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    11:32Ghost Wave: Dont Ask Why
    11:28The Invisible: Save You
    11:26Sampa The Great: Class Trip
    11:21ETHIMM: Late (feat. Lex
    11:18Allah-Las: Autumn Dawn - T
    11:15LUH.: I&I
    11:11Duck House: Closer
    11:06PUMAROSA: Honey
    11:03The Youngest: Tontonshit
    10:58Mnevis: Little Going Ri

    Ganze Playlist   Tinnitus
    Mi 22.2.
    11:32Ghost Wave: Dont Ask Why
    11:28The Invisible: Save You
    11:26Sampa The Great: Class Trip
    11:21ETHIMM: Late (feat. Lexx)
    11:18Allah-Las: Autumn Dawn - Tinnitus!!!
    11:15LUH.: I&I
    11:11Duck House: Closer
    11:06PUMAROSA: Honey
    11:03The Youngest: Tontonshit
    10:58Mnevis: Little Going River
    10:55JFDR: Wires - Tinnitus!!!
    10:50The Holiday Crowd: CheerUp
    10:47GeilerAsDu: Boys Don't Cry (Intro)
    10:43Sylvan Esso: Kick Jump Twist
    10:39Promised Land Sound: By The Rain
    10:35Norwegian Arms: West Queen West
    10:29Slowdive: Star Roving
    10:26Alois: Credo
    10:23Oberhofer: Someone Take Me Home
    10:19TEN FÉ: Twist Your Arm
    10:15John Andrews & The Yawns: Drivers
    10:11Cool Sounds: Shake
    10:07RHEYA: Franchise - Tinnitus!!!
    10:03True: Back In A Second
    09:59Letherette: Triosys
    09:5679.5: Boy Dont Be Afraid - Tinnitus!!!
    09:52Tinariwen: Assàwt
    09:48Bilderbuch: OM
    09:41Midnight Magic: I Gotta Feeling (Jacques Renault Disco Dub)
    09:36a=f/m: Ashes
    09:32Soft Hair: Lying Has To Stop
    09:26Creepers: Children Of The Vortex
    09:22Misty Coast: Funny World - Tinnitus!!!
    09:20POND: Sweep Me Off My Feet
    09:16TBRW x Little Miss Sunshine x AJBEATZ: Alright
    09:12Djokovic: Pady
    09:09The Souljazz Orchestra: Shock And Awe
    09:05Mac DeMarco: My Old Man
    09:00Sonstep: Sweet Wife Life
    08:54Poster Moderne: Rene Wants A Girl
    08:49Hoops: Rules - Tinnitus!!!
    08:44Warhaus: The Good Lie
    08:36Exit Someone: Fade To Black
    08:30Belle And Sebastian: The Cat With The Cream
    08:24Sacred Paws: Strike A Match - Tinnitus!!!
    08:20Yumi Zouma: The Brae
    08:15visu: Richtige Ma
    08:11True: Hold It Back
    08:05Odd Beholder: Landscape Escape
    07:59ScHoolboy Q: THat Part (feat. Kanye West)
    07:51Fufanu: Sports
    07:48Allah-Las: Autumn Dawn - Tinnitus!!!
    07:41Magic City Hippies: Heart Wants
    07:34Blueprint Blue: Good Dreams
    07:29Lower Dens: Real Thing
    07:21Sufjan Stevens: Chicago
    07:17Whitney: No Woman
    07:13Harriet Brown : Obsession
    07:09Superorganism: something for your M.I.N.D.
    07:04Ribongia: Journeys
    07:00Crimer: Brotherlove
    06:54MIYNT: Letter from the Moon
    06:49Mile Me Deaf: Invent Anything
    06:41DRELLER: One Night Stand
    06:34NickHakim: Bet She Looks Like You
    06:29Jo Goes Hunting: Confusion
    06:24Swet Shop Boys: T5
    06:21Brace! Brace!: Underground
    06:17Sinkane: Won't Follow
    06:16Sinkane: UHuh
    06:11La Femme: La femme ressort
    06:05Rudy & the Dunk Reactions: Why?
    06:00Kalle Mattson: In The Morning Light
    05:54Other Lives: Landforms
    05:51Eels: Accident Prone
    05:47Blitzen Trapper: Love The Way You Walk Away
    05:44JFDR: Wires - Tinnitus!!!
