06Jazzmatazz: Medicine
    20:02Ofo The Black Company: Allah Wakkbar
    19:59Elias Rahbani: Dance Of Maria
    19:53Heltah Skeltah: Clan's, Posse's, Crew's & Clik
    19:49O.G.C.: The Big Ohh (feat. Smokey Light)
    19:45Smif-N-Wessun: Timz N Hood Chek
    19:41Boot Camp Clik: And So
    19:37Heltah Skeltah: Gunz 'N Onez
    19:33Heltah Skeltah: Worldwide (Rock The World)
    19:28Heltah Skeltah: Prowl
    19:24Heltah Skeltah: Soldiers Gone Psyco
    19:19O.G.C.: X-unknown
    19:15O.G.C.: Flappin'
    19:11O.G.C.: Hurricane Starang
    19:07O.G.C.: Da Storm
    19:04O.G.C.: Danjer
    18:59Heltah Skeltah: Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka
    18:53Originoo Gunn Clappaz: Gunn Clapp
    18:48O.G.C: Elite Fleet
    18:43Smif-N-Wessun: Wipe Ya Mouf
    18:40Smif-N-Wessun: K.I.M.
    18:36Smif-N-Wessun: Wrektime
    18:32Smif-N-Wessun: Wrekonize
    18:28Smif N' Wessun: Sound Bwoy Bureill
    18:24Smif-N-Wessun: Bucktown
    18:19Smif-N-Wessun: Stand Strong
    18:15Smif-N-Wessun: Wontime
    18:11Smif-N-Wessun: Let's Git It On
    18:06Black Moon: How Many MC's
    18:01Boot Camp Clik: Headz Are Reddee Pt II
    18:01O.G.C.: Hurricane Starang
    18:01Heltah Skeltah: Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka
    18:01Smif-N-Wessun: Bucktown
    17:55RJD2: Ghostwriter
    17:51Future: Mask Off
    17:42oriJanus: Dream
    17:37Tame Impala: Gossip
    17:28Moon Duo: The Crystal World
    17:23Woods: Lost in a Crowd
    17:20Noga Erez: Off The Radar
    17:13POND: Paint Me Silver
    17:04Gents: Lost In The City
    17:00Exit Someone: Fade To Black
    16:57Galkin: Müstakiller
    16:51Lord Kesseli and The Drums: Fade
    16:46Cloud Nothings: No Future/No Past
    16:42The National: The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness
    16:37Yser: Happy Tune
    16:32Adieu Gary Cooper: Solitaire Volon
    16:28One Sentence. Supervisor: Yélena
    16:27Pandour: (Live @ Funk Am See 2016)
    16:27Lord Kesseli and the Drums: Siri
    16:22Spirit Twin: Billie Dot
    16:18Vök: Show Me
    16:10Infinite Bisous: Teen Sex
    16:07Jeff Haley: Stay A while
    16:04Mardou: The Enemy
    16:01djo: It's Like Air
    15:55What Josephine Saw: I Want You
    15:42Chain Wallet: Muted Colours
    15:39Fake Laugh: Melt
    15:36No Joy: Hellhole
    15:32The Modern Lovers: Pablo Picasso
    15:26Twisted Wires: 0000
    15:25The Modern Lovers: Astral Plane
    15:19Kauf: Through The Yard
    15:15The National: The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness
    15:07GeilerAsDu: Feel This Too (feat. Hanreti)
    15:03Flyying Colours: Wavygravy
    14:59biyo: moments
    14:53Immortal Technique: The Cause of Death
    14:46Dave Depper: Do You Want Love
    14:42SVPER: Azul Profundo - Tinnitus!!!
    14:37Day Wave: Ohne Titel
    14:33Tom Misch: Startseite
    14:29Oumou Sangaré: Kamelemba
    14:12First Hate: Copenhagen
    14:07Moon Diagrams: End Of Heartache
    14:04STRFKR: Never Ever
    14:01Necklace: Denim Belt
    14:01STRFKR: Never Ever
    13:54The Districts: Funeral Beds
    13:50Sonny & The Sunsets: Cheap Extensions
    13:47Widowspeak: Harsh Realm
    13:47The Districts: Funeral Beds
    13:40Homeshake: Fresh Air
    13:36Explosions In The Sky & David Wingo: Send Off
    13:32Connan Mockasin & Dev Hynes: Feelin' Lovely
    13:25Hoops: On Top
    13:22Terry vs Tori: Leapday
    13:18Dans La Tente: Zoomer
    13:16Dirty Art Club: Hemlock
    13:12Mooryc: You Will Go
    13:07Beck: Waking Light
    13:02DRELLER: One Night Stand
    12:56C Duncan: For
    12:52BROS: Couldnt Hear A Thing
    12:43Thundercat: Show You The Way ft. M. McDonald & K. Loggins
    12:38Akron/Family: Until the Morning
    12:35Orcas: An Absolute
    12:29KIM BAN JANG & WINDY CITY: Boat Journey
    12:26Gaussian Curve: The Distance
    12:22Natalie Prass: Never Over You
    12:13Kadhja Bonet: Remember The Rain
    12:07Birthmark: Shake Hands
    12:02Atlas Cedar: In Hollywood
    11:56Ghostpoet: MSI MUSMID
    11:52Cold Specks: Winter Solstice
    11:48Hugh: This Is How It Starts
    11:40Mons Vi: Away
    11:37Waxahatchee: Air
    11:32Jesse: Hard Sky
    11:26Julien Gasc: Luke Howard
    11:21Young Man: In A Sense
    11:11Indriði: Dreamcat
    11:06Hanni el Khatib: Wait. Wait. Wait.
