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    14:26Flaural: Bounders- Tinni
    14:26JR JR: Control (Secret
    14:25Retiree: Pumice Stone
    14:25Jeans for Jesus: Europe (ManDuo
    14:25Flaural: Bounders- Tinni
    14:24PONGO: Kuzola- Tinnitu
    14:20Phantastic Ferniture: Fuckin n Rollin
    14:16MoreEats: Stiffgirl
    14:12First Hate: Copenhagen
    14:09Mavi Phoenix: Bite

    Ganze Playlist   Tinnitus
    Sa 23.6.
    14:26Flaural: Bounders- Tinnitus!!!
    14:26JR JR: Control (Secretly Sorry) (Holy Ghost! Remix)
    14:25Retiree: Pumice Stone
    14:25Jeans for Jesus: Europe (ManDuo Remix)
    14:25Flaural: Bounders- Tinnitus!!!
    14:24PONGO: Kuzola- Tinnitus!!!
    14:20Phantastic Ferniture: Fuckin n Rollin
    14:16MoreEats: Stiffgirl
    14:12First Hate: Copenhagen
    14:09Mavi Phoenix: Bite
    14:05Fufanu: Hourglass
    14:02Alexis Taylor: Oh Baby
    13:59Jakob Ogawa: Velvet Light
    13:56Clairo: 4EVER
    13:52Maribou State: Feel Good (feat. Khruangbin)- Tinnitus!!!
    13:48Wild Nothing: Letting Go
    13:42A$AP Rocky: Distorted Records
    13:39Ay Wing: Ice Cream Dream
    13:33JR JR: Control (Secretly Sorry) (Holy Ghost! Remix)
    13:33JR JR: Control (Secretly Sorry) (Holy Ghost! Remix)
    13:32Retiree: Pumice Stone
    13:31Jeans for Jesus: Europe (ManDuo Remix)
    13:31Flaural: Bounders- Tinnitus!!!
    13:30PONGO: Kuzola- Tinnitus!!!
    13:24Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse
    13:20Otha: One Of the Girls
    13:20Cherry Glazerr: Juicy Socks
    13:20Duets and Stuff: Hold On
    13:19Sleepy Gaucho: Sleepless
    13:19MorMor: Heaven's Only Wishful
    13:19Tirzah: Gladly
    13:15International Music: Metallmädchen
    13:12Kadhja Bonet: Another Time Lover
    13:08Ed Mount: Don't You Remember
    13:05Drake: Duppy Freestyle
    13:00Count Basie: One O'Clock Boogie
    12:53Hailu Mergia: Gum Gum
    12:48Otis Sandsjö: BOO!
    12:45Otis Sandsjö: teppich
    12:40Otis Sandsjö: multipopix
    12:33Otis Sandsjö: pata pata
    12:31Otis Sandsjö: ACINOR
    12:26Otis Sandsjö: sun sun
    12:20Otis Sandsjö: den näpne
    12:14Otis Sandsjö: YUNG
    12:07Thandi Ntuli: Abyssinia (feat. Tlale Makhene)
    12:00Linda Sikhakhane: Dance For Trane
    11:56Zara Mcfarlane: Peace Begins Within
    11:51Zara Mcfarlane: Fussin' and Fightin'
    11:49Fela Kuti: Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense pt 1
    11:43The Congos: Fisherman
    11:39Zara Mcfarlane: Fisherman
    11:34Zara Mcfarlane: In Between Worlds
    11:29Zara Mcfarlane: Silhouette feat. Shabaka Hutchings
    11:25Zara Mcfarlane: Pride
    11:22Zara Mcfarlane: Ode to Cyril
    11:21Fela Kuti: Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense pt 1
    11:17Zara Mcfarlane: Allies or Enemies
    11:12Zara Mcfarlane: Freedom Chain
    11:05BADBADNOTGOOD: Confessions Pt II (Feat. Colin Stetson)
    11:01BadBadNotGood: In Your Eyes (feat. Charlotte Day Wilson)
    10:55Charlotte Day Wilson: After All
    10:52Cancer: Die One More Time
    Fr 22.6.
    23:01Rob!n, Lumoon -: Detroit (Galvino Remix)
    21:53Johannes Heil: Gospel Three
    21:46Audiojack: Paradigm (Original Mix)
    21:27Philipp Gorbachev: Lazer Ft. Interchain (Len Faki Hardspace Remix)
    21:20Philipp Gonzales: Us And Them (Mano Andrei Remix)
    21:14Gab Rhome: Raphael (Original Mix)
    21:14Jamie Ward: A Dark Knight In Gotham (Original Mix)
    21:08Lucio Agustin, Toman: Triangles (Original Mix)
    21:01Daniel Law: Almost Anywhere
    20:57Hanreti: Music Evolution
    20:50APHROTEK feat. Genevieve Artadi & Gregoire Maret: Someday
    20:33Ester Poly: Slutwalk
    20:27Wassily: Zuckersee
    20:23Pamela Méndez: Irène Island
    20:16Audio Dope: Broadway Market
    20:13Muthoni Drummer Queen: No More
    20:05Alois: You Don't Get It
    20:01Cristallin: Infinite Nothing
    19:54Monumental Men: Awareness In Absence
    19:50Régis X ChateauGhetto: Contre Toi
    19:47Bleu Roi: Darkest Hour
    19:43Laskaar: Traicion
    19:42Laskaar: Drunk
    19:39Danitsa: Captain
    19:35Dans La Tente: Let's Keep Talking
    19:03All XS: Don't Play With My Heart
    19:00APHROTEK: New York City
    18:52The Internet: Come Over
    18:48Yuno: No Going Back
    18:45Nevskij: Better off alone - Tinnitus!!!
    18:40Amen Dunes: Miki Dora
    18:32George FitzGerald & Bonobo: Outgrown
    18:29Jungle: Happy Man
    18:29Yuno: Why For
    18:28Yuno: Amber
    18:12Trettmann feat. Haiyti : 120 Jahre
    18:05Holy Wave: Adult Fear
    18:00Otha: One Of the Girls
    17:53Jaguar Sun: Cold Wind
    17:51Manuel Troller: Manuel Troller Solo - plays John Fahey
    17:51Les Yeux Sans Visage: Monument
    17:46Yuno: Fall In Love
    17:36Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp XXL: Live @ B-Sides Festival 2018
    17:30Salfvman: Iwyl
    17:25Mavi Phoenix: Bite
    17:15Les Yeux Sans Visage: Monument
    17:05Ringo Deathstarr: Stare At The Sun
    17:01Hookworms: Static Resistance
    17:00Les Yeux Sans Visage: Monument
    16:53Sun Kil Moon: Pray For Newtown
    16:48Shiny Darkly: WW - Tinnitus!!!
    16:39Jonathan Wilson: Loving You
    16:36Kadhja Bonet: Another Time Lover
    16:33Lil Pump: ESSKEETIT
    16:28Vive La Void: Death Money
    16:24Matty: Every Moment I Live To Come
    16:21Thud: Ado - Tinnitus!!!
    16:16Annane Sy: Je Sui Vane de Toi
    16:14COBEE: Pillies Freestyle (prod. Syndrome)
    16:10The Babe Rainbow: Monky Disco
    16:05Laura Carbone: Tangerine Tree
    16:01Niko: Oh Yeah Alright Okay!
    15:57Value Void: Back In The Day
    15:53Long Tall Jefferson: Yonder Is A Mountain
    15:50boy pablo: Everytime
    15:46Sean Henry: The Ants
    15:43Nakhane: Clairvoyant
    15:40White Denim: Pretty Green
    15:37Pamela Mendez: Time
    15:32Goth Babe: Sometimes
    15:29Sirens Of Lesbos: We´ll Be Fine
    15:26Parquet Courts: Wide Awake
    15:22Barrie: Tal Uno
    15:17She Past Away: SOLUK
    15:15Maraudeur: Bad Morning - Tinnitus!!!
    15:11Video Age: Hold On (I Was Wrong)
    15:08John Maus: Quantum Leap
    15:04Darren Sylvester: Plans
    15:01BAD FRENCH: Teen Dream Woman
    14:57Hugh: This Is How It Starts
    14:54Bakar: All In
    14:51Pejzaz: Uwazaj Jak Tanczysz
    14:45Crumb: Locket
    14:41Routine Death: Parallel Universe
    14:37Blind Matty: Gettin Stoned With My Ol Lady
    14:33Total Control: Luxury Vacuum
    14:31Nevskij: Better off alone - Tinnitus!!!