    05:41First Aid Kit: King of the World (feat. Conor Oberst)
    05:35Junip: Line of Fire
    05:32Vadoinmessico: Perfect Strangers
    05:28Air: High Point
    05:18Adult Jazz: Spook
    05:15Glasser: Mirrorage
    05:10DJ Koze: My Plans (feat. Matthew Dear)
    05:06El Perro Del Mar: Walk On By
    05:03Mike Wexler: Glyph
    04:59J Dilla: Two Lips (feat. Joey Bada$$)
    04:56Tara Jane O'Neil: Wordless In Woods
    04:51Washed Out: Eyes Be Closed
    04:49Espectrostatic: Abandoned Places
    04:43Cult of Youth: Todestrieb
    04:39Human Teenager: Whites In General
    04:33Bing & Ruth: Police Police Police Police Police
    04:26The Field: Over The Ice
    04:22Stabil Elite: Aether
    04:15Deep Space Orchestra: Outliers
    04:12Songs of Green Pheasant: I Am Daylights
    04:07Camel Power Club: Laïka (Hannes Fischer Remix)
    04:02Conveyor: Theme I
    03:58Dam Mantle: Canterbury Pt.1
    03:54Sia: Chandelier (Dev Hynes Remix)
    03:46The Churchhill Garden: Waking Up (feat. Omega Vague)
    03:42Koloto: Mechanica (Sun Glitters Remix)
    03:36Jon Gibson: Criss X Cross #3
    03:30David Lynch: Pinky's Dream (Trentemøller Remix)
    03:18Zs: Corps
    03:10Dam-Funk: Free
    03:05James Blake: Klavierwerke
    03:03Sweet Valley: Sidewalk Surfer
    02:58Forest Swords: An Hour
    02:54Esben And The Witch: Putting Down The Prey
    02:50Astronauts, etc.: Mystery Colors
    02:46Tim Hecker: Amps, Drugs, Mellotron
    02:41Aphex Twin: minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]
    02:35Bibio: Excuses
    02:24Axel Boman: 1979
    02:22Rabit & Dedekind Cut: R&D-ii
    02:19Evenings: Babe
    02:07Shackleton: Headcleaner
    02:02Robot Koch: Let Me (feat. Curtain Blue & Born In Flamez)
    01:54Midori Takada: Crossing
    01:49Sapphire Slows: Corekill
    01:45Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.: Nothing But Our Love
    01:41Zoo Kid: Has This Hit
    01:35The Antlers: No Widows
    01:32Kingsley Bloom: Swain
    01:27Chad Valley: Two Dots (Lusine Cover)
    01:23The Limiñanas: My Black Sabbath
    01:18THAT PORK: L'Evidence
    01:16Beat Connection: Trap House
    01:08Valentin Stip: Regards Sur L'Enfance (I Et II)
    01:04Rat & Co: The Farm
    00:57Fimber Bravo: Orisha Brazil
    00:50God Loves Fags: Akshak
    00:46Germany Germany: Compliments (Bloc Party Cover)
    00:42A.r.t. WilsoN: Rebecca's Theme (Water)
    00:38How To Dress Well: Ocean Floor For Everything
    00:31Leon Vynehall: Butterflies
    00:21Jeans For Jesus: Zyt
    00:15Indian Wells: Alcantara
    00:11Radiohead: Everything In Its Right Place
    00:08High Places: From Stardust to Sentience
    00:05Flying Lotus: ..And The World Laughs With You (Feat. Thom Yorke)
    Di 21.2.
    23:56Bellatrix: Still Lookin For
    23:52Rob Shields: Suspend
    23:48BDRMM: Everything
    23:44Dans la Tente: A Waste
    23:41Thundercat: Friend Zone
    23:38Allah-Las: Autumn Dawn - Tinnitus!!!
    23:34Bayonne: Fallss
    23:31Mac DeMarco: I'm A Man
    23:25Fufanu: Sports
    23:22Machinedrum: Do it 4 U ft. D?WN
    23:18Matadors: Trumpet Of Conscience
    23:14Haubi Songs: Easyjet
    23:11The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Melodys Actual Echo Chamber
    23:07ABADABAD: 10 Fingers - Tinnitus!!!
    23:03Real Estate: Darling
    22:59Cat Empire: Midnight
    22:04Toots & The Maytals: I Need Your Love
    22:02The Skatalites: June Rose
    21:58We&Dem: Largos Dias
    21:54Gondwana: Ignorancia
    21:52Riddim: Rising Stars Riddim
    21:47Microguagua: El Profeta Del Barrio
    21:43Riddim: Kokoo Riddim
    21:25Riddim: Kokoo Riddim
    21:21Riddim: Kokoo Riddim
    21:18The Music Monkeys: Monkey Island
    20:50The Skatalites: James Bond Theme
    20:44The Music Monkeys: The World Biggest Men
    20:36Raggabund: Chilling (Feat. De Luca)
    20:33Solis, Randy Valentine: Carnival feat. Solis, Randy Valentine
    20:27Moyenei, Lengualerta, Tiano Bless: En Paz feat. feat. Lengualerta, Tiano Bless
    20:23Famara, Lengualerta: Juju Dance feat. Lengualerta
    20:23Moyenei: Para Que Se Eleve El Canto
    20:18Lengualerta: En Cada Respirar
    20:07Jamaram: Rock Steady
    20:01Buju Banton: Murderer
    19:57The Youngest: Tontonshit
    19:4979.5: Boy Dont Be Afraid - Tinnitus!!!