    11:02Nomadic Firs: LVSK
    10:57J. Irvin Dally: Teething
    10:54jj: Beautiful Life
    10:52Bibio: Petals
    10:47Noir Désir: Le vent nous portera
    10:43Glass Animals: Cocoa Hooves
    10:39The Legendary Lightness: Let Go The Night
    10:36Day Joy: Purple
    10:31Andrew Bird: Anonanimal
    10:28Woodkid: Brooklyn
    10:24Laura Gibson: La Grande
    10:18Wooden Shjips: These Shadows (Acoustic Version)
    10:14Yesterday Shop: Me & Meursault (Live @ Radio 3FACH)
    10:10Gardens & Villa: Sunday Morning
    10:07Husky: History's Door
    10:01Chet Faker: 1998
    09:56Yo La Tengo: Autumn Sweater
    09:49La Femme: It's Time to Wake Up (2023)
    09:43Nightlands: Lost Moon
    09:40Conveyor: Ellery (Carol No. 4)
    09:37Beach Fossils: Face It
    09:33Sea Of Bees: Gone
    09:29The Miserable Rich: Imperial Lines
    09:25Case Studies: The Eagle, or the Serpent
    09:21The Album Leaf: We Are
    09:15David Lemaitre: Valediction
    09:12Dent May: It Takes A Long Time
    09:06Kurt Vile: The Creature
    09:02Luke Temple: More Than Muscle
    08:57Little Children: Distant Shouts
    08:53Peals: Blue Elvis
    08:49Houses: Beginnings (Radio Edit)
    08:43Women: Eyesore
    08:39Houndmouth: Penitentiary
    08:36Fake Laugh: Kinda Girl
    08:33The Bony King Of Nowhere: Girl From The Play
    08:29Jon Hopkins: I Remember (Yeasayer Cover)
    08:26Kelley Stoltz: Kim Chee Taco Man
    08:22Khruangbin: White Gloves
    08:18Jamie xx: Girl
    08:14Villagers: Ship Of Promises
    08:11Allo Darlin': If Loneliness Was Art
    08:07Ibeyi: Mama Says
    08:03Dems: Sinking In The Sorry
    07:59Amen Dunes: Lilac In Hand
    07:54Warpaint: Warpaint
    07:50Hubbert (feat. Kathryn Joseph): The Dog
    07:46Stealing Sheep: Shoot the ducks to win
    07:41APB (The Airplane Boys): Harvest
    07:38Sparklehorse: It's A Wonderful Life
    07:36Shaban Und Käptn Peng: Kündigung 2.0
    07:33Alpaca Sports: Just For Fun
    07:29Chris Cohen: Caller No.99
    07:26Mac DeMarco: My Kind of Woman
    07:23Tommy Guerrero: Signals From Points Beyond
    07:20Nigel Wright: Barriers
    07:16Sharon Van Etten: Leonard
    07:13Sweet Sweet Moon: Psalm For The Elks Lodge Last Call
    07:10Monsoonsiren: Sullen Fables
    07:07La Sera: I'm Alone
    07:03Jungle Green: The One I Love
    07:01East Sister: Avenue
    06:55Joon Moon: I Might Be Wrong
    06:52Valley Maker: When I Was A Child
    06:47The Dentals: I Love You Even More
    06:44Dean Blunt: Two
    06:40Fleet Foxes: Mykonos
    06:36The Uglysuit: Pen And Self
    06:31Labrador City: Coming Up For Air
    06:27Teen Daze: Morning World
    06:22Kevin Drew: And That's All I Know
    06:19Dear Deër: Speak Up!
    06:16Morgan Delt: Obstacle Eyes
    06:13I Am Kloot: Proof
    06:09Kwes.: 36
    06:05A$AP Rocky: Grippin Woodgrain (feat. Seth Narley)
    06:02Allah-Las: Herafter
    05:58Cheerleader: Do What You Want
    05:55Walter Martin: In a Gothic Church
    05:50City and Colour: Deaths Song
    05:46Hand Habits: Flower Glass
    05:43Little Joy: No One's Better Sake
    05:37Romare: L.U.V.
    05:31Júníus Meyvant: Neon Experience
    05:27Reza Dinally: Montmartre
    05:23Dear Reader: Monkey (You Can Go Home)
    05:19Modest Mouse: Coyotes
    05:16Beach Fossils: Shallow
    05:11Cass McCombs: The Lonely Doll
    05:05Kapnorth: All The Shephereds Have Left
    05:00Daughn Gibson: Into The Sea
    04:56Tim Hecker: Amps, Drugs, Mellotron
    04:55Freddie Gibbs And Madlib: Watts (feat. Big Time Watts)
    04:49Foxes in Fiction: Glow (v079)
    04:42Phoenix: Love Like A Sunset
    04:37Kalipo: Yaruto
    04:33Inc.: Black Wings
    04:29Micachu and the Shapes: Oh Baby
    04:25Boards of Canada: Reach For The Dead
    04:21High Water: Someday
    04:15Jeans For Jesus: Puli
    04:09Mogwai: Remurdered
    04:04Still Parade: Hunter
    03:59The Acid: Basic Instinct (Lapalux Remix)
    03:57AN System: Wrecker
    03:51Chromatics: Lady
    03:48Jeans Wilder: Spanish Tile
    03:44BEAK>: Deserters
    03:40ETHIMM: Weiter
    03:34Teen: Sleep Is Noise (Peaking Lights Remix)
    03:29Portico Quartet: Ruins
    03:25Kate Tempest: A Hammer
    03:22Serengeti: Crush 'Em
    03:17Sun Airway: Oh, Naoko
    03:12Bill Callahan: Ride My Dub
    03:09Dirty Beaches: I Don't Know How To Find My Way Back To You
    03:04King Of Spain: Basement Fires
    03:01CREEP: Introduction (feat. Planningtorock)
    02:57'fö: Sleep
    02:52Indian Wells: Deuce
    02:37Oren Ambarchi: Quixotism Part 5
    02:35Pablo Nouvelle: Push Me (feat. Sam Brookes)
    02:30James Blake: I Only Know (What I Know Now)
    02:26Silicon Teens: Sun Flight
    02:21RATKING: So Sick Stories (feat. King Krule)
    02:18Arcade Fire: Sleepwalker
    02:15Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: Wide Awake
    02:10Austra: Beat And The Pulse
    02:05Röyksopp: The Drug
    02:01Slow Magic: Hold Still
    01:55Roman Fluegel: Wilkie
    01:51Die Astronauten: Dr. Coiffeur
    01:43Holden: Blackpool Late Eighties
    01:41Beat Connection: Trap House
    01:37Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal: Super etoile
    01:33Darkside: Things Behind The Sun (Nick Drake Cover)
    01:28Radiohead: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
    01:24Nosaj Thing: Try (feat. Toro y Moi)
    01:19Damon Eliza Palermo: River Drum
    01:16Daedelus: Pre-munitions
    01:12Hans Unstern: Paris
    01:08To Rococo Rot: Down In The Traffic
    01:05The Raveonettes: When Night Is Almost Done
    01:00Panda Bear: Tomboy
    00:54Bantu Clan vs Sarabi: Africa Ni Leo (Esa & Nonku Phiri Kaap Mix)
    00:50Four Tet: Parallel Jalebi
    00:46Triptides: Throne Of Stars
    00:43Aadae: River Of Tears (RYD Rework)
    00:40The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart: Come Saturday
    00:34John Gibbs With The Jam Band: J'Ouvert
    00:27Roosevelt: Colours (Prins Thomas Diskomiks Remix)
    00:24Styles in Black: Kijimuna
    00:20Blue Hawaii: In Two II (Edit)
    00:16Thee Oh Sees: Tunnel Time
    00:13Azealia Banks: Heavy Metal And Reflective
    00:10GOLF: Zeit Zu Zweit (Roosevelt Remix)
    00:06Cut Copy: We Are Explorers
    Sa 27.5.