    14:28THIAM: Light Is Still Shining
    14:24NOTS: Reactor
    14:20Now Now: MJ
    14:15Waves of Dread: Sun Shows
    14:11Sophie Meiers: Fade Away - Tinnitus!!!
    14:06Two People: Im Tied To You
    14:04ESTA: 1738
    13:59Barbudo: Secret Admirer
    13:56GUM: S.I.A
    13:52Ed Mount: Don't You Remember
    13:49Slow Pulp: At Home - Tinnitus!!!
    13:44Candy: Apartment In The City
    13:41Darci: On My Own
    13:38Anna Aaron: Why Not
    13:35Noga Erez: Bad Habits
    13:30Lay Llamas: Silver Sun
    13:25twig twig: Fight Death
    13:13Old Smile: Worn Out Day
    13:05Biig Piig: You Know Better (feat. Bone Slim) - Tinnitus!!!
    13:00Car Seat Headrest: Vincent
    12:52Sensu: Far Away (feat. Nadine Carina)
    12:45LieVin: Alli Essed prod. by Sarkastik
    12:35Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp XXL: Live @ B-Sides Festival 2018
    12:29The I-Twins: It Hurts So Good
    12:29Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp XXL: Live @ B-Sides Festival 2018
    12:22Municipality: Miles Away
    12:12Approachable Members Of Your Local Community: Millennium Queen
    12:08Duets and Stuff: Hold On
    12:04MOOON: Mary You Wanna
    12:00Baba Stiltz: Maze
    11:54Rin: Nike
    11:50Vox Portent: Fly
    11:46The Internet: Come Over
    11:43Moxiie: Dont See You
    11:39Soccer Mommy: Cool
    11:34New Chance: Chasing The Sunset
    11:29Balladur: Il y a des choses qu'on oublie pas
    11:24Kedr Livanskiy: Razrushitelniy Krug (Destructive Cycle)
    11:20Golan: Rocket Love (feat. Island Chain)
    11:16Bleu Roi: Darkest Hour
    11:12Perel: Alles
    11:10Maraudeur: Bad Morning - Tinnitus!!!
    11:06Squaring Circles: Anima
    11:01SSION: At Least The Sky Is Blue (feat. Ariel Pink)
    10:57Machinedrum: U Betta
    10:54Cut Worms: Don't Want to Say Good?-?bye
    10:51Wildhart: New Beginning
    10:49HALEY: Bratt
    10:44Matty: Every Moment I Live To Come
    10:42Nevskij: Better off alone - Tinnitus!!!
    10:37Westerman: Edison
    10:33Salfvman: Iwyl
    10:29Topographies: Roman Figure
    10:24Professor Rhythm: Professor 3
    10:21Sophie Meiers: Fade Away - Tinnitus!!!
    10:17Otha: One Of the Girls
    10:12Cristallin: Infinite Nothing
    10:09Negative Gemini: Bad Baby
    10:05Greenhouse: Greenhouse
    09:59Gross Net: Still Life
    09:55The Tallest Man On Earth: Criminals
    09:53Swet Shop Boys: T5
    09:49Slow Pulp: At Home - Tinnitus!!!
    09:47Sun June: Young
    09:41Love'n'Joy: Come About
    09:38Flaws: All We Are
    09:34Jaguar Sun: Cold Wind
    09:30Nick Lutsko, Bethany Cosentino, @Seinfeld2000: Jerry (Maybe We Should Get Married)
    09:28COBEE: Pillies Freestyle (prod. Syndrome)
    09:24The Child Of Lov: Fly
    09:21Baywaves: I'm Tryna
    09:17Miss June: Twitch
    09:12Ulrika Spacek: Lord Luck
    09:08Sirens Of Lesbos: We´ll Be Fine
    09:06Father John Misty: Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of Them All
    09:02Kadhja Bonet: Another Time Lover
    08:59Golden Teacher: Sauchiehall Withdrawal (Edit)
    08:53Les Yeux Sans Visage: Monument
    08:50Les Yeux Sans Visage: Monument
    08:46Biig Piig: You Know Better (feat. Bone Slim) - Tinnitus!!!
    08:43Emmett Kai: Midnight
    08:39Yuno: No Going Back
    08:34Anemone: Baby Only You & I
    08:30KOKOKO!: Likolo
    08:29Yuno: No Going Back
    08:25Joey Bada$$: GOOD MORNING AMERIKKKA
    08:22Wildhart: Every Touch (feat. Nadia Nair)
    08:19Wildhart: Shake Off
    08:19Wildhart: New Beginning
    08:16Jakob Ogawa: Velvet Light
    08:14Mike Edge: Been So Long
    08:06A$AP Rocky: A$AP Forever (feat. Moby)
    08:00Disclosure: Ultimatum (feat. Fatoumata Diawara)
    07:54Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes: Juggernaut
    07:46Noga Erez: Bad Habits
    07:43Muthoni Drummer Queen: No More
    07:35The Helio Sequence: Oktober
    07:30Boy Harsher: Country Girl
    07:29Noga Erez: Bad Habits
    07:29Launder: Fade
    07:29The Helio Sequence: Oktober
    07:14Zack Villere: Cool
    07:11Ay Wing: Ice Cream Dream
    07:10Drake: Duppy Freestyle
    07:10Ed Mount: Don't You Remember
    07:09Kadhja Bonet: Another Time Lover
    07:09International Music: Metallmädchen
    07:06Mavi Phoenix: Bite
    07:00Twins: Open Up
    06:55Darci: On My Own
    06:51Gundelach: Duck Hunting
    06:42Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp XXL: Live @ B-Sides Festival 2018
    06:36The Lemon Twigs: Why Didnt You Say That
    06:30Christian Kleine: Promise
    06:30Gundelach: Duck Hunting
    06:30Darci: On My Own
    06:29The Lemon Twigs: Why Didnt You Say That
    06:24Jungle: Happy Man
    06:19Sensu: Far Away (feat. Nadine Carina)
    06:13Nevskij: Better off alone - Tinnitus!!!
    06:10Lil Baby: Transporter (feat. Offset)
    06:05Clark: Secret
    05:59Dead Sea: Know Where
    05:59Jungle: Happy Man
    05:59Lil Baby: Transporter (feat. Offset)
    05:59Clark: Secret
    05:52Stealing Sheep: Shoot the ducks to win
    05:48Element Of Crime: Rette Mich (Vor Mir Selber)
    05:43The Black Atlantic: Walked-on Wood
    05:40Arcade Fire: Wasted Hours
    05:37Nigel Wright: Barriers
    05:34Whitney: Dave's Song (demo)
    05:28The Antlers: Sylvia
    05:24Andrew Bird: Orpheo
    05:21Dent May: It Takes A Long Time
    05:18Good Good Blood: White Gold
    05:14Gardens & Villa: Sunday Morning
    05:09Moonface: Heartbreaking Bravery
    05:06Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.: Habits
    05:03East Sister: Avenue
    04:59Julianna Barwick: Pacing
    04:54The Advisory Circle: Causeway Ballet
    04:50Dean Blunt: 100
    04:47Gregory Porter: No Love Dying
    04:34Matter: Tardis Cymbals
    04:30TRUE: Colors Of My Estimation
    04:25Daedelus: -ísimo
    04:21Gauntlet Hair: I Was Thinking...
    04:15Tosca: Stuttgart
    04:12Dirty Beaches: Danseur De Ballet
    04:07To Rococo Rot: Down In The Traffic
    04:04Dems: Sinking In The Sorry
    03:58Jon Gibson: Criss X Cross #3
    03:55Schnellertollermeier: Sing For Me
    03:51Sun Airway: Wild Palms
    03:46Chromatics: Lady
    03:40Walls: Sunporch
    03:35Blondes: Clipse
    03:25Don't DJ: Repetition
    03:16Andy Stott: Anytime Soon
    03:07Jeans For Jesus: Zyt
    03:04Perera Elsewhere: Something's Up
    02:57Stahlberger: Heimat
    02:50Wovoka Gentle: All Exterior Dark
    02:45The Drums: I Can't Pretend (YACHT Remix)
    02:42Beacon: Into The Night
    02:40Espectrostatic: Abandoned Places
    02:35Hundred Waters: Thistle (TOKiMONSTA Remix)
    02:31Inc.: Black Wings
    02:28THEESatisfaction: Post Black Anyway
    02:23Radiohead: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
    02:19Second Woman: 100407jd7
    02:15Tallesen: Strike Silver, Love Green
    02:12Yung Lean: Yoshi City
    02:07Rival Consoles: Dreamer's Wake
    02:03Holy Other: U Now
    01:57Eaux: Head
    01:54Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX: Startseite
    01:49Lee Gamble: Frame Drag
    01:46Alexander Spit: Valet Park, CA
    01:42Helado Negro: Myself On 2 U
    01:36Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, Jarvis Cocker: Avalanche (Terminal Velocity)
    01:27Charles Cohen: Solos Duos
    01:20EMA: The Grey Ship
    01:17Micachu and the Shapes: Oh Baby
    01:10Martin Kohlstedt: ELL (Christian Löffler Rework)
    01:05Apparat: Ash Black Veil
    01:03Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein: Theoretically
    01:01Throwing Shade: Ecco Echo
    00:47Mikko Joensuu: House Of Fire
    00:43Romare: Don't Stop
    00:36Floating Points: Silurian Blue
    00:32Darkside: Things Behind The Sun (Nick Drake Cover)
    00:21Jon Hopkins: Sun Harmonics
    00:17'fö: Sleep
    00:14Alex G: Station
    00:10Boards Of Canada: Zoetrope
    00:05The Acid: Basic Instinct (Lapalux Remix)
    Do 21.6.