    19:44The Music Monkeys: For You
    19:38Lantern: We Are Here
    19:30Mozes And The Firstborn: Bloodsucker
    19:22Hardy Feat. Francky Loot & Buta: Mucho Guapo
    19:17Chrome Sparks: All Or Nothing
    19:01Pomelo: This Body Blur
    18:53Baze: Gäu
    18:47SINKANE: Theme From Life & Livin' It
    18:46Sinkane: UHuh
    18:41a=f/m: Ashes
    18:39Hoops: Rules - Tinnitus!!!
    18:34Rolando Bruno: Nena Mi Droga Sos (The Monsters Cover)
    18:30Milieu Lust: numb
    18:26Frankie Cosmos: Birthday Song
    18:21Sonny & The Sunsets: Green Blood
    18:10Luunes: Glass
    18:06Molly Burch: Try
    18:01Luxury Death: Radiator Face
    17:54Crimer: Brotherlove
    17:51Cymbals Eat Guitars: Warning
    17:50Jack Peñate: Pull My Heart Away
    17:48Cymbals Eat Guitars: Jackson
    17:45Jakob Ogawa: All Your Love
    17:41Roman Kouder: 1994 (feat. Audiobot)
    17:36djo: It's Like Air
    17:31Day Wave: Something Here
    17:24Seratones: Don't Need It
    17:19Seratones: Tide
    17:15Seratones: So
    17:10Seratones: Tide
    17:04ABADABAD: 10 Fingers - Tinnitus!!!
    17:01Deepest Bison: A Lifetime of Fitness
    16:53Blond Ambition: Stupid Boy / Girl
    16:50Thundercat: Friend Zone
    16:47RHEYA: Franchise - Tinnitus!!!
    16:43Charlotte & Magon: The Game
    16:40Algiers: But She Was Not Flying
    16:36Jaunt: Gentle Reminder
    16:33The Shins: Australia
    16:29JFDR: Wires - Tinnitus!!!
    16:26Toro Y Moi: Omaha
    16:21Arms and Sleepers: Time Will Tell
    16:17Zebra and Snake: In The City
    16:14Lia Ices: Higher
    16:12The Spirit of the Beehive: Ricky (caught me tryin)
    16:08The Lunchbox Surrender: Traumtanz
    16:05Palmistry: Club Aso
    16:01Bayonne: Fallss
    15:57PARTS: Pieces
    15:53Norwegian Arms: West Queen West
    15:5079.5: Boy Dont Be Afraid - Tinnitus!!!
    15:43King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: Rattlesnake
    15:39Kristoffer And The Harbour Heads: When You Say Stay
    15:33Sage Francis: Best Of Times
    15:29American Wrestlers: Give Up
    15:25Misty Coast: Funny World - Tinnitus!!!
    15:22Oberhofer: Someone Take Me Home
    15:19Ariel Pink & Weyes Blood: Tears On Fire
    15:15Vinyl Williams: Riddles Of The Sphinx
    15:11Promised Land Sound: By The Rain
    15:07Semi Precious: Sun Lounger
    15:02Creepers: Children Of The Vortex
    14:59Future Islands: Ran
    14:55Mons Vi: Away
    14:52Nothing: Bent Nail
    14:49TBRW & Little Miss Sunshine: CHOLLO
    14:44Wolfman: The First to Walk
    14:38Blueprint Blue: Good Dreams
    14:35Noura Mint Seymali: Arbina
    14:31The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Melodys Actual Echo Chamber
    14:28Sacred Paws: Strike A Match - Tinnitus!!!
    14:24Turbo Fruits: No Reason To Stay
    14:21Freezy Feat. Mimiks & Ali: Als hettemer en Grund
    14:17Shadow Band: Endless Night
    14:14MOOON: Mary You Wanna
    14:11Pronto: Trungs
    14:07Menace Beach: Suck It Out
    14:05Hoops: Rules - Tinnitus!!!
    14:01Exit Someone: Fade To Black
    13:58JFDR: Wires - Tinnitus!!!