    23:57Bomba Estéreo: Fiesta
    23:53Xeno & Oaklander: Sheen
    23:46Lindstrom: De Javu
    23:42GAIA: Oblivion
    23:38Fool's Gold: I'm In Love
    23:31Rex The Dog: Do You Feel What I Feel (Tiger & Woods Remix)
    23:27BOYBOY: Afraid
    23:22A$AP Mob: Yamborghini High ft. Juicy J
    23:20Said The Whale: I Love You
    23:16Lou Phelps: What Time Is It (feat. Innanet James)
    23:04Tom Trago: Hidden Heart Of Gold
    22:59Bauchamp: AfroSkank (feat. Tsunami)
    22:51Dapayk & Padberg: Silent Fireworks (Marek Hemmann Remix)
    22:48Pendentif: Embrasse Moi
    22:44a=f/m: Body Collide
    22:41boycrush: Flirt (feat. Yumi Zouma-Madeira)
    22:38Satchmode: Hall & Oates
    22:35Machinedrum: Dos Puertas (feat. Kevin Hussein)
    22:31Kisses: Air Conditioning
    22:27Jeans For Jesus: Is It Better To Burn Out Than To Fade Away
    22:20Dave Depper: Do You Want Love
    22:14Bewilderbeast: Swimming II
    22:10The Khanz: Wolves
    22:04Gold Panda: Brazil
    21:58Lana Del Rey: Brooklyn Baby (Tom Vek Remix)
    21:55Cayucas: East Coast Girl
    21:51Ty Segall: Tall Man, Skinny Lady
    21:45HNNY: Fresh Laundry
    21:42Jessy Lanza: VV Violence
    21:38AV AV AV: All Good
    21:34Desiigner: Panda
    21:29DJ Ciderman: Summer Groove
    21:26Chance the Rapper: All Night (feat. Knox Fortune)
    21:20DJ SEINFELD: U
    21:15Givers: Meantime
    21:10Palms Trax: Sumo Acid Crew
    21:06Triptides: Throne Of Stars
    21:01YELLE: Ici & Maintenant (Kane West Remix)
    20:54Woman's Hour: In Stillness We Remain (Jack Savidge Remix)
    20:47Ethiopian Records: Terra Firma
    20:43Flamingo Jones: Botanical Animal
    20:39Stranded Horse: A qui dois-tu montrer les dents ?
    20:36The Orwells: Who Needs You
    20:31Roland Tings: Higher Ground (feat. Nylo)
    20:27Chancha Via Circuito: Camino de Posguerra (feat. Sara Hebe)
    20:20Rizzoknor: Trip
    20:16Generation Bass: New Name (Cairo Liberation Front Remix)
    20:10The Sorcerers: Night Of The Sorcerer
    20:03Geraldo Pino: Heavy Heavy Heavy
    19:59Verckys et l'Orchestre Vévé: Talali Talala
    17:57Young Thug: Digits
    17:53Aadae: River Of Tears (RYD Rework)
    17:52Japandroids: The House That Heaven Built
    17:48Japandroids: Continuous Thunder
    17:47Japandroids: Continuous Thunder
    17:41Real Lies: North Circular
    17:39Luk LeChuck: Rising of Mars
    17:39Dietrich & Strolch: Moloch
    17:32Dietrich & Strolch: Moloch
    17:31Blind Butcher: Dance Me
    17:24Troumaca: Trees
    17:24Blind Butcher: Like You I
    17:19Nozinja: Nwa Baloyi
    17:13Fort Romeau & New Jackson: Not A Word
    17:09Mimiks: Zweiti Rundi
    17:07Mimiks: Zweiti Rundi
    17:04Mimiks: Reloaded feat. LCone
    16:59Marteria: Kids (2 Finger An Den Kopf)
    16:52Black Lips: Cruising
    16:45Disclosure: Grab Her!
    16:41Gregory Porter: Liquid Spirit (20syl Remix)
    16:38Luk LeChuck: Rising of Mars
    16:38Dietrich & Strolch: Moloch
    16:34Blind Butcher: Like You I
    16:33Blind Butcher: Dance Me
    16:26denitiaandsene: olive.
    16:25Blind Butcher: Like You I
    16:20Le Tigre: I'm With Her
    16:16What Josephine Saw: Set a Fire
    16:02Letherette: Don't Think About Me
    15:52S.D.I.: Megamosh
    15:39S.D.I: Coming Again
    15:39SIN LOGICA: Fuel of Death
    15:39Insanity: Face Your Chance
    15:31Dave Depper: Do You Want Love
    15:30Blind Butcher: Dance Me
    15:26Nobunny: Red Light Love
    15:25Blind Butcher: Like You I
    15:20Romare: All Night
    15:13Trust: Sulk
    15:13S.D.I: Coming Again
    15:09Major Lazer: Aerosol Can (feat. Pharrell Williams)
    15:06Pusha T: Numbers On The Board
    15:00Yser: Happy Tune
    14:55Kevin Morby: Come to Me Now
    14:49Russian Girls: Autopilot
    14:46Julian Jasper: Wait Until Dawn
    14:43BOYBOY: Afraid
    14:40Cristobal And The Sea: Goat Flokk
    14:37The Legends: Riding The Waves
    14:32Grizzly Bear: Mourning Sound
    14:28Joey Bada$$: LAND OF THE FREE
    14:23Miles from Kinshasa: Fireworks
    14:18Son Lux: Dangerous
    14:15Club Kuru: Giving In
    14:08Floating Points: Silurian Blue
    14:07Floating Points: Silurian Blue
    14:06DonMonique: Selfish (Prod. by Kirk Knight)
    14:06Clea: Bright Blue
    14:05Atlas Cedar: In Hollywood
    14:03Noga Erez: Off The Radar
    13:57Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders: Susan
    13:53Wild Nothing: Begin Again
    13:49Infinite Bisous: Teen Sex
    13:48Dele Sosimi: E Go Betta (O'Flynn Edit)
    13:48Dele Sosimi: E Go Betta
    13:47Mavi Phoenix: Aventura
    13:46Peaking Lights: Everytime I See The Light
    13:46Lou Phelps: What Time Is It (feat. Innanet James)
    13:44Soulwax: Do You Want To Get Into Trouble?