    23:57Cristallin: Infinite Nothing
    23:52Pink Skies: Just To Get By
    23:49Hey Anna: Garage Queen
    23:43George FitzGerald & Bonobo: Outgrown
    23:40Phantastic Ferniture: Fuckin n Rollin
    23:35Shiny Darkly: WW - Tinnitus!!!
    23:31The Internet: Come Over
    23:27Now Now: MJ
    23:23OMMA: Sol Pleureur
    23:18Hess Is More: 80 Years, Pt. I
    23:13Barbudo: Secret Admirer
    23:11Nevskij: Better off alone - Tinnitus!!!
    23:08Nada Surf: I Like What You Say
    22:01Sendung: I-180621 Hallo Echo 93 mit Jingle
    21:55Snail Mail: Anytime
    21:51Snail Mail: Deep Sea
    21:47Snail Mail: Speaking Terms
    21:41Snail Mail: Pristine
    21:37Wand: The Gift
    21:33GUM: S.I.A
    21:29Anemone: Bout De Toi
    21:26Kevin Krauter: Restless
    21:22Kevin Krauter: Who Do You Know
    21:18Kevin Krauter: Suddenly
    21:12Kevin Krauter: Keep Falling In Love
    21:08Amen Dunes: Calling Paul the Suffering
    21:00RF Shannon: Black Madonna, So Divine
    20:56Men I Trust: Show Me How
    20:48Wildhart: New Beginning
    20:44Hana Vu: Cool (feat. Satchy)
    20:40Mazzy Star: Quiet, The Winter Harbor
    20:28PYNKIE: Dew
    20:15SALES: White Jeans
    20:11Blueprint Blue: Tourist
    20:08Frankie Cosmos: Jesse
    20:00Kevin Morby: City Music
    19:58The Liquorice Experiment: Circa66
    19:53Cutouts: Habits
    19:47Spike Vincent: Lie In The Dust
    19:44Perfume Genius: Slip Away
    19:36ZAYK: Kurt
    19:25Francesco De Leo: Muse
    19:15Ducktails: Headbanging In The Mirror
    19:11Club Kuru: Double L
    19:07Claude Rodap: Hiwa
    19:00One Sentence. Supervisor: Mond
    18:53Topographies: Roman Figure
    18:50Caramelo: Bolzplatz (prod. Rob surreal)
    18:44Yuno: So Slow
    18:39Haerts: Be The One
    18:39FloFilz: Ivebeentryin'
    18:38East Sister: Highway
    18:32A Beacon School: It's Late
    18:29Men I Trust: I hope to be around
    18:23Childish Gambino: This Is America
    18:18Michael Nau: Less Than Positive
    18:10Darci: On My Own
    18:04Shiny Darkly: WW - Tinnitus!!!
    18:00Liars: Mess On A Mission
    17:54Trettmann: Billie Holiday
    17:53Justice: Genesis
    17:53Arctic Monkeys: Dancing Shoes
    17:50Vintage Corp: Gerald Part 2
    17:46Sirens Of Lesbos: We´ll Be Fine
    17:42Romano: Live @ B-Sides Festival 2018
    17:35Twins: Open Up
    17:29Hear The Taste: Lost
    17:23Westerman: Confirmation
    17:18Waves of Dread: Sun Shows
    17:09Destroyer: Downtown
    17:03Ed Mount: Don't You Remember
    17:00Noga Erez: Bad Habits
    16:52Barrie: Tal Uno
    16:48First Hate: Fallen
    16:45Rin: Nike
    16:40The National: Bloodbuzz Ohio
    16:37Lucia Manca: Bar Stazione
    16:32Golan: Rocket Love (feat. Island Chain)
    16:29Biig Piig: You Know Better (feat. Bone Slim) - Tinnitus!!!
    16:26The Legends: Riding The Waves
    16:23Kalle Mattson: An American Dream
    16:18Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse
    16:14The Go! Team: If There's One Thing You Should Know
    16:11Jungle: Happy Man
    16:09Maraudeur: Bad Morning - Tinnitus!!!
    16:05Stereo Luchs: Ziitreis
    16:02Carino: Cancion De Pop De Amor
    15:59Real Lies: Seven Sisters
    15:54Dead Sea: Know Where
    15:52Palm: Pearly
    15:47Maribou State: Feel Good (feat. Khruangbin)
    15:44No Joy: Hellhole
    15:41Yo La Tengo: Out of the Pool
    15:37Sea Moya: Nothing Is Real
    15:34Yung Hurn: Bist Du alleine
    15:31Thud: Ado - Tinnitus!!!
    15:27The Green Child: Her Majesty II
    15:23Cristallin: Infinite Nothing
    15:17Ryley Walker: Telluride Speed
    15:13OMMA: Sol Pleureur
    15:09Kadhja Bonet: Another Time Lover
    15:05Conner Youngblood & Nylo: Everyday
    15:01A$AP Rocky: A$AP Forever (feat. Moby)
    14:58Imarhan: Ehad Wa Dagh
    14:55Leeveye: Lately (ooweoo)
    14:50Salfvman: Iwyl
    14:47Mavi Phoenix: Bite
    14:44Slow Pulp: At Home - Tinnitus!!!
    14:40Yuno: Fall In Love
    14:36Lower Dens: Brains
    14:34Film 2: Spreading Of Disorder
    14:31Miss June: Twitch
    14:27Twin Shadow: Saturdays (feat. Haim)
    14:24Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin: Harrison Ford
    14:20Tirzah: Gladly
    14:17Otha: One Of the Girls
    14:11Shiny Darkly: WW - Tinnitus!!!
    14:06Jon Hood: Tears
    14:02Mt. Si: 911
    13:59Parquet Courts: Wide Awake
    13:56Sophie Meiers: Fade Away - Tinnitus!!!
    13:52Myd: The Sun
    13:48Matty: Every Moment I Live To Come
    13:45Lemony Kravitz: Hypnic Jerk
    13:40Etana: Stepping Out Of Babylon (Dub Mix)
    13:35Jaguar Sun: Cold Wind
    13:32Earl Sweatshirt: Sunday (feat. Frank Ocean)
    13:28THIAM: Light Is Still Shining
    13:24Met Gala: She's My Swet
    13:18Daft Punk: Da Funk
    13:14Nevskij: Better off alone - Tinnitus!!!
    13:11Cheddar Gorgeous: Don't Bother Meeeeeeeee
    13:05Leyya: Heat
    13:00The Internet: Come Over
    13:00Met Gala: She's My Swet
    13:00Nevskij: Better off alone - Tinnitus!!!
    13:00Leyya: Heat
    12:54Paddy Hanna: Ida
    12:51SALES: White Jeans
    12:50SALES: Off and On
    12:46Biig Piig: You Know Better (feat. Bone Slim) - Tinnitus!!!
    12:43Hanna Järver: Manna Manna
    12:39Romano: Live @ B-Sides Festival 2018
    12:38Romano: Mutti
    12:33Sudan Archives: Nont For Sale
    12:29Faka: Uyang'khumbula
    12:29Romano: Mutti
    12:21Disclosure: Ultimatum (feat. Fatoumata Diawara)
    12:17Batuk: Move!
    12:12nuitunit: Cats Dolphins Whales
    12:04Underworld & Iggy Pop: Bells & Circles
    12:00La Femme: Sur La Planche
    11:54Maraudeur: Bad Morning - Tinnitus!!!