    13:54Bad Wave: Good Girls
    13:50Molly Burch: Wrong For You
    13:47Alex Izenberg: Hot Is The Fire
    13:40Meridian Brothers: Guaracha UFO (Dandara Edit)
    13:37Hot Hot Heat: Kid Who Stays In The Picture
    13:33John Andrews & The Yawns: Drivers
    13:30Mac DeMarco: My Old Man
    13:24Drugdealer: Were You Saying Something
    13:20CPT. Kirk &: Bad Saalschlacht
    13:18Pavo Pavo: Young Narrator in the Breakers
    13:10ABADABAD: 10 Fingers - Tinnitus!!!
    13:03Fufanu: Sports
    13:00Princess Nokia: Brujas (Prod. Blanco & DJ Bass Bear)
    12:51The Drums: I Can't Pretend
    12:44RHEYA: Franchise - Tinnitus!!!
    12:39Roman Kouder: 1994 (feat. Audiobot)
    12:33Milieu Lust: Garden
    12:30Agent blå: (Dont) Talk To Strangers
    12:21gnork: U
    12:19Max Gardener: After Hours (V.U. Cover)
    12:09Grubby Little Hands: Dial Tone
    12:04DEEP SEA ARCADE: Learning To Fly
    12:0079.5: Boy Dont Be Afraid - Tinnitus!!!
    11:54HIDEOUT: I Got Your Message
    11:49Harriet Brown : Obsession
    11:45Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2: Star Stuff
    11:42Arcade Fire: I Give You Power (feat. Mavis Staples)
    11:39Bass Sekolah: Lighthouse
    11:35Misty Coast: Funny World - Tinnitus!!!
    11:32The Rural Alberta Advantage: Don't Haunt This Place
    11:27Lord Kesseli and the Drums: Siri
    11:24Saint Motel: Move
    11:20Part Time: In This Life I Live For
    11:17NickHakim: Bet She Looks Like You
    11:12Haubi Songs: Display
    11:07Rudy & the Dunk Reactions: Why?
    11:03Gypsy & The Cat: Give & Take
    10:58Mile Me Deaf: Invent Anything
    10:55Winona Forever: headrush
    10:51Moscow Olympics: Still
    10:47Lucius: Turn It Around
    10:44Sacred Paws: Strike A Match - Tinnitus!!!
    10:39a=f/m: Ashes
    10:35Luxury Death: Radiator Face
    10:31Ciggie Witch: Walking the Tracks
    10:27The Amazing: Ambulance
    10:22Rob Shields: Suspend
    10:20Hoops: Rules - Tinnitus!!!
    10:16Day Wave: Something Here
    10:12Little Dragon: High
    10:09Chance the Rapper: 10 All Night (feat. Knox Fortune)
    10:06Sumsimia: Chloe
    10:03Hodja: Gazelles
    09:5979.5: Boy Dont Be Afraid - Tinnitus!!!
    09:55TEN FÉ: Twist Your Arm
    09:52Tim & Puma Mimi: Dupi Dough
    09:48Ry JT: Dead Man Poetry
    09:45Wild Beasts: Big Cat
    09:42Hazel English: I'm Fine
    09:38The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Melodys Actual Echo Chamber
    09:35BIG SPACE: Cape Town Sis Khethiwe
    09:31Misty Coast: Funny World - Tinnitus!!!
    09:27AML: Nosebleed
    09:24The Walters: Shes Gonna Leave You
    09:20Shadow Band: Endless Night
    09:17Sacred Paws: Strike A Match - Tinnitus!!!
    09:12Baze: Gäu
    09:09Tobias Jesso Jr.: How Could You Babe
    09:05Matadors: Trumpet Of Conscience
    09:01Cloud Nothings: I'm Not Part Of Me
    09:00Dans la Tente: A Waste
    09:00Daniel Woolhouse: Soup For Brains
    08:54Omni: Fever Bass
    08:49Roman Kouder: 1994 (feat. Audiobot)
    08:44Emm x Kackmusikk: 2042 (feat. Mimiks, Mike, Luzi, LCone, Marash & Da
    08:41Veil Of Light: Judged By God
    08:39Veil Of Light: Trust
    08:34Ghost Wave: Dont Ask Why
    08:30PÉPITE: Hiéroglyphes
    08:24Wallis Bird: Control
    08:23FloFilz: Ivebeentryin'
    08:19Letherette: Triosys
    08:14SINKANE: Theme From Life & Livin' It
    08:08Sinkane: UHuh
    08:05djo: It's Like Air
    08:00Mick Jenkins: Sunkissed (feat. theMIND)
    08:00djo: It's Like Air
    08:00Letherette: Triosys
    07:50Sufjan Stevens: Chicago
    07:46Canari: Passagers
    07:40None Of Them: Junky Town
    07:38FloFilz: Ivebeentryin'
    07:34Parcels: Myenemy
    07:31Whethan vs. Oliver Tree: When Im Down
    07:30Parcels: Myenemy
    07:30None Of Them: Junky Town
    07:25Hospitality: Betty Wang
    07:21Tropic Of Youth: Poa Kichizi Kama Ndizi
    07:20Drug Train: All My Friends
    07:14Nativ: 3eye
    07:11Zuzu: What You Want
    07:08File: Seratones - "Necromancer" (Official Video)
    07:04Molly Burch: Try
    07:00Stealing Sheep: Genevieve
    07:00Molly Burch: Try
    07:00Zuzu: What You Want
    06:54Hoops: Rules - Tinnitus!!!