    13:42Shabazz Palaces: Shine A Light (feat. Thaddillac)
    13:39Husten: Liebe Kaputt
    13:35Day Wave: Ohne Titel
    13:34Las Robertas: My Mind (Live @ 3FACH)
    13:30Las Robertas: Not Enough
    13:24MORSE: Shaman
    13:18Delta Crash: Shimmer Of Time
    13:13Woods: Love Is Love
    13:08Phoenix: J-Boy
    13:05Gourmet: Delicious
    13:00Roosevelt: Montreal
    12:56JULIAN SARTORIUS: Vich - Genève
    12:53JULIAN SARTORIUS: Ste-Croix - Le Pont
    12:51JULIAN SARTORIUS: Kleinlützel - La Caquerelle
    12:48JULIAN SARTORIUS: Basel - Kleinlützel
    12:47Stahlberger: Wanderwätter
    12:42GoGo Penguin: Initiate
    12:38Getatchew Mekurya: Akale Wube
    12:33Getatchew Mekurya: Almaz Yèharèwa
    12:17Tlahoun Gessesse: fesum yelesh acha
    12:13Mulatu Astatke: Yègellé Tezeta (My Own Memory)
    11:57Avishai Cohen: I B 4 U
    11:51Miles Davis & John Coltrane: Milestones
    11:47Julia Kadel Trio: Fragen
    11:42BADBADNOTGOOD: Vices
    11:07Wayne Shorter: Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum
    11:03Bill Evans Trio: How My Heart Sings
    10:58Laura Marling: Devil's Resting Place
    10:53Blood Orange: Time Will Tell
    10:49Estrangers: Cape Fear
    10:45You Can't Win, Charlie Brown: Be My World
    10:41Emily Wells: Passenger
    10:36The Underground Youth: Midnight Lust
    10:32JJ & Palin: Eat
    10:28Night Moves: Colored Emotions
    10:25SAFE: Black Satin Living Room
    10:22Halls: Aside
    10:18Bibio: À tout à l'heure
    10:13Horsebeach: Faded Eyes
    10:09Amor De Días: The House At Sea
    10:07Angelo de Augustine: Old Hope
    10:04MUSO: Schatten
    09:59The Dø: Too Insistent (Trentemøller Remix)
    09:55Baxter Dury: Hotel In Brixton
    09:52Peter Wolf Crier: Having It Out
    09:46The Phoenix Foundation: Modern Rock
    09:43Sandro Perri: Love & Light
    09:36Joanna Newson: Good Intentions Paving Company
    09:32Redvers: Impressions
    09:25Nils Frahm: Chasing God Through Palmyra
    09:22Air Waves: Knockout
    09:20ERAAS: Splitting
    09:15Serafyn: Gold Master
    09:09Phosphorescent: Song for Zula
    09:03Tobias Jesso Jr.: Hollywood
    08:59A.A. Bondy: Surfer King
    08:55Mister Lies: Wait
    08:51Wild Beasts: This Is Our Lot
    08:49Forest Fire: Alone With The Wires
    08:46NO CEREMONY///: AWAYFROMHERE (feat. James Vincent McMorrow)
    08:41Skinny Lister: Colours
    08:38Good Good Blood: White Gold
    08:34Nick Raven: Nineteen Fifty Three
    08:31Hurray For The Riff Raff: I Know It's Wrong (But That's Alright)
    08:28James Magnum: Esplanade
    08:25Okay Kaya: Damn, Gravity
    08:19Junip: Walking Lightly
    08:14Tasseomancy: Diana
    08:10Other Lives: Landforms
    08:06Vieux Farka Touré: Kele Magni
    08:00The White Birch: The Weight of Spring
    07:57Broadcast 2000: Rouse Your Bones
    07:53SOHN: The Wheel
    07:48Zachary Cale: Wayward Son
    07:41Avi Buffalo: Remember Last Time
    07:36Cotillon: Exempt
    07:32Holy Sons: Doomed Myself
    07:27Lady Lamb the Beekeeper: Regarding Ascending The Stairs
    07:24Thao & Mirah: How Dare You
    07:19Rhye: One Of Those Summer Days
    07:16Bon Iver: For Emma
    07:08Indoor Voices: Atomic (feat. Jimena Torres)
    07:06I am Oak: Omen
    07:00Wooden Wand: Southern Colorado Song
    06:55The Acorn: Palm Springs
    06:53Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.: Simple Girl
    06:50Kevin Morby: All of My Life
    06:46Sin Fang: Because Of The Blood
    06:42Death Cab For Cutie: Long Division
    06:35Moon Loves Honey: Balloon
    06:32Levek: Girl In The Fog
    06:26Cheek Mountain Thief: Cheek Mountain
    06:20Ghost Heart: Wilderness
    06:18Tweedy: The Wolf Is On The Hill
    06:14Fai Baba: True Friend
    06:09Porcelain Raft: I Lost Connection
    06:03The Antlers: Two
    05:59Maple Tree Circus: All White
    05:55Jessica Pratt: I've Got A Feeling
    05:52Glasser: Mirrorage
    05:48Ben Kweller: I Miss You
    05:44Papercuts: Tourist
    05:40First Aid Kit: King of the World (feat. Conor Oberst)
    05:38Owen Pallett: Lewis Takes Action
    05:33The War on Drugs: Brothers
    05:28Mean Lady: Bop Bop
    05:21Sébastien Tellier: La Ritournelle
    05:16Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains: Slow Love
    05:11Frightened Rabbit: Swim Until You Can't See Land
    05:09Zigitros: Bear
    05:05Majical Cloudz: Love Soul
    05:01Anaïs Mitchell: He Did
    04:57J Dilla: Two Lips (feat. Joey Bada$$)
    04:34Günter Schlienz: Watermarked Memories
    04:31Alphacloud: Give In
    04:27Rat & Co: Robes
    04:24Lawrence Arabia: Lick Your Wounds
    04:18Bibio: Excuses
    04:14Dungen: Jakten Genom skogen
    04:10S. Carey: Crown The Pines
    04:08Alexander Spit: Valet Park, CA
    04:01BADBADNOTGOOD: Sustain
    03:50Jon Hopkins: Sun Harmonics
    03:44Rolf Laureijs: FCL
    03:38David Lynch: Pinky's Dream (Trentemøller Remix)
    03:34Ephrem Lüchinger: Waza Piano
    03:31Suuns: Pie IX
    03:23Gidge: Norrland
    03:19Sapphire Slows: Corekill
    03:11Julia Holter: Boy in the Moon
    03:08Gold Panda: You
    03:03THAT PORK: Fifteen
    02:56Leon Vynehall: Butterflies
    02:54Arca: Held Apart
    02:50Dntel: My Orphaned Son
    02:44Tosca: Stuttgart
    02:40Kyler Slater: On My Own
    02:35Clark: Superscope
    02:32How To Dress Well: Decisions
    02:26Peaking Lights: All The Sun That Shines
    02:25Hundred Waters: Show Me Love
    02:20Laser: Disconnect
    02:17Radiohead: Everything In Its Right Place
    02:12Bonobo: Heaven For The Sinner (Ft. Erykah Badu)
    02:08Human Teenager: Whites In General
    02:03Múm: Toothwheels
    02:00DARKSIDE: Greek Light
    01:56Flieder Ensemble: Rush Hour (Live @ Südpol)
    01:51Anchorsong: Mantra (Original Mix)
    01:43Smash TV: Whatever (feat. Cari Golden) (Tigerskin Remix)
    01:37David Keno, Dirty Doering: On Your Mind (Original Mix)
    01:31Logic Pro X: ReceiverWastedRuffiansRemix Master
    01:26Tiga Vs Boys Noize: 100 (Original)
    01:21Mollono.Bass, Ava Asante: Wasi Wasi (Original Mix)
    01:14Shimmer: Give Me (Accatone Black Keys Remix)
    01:07KiNK: Diversion (Original Mix)
    00:57Alessio Mereu: SDT (Original Mix)
    00:49Luca Donzelli & Mar T: Paseando por Encants (Eats Everything remix)
    00:42Beacon: Fault Lines (Dauwd Remix)
    00:38Rey & Kjavik: Rkadash (Short Version)
    00:31Brigado Crew: Sauco (Original Mix)
    00:23Kuniyuki: Earth Beats (Magazine Remix)
    00:19Miaoux Miaoux: It's The Quick (Radio Edit)
    00:11David Keno, Dalson: Debbie Rowe (Original Mix)
    00:05Dirty Doering: Emma Wong (Original Mix)
    Fr 26.5.