    11:51Art Feynman: Feeling Good About Feeling Good
    11:47SALES: White Jeans
    11:42Two People: Im Tied To You
    11:39Thud: Ado - Tinnitus!!!
    11:35Sidney Gish: Sin Triangle
    11:30Molina: Hey Kids
    11:27Value Void: Back In The Day
    11:26Thundercat: Jameel's Space Ride
    11:23Makala: Ginger Juice
    11:19Sean Henry: The Ants
    11:16Bright Music: Shimmer
    11:12Ed Mount: Don't You Remember
    11:09Slow Pulp: At Home - Tinnitus!!!
    11:05BOYO: Departed
    11:02Pejzaz: Uwazaj Jak Tanczysz
    10:57She Past Away: SOLUK
    10:52Dita Von Teese: My Lips on Your Lips
    10:49Phantastic Ferniture: Fuckin n Rollin
    10:47twig twig: Fight Death
    10:43Yung Lean: Metallic Intuition
    10:39HIGH HØØPS: Body
    10:34Waves of Dread: Sun Shows
    10:29Shiny Darkly: WW - Tinnitus!!!
    10:24Anna Meredith: Taken
    10:19Pink Skies: Just To Get By
    10:10Howling: Phases
    10:06Goth Babe: Sometimes
    10:02SASSY 009: Pretty baby
    09:59The Holydrug Couple: Vase of flowers
    09:56Buzzy Lee: Coolhand
    09:53Christian Besa Wright: Window
    09:50Carino: Cancion De Pop De Amor
    09:47Walter TV: Graceland
    09:43Michael Nau: Less Than Positive
    09:40Leroy Francis: Going Steady
    09:35Squaring Circles: Anima
    09:31Clairo: 4EVER
    09:27Ennanga Vision: Otim's War
    09:23Glo La Luz: Soy Peor
    09:19Cristallin: Infinite Nothing
    09:16Strawberry Guy: Without You
    09:12Vsitor: Liquid Stars
    09:08Knox Fortune: Torture
    09:05Lil Baby: Transporter (feat. Offset)
    09:03Nevskij: Better off alone - Tinnitus!!!
    08:59Gourmet: Forever Backwards
    08:53Pamela Méndez: Irène Island
    08:47Toro Y Moi: Room For 1Zone
    08:44Habibi: Nedayeh Bahar
    08:39Romano: Live @ B-Sides Festival 2018
    08:33Barbudo: Secret Admirer
    08:29Machinedrum: Hype Up!
    08:25Maraudeur: Bad Morning - Tinnitus!!!
    08:22Drake: Duppy Freestyle
    08:21Ay Wing: Ice Cream Dream
    08:21Ed Mount: Don't You Remember
    08:21Kadhja Bonet: Another Time Lover
    08:21International Music: Metallmädchen
    08:16Mazy: Enemies
    08:12Perel: Alles
    08:05Moodoïd: Reptile
    08:01Topographies: Roman Figure
    07:55Part Time: Faded Rose (Shattered Love)
    07:48COBEE: Pillies Freestyle (prod. Syndrome)
    07:42Yuno: So Slow
    07:37Magic Potion: Rest Yr Skull
    07:30A Beacon School: It's Late
    07:30Yuno: So Slow
    07:24Biig Piig: You Know Better (feat. Bone Slim) - Tinnitus!!!
    07:20Westerman: Edison
    07:11Baba Stiltz: Maze
    07:06Mykki Blanco: Highschool Never Ends (feat. Woodkid)
    07:00Handsome Furs: Radio Kaliningrad
    06:56Neon Indian: Bozo
    06:52Don Fuego: Memento Mori
    06:48Beach House: Common Girl
    06:44The Internet: Come Over
    06:40Knackeboul : Embryonaustellig
    06:33Shiny Darkly: WW - Tinnitus!!!
    06:29Mavi Phoenix: Yellow
    06:26Thundercat: Jameel's Space Ride
    06:22Romano: Live @ B-Sides Festival 2018
    06:17Chromatics: Black Walls
    06:14Rin: Nike
    06:07Barrie: Tal Uno
    06:01Red Axes: Round
    05:56Field Maps: Action at a Distance
    05:50Sin Kitty: Vanity Daze
    05:47Chet Faker: Release Your Problems
    05:43Hanni el Khatib: Wait. Wait. Wait.
    05:40Dignan Porch: Picking Up Dust
    05:37I am Oak: Omen
    05:33Aquilo: Part Of Your Life (Croquet Club Remix)
    05:30Hype Williams: Distance
    05:27Houndmouth: Penitentiary
    05:22Ryan Hemsworth: Snow In Newark (With Dawn Golden)
    05:18Grouper: Cloud in Places
    05:13Julia Holter: Marienbad
    05:09Beat Connection: Silver Screen
    05:05James Blake: Radio Silence
    05:01Amen Dunes: Lilac In Hand
    04:56Piano Interrupted: Bulbus
    04:53The Antlers: I Don't Want Love
    04:50Lyla Foy: Feather Tongue
    04:46Atoms For Peace: Judge Jury And Executioner
    04:38Valentin Stip: Aletheia
    04:29Lubomyr Melnyk: Le Miroir D'Amour
    04:28Fort Romeau: IKB
    04:24Cuz: Thinkin' 'Bout Thinkin'
    04:20Jeans Wilder: Spanish Tile
    04:15THAT PORK: L'Evidence
    04:10Bill Callahan: Ride My Dub
    04:04Honig: John Wayne Gacy Jr. (Sufjan Stevens Cover)
    03:53Axel Boman: 1979
    03:47Ultraísta: Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix)
    03:41Bing & Ruth: Police Police Police Police Police
    03:38AIR: Adis Abebah
    03:33Bon Iver: Blindsided
    03:29Kalabrese: Afterhour
    03:22Nicolas Jaar: Time For Us
    03:21Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: Labyrinth V
    03:15Dawn Of Midi: Moon
    03:11Land Observations: Appian Way
    03:09Flying Lotus: Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph
    03:04Kelly Lee Owens: CBM
    03:01Ricky Eat Acid: Inside your house; it will swallow us too
    02:58Niagara: Watershipdown
    02:54Tricky: Nothing's Changed (feat. Francesca Belmonte)
    02:47Lazy Salon: Halo Hand
    02:44BEAK>: Deserters
    02:39OMBRE: Tormentas
    02:37Pablo Nouvelle: Push Me (feat. Sam Brookes)
    02:33Forest Swords: Rattling Cage
    02:27Caribou: Bowls
    02:22Jacques: Tout Est Magnifique
    02:16Konrad Sprenger: Largo
    02:11Austra: Beat And The Pulse
    02:07Slow Magic: Hold Still
    02:03Laser: Disconnect
    01:56E.R.: Terra Firma
    01:50Mike Wexler: Pariah
    01:47Kingsley Bloom: Swain
    01:42Conveyor: Theme I
    01:39AN System: Wrecker
    01:30Lotus Plaza: Gemini Pt. 1
    01:27Siriusmo: Mosaik
    01:21Cavern Of Anti-Matter: planetary folklore (feat. Sonic Boom)
    01:18Gold Panda: You
    01:14Koreless: Lost In Tokyo
    01:12Raleigh Moncrief: Lament For Morning
    01:06Devendra Banhart: Golden Girls (Hauschka Mix)
    01:02John Martyn: One World
    00:57Planningtorock: The Breaks
    00:52Röyksopp: The Drug
    00:46Ulysses: The Casual Mystic
    00:44Arca: Held Apart
    00:39Dan Deacon: Prettyboy
    00:33Portico Quartet: Ruins
    00:28Mount Eerie: Pumpkin
    00:24Tunica Dartos: Hymn
    00:21Nils Frahm: Ross's Harmonium
    00:18S S S S: August 22 (Hell Is Here)
    00:14Julian Lynch: Zurück
    00:12TEEN: Voices
    00:09Pill Wonder: See You On The Cyan Shore
    00:05Tapes: Datura Mystic
    Mi 20.6.
    23:55Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse
    23:52Dreamgirl: Hedonists
    23:48Lil Baby: Transporter (feat. Offset)
    23:44Dans La Tente: Streetlights
    23:41Sophie Meiers: Fade Away - Tinnitus!!!
    23:38Greg Kozo: Terry
    23:34Tirzah: Gladly
    23:32twig twig: Fight Death
    23:29Noga Erez: Bad Habits
    23:27Maraudeur: Bad Morning - Tinnitus!!!