    06:51Trentemøller: Never Stop Running (feat. Jonny Pierce)
    06:47The Lunchbox Surrender: Traumtanz
    06:40Pablo Nouvelle: We Ain't Dead Yet (feat. Norma Jean Martine)
    06:35Twin Shadow: I Can't Wait
    06:31Motion Graphics: Brass Mechanics
    06:31Twin Shadow: I Can't Wait
    06:31The Lunchbox Surrender: Traumtanz
    06:21Creepers: Children Of The Vortex
    06:18Mac DeMarco: My Old Man
    06:13Roman Kouder: 1994 (feat. Audiobot)
    06:08Bayonne: Fallss
    06:01Gross Net: Still Life
    06:01Bayonne: Fallss
    06:01Mac DeMarco: My Old Man
    05:55Bones: BlackMold
    05:47Man Tear: Outside Amore
    05:43Blond Ambition: Stupid Boy / Girl
    05:37Romare: L.U.V.
    05:33Allah-Las: Autumn Dawn - Tinnitus!!!
    05:29Thundercat: Show You The Way ft. M. McDonald & K. Loggins
    05:24Sun Kil Moon: Richard Ramirez Died Today Of Natural Causes
    05:22The Dodos: Walking
    05:19Avi Buffalo: Five Little Sluts
    05:14Julia Holter: Marienbad
    05:09Cancer: Same Color As Digital Photography
    05:06Ultraísta: Party Line
    05:02Deerhunter: Helicopter
    04:51The Legendary Lightness: Hey Ron
    04:44The xx: Shelter (John Talabot's Feel It Too Remix)
    04:40Múm: Toothwheels
    04:36John Martyn: One World
    04:31Daedelus: -ísimo
    04:26Kutti MC: Hüt Rägnets No Einisch Gäld (feat. Stephan Eicher)
    04:22Laser: Disconnect
    04:11Lubomyr Melnyk: The Six Day Moment
    04:07Koreless: Lost In Tokyo
    03:53Lotus Plaza: Indian Paintbrush
    03:50Lord Boyd: Better Beedies
    03:45Trailblazer: Magic Hour
    03:39Devendra Banhart: Golden Girls (Hauschka Mix)
    03:34Lewis: Just Sittin' By The River Bank
    03:30Planningtorock: Human Drama
    03:24Fort Romeau: New Wave
    03:18Justin Walter: Dream Weaving
    03:13chipmunkson16speed: Call Me
    03:08Stefan Jós: Inside Voices
    03:01Karl Blau: A Melody To Wake Us In The Morning
    02:58Alphacloud: Give In
    02:54Le1f: Tha Whip (feat. Haleek Maul)
    02:49Rumpistol: We're Not Gonna Make It
    02:37Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory: Particle
    02:32Chromatics: Hands in the Dark (12 Inch Version)
    02:29Chancha Via Circuito: Guajaca
    02:25Menomena: West
    02:19Nils Frahm: Familiar
    02:13Animal Collective: My Girls
    02:08Roman Fluegel: Wilkie
    02:00Andy Stott: Anytime Soon
    01:55Four Tet: She Just Likes To Fight
    01:50Radiohead: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
    01:46Baths: Lovely Bloodflow
    01:40Caribou: Bowls
    01:34Röyksopp: The Drug
    01:27Gidge: Norrland
    01:24Montage: Back Then
    01:20Bonobo: Heaven For The Sinner (Ft. Erykah Badu)
    01:16Future Islands: Seasons (BADBADNOTGOOD Neuinterpretation)
    01:13Gold Panda: You
    01:08Portico Quartet: Ruins
    01:04Dimitris Petsetakis: Liquid
    01:02Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: Wide Awake
    00:58Chet Faker: Everything I Wanted
    00:55Jeans Wilder: Spanish Tile
    00:50Indian Wells: Deuce
    00:42Nicolas Jaar: Time For Us
    00:37Natural Information Society & Bitchin Bajas: Anemometer
    00:31Piano Interrupted: Hobi
    00:27S S S S: Tyranny of Intimacy
    00:22Jamie Principle: Bad Boy (Unreleased Mix)
    00:13Kalabrese: Sihltal
    00:11Mountain Man: Soft Skin
    00:07Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal: Super etoile
    00:05Throwing Shade: Ecco Echo
    Mo 20.2.