    23:53Sacha Robotti, Kevin Knapp: Stay With It (Original Mix)
    23:48Flieder Ensemble: Rush Hour (Live @ Südpol)
    20:58Hanreti & GeilerAsDu: One
    20:54One Sentence. Supervisor: Oh What An Empire
    20:53Schnellertollermeier: Backyard Lipstick
    20:53Pandour: Hypo'tam
    20:46Lord Kesseli and the Drums: Arnold
    20:42Rio: Magnus
    20:36What Josephine Saw: I Want You
    20:28a=f/m: Ashes
    20:24Double: The Captain Of Her Heart
    20:18Yser: Happy Tune
    20:13Hopes & Venom: Oh Forlorn One
    20:07Lou Ees: Nostalgia
    20:06Lou Ees: Nostalgia live @3FACH
    20:06Lou Ees: Nostalgia
    20:02Alois: Credo
    19:43Yes I'm Very Tired Now: I Still Believe In Music
    19:37Labrador City: Erlösig (Jeans For Jesus Cover)
    19:33Pablo Nouvelle: I Will
    19:29Poudre: Somewhere Out There (Curly Tonic Remix)
    19:28What Josephine Saw: Set a Fire
    19:27Blind Butcher: Alawalawa
    19:26Mimiks: Reloaded feat. LCone
    19:19Pink Spider: Lament
    19:18Pink Spider: Buckets Of Tears
    19:14All XS: Don't Play With My Heart
    19:08Bordeaux Lip: A Perfume
    19:04Crimer: Brotherlove
    19:00Basement Saints: Brother
    18:52Dead Leaf Echo: Strawberry Skin
    18:43Moon Duo: The Crystal World
    18:38Mac DeMarco: On The Level
    18:33Jay Som: Turn Into
    18:29Russian Girls: Autopilot
    18:23Othalah: We Forgot Balance
    18:20Cheatahs: Cut The Grass
    18:17Sleaford Mods: I Can Tell
    18:11Sleaford Mods: Tied Up in Nottz
    18:06Infinite Bisous: Teen Sex
    17:59Thalab: Good Swim
    17:54Danny Brown: Grown Up
    17:51Moon City Boys: Hopes In Vain
    17:47BROS: Couldnt Hear A Thing
    17:44Mavi Phoenix: Aventura
    17:39LION BABE: Hit The Ceiling
    17:34Hotel Lux: Envoi
    17:29The National: The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness
    17:20Las Robertas: Not Enough (Live @ 3FACH)
    17:15Las Robertas: Waves of the New (Live @ 3FACH)
    17:09Las Robertas: My Mind (Live @ 3FACH)
    17:08Las Robertas: Not Enough
    17:04Wild Nothing: Begin Again
    17:00Triptides: Throne Of Stars
    16:53Swedish Death Candy: Living Your Life Away
    16:49Slowdive: Sugar for the Pill
    16:44Moon Duo: Sleepwalker
    16:40RHEYA: Franchise
    16:35Gypsy & The Cat: Give & Take
    16:32Key!: Money Phone Feat. Offset Feat. Offset
    16:29Wind Mile: Cathedral
    16:25Susan Hall: It's Only Love
    16:21Hibou: Dissolve
    16:17Nite Jewel: Obsession
    16:14NE-HI: Stay Young
    16:07Palms Trax: Sumo Acid Crew
    16:03Joey Bada$$: LAND OF THE FREE
    16:00Beach Fossils: Silver Tongue
    15:57Smerz: Blessed
    15:51ScHoolboy Q: THat Part (feat. Kanye West)
    15:48KnoR: Planet
    15:45Birthday: We Need To Talk
    15:41Robin Pecknold: Swimming
    15:36Delta Crash: Shimmer Of Time
    15:31Hardy Feat. Francky Loot & Buta: Mucho Guapo
    15:29Cheddar Gorgeous: Don't Bother Meeeeeeeee
    15:26Fake Laugh: Melt
    15:23The Legends: Riding The Waves
    15:19Hunt + Brandeaux: Shutter
    15:15Julien Gasc: Luke Howard
    15:09Delegation: Oh Honey (Poolside Edit)
    15:06Shabazz Palaces: Shine A Light (feat. Thaddillac)
    15:02Tender: Armour
    14:57Atlas Cedar: In Hollywood
    14:54Mild High Club: Homage
    14:50TUSKA: Da Da Da
    14:47Silent Runners: Dark Mountain
    14:43One Sentence. Supervisor: Oh! What An Empire
    14:35Lorenzo Senni: Angel
    14:32Mardou: The Enemy
    14:30Pronto & The Rookiez: Ohlala
    14:23LCD Soundsystem: call the police
    14:18First Hate: The One
    14:15Tame Impala: The Less I Know The Better
    14:12Laser Background: Jawbreaker
    14:07Djokovic: Pady
    14:03J Churcher: Riding On Your Love
    14:00Mr. Twin Sister: Out Of The Dark
    13:56She-Devils: Hey Boy
    13:53Future: Mask Off
    13:49Gaussian Curve: The Distance
    13:46Aadae: River Of Tears (RYD Rework)
    13:42Gents: Lost In The City
    13:39Al Lover: Permanent Now
    13:29Nomadic Firs: LVSK
    13:25Tame Impala: Nangs
    13:22The Modern Lovers: Dignified & Old
    13:17GeilerAsDu: Boys Don't Cry (Intro)
    13:15Still Corners: Berlin Lovers
    13:07Chemtrails: Headless Pin Up Girl
    13:03Blondage: Stoned
    12:59Julian Jasper: Wait Until Dawn
    12:53Mimiks: Zweiti Rundi
    12:51Mimiks: Zweiti Rundi
    12:47Carthago: Alech
    12:43Twin Peaks with Juan Wauters: Back Door
    12:39LION BABE: Hit The Ceiling
    12:33Casey Mecija: Palms Lose
    12:28Max Gardener: Hey Old Friend
    12:19Jesper Ryom: Pacer
    12:16Portugal. The Man: Feel It Still
    12:09Knox Fortune: Torture
    12:03Mieux: Shenzhen
    11:59Moon City Boys: Hopes In Vain
    11:53Triptides: Throne Of Stars
    11:47Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders: Susan
    11:42Moon Diagrams: End Of Heartache
    11:38Arms and Sleepers: Time Will Tell
    11:34Blue Hawaii: In Two
    11:31Spooky Mansion: I'm The Moon
    11:25Project Pablo: Risk the Rip
    11:21All XS: Millennials
    11:19Cheddar Gorgeous: Don't Bother Meeeeeeeee
    11:15Terry vs Tori: Leapday
    11:11Sleep Party People: The Missing Steps
    11:07No Joy: Hellhole
    11:04The Walters: I Haven't Been True
    11:00SMILE: Boundless Plains To Share
    10:57Shabazz Palaces: Shine A Light (feat. Thaddillac)
    10:53Phoenix: J-Boy
    10:49Al Pride: Gold
    10:44New Jackson: Anyas Piano
    10:40Russian Girls: Autopilot
    10:36Mardou: The Enemy
    10:33Steve Lacy: Moron
    10:28Jason Nolan: Opals & Banonos
    10:25The National: The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness
    10:21Vök: Show Me
    10:18Golf: Macaulay Culkin
    10:14Tennis: My Emotions Are Blinding
    10:09Pascale Project: 7AM
    10:05David West: Happiest Man In This Room
    10:02Mike Edge: Been So Long
    09:59Beach Fossils: Down the Line