    23:23Dachs: Selecta Automat
    23:18She Past Away: SOLUK
    23:13Disclosure: Ultimatum (feat. Fatoumata Diawara)
    23:10Carino: Cancion De Pop De Amor
    23:06Only Real: Backseat Kissers
    23:03Leeveye: Lately (ooweoo)
    22:59OMMA: Sol Pleureur
    22:56Makeness: Stepping Out Of Sync
    22:53Jungle: Happy Man
    22:48Dead Sea: Know Where
    22:46Nevskij: Better off alone - Tinnitus!!!
    22:38Jonathan Wilson: Over The Midnight
    22:35Pejzaz: Uwazaj Jak Tanczysz
    22:30Laura Carbone: Tangerine Tree
    22:27Biig Piig: You Know Better (feat. Bone Slim) - Tinnitus!!!
    22:24Run The Jewels: Hey Kids (Bumaye) [feat. Danny Brown]
    22:21Ty Dolla Sign: Stand For
    22:18Roy Irwin: King Of Pop
    22:14Kadhja Bonet: Another Time Lover
    22:12A$AP Rocky: Black Tux, White Collar
    22:08Value Void: Back In The Day
    22:05Didi: Fuer immer feat. Bossnak & Zid
    22:01Future: Fck Up Some Commas (Live on the Honda Stage at REV
    21:57Migos: Walk It Talk It feat. Drake
    21:52Drake: Controlla
    21:50MHD: Bodyguard
    21:43XXXTENTACION: Jocelyn Flores
    21:41Genetikk: Gift (Instrumental)
    21:39Rich Brian: Amen
    21:35Dez Tommy CBN: Tina
    21:336ix9ine: KOODA
    21:29The Weeknd: Hurt You feat. Gesaffelstein
    21:25Noizy : Toto feat. Raf Camora
    21:22Don Fuego: Studio zu Studio feat. Ali
    21:20Genetikk: Champions (Instrumental)
    21:17Skepta: That's Not Me (Instrumental)
    21:13Don Fuego : In Farbe feat. Jamal & Didi
    21:09Genetikk: Champions (Instrumental)
    21:06Don Fuego: Memento Mori
    21:04Genetikk: Champions (Instrumental)
    20:59A$AP Rocky: Hun43rd
    20:55Post Malone: Otherside
    20:52Capital Bra: Berlin Lebt
    20:49Knackeboul : Fuck!
    20:48Celo und Abdi: Zurück In Die Zeit (Instrumental)
    20:44Celo und Abdi: Zurück In Die Zeit (Instrumental)
    20:41Knackeboul : Gutmensch
    20:38Celo und Abdi: Zurück In Die Zeit (Instrumental)
    20:34Celo und Abdi: Zurück In Die Zeit (Instrumental)
    20:30Knackeboul : Embryonaustellig
    20:26Celo und Abdi: Zurück In Die Zeit (Instrumental)
    20:20Migos: Motor Sport feat. Nicki Minaj & Cardi B
    20:17Big Shaq: Man Dont Dance
    20:16Big Shaq: Man Not Hot
    20:12Ramz: Barking
    20:10Icy Narco: Link
    20:10Don Fuego : In Farbe feat. Jamal & Didi
    20:09Knackeboul : Embryonaustellig
    20:09Slowy & 12Vince: Kindergeburtstag (Instrumental)
    20:06Luciano: Loco Soldato
    20:03J Hus: No Lie
    20:02Celo und Abdi: Zurück In Die Zeit (Instrumental)
    19:58KNÖPPEL: Abseits (du Wichser)
    19:54Mavi Phoenix: Bite
    19:43Two People: Im Tied To You
    19:40Trio Da Kali and Kronos Quartet: Eh Ya Ye
    19:32Cristallin: Infinite Nothing
    19:28Naira Marley: Issa Goal
    19:16Bellatrix: Your Blood Only
    19:07Youandewan: 4D Anxiety
    19:04John Krautner: I Get A Kick
    18:55Nick Lutsko, Bethany Cosentino, @Seinfeld2000: Jerry (Maybe We Should Get Married)
    18:51Anna Aaron: Why Not
    18:46Yuno: Why For
    18:45Yuno: Fall In Love
    18:45Yuno: Amber
    18:41Phantastic Ferniture: Fuckin n Rollin
    18:34Barbudo: Secret Admirer
    18:30Duets and Stuff: Hold On
    18:29Yuno: Why For
    18:23ÌFÉ: UMBO (Come Down) (HUMBUG REMIX)
    18:11Salfvman: Iwyl
    18:04Shiny Darkly: WW - Tinnitus!!!
    18:01Perel: Alles
    17:54Wavering Hands: Fountain Deep Diving
    17:50Muthoni The Drummer Queen feat. The Rambling Wheel: Make It Right
    17:49Muthoni Drummer Queen: Kenyan Message
    17:49Band Adriatica: Terra
    17:49Linda Vogel: I want you (Bob Dylan Cover)
    17:49Stereo Luchs: 88'000 PS
    17:48Alois: Flowers
    17:48River Rats: El Dorado
    17:43Waves of Dread: Sun Shows
    17:37Les Filles de Illighadad: Inssegh Inssegh
    17:34Nevskij: Better off alone - Tinnitus!!!
    17:30Launder: Annie Blue
    17:30Les Filles Illghadad: Live @ B-Sides 2018
    17:23The Stone Roses: All For One
    17:19Clairo: 4EVER
    17:12LieVin: Alli Essed prod. by Sarkastik
    17:07Sophie Meiers: Fade Away - Tinnitus!!!
    17:01Peggy Gou: Han Jan
    17:01Sophie Meiers: Fade Away - Tinnitus!!!
    16:53Now Now: MJ
    16:51Maraudeur: Bad Morning - Tinnitus!!!
    16:48Southern Shores: Riders
    16:43Preoccupations: Espionage
    16:41The Garden: California Here We Go
    16:37Shams Dinn: Hedi Bled Noum
    16:34Ouri / Mind Bath: Wild Mother
    16:29Squaring Circles: Anima
    16:26Jamie Isaac: Find The Words
    16:23Met Gala: She's My Swet
    16:19Sean Henry: The Ants
    16:16Superorganism: Everybody Wants To Be Famous
    16:12Ed Mount: Don't You Remember
    16:09Flaws: All We Are
    16:06Slow Pulp: At Home - Tinnitus!!!
    16:02Yuno: Fall In Love
    15:59Crimer: Coward
    15:56Sophie Meiers: Fade Away - Tinnitus!!!
    15:52The Vegetablets: Do Not Mix
    15:49The Citradels: Believe and Receive
    15:45Baywaves: I'm Tryna
    15:42Noga Erez: Bad Habits
    15:37Jaguar Sun: Cold Wind
    15:33Hannah Epperson: 20/20 (Amelia)
    15:30COBEE: Pillies Freestyle (prod. Syndrome)
    15:25Cruel Boyz: Izaa
    15:21Westerman: Edison
    15:18Darci: On My Own
    15:12Hagan: Polar
    15:07Shiny Darkly: WW - Tinnitus!!!
    15:03O Mer: Refugee
    15:01Pronto & The Rookiez: Ohlala
    14:58Carino: Cancion De Pop De Amor
    14:55Biig Piig: You Know Better (feat. Bone Slim) - Tinnitus!!!
    14:53Weekends: Basement Fuzz
    14:51Spinning Coin: Sleepless
    14:45George FitzGerald & Bonobo: Outgrown
    14:42Odd Couple: Katta
    14:38Chromatics: Black Walls
    14:33Moon: Kissing
    14:28Fai Baba: Can't Stop Loving You
    14:24Curtis Harding: Wednesday Morning Atonement
    14:20OMMA: Sol Pleureur
    14:17Blond Ambition: Shasta
    14:13Elegante La Imperial: Carnaval
    14:09Sirens Of Lesbos: We´ll Be Fine
    14:05Goth Babe: Sometimes
    14:00Barrie: Tal Uno
    13:55Twins: Open Up
    13:50Bouquet: In A Dream
    13:46Topographies: Roman Figure
    13:43Pamela Méndez: I Will Die
    13:38The Orielles: Blue Suitcase (Disco Wrist)
    13:33She Past Away: SOLUK
    13:29Perel: Alles
    13:25The Monsters: Nightlife
    13:18Real Lies: The Checks
    13:11David West: Happiest Man In This Room
    13:07Thud: Ado - Tinnitus!!!
    13:02Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse
    13:01Thud: Ado - Tinnitus!!!
    12:54Ben Khan: 2000 Angels
    12:47Maraudeur: Bad Morning - Tinnitus!!!