    23:55Woods: Sun City Creeps
    23:50Jukebox The Ghost: Good Day
    23:47HEALTH: L.A. Looks
    23:44JFDR: Wires - Tinnitus!!!
    23:41Bon Iver: 33 GOD
    23:35Blueprint Blue: Good Dreams
    23:31Wedding: 18
    23:25Slowdive: Star Roving
    23:21Code Walk: Guess What (feat. Smerz)
    23:18Jakob Ogawa: All Your Love
    23:14Sylvan Esso: Kick Jump Twist
    23:10a=f/m: Ashes
    23:07POND: Sweep Me Off My Feet
    23:03Day Wave: Something Here
    22:57Xibalba: Si Dios Quiere
    22:52The Fall of Troy: Inside Out
    22:50The Casualties: Work Our Lives Away
    22:47Wakrat: New Clear
    22:43Superjoint: Mutts Bite Too
    22:40the oppressed: government out
    22:35Machine Head: Beneath The Silt
    22:30Sleep: The druid
    22:27The Unseen: Goodbye America
    22:25Subhumans: Apathy
    22:21The Shrine: The Vulture
    22:21Iron Reagan: Glocking Out
    22:18Sayras: Am Strassenrand
    22:14Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes: Acid Veins
    22:11Code Orange: Ugly
    22:08Imperio: Mascara De Muerte
    22:05Stoned Jesus: Here Come the Robots
    22:00Nirvana: In Bloom
    21:56Orange Goblin: Red Tide Rising
    21:18Pears: Great Mt. Ida
    21:13Stoned Jesus: YFS
    21:10Dinosaur Jr.: Kracked
    21:07Dinosaur Jr.: Little Fury Things
    20:47Re-Stoned: Return
    20:37LEMUR: Garbage, Junk And Ashtray
    20:26LEMUR: Superior Thoughts
    20:16Re-Stoned: Flying Clouds
    20:10Swain: Kiss Me Hard
    20:08Swain: Seen a Good Man (In a Bad Mood)
    20:05Swain: Punk-Rock Messed You Up, Kid
    20:01Swain: Never Clean My Room
    19:57Isaiah Rashad: Soliloquy
    19:54Crimer: Brotherlove
    19:46Devata Daun: Animal Instincts
    19:42Tropic Harbour: Now I See
    19:41Dirty Art Club: Hemlock
    19:37Shadow Band: Endless Night
    19:33Mardou: Flash
    19:24Oliver Wilde: Blit Scratch
    19:20Perhapsy: O Su Yung
    19:13The Spirit of the Beehive: Ricky (caught me tryin)
    19:09Menace Beach: Suck It Out
    19:05Thundercat: Show You The Way ft. M. McDonald & K. Loggins
    19:00Nao: Bad Blood
    18:53Bayonne: Fallss
    18:49Rob Shields: Suspend
    18:44Sinkane: UHuh
    18:38Isle&Fever: Keep On
    18:32Baze: Gäu
    18:28Liss: Sorry
    18:22Homeshake: Khmlwugh
    18:13Mined: Mistakes
    18:06JFDR: Wires - Tinnitus!!!
    18:02Mild High Club: Window Pane
    17:58Matadors: Trumpet Of Conscience
    17:51The Four Owls: Think Twice (feat. DJ Premier)
    17:49Max Gardener: After Hours (V.U. Cover)
    17:49The Four Owls: Think Twice (feat. DJ Premier)
    17:48Freezy Feat. Mimiks & Ali: Als hettemer en Grund
    17:48Jedi Mind Tricks: Blood in Blood Out
    17:48Cypress Hill: Insane In The Brain
    17:43RHEYA: Franchise - Tinnitus!!!
    17:40Superorganism: something for your M.I.N.D.
    17:33Kraak & Smaak: Hands Of Time (feat. Alxndr London)
    17:28Winterplan: AICD
    17:23Enjoy: I'm Content
    17:15Haubi Songs: Display
    17:09Larry Gus: In Violet Ink (Misprints)
    17:04WEARENOTWHOWEARE: Death Valley
    16:59Rudy & the Dunk Reactions: Why?
    16:54Bones: BlackMold
    16:49Froth: Contact
    16:45Misty Coast: Funny World - Tinnitus!!!