    09:56Noga Erez: Off The Radar
    09:51Atlas Cedar: In Hollywood
    09:46Swiftumz: Waste Away
    09:43Parcels: Myenemy
    09:39Vilde: Maintain
    09:36Susan Hall: It's Only Love
    09:30One Sentence. Supervisor: Hedera Helix
    09:27Cristobal And The Sea: Goat Flokk
    09:24The Legends: Riding The Waves
    09:22Thundercat: Bus In These Streets
    09:18TOUCH: Rain
    09:15Exit Someone: Michael K
    09:10Professor: East Jerusalem
    09:08Laurence: Civic Video Love Song
    09:03Yser: Happy Tune
    08:59Deep Touch: Personalities Part 2
    08:50PeterLicht: Sonnendeck
    08:44Chet Faker: No Diggity
    08:43Japandroids: The House That Heaven Built
    08:39Japandroids: Continuous Thunder
    08:39Japandroids: Continuous Thunder
    08:35Makeness & Adult Jazz: Other Life
    08:30The Nude Party: Water on Mars
    08:30Chet Faker: No Diggity
    08:30Japandroids: Continuous Thunder
    08:26Mild High Club: Ceiling Zero
    08:22Bowerbirds: In Our Talons
    08:16Moon Diagrams: End Of Heartache
    08:06Mikhael Paskalev: Witness
    08:00Thalab: Good Swim
    07:54Fake Laugh: Melt
    07:50POND: Paint Me Silver
    07:47Las Robertas: Not Enough
    07:47Las Robertas: The Feel
    07:46Dietrich & Strolch: N'Importe
    07:45Shantel: Disko Partizani
    07:42Angel Olsen: Hi-Five
    07:37Sarah Bethe Nelson: Evolution
    07:31Gil Scott-Heron: Ny Is Killing Me (Jamie Xx Rmx)
    07:30POND: Paint Me Silver
    07:24Aadae: River Of Tears (RYD Rework)
    07:21Sleaford Mods: Tied Up in Nottz
    07:20Sleaford Mods: Tied Up in Nottz
    07:16Cheddar Gorgeous: Don't Bother Meeeeeeeee
    07:12Joey Bada$$: LAND OF THE FREE
    07:05Gaussian Curve: The Distance
    07:00Al Massrieen: EL Sobhiya
    06:54Shabazz Palaces: Shine A Light (feat. Thaddillac)
    06:51Tennis: In The Morning I’ll Be Better
    06:43Moon Duo: The Crystal World
    06:37Iron & Wine: Boy With A Coin
    06:31kwame: mt1430
    06:31Moon Duo: The Crystal World
    06:30Tennis: In The Morning I’ll Be Better
    06:24Mardou: The Enemy
    06:20No Joy: Hellhole
    06:15LION BABE: Hit The Ceiling
    06:11Dead Gaze: Yuppies Are Flowers
    06:11LION BABE: Hit The Ceiling
    06:06First Hate: The One
    06:00Delta Crash: Shimmer Of Time
    05:51The Black Atlantic: Walked-on Wood
    05:47Lexie Roth: Downtown
    05:42Shugo Tokumaru: Tightrope
    05:39Islands: Wave Forms
    05:35Jack Houlsby: Beyond All This
    05:32ElRitschi: Haferflöckli (Live @ Radio 3FACH)
    05:28Yellow Ostrich: Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Eiffel 65 cover)
    05:24Cancer: Age of Pinballs
    05:21Feist: Bittersweet Melodies
    05:17She & Him: Unchained Melody
    05:15The Dodos: Walking
    05:11Lissy Trullie: Madeleine
    05:07Element Of Crime: Dunkle Wolke
    05:04Jason Collett: Pacific Blue
    05:01Dan Croll: Sweet Disarray
    04:57Wild Nothing: Hachiko
    04:50Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Excerpts (The Cat Inside)
    04:45Masayoshi Fujita: Moonlight
    04:41The Legendary Lightness: World Full Of You
    04:38Gaussian Curve: Four For You
    04:34Gabriel Bruce: Sleep Paralysis
    04:29The Acid: Leeren
    04:25Botany: Laughtrack (feat. Father John Misty)
    04:20visu: Nacht (feat. Julia)
    04:15Atoms for Peace: Ingenue
    04:09DJ Koze: Das Wort (feat. Dirk von Lowtzow)
    04:04Justin Walter: Dream Weaving
    03:57Sinner DC: Los
    03:54My Panda Shall Fly: Indentiication
    03:44Joshua Abrams: Spiral Up
    03:39Tapes: Datura Mystic
    03:33Mike Wexler: Pariah
    03:30Evenings: Babe
    03:19Shackleton: Headcleaner
    03:14Four Tet: She Just Likes To Fight
    03:11Adam Oko: Legs Akimbo
    02:58Matter: Tardis Cymbals
    02:53The Drums: I Can't Pretend (YACHT Remix)
    02:49Roman Fluegel: Friendship Song
    02:43Efterklang: Modern Drift (Rumpistol Remix)
    02:38chipmunkson16speed: Call Me
    02:32Stefan Jós: Inside Voices
    02:22Jeans For Jesus: Zyt
    02:15Deerhunter: He Would Have Laughed
    02:11Galapagoose: Milkwood (Feat. Panorama)
    02:04Israel Nash: LA Lately
    01:57Dirty Beaches: Pacific Ocean
    01:52Indian Wells: Mountains
    01:49Savant: The Shining Hour
    01:42Babak Shayan & Pino Shamlou: Baran (Helly Larson 4 a.m. Dub)
    01:38Beacon: Into The Night
    01:34Holy Other: Yr Love
    01:30Dean Blunt: The Redeemer
    01:28Melodiesinfonie: No Difference Between Us
    01:21Burial: Street Halo
    01:16Damon Albarn: Spoons
    01:12Julianna Barwick: The Magic Place
    01:07Natural Information Society & Bitchin Bajas: Anemometer
    01:01Piano Interrupted: Hobi
    00:58Shabazz Palaces: They Come In Gold
    00:54Second Woman: 100407jd7
    00:50Call Super: Sulu Sekou
    00:38Lubomyr Melnyk: The Six Day Moment
    00:32Fool's Gold: Street Clothes (James Pants Remix)
    00:15Rumpistol: We're Not Gonna Make It
    00:08Acid Pauli: a clone is a clone
    00:05Tara Jane O'Neil: Wordless In Woods
    Do 25.5.
    23:57Phoenix: J-Boy
    23:54Mardou: The Enemy - Tinnitus!!!
    23:51Future: Mask Off
    23:47Rex Ruit: Dry By Noon
    23:44Susan Hall: It's Only Love
    23:41Silent Runners: Dark Mountain
    23:37Gaussian Curve: The Distance - Tinnitus!!!
    23:33Nite Jewel: Obsession
    23:30Divine Fits: What Gets You Alone
    23:26Cancer (DK): Esca
    23:22Savoy Motel: Souvenir Shop Rock
    23:19Geowulf: Don't Talk About You
    23:16Beach Fossils: Silver Tongue
    23:11DARKSIDE: Paper Trails
    23:04W. H. Lung: Inspiration!
    23:00Bibio: Beyond My Eyes
    22:55Joey Bada$$: LAND OF THE FREE
    22:51Triptides: Throne Of Stars - Tinnitus!!!
    22:47Milieu Lust: Garden
    22:42First Hate: The One
    22:39Steve Lacy: Moron
    22:36No Joy: Hellhole
    22:30Atlas Cedar: In Hollywood - Tinnitus!!!