    12:38Daft Punk: Technologic
    12:33Cristallin: Infinite Nothing
    12:30Slow Pulp: At Home - Tinnitus!!!
    12:24Audio Dope: Pai Mei
    12:17Les Filles Illghadad: Live @ B-Sides 2018
    12:13Jakob Ogawa: Velvet Light
    12:07Big Fox: The Flight
    12:03Machinedrum: Van Vogue
    12:03Les Filles Illghadad: Live @ B-Sides 2018
    11:56twig twig: Fight Death
    11:53Sophie Meiers: Fade Away - Tinnitus!!!
    11:48Jen Cloher: Forgot Myself
    11:45Negative Gemini: Rollercoaster
    11:40Matty: Every Moment I Live To Come
    11:35Troumaca: The Grace
    11:30Shiny Darkly: WW - Tinnitus!!!
    11:25Dead Sea: Know Where
    11:21Salfvman: Iwyl
    11:18Miss June: Twitch
    11:14Otha: One Of the Girls
    11:09Chad VanGaalen: Mind Hijacker's Curse
    11:06Good Morning: Radiovoice
    11:01Gacha Bakradze: The Prayer
    10:58LEØ: Hold On
    10:54Perel: Alles
    10:51Alois: Hey Girl
    10:47Kate Teague: Low Life
    10:41Lindstrøm: Bungl (Like A Ghost) (feat. Jenny Hval)
    10:37Swedish Death Candy: Living Your Life Away
    10:33The Shacks: Follow Me
    10:32Maraudeur: Bad Morning - Tinnitus!!!
    10:24Underworld & Iggy Pop: Bells & Circles
    10:20The Internet: Come Over
    10:16Long Tall Jefferson: Yonder Is A Mountain
    10:12Golan: Rocket Love (feat. Island Chain)
    10:07Laura Carbone: Tangerine Tree
    10:04Biig Piig: You Know Better (feat. Bone Slim) - Tinnitus!!!
    10:00Routine Death: Parallel Universe
    09:55ViVii: Siv (You and I)
    09:52Noga Erez: Bad Habits
    09:48Tirzah: Gladly
    09:44Sebastian Reynolds: Mahajanaka (Emseatee Remix)
    09:41Rin: Nike
    09:37Yuno: Fall In Love
    09:34Darci: On My Own
    09:31Thud: Ado - Tinnitus!!!
    09:28POND: Paint Me Silver
    09:24Young Dreams: Wildwind
    09:21Parquet Courts: Wide Awake
    09:16Celestial Bums: Levitation
    09:12Bleu Roi: Darkest Hour
    09:08Aldous RH: Sensuality
    09:04Look Vibrant: Numb Your Spirit
    09:00Real Estate: Darling
    08:53Bakar: All In
    08:46Les Filles Illghadad: Live @ B-Sides 2018
    08:42Romano: Anwalt
    08:39Romano: Mutti
    08:34ACES: Im Already Gone
    08:30Slow Pulp: At Home - Tinnitus!!!
    08:26Thundercat: Jameel's Space Ride
    08:22Lil Baby: Transporter (feat. Offset)
    08:16OMMA: Sol Pleureur
    08:12Yuno: Why For
    08:04Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile: Over Everything
    08:01Beach Fossils: Silver Tongue
    07:54Clairo: 4EVER
    07:50Phantastic Ferniture: Fuckin n Rollin
    07:39Honey Dijon: 808 State Of Mind (feat. Shaun J Wright & Alinka)
    07:35Born Ruffians: Badonkadonkey
    07:31Jon Hopkins: Emerald Rush
    07:23Mazzy Star: Fade Into You
    07:22Mazzy Star: Fade Into You
    07:15Gents: Lost In The City
    07:10Pink Skies: Just To Get By
    07:08christiano visano: Ole ole ole [3FACH WM Song 18]
    07:02Jaguar Sun: Cold Wind
    07:00Visu: Bella
    06:53Ed Mount: Don't You Remember
    06:53Ay Wing: Ice Cream Dream
    06:52Drake: Duppy Freestyle
    06:52Kadhja Bonet: Another Time Lover
    06:52International Music: Metallmädchen
    06:47Twins: Open Up
    06:42Pejzaz: Uwazaj Jak Tanczysz
    06:39Kali Uchis: In My Dreams
    06:34Future: Mask Off
    06:32Maraudeur: Bad Morning - Tinnitus!!!
    06:26Anna Aaron: Why Not
    06:22Chris Cohen: As If Apart
    06:18Biig Piig: You Know Better (feat. Bone Slim) - Tinnitus!!!
    06:11Les Filles Illghadad: Live @ B-Sides 2018
    06:05Moon King: Ordinary Lover
    06:01Sirens Of Lesbos: We´ll Be Fine
    05:54Laura Gibson: La Grande
    05:50Redvers: Impressions
    05:44Kurt Vile: The Creature
    05:39Beck: Waking Light
    05:34Kevin Morby: Miles, Miles, Miles
    05:29The Antlers: Palace
    05:27Axxa/Abraxas: Same Signs
    05:23Panda Bear: Lonely Wanderer
    05:19First Aid Kit: King of the World (feat. Conor Oberst)
    05:15Skinny Lister: Colours
    05:11Astronaut Husband: Changeless
    05:07Kevin Drew: And That's All I Know
    05:03Kyler Slater: Losing My Mind
    04:59Zammuto: Yay
    04:58Noah Wall: Closed Source
    04:53CCFX: Venetian Screen
    04:47Masayoshi Fujita: Tears of Unicorn
    04:43Call Super: Sulu Sekou
    04:39Gorillaz: Stylo
    04:35Radiohead: Everything In Its Right Place
    04:27Gidge: You
    04:23Die Astronauten: Dr. Coiffeur
    04:19R.Seiliog: Peripheral Thermal (Left)
    04:14Cancer: Age of Pinballs
    03:52Günter Schlienz: Watermarked Memories
    03:46FaltyDL: Atlantis
    03:41Sei A: I Miss You
    03:36Koloto: Mechanica (Sun Glitters Remix)
    03:34Still Corners: The White Season
    03:30ETHIMM: Weiter
    03:26Kara-Lis Coverdale: TOUCH ME & DIE
    03:23Lee Bannon: Shoot Out The Stars And Win
    03:19Sierre: Vegetation
    03:16Hauschka: Sanzhi Pod City
    03:09Nicolas Jaar: Mi Mujer
    03:06The Drums: Bell Laboratories
    03:03Dirty Beaches: I Don't Know How To Find My Way Back To You
    02:58Tosca: What If
    02:55Porcelain Raft: Is It Too Deep For You?
    02:48Burial & Four Tet & Thom Yorke: Ego
    02:44Human Teenager: Whites In General
    02:39Thug Entrancer: Death After Life VI
    02:34Darkstar: Aidy's Girl Is A Computer
    02:31How To Dress Well: Ocean Floor For Everything
    02:23Björk: Atom Dance
    02:18Sarah Neufeld: Hero Brother
    02:06Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory: Particle
    01:59Leon Vynehall: Be Brave, Clench Fists
    01:53Ulrich Schnauss: A Long Way To Fall
    01:48Lockjaw: Letting Go
    01:42Indian Wells: Alcantara
    01:41Hundred Waters: Show Me Love
    01:36Sun Airway: Oh, Naoko
    01:35Freddie Gibbs And Madlib: Watts (feat. Big Time Watts)
    01:31Pale King: An Airing
    01:29Curxes: The Stars, Like Dust
    01:26Throwing Shade: Underneath My Eyelids
    01:22A.r.t. WilsoN: Rebecca's Theme (Water)
    01:17Fatima Al Qadiri: Shanghai Freeway
    01:10Karl Blau: A Melody To Wake Us In The Morning
    01:07Evenings: Babe
    01:04Adam Oko: Legs Akimbo
    01:01Elysia Crampton & Rabit: The Demon City
    00:53Acid Pauli: a clone is a clone
    00:49River Tiber: The Star Falls
    00:46Sia: Chandelier (Dev Hynes Remix)
    00:40When Saints Go Machine: Fail Forever (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
    00:36Jenny Hval: Heaven
    00:33Melodiesinfonie: No Difference Between Us
    00:28Don Cherry: Brown Rice
    00:24Oh Wonder: Lose It
    00:20Quicksails: Valley Voice
    00:17Rabit & Dedekind Cut: R&D-ii
    00:14Cosmin TRG: Less Of Me, More Of You
    00:09Stefan Jós: Inside Voices
    00:05Shigeto: Ritual Howl
    Di 19.6.