    16:42The Youngest: Tontonshit
    16:39Pale Honey: Real Thing
    16:35Tinariwen: Sastanàqqàm
    16:32Doomenfels: Vitamin D
    16:29Dear Tracks: Soft Dreams
    16:25Ariel Pink & Weyes Blood: Tears On Fire
    16:19Gross Net: Still Life
    16:15Roots Manuva: Witness (1 Hope)
    16:12Sumsimia: Chloe
    16:07John Andrews & The Yawns: Drivers
    16:03ABADABAD: 10 Fingers - Tinnitus!!!
    16:00Rat & Co: A.I.
    15:56Milieu Lust: Garden
    15:52Sacred Paws: Strike A Match - Tinnitus!!!
    15:49Lushlife: Big Sur
    15:45Broncho: Señora Borealis
    15:40The Lunchbox Surrender: Traumtanz
    15:37Thundercat: Friend Zone
    15:35Hoops: Rules - Tinnitus!!!
    15:30a=f/m: Ashes
    15:27The Fridge: The Drawer
    15:21Slowdive: Star Roving
    15:17Blond Ambition: Stupid Boy / Girl
    15:14Beach Baby: Ladybird
    15:07Andy Islands: Crashy
    15:03Temples: Certainty
    14:59One Sentence. Supervisor: Diver
    14:55Real Estate: Darling
    14:52Fatal Jamz: Coverboy
    14:48Nativ: 3eye
    14:44Freeman: Soldierboy
    14:40Day Wave: Something Here
    14:36Swimming Tapes: Tides
    14:33Toro Y Moi: Omaha
    14:30Allah-Las: Autumn Dawn - Tinnitus!!!
    14:25Ghost Wave: Dont Ask Why
    14:21The Pussywarmers & Reka: Summer Breeze
    14:16Delegation: Oh Honey (Poolside Edit)
    14:13Weekend: It's Alright
    14:0979.5: Boy Dont Be Afraid - Tinnitus!!!
    14:05Luxury Death: Radiator Face
    14:00JW Ridley: Everything (Deathless) Part 1
    13:57DAWILL: Zement Jungle
    13:54The Spunloves: Vomiting Up Flowers
    13:51Long Tall Jefferson: Old Friend
    13:47Molly Burch: Try
    13:45Gengahr: Dark Star
    13:41The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Melodys Actual Echo Chamber
    13:38Aldous RH: Sensuality
    13:35JFDR: Wires - Tinnitus!!!
    13:31Deep Touch: Personalities Part 2
    13:26Hammered Satin: Strawberries And Cream
    13:21CPT. Kirk &: Hotel Ruhe
    13:16Jo Goes Hunting: Confusion
    13:05RHEYA: Franchise - Tinnitus!!!
    13:01Carthago: Alech
    12:52Poolside: Why You Wanna
    12:48BIG SPACE: Cape Town Sis Khethiwe
    12:45Tropical Popsicle: The Tethers
    12:42Superorganism: something for your M.I.N.D.
    12:38Norwegian Arms: West Queen West
    12:34ABADABAD: 10 Fingers - Tinnitus!!!
    12:29Letherette: Triosys
    12:22Creepers: Children Of The Vortex
    12:14Smerz: Blessed
    12:10Glass Gang: Ballet
    12:05Candids: Modern Life
    12:00Exit Someone: Fade To Black
    11:54Sacred Paws: Strike A Match - Tinnitus!!!
    11:50Baba Stiltz: Baby
    11:46Baze: Gäu
    11:41Ocean Floor: Hold Me Down
    11:37Jaako Eino Kalevi: Hush Down
    11:31Fufanu: Sports
    11:28Ill: Space Dick
    11:24Code Walk: Guess What (feat. Smerz)
    11:20Thundercat: Friend Zone
    11:17D.D Dumbo: Tropical Oceans
    11:14Rodes Rollins: Young & Thriving
    11:11Future Islands: Ran
    11:06Bayonne: Fallss
    11:04Hoops: Rules - Tinnitus!!!
    11:00Todd Fancey: Baby Sunshine
    10:57Wedding: 18
    10:54Chester Watson: Phantom
    10:48Blueprint Blue: Good Dreams
    10:45drip133 & vegard veslelia: ustabil
    10:42Allah-Las: Autumn Dawn - Tinnitus!!!
    10:38C Duncan: Jupiter
    10:34Zuzu: What You Want
    10:31Menace Beach: Suck It Out
    10:27Amber Clouds: Need To Know
    10:24Matadors: Trumpet Of Conscience
    10:2179.5: Boy Dont Be Afraid - Tinnitus!!!