    22:28The Heart Strings: Beautiful Abyss
    22:24The National: The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness
    22:18Romare: James
    22:14Sleep Party People: The Missing Steps
    22:10Chuckamuck: Sayonara
    22:06Krrum: Evil Twin
    22:02Grizzly Bear: Mourning Sound
    21:31Japandroids: Continuous Thunder
    21:13Pond: The Weather
    21:11Pond: Sweep Me Off My Feet
    21:07Perfume Genius: Just Like Love
    21:04Portugal. The Man: Feel It Still
    21:00Portugal. The Man: Dienstag
    20:56Portugal. The Man: Noise Pollution
    20:53Portugal. The Man: Modern Jesus
    20:47Portugal. The Man: Number One (feat. Richie Havens & Son Little)
    20:44Portugal. The Man: Number One (feat. Richie Havens & Son Little)
    20:40Portugal. The Man: All Your Light (Times Like These)
    20:32Portugal. The Man: Evil Friends
    20:26Amber Arcades: It Changes
    20:22Phoenix: Ti Amo - Tinnitus!!!
    20:18Hove: Hillside
    20:13First Hate: Copenhagen
    20:08Slowdive: Sugar for the Pill
    20:04Twin Peaks with Juan Wauters: Back Door
    19:56Hooton Tennis Club: Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair
    19:48Nick Klein: Paralyzed
    19:42Moon Diagrams: End Of Heartache - Tinnitus!!!
    19:41Portugal. The Man: Feel It Still
    19:37Stahlberger: Wanderwätter
    19:26Kip McGrath: Sunburn
    19:16Noga Erez: Off The Radar
    19:12Blondage: Stoned
    19:07Swiftumz: Waste Away
    19:01The Juan Maclean: Can You Ever Really Know Somebody
    18:52Julien Gasc: Luke Howard
    18:44Moon Duo: Lost in Light
    18:40Pronto: Trungs
    18:35Luunes: Glass
    18:30Broncho: Señora Borealis
    18:23Priya Ragu: Good'Luv (prod. Japhna Gold)
    18:18Thalab: Good Swim
    18:13Fake Laugh: Melt
    18:05Peter Broderick: Below It
    18:01BOYBOY: Afraid
    17:52Big Black Delta: Side Of The Road
    17:49Prof: Bar Breaker
    17:42Dappled Cites: Stone Men
    17:38The New Romantics: Haikus - Tinnitus!!!
    17:33biyo: moments
    17:30Mardou: The Enemy - Tinnitus!!!
    17:23Machinedrum: U Betta
    17:20Shabazz Palaces: Shine A Light (feat. Thaddillac) - Tinnitus!!!
    17:11a=f/m: X X X X (feat. S S S S)
    17:06Las Robertas: Not Enough
    17:01Russian Girls: Autopilot
    16:51Childish Gambino: Redbone
    16:48Telekinesis!: Tokyo
    16:44TEN FÉ: Twist Your Arm
    16:40Sun Airway: All In
    16:36Willie J Healey: Lazy Shade of Pink
    16:32Oumou Sangaré: Kamelemba
    16:29Beach Fossils: Down the Line
    16:24Atlas Cedar: In Hollywood - Tinnitus!!!
    16:20Vinyl Williams: Riddles Of The Sphinx
    16:18Savoy Motel: Jennifer
    16:15Gateway Drugs: Dare Tonight
    16:09Sangre: Brasil
    16:05Yser: Happy Tune - Tinnitus!!!
    16:02Mavi Phoenix: Aventura
    15:58Palmistry: Club Aso
    15:55Susan Hall: It's Only Love
    15:52A. K. Paul: Landcruisin
    15:49Mr. Husband: Riding a Lightning Bolt
    15:45First Hate: The One
    15:40Triptides: Throne Of Stars - Tinnitus!!!
    15:36Wild Nothing: Begin Again
    15:32Mieux: Shenzhen
    15:28Amber Clouds: Need To Know
    15:24Better Person: Zakochany Czlowiek (A Man In Love)
    15:21Future: Mask Off
    15:18Club Kuru: Giving In
    15:12Moon Diagrams: End Of Heartache - Tinnitus!!!
    15:07Ryley Walker: The Roundabout
    15:03Daniel Rossen: Silent Song
    14:59Vilde: Maintain
    14:56Woods: Lost in a Crowd
    14:53Cristobal And The Sea: Goat Flokk
    14:50Molly Nilsson: About Somebody
    14:46Blind Butcher: Alawalawa
    14:42Sheer Mag: Fan The Flames
    14:38Why Be Elysia Crampton Chino Amobi: Dummy Track
    14:35Pavement: Gold Soundz
    14:30Kraak & Smaak: Hands Of Time (feat. Alxndr London)
    14:27Fog Lake: Side Effects
    14:25Julian Jasper: Wait Until Dawn
    14:21No Joy: Hellhole
    14:17Ella Soto: Watch Out
    14:13Phoenix: J-Boy
    14:10Cheddar Gorgeous: Don't Bother Meeeeeeeee - Tinnitus!!!
    14:07Stephen Steinbrink: Anagrams
    14:04buerak: Alphonse Lover
    13:58The System: Almost Grown
    13:54LION BABE: Hit The Ceiling
    13:50Annie Taylor: Partner in Crime
    13:45World's Most: Tall Shadows
    13:41Swiftumz: Waste Away
    13:37Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam: A 1000 Times
    13:31Froth: Contact
    13:19The Modern Lovers: Roadrunner
    13:13Phoenix: Ti Amo
    13:04Atlas Cedar: In Hollywood - Tinnitus!!!
    12:59Mac DeMarco: On The Level
    12:54Shabazz Palaces: Shine A Light (feat. Thaddillac) - Tinnitus!!!
    12:49Shantel: Disko Partizani
    12:48Shantel: Dubstar Bugarskij
    12:47Shantel & Ian Oliver: Bucovina Remix
    12:42Ghost Wave: Dont Ask Why
    12:38The New Romantics: Haikus
    12:33Triptides: Throne Of Stars - Tinnitus!!!
    12:28Genders: Life Is But A Dream
    12:18Romare: Who Loves You
    12:11LCD Soundsystem: call the police
    12:05BOYBOY: Afraid
    12:00Yser: Happy Tune - Tinnitus!!!
    11:53sir Was: In The Midst
    11:50Pronto & The Rookiez: Ohlala
    11:45Drug Train: All My Friends
    11:38Legs: Top Of The World
    11:34First Hate: Time To Start Giving
    11:31Knox Fortune: Torture
    11:28The Youngest: Tontonshit
    11:25BROS: Couldnt Hear A Thing
    11:21Infinite Bisous: Teen Sex
    11:18She-Devils: Hey Boy
    11:12Galtier: Sonatine
    11:08Sean Gadd: Radar Sounds
    11:04Gaussian Curve: The Distance - Tinnitus!!!
    11:00Leyya: Zoo
    10:56Julien Gasc: Luke Howard
    10:53Lou Phelps: What Time Is It (feat. Innanet James)
    10:46Dave Depper: Do You Want Love
    10:40Moon Diagrams: End Of Heartache - Tinnitus!!!