    23:58I Know The Chief: Free Your Mind
    23:52A Beacon School: It's Late
    23:48Matty: Every Moment I Live To Come
    23:45Sean Gadd: Radar Sounds
    23:40Barrie: Tal Uno
    23:37Field Music: Disappointed
    23:33Westerman: Edison
    23:29Yuno: Fall In Love
    23:26Thud: Ado - Tinnitus!!!
    23:22Jay Som: Pirouette
    23:19Koffee: Raggamuffin
    23:15Chronixx: Skankin' Sweet
    23:12Danitsa: Captain
    23:08Yaniss Odua: Bling Bling
    23:05Stereo Luchs: Bellevue feat. Natel
    23:01Protoje: Sandra Foster
    22:58Kabaka Pyramid: Kaught Up
    22:56christiano visano: Ole ole ole [3FACH WM Song 18]
    22:56groove: Tight Spot Opener NEW.wav
    22:51Mato: I Got 5 On It
    22:47Danakil: Quitter Paname (live)
    22:45christiano visano: Ole ole ole [3FACH WM Song 18]
    22:39Danakil: Les Vieillards (live)
    22:33Danakil: Je Ne Regrette Rien (live)
    22:28Dub Inc.: Partout Dans Ce Monde
    22:25Dub Inc: Grand Périple
    22:19Dub Inc.: Maché Bécif
    22:16Naâman, Cutty Ranks: Rebel For Life feat. Cutty Ranks
    22:12Naaman: Skanking Shoes
    22:08Naaman: International Love
    22:04Najavibes: My Roots feat. Ras Michael
    22:03groove: Tight Spot Opener NEW.wav
    21:58Najavibes: Musical War
    21:52Herbalist Crew: U Don't Know We
    21:49Moonraisers: Mental Uprise
    21:43Junior Tshaka: Le Monde Est Un Grand Village feat. Dider Awadi, N
    21:41Riddim: Kokoo Riddim
    21:38Riddim: Kokoo Riddim
    21:30Yasta: Sicilia We Love You
    21:25Riddim: Sal Salazar Riddim
    21:23Mr. Vegas: Shake Up Your Bam Bam [Main Track]
    21:20Riddim: Anniversary Riddim CUT
    21:17Iba Mahr, Notis: Diamond Sox
    21:14Protoje: Can't Feel No Way
    21:11Riddim: Party Time Riddim
    21:08Riddim: Party Time Riddim
    21:04Skarra Mucci: Bonx It Pon Me
    21:01Irie Révoltés: Soleil
    20:56Schwellheim: Dini Oma Riddim
    20:53Jah Mason: My Princess Gone
    20:50Riddim: Rising Stars Riddim
    20:47Riddim: Rising Stars Riddim
    20:44EarthKry: Monkey
    20:40Earthkry: Praise Jah
    20:39Riddim: Kokoo Riddim
    20:36Riddim: Kokoo Riddim
    20:32Perfect, Stephen Dajure: Dollnald Trummp feat. Stephen Dajure
    20:32Perfect, Stephen Dajure: Dollnald Trummp feat. Stephen Dajure
    20:20Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Trance On Hill
    20:16M'Ghadi: Take Two
    20:12Dixkson: Reggae Africa
    20:08Alina Amuri: On My Way
    20:04EarthKry: 9 To 5
    20:01Kabaka Pyramid: As The Keys Play
    19:58Duets and Stuff: Hold On
    19:55Panaderia: No Tengo Ganas
    19:52Phantastic Ferniture: Fuckin n Rollin
    19:47RIN: Dizzee Rascal Type Beat (prod. Minhtendo)
    19:36Phenomden: Cha Nüt Defür
    19:35Riddim: Kokoo Riddim
    19:30She Past Away: SOLUK
    19:28Riddim: Bodo Riddim
    19:23Jadu Heart & Mura Masa: U Never Call Me
    19:16Royce 5'9": Layers Featuring Pusha T & Rick Ross
    19:05christiano visano: Ole ole ole [3FACH WM Song 18]
    18:59Maribou State: Feel Good (feat. Khruangbin)
    18:53Future Islands: Ran
    18:49Yuno: Fall In Love
    18:46Nevskij: Better off alone - Tinnitus!!!
    18:41Dead Sea: Know Where
    18:35Amen Dunes: Believe
    18:29Jaguar Sun: Cold Wind
    18:23Ed Mount: Don't You Remember
    18:23Ed Mount: Don't You Remember
    18:22Ay Wing: Ice Cream Dream
    18:22Drake: Duppy Freestyle
    18:21Kadhja Bonet: Another Time Lover
    18:21International Music: Metallmädchen
    18:18Cre•scen•do: Gatsby
    18:12Siselabonga: BST Stck - Live @ B-Sides 2018
    18:05Daniel T.: Windy Lady (feat. Eiko Hara) (Turbotito Remix)
    17:59Mateo Kingman: Sendero Del Monte (Jiony Remix)
    17:49Underworld & Iggy Pop: Bells & Circles
    17:46Machinedrum: Hype Up
    17:39Darci: On My Own
    17:35Pejzaz: Uwazaj Jak Tanczysz
    17:30Goth Babe: Sometimes
    17:22Project Pablo: Napoletana
    17:19Romano: Anwalt
    17:16Romano: Mutti
    17:11Kainalu: Folds Like Origami
    17:06DJ Khalab: Aeh
    17:00New Chance: Chasing The Sunset
    16:53Perel: Alles
    16:49Sophie Meiers: Fade Away - Tinnitus!!!
    16:47COBEE: Pillies Freestyle (prod. Syndrome)
    16:42Professor Rhythm: Professor 3
    16:38Sirens Of Lesbos: We´ll Be Fine
    16:34Jimothy Lacoste: Subway System
    16:29Barbudo: Secret Admirer
    16:24Shiny Darkly: WW - Tinnitus!!!
    16:20Gun Outfit: Strange Insistence
    16:16Buzzy Lee: Coolhand
    16:12Salfvman: Iwyl
    16:07Apparat: A Violent Sky
    16:03Preoccupations: Decompose
    15:58Waves of Dread: Sun Shows
    15:54Yuno: Fall In Love
    15:51Biig Piig: You Know Better (feat. Bone Slim) - Tinnitus!!!
    15:47Michael Nau: Less Than Positive
    15:45twig twig: Fight Death
    15:42J Fernandez: Cosmic Was
    15:36Mark Renner: Half A Heart
    15:33LieVin: Alli Essed prod. by Sarkastik
    15:31Maraudeur: Bad Morning - Tinnitus!!!
    15:27The Internet: Come Over
    15:24Catavento: Illinoia
    15:21Nosoyo: 6 or 7 Weeks
    15:16Cosmic Fields: Melophonia
    15:12Mazy: Enemies
    15:08Veil of Light: Same Blood
    15:05Valleyz Tessellated & Amindi K. Frost: Pine & Ginger
    15:01Weekend Affair: Tu m'emmènes feat Cléa Vincent
    14:57TOPS: Outside
    14:54Wild Nothing: Letting Go
    14:50Lil Baby: Transporter (feat. Offset)
    14:47Wildhart: New Beginning
    14:42Jaunt: Faster Interactions
    14:39Miss June: Twitch
    14:33Rudy & the Dunk Reactions: Why?
    14:30Ay Wing: Ice Cream Dream
    14:28Nevskij: Better off alone - Tinnitus!!!
    14:24International Music: Metallmädchen
    14:20Matty: Every Moment I Live To Come
    14:16Golan: Rocket Love (feat. Island Chain)
    14:12Fufanu: Hourglass
    14:08Squaring Circles: Anima
    14:04FlexFab: Places feat The Venopian Solitude
    14:00Noga Erez: Bad Habits
    13:58Warming: White Lies
    13:53Maribou State: Feel Good (feat. Khruangbin)
    13:50Thud: Ado - Tinnitus!!!
    13:46Bleu Roi: Darkest Hour
    13:43Matadors: Trumpet Of Conscience
    13:39Alexis Taylor: Oh Baby
    13:34Vive La Void: Death Money
    13:30Carino: Cancion De Pop De Amor
    13:23Daft Punk: Phoenix
    13:17Bappi Lahiri: Jimmy Jimmy Aja (Todd Terje Edit)
    13:14The Blow: Make It Up
    13:04Pépe: Futurepresent
    12:59Baba Stiltz: Maze
    12:54Yung Hurn: MHM
    12:51Tirzah: Gladly
    12:46Siselabonga: Live @ B-Sides 2018
    12:39She Past Away: SOLUK
    12:39Siselabonga: Binta
    12:33Shiny Darkly: WW - Tinnitus!!!
    12:29Bonez MC & RAF Camora: Cabriolet
    12:18Clairo: 4EVER
    12:08Baywaves: I'm Tryna
    12:02Milieu Lust: Garden
    11:54Melody's Echo Chamber: Breathe In Breathe Out
    11:50GAIKA: 3D
    11:48Tall Juan: It´s True
    11:42Lauren Auder: For Those Who Patiently Endure
    11:39Ariel Pink: Death Patrol
    11:36Biig Piig: You Know Better (feat. Bone Slim) - Tinnitus!!!
    11:32Praa: Do It All Again
    11:29Now Now: MJ
    11:24Shy Luv: Joyrider
    11:22Mavi Phoenix: Bite
    11:19Diplo: Color Blind (feat. Lil Xan)
    11:16Met Gala: She's My Swet
    11:14Maraudeur: Bad Morning - Tinnitus!!!
    11:11COBEE: Pillies Freestyle (prod. Syndrome)
    11:09Parquet Courts: Wide Awake
    11:05Kadhja Bonet: Another Time Lover
    11:01Topographies: Roman Figure
    10:57Two People: Im Tied To You
    10:53BAD WITH PHONES: Needles
    10:50Circa Waves: Get Away
    10:47LCone: Scheissegal feat. Dave
    10:44Thud: Ado - Tinnitus!!!
    10:40MCNZI: 'Cause this Is Acid Rap
    10:37Old Smile: Worn Out Day
    10:32Pejzaz: Uwazaj Jak Tanczysz
    10:29Duets and Stuff: Hold On
    10:25TEN FÉ: Single, No Return
    10:21Diamond Thug: Choo Choo
    10:17Chromatics: Black Walls
    10:13Day Wave: Nothing At All
    10:10Darci: On My Own
    10:04A Beacon School: It's Late
    10:02Nevskij: Better off alone - Tinnitus!!!
    10:00Joy Again: Kim
    09:55Twins: Open Up
    09:52El Último Vecino: Un Secreto Mal Guardado
    09:48Pink Skies: Just To Get By
    09:43The Internet: Come Over
    09:40Slow Pulp: At Home - Tinnitus!!!
    09:36Perel: Alles
    09:32Julien Gasc: Luke Howard
    09:29Men I Trust: Show Me How
    09:27Serious Klein: Stageverse
    09:25The Lemon Twigs: Foolin' Around
    09:21A$AP Rocky: A$AP Forever (feat. Moby)
    09:17Sophie Meiers: Fade Away - Tinnitus!!!
    09:12Disclosure: Ultimatum (feat. Fatoumata Diawara)
    09:08Msafiri Zawose: Nzala Urugu
    09:04Honey Harper: Secret
    09:00Otha: One Of the Girls
    08:52Siselabonga: Madiba (Live @ Radio 3FACH)
    08:48Latasha: Sumpn
    08:44Yasmine Hamdan: Choubi
    08:42Yasmine Hamdan: Al jamilat
    08:36Routine Death: Parallel Universe
    08:30Laurel Halo: Jelly
    08:24Kadhja Bonet: Another Time Lover
    08:23Ay Wing: Ice Cream Dream
    08:23Drake: Duppy Freestyle
    08:22Ed Mount: Don't You Remember
    08:22International Music: Metallmädchen
    08:14Underworld & Iggy Pop: Bells & Circles
    08:11Roots Manuva: Facety 2:11
    08:04Stars: The Theory of Relativity
    08:00Illuminati Hotties: (You're Better) Than Ever
    08:00Biig Piig: You Know Better (feat. Bone Slim) - Tinnitus!!!
    08:00Illuminati Hotties: (You're Better) Than Ever
    07:52Real Guy: Everyday
    07:44Laura Carbone: Tangerine Tree
    07:40OMMA: Sol Pleureur
    07:35Maraudeur: Bad Morning - Tinnitus!!!
    07:32Carino: Cancion De Pop De Amor
    07:30RIN: Vagabundo
    07:23Yuno: Fall In Love
    07:16New Chance: Chasing The Sunset
    07:13Total Slacker: Thighmaster
    07:04George FitzGerald & Bonobo: Outgrown
    07:01Thud: Ado - Tinnitus!!!
    06:54Guy Mandon: Lueg doch gnau
    06:42Deafheaven: Canary Yellow
    06:36Ed Mount: Don't You Remember
    06:31SOFI TUKKER: Drinkee
    06:30Long Tall Jefferson: Yonder Is A Mountain
    06:24Slow Pulp: At Home - Tinnitus!!!
    06:20Leeveye: Lately (ooweoo)
    06:13Siselabonga: Binta (Live @ Radio 3FACH)
    06:08Oli Hannaford: The Crown
    06:05Buzzy Lee: Coolhand
    06:01J Mascis: Drifter
    05:53Ben Kweller: I Miss You
    05:49Matty: Every Moment I Live To Come
    05:46Daniel Spaleniak: My Name Is Wind
    05:43LieVin: Alli Essed prod. by Sarkastik
    05:39Sophie Meiers: Fade Away - Tinnitus!!!
    05:33Romare: L.U.V.
    05:30Sunbeam Sound Machine: Wandering, I
    05:26Yuno: Fall In Love
    05:23Beirut: Vagabond
    05:20Okay Kaya: Damn, Gravity
    05:18MLTD: Sonntag
    05:13All The Luck In The World: Never
    05:09C Duncan: Say
    05:05KIM BAN JANG & WINDY CITY: Boat Journey
    05:00SABA: FIGHTER (feat. Kaina)
    04:42Floating Points: Kuiper
    04:38Tim Hecker: Amps, Drugs, Mellotron
    04:33Holly Miranda: Slow Burn Treason
    04:24Lindigo: Tany Be (Alma Negra Dub Mix)
    04:21Natural Child: I'm Gonna Try
    04:15Machinedrum: Rise N Fall
    04:12Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.: Morning Thought
    04:08IKEBANA: Ikebana (Danny Norbury Remix)
    04:02Le Frère: Candid
    03:58Larry Gus: With All Your Eyes Look
    03:53Germany Germany: Compliments (Bloc Party Cover)
    03:49Camel Power Club: Laïka (Hannes Fischer Remix)
    03:43Torn Hawk: I'm Flexible
    03:40Songs of Green Pheasant: I Am Daylights
    03:35Noveller: Into The Dunes
    03:31Pure X: Easy
    03:26Battles: Inchworm
    03:21Laura Mvula: She (Shlohmo Remix)
    03:12Holden: Blackpool Late Eighties
    03:07Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Dead Souls
    03:00The Field: Over The Ice
    02:55Gold Panda: An Iceberg Hurled... (Peaking Lights Remix)
    02:51FKA twigs: Closer
    02:47Stabil Elite: Aether
    02:41God Loves Fags: Akshak
    02:34Andy Stott: Violence
    02:28Fort Romeau: New Wave
    02:24Baths: Lovely Bloodflow
    02:21DM Stith: Get Out Get Out Get Out (Jason Molina Cover)
    02:19Espectrostatic: The Cold Spot
    02:14Trailblazer: Magic Hour
    02:11S S S S: Carved Out
    02:05Suuns: Minor Work
    02:02To Rococo Rot: Classify (feat. Arto Lindsay)
    01:59S O H N: Lessons
    01:56Young Fathers: WAR
    01:48Nils Frahm: Says
    01:43Deco Child: Nocturne
    01:40Kelly Lee Owens: Lucid
    01:35Kauf: Let Slide (Blue Motel Remix)
    01:31The xx: Reunion
    01:26Kutti MC: Hüt Rägnets No Einisch Gäld (feat. Stephan Eicher)
    01:19Nicolas Jaar: Coin In Nine Hands
    01:15Badlands: Sleeping Beauty
    01:08Sinner DC: Los
    01:04Braids: Plath Heart
    00:59Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessne,r Nico Muhly, James M: Mercury
    00:54Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly, James M: Venus
    00:50James Blake: Klavierwerke
    00:45Boards of Canada: Reach For The Dead
    00:36Midori Takada: Crossing
    00:31Rolf Laureijs: FCL
    00:27Sequoyah Tiger: Hey Paul Anka
    00:20Babak Shayan & Pino Shamlou: Baran (Helly Larson 4 a.m. Dub)
    00:15Kid Koala: 7 bit Blues
    00:09Israel Nash: LA Lately
    00:05Dam Mantle: Canterbury Pt.1
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