    10:36Gents: Lost In The City
    10:33Juan Wauters: She Might Get Shot
    10:28Lord Kesseli and the Drums: Siri
    10:22Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders: Susan
    10:20Cheddar Gorgeous: Don't Bother Meeeeeeeee - Tinnitus!!!
    10:16Visions In Clouds: Time
    10:09Peaking Lights: Everytime I See the Light
    10:06ROSEAU: Light
    10:02Caveman: In The City
    09:58Oumou Sangaré: Kamelemba
    09:54Willie J Healey: Lazy Shade of Pink
    09:50BIG SPACE: Cape Town Sis Khethiwe
    09:47Future: Mask Off
    09:42Vin Sol: 1314
    09:40Cosmo Sheldrake: Rich (feat. Anndreyah Vargas)
    09:36Lionlimb: Domino
    09:33Mardou: The Enemy - Tinnitus!!!
    09:30Hater: Cry Later
    09:26Winter: Wherever You Are
    09:22Erneuerbare Energien: Supermodern Lovesong
    09:19Best Coast: When I'm With You
    09:14Maggie Rogers: Dog Years
    09:12Beach Fossils: Silver Tongue
    09:08Blondage: Stoned
    09:05Shabazz Palaces: Shine A Light (feat. Thaddillac) - Tinnitus!!!
    09:01Twisted Wires: 0000
    08:58Susan Hall: It's Only Love
    08:54ABADABAD: 10 Fingers
    08:51Gaussian Curve: Last Breath
    08:48Allah-Las: Autumn Dawn
    08:45Floridas: Destination
    08:42Terry: Third War
    08:38The National: The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness
    08:34Marissa Nadler: Was It A Dream
    08:30SSION: Earthquake
    08:27Wind Mile: Cathedral
    08:23Liss: Miles Apart
    08:20Gonzo Jones: Technicolor
    08:14Atlas Cedar: In Hollywood - Tinnitus!!!
    08:09Yser: Illhorn
    08:05No Joy: Hellhole
    07:59Ariel Pink: Picture Me Gone
    07:54New Jackson: Anyas Piano
    07:51Noga Erez: Off The Radar
    07:48Robbing Millions: Dinosaur
    07:43Galkin: Out To Lunch
    07:40Savoy Motel: Jennifer
    07:36Triptides: Throne Of Stars - Tinnitus!!!
    07:32Nite Jewel: Obsession
    07:29Real Estate: Darling
    07:25Machinedrum: U Betta
    07:20The New Pornographers: Sing Me Spanish Techno
    07:18WEARENOTWHOWEARE: Death Valley
    07:13Yser: Happy Tune - Tinnitus!!!
    07:08uberLAB: Aisha
    07:04Princess Nokia: Brujas (Prod. Blanco & DJ Bass Bear)
    06:57Melody's Echo Chamber: Cross My Heart
    06:54biyo: moments
    06:50TOPS: Outside
    06:45Moon Diagrams: End Of Heartache - Tinnitus!!!
    06:40All The Luck In The World: Your Fires
    06:35Retiree: Jan
    06:29TALsounds: Surrender
    06:24Annie Taylor: Partner in Crime
    06:22Cheddar Gorgeous: Don't Bother Meeeeeeeee - Tinnitus!!!
    06:19Julian Jasper: Wait Until Dawn
    06:16Fake Laugh: Melt
    06:12The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Melodys Actual Echo Chamber
    06:09Winona Forever: headrush
    06:05House of Feelings: Avatar (feat. Meredith Graves)
    06:00Solander: The Woods Are Gone
    05:56Tinariwen: Ténéré Tàqqàl
    05:52Gaussian Curve: The Distance - Tinnitus!!!
    05:49Money: Goodnight London
    05:45Wavering Hands: Circular Breathing
    05:40Dead Leaf Echo: Strawberry Skin
    05:36Abram Shook: Coastal
    05:31John Andrews & The Yawns: Pennsylvania
    05:28Rodrigo Amarante: Nada Em Vao
    05:24Amen Dunes: Rocket Flare
    05:20Patrick Bishop: Walk Up
    05:17Terry vs Tori: Leapday
    05:12Volcano Choir: Alaskans
    05:08Julien Gasc: Luke Howard
    05:04Adan & Xavi Y Los Imanes: Cancion Para Mi Muerte
    05:02The xx: Angels
    04:57Angelo Badalamenti: Twin Peaks Theme (Instrumental)
    04:53IKEBANA: Ikebana (Danny Norbury Remix)
    04:49To Rococo Rot: Many Descriptions (feat. Arto Lindsay)
    04:42Swans: A Little God
    04:37Craft Spells: Komorebi
    04:32Nicolas Jaar: Why Didn't You Save Me
    04:27Holly Miranda: Slow Burn Treason
    04:24Espectrostatic: The Cold Spot
    04:20Esben And The Witch: Putting Down The Prey
    04:16Born Gold: 1: Ferocious Body
    04:12Low: Stay (Rihanna Cover)
    04:09Beach House: I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun
    04:05Forest Swords: Rattling Cage
    04:00ASAP Rocky: LSD
    03:50Lazy Salon: DAM
    03:47Public Memory: Heir
    03:44Gabriel Saloman: My Funny Valentine
    03:39Small Black: Moon Killer
    03:32Cloud Boat: I Left For A Reason (It Escapes Me Now)
    03:29Siriusmo: Mosaik
    03:24Dan Deacon: Prettyboy
    03:15Laurine Frost: Marionette Manifesto
    03:12Kelly Lee Owens: Lucid
    03:04Jon Hopkins: Open Eye Signal
    02:58Apparat: Ash Black Veil
    02:55The Mast: UpUpUp
    02:51Reme Izabo's Music Research: The Same Man
    02:47Actress: Rule
    02:45Gonjasufi: Venom
    02:42Egopusher: Purple Air
    02:37oOoOO: Across A Sea
    02:28Twin Haus: Synthetic Egg
    02:23IVVVO: Darkness In My Soul
    02:17Torn Hawk: I'm Flexible
    02:14Flying Lotus: Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph
    02:10TRUE: Colors Of My Estimation
    02:05Rat & Co: Fault
    02:01Kara-Lis Coverdale: TOUCH ME & DIE
    01:57S S S S: Tyranny of Intimacy
    01:54High Places: From Stardust to Sentience
    01:45Midori Takada: Crossing
    01:33Zs: Corps
    01:25Dam-Funk: Free
    01:19Dark Sky: Silent Fall
    01:15John Martyn: One World
    01:12Hove: Hillside
    01:08Planningtorock: The Breaks
    00:54James Blackshaw & Lubomyr Melnyk: Venant
    00:51How To Dress Well: Ocean Floor For Everything
    00:49Brandt Brauer Frick: Miami Titles
    00:45Matmos: Very Large Green Triangles
    00:40PVT: Light Up Bright Fires
    00:35Laura Mvula: She (Shlohmo Remix)
    00:30Tunica Dartos: Hymn
    00:27The Acid: RA
    00:22Don Cherry: Brown Rice
    00:17Michael Price: The Attachment
    00:13Dam Mantle: Canterbury Pt.1
    00:10Throwing Shade: Underneath My Eyelids
    00:07Flume: Star Eyes
    00:05Ricky Eat Acid: Inside your house; it will swallow us too
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