    10:17Mined: Mistakes
    10:14jj mazz: LIE
    10:08Matthew Dear: Do The Right Thing
    10:06Whistlejacket: Oh My
    10:01Koudlam: See You All
    09:56Mount Kimbie: Made To Stray
    09:52Tiken Jah Fakoly: Nazara
    09:48Masasolo: On My Own
    09:44Puzzle: Years
    09:42WESEN: Beach Boys
    09:38RHEYA: Franchise - Tinnitus!!!
    09:35MIYNT: Letter from the Moon
    09:32NickHakim: Bet She Looks Like You
    09:29HIDEOUT: I Got Your Message
    09:24URANIUM CLUB: Who Made The Man
    09:21Tinariwen: Sastanàqqàm
    09:17Adrian Teacher and the Subs: Emily Carr Punks
    09:14Sacred Paws: Strike A Match - Tinnitus!!!
    09:09Indriði: Dreamcat
    09:07Hoops: Rules - Tinnitus!!!
    09:04The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Melodys Actual Echo Chamber
    08:59Alexandria: Hot Day
    08:52The xx: Reunion
    08:48Dandy Warhols: We Used To Be Friends
    08:44Take Me Home: Kidulthood
    08:38sir Was: In The Midst
    08:34Highasakite: Indian Summer
    08:30Zen Mantra: Second Skin
    08:30sir Was: In The Midst
    08:23Djokovic: Pady
    08:19Sinkane: UHuh
    08:15POND: Sweep Me Off My Feet
    08:15Sinkane: UHuh
    08:11The Lunchbox Surrender: Traumtanz
    08:03Slowdive: Star Roving
    07:59Crimer: Brotherlove
    07:53Moon Duo: Zero
    07:50Febueder: Chimes
    07:50Febueder: Chimes
    07:49Mac DeMarco: My Old Man
    07:49BIG SPACE: Cape Town Sis Khethiwe
    07:48Little Dragon: High
    07:48Sumsimia: Chloe
    07:43The Soft Moon: Want
    07:39Jack Frederick: In My Dreams
    07:3479.5: Boy Dont Be Afraid - Tinnitus!!!
    07:30ROSEAU: Light
    07:30Jack Frederick: In My Dreams
    07:3079.5: Boy Dont Be Afraid - Tinnitus!!!
    07:20Meridian Brothers: Guaracha UFO (Dandara Edit)
    07:17Thundercat: Friend Zone
    07:09BIG SPACE: Cape Town Sis Khethiwe
    07:05Allah-Las: Autumn Dawn - Tinnitus!!!
    07:01Blond Ambition: Stupid Boy / Girl
    06:54Valdimar: Nothing Compares To You (Live @ 3FACH)
    06:48Valdimar: Yfir Borgina (Live @ 3FACH)
    06:44Ash Code: Posthuman
    06:35New Horror: Mirror
    06:31Dagobert: Ich bin zu jung
    06:22Childish Gambino: Redbone
    06:19A Tribe Called Quest: We The People....
    06:16Superorganism: something for your M.I.N.D.
    06:09ÌFÉ: House Of Love
    06:09Toro Y Moi: Buffalo
    06:08Gorillaz: Latin Simone
    06:03Kackmusikk: Imma Go
    06:00Bones: BlackMold
    05:53SBTRKT: Higher
    05:49Lowly: Word
    05:43Gross Net: Still Life
    05:38Baze: Gäu
    05:34Phosphorescent: Ride On / Right On
    05:31The Radio Dept.: Heaven's On Fire
    05:27Small Wonder: Patron Saint Of Pretty Faces
    05:21Júníus Meyvant: Neon Experience
    05:17Father John Misty: The Night Josh Tillman Came To Our Apartment
    05:14Here We Go Magic: Hard To Be Close
    05:09Young Ejecta: Welcome To Love
    05:06Toro Y Moi: Omaha
    05:02Andrew Bird: Anonanimal
    04:58Tennis: Origins
    04:56Mac DeMarco: This Old Dog
    04:52Hauschka: Sanzhi Pod City
    04:47Dark Sky: Silent Fall
    04:41Melodiesinfonie: No Difference Between Us
    04:38Milo: You Are Go(o)d to Me
    04:35Nicolas Jaar: Colomb
    04:28Mogwai: Remurdered
    04:24High Water: Someday
    04:16Monumental Men: The Revenant Main Theme (Monumental Men Edit)
    04:13Tennis System: My Life In
    04:09Shabazz Palaces: Swerve... The reeping of all that is worthwhile (N
    04:04James Blake: I Only Know (What I Know Now)
    04:00Cuushe: I Love You
    03:55Evian Christ: Go Girl
    03:51Forest Swords: Rattling Cage
    03:47IKEBANA: Ikebana (Danny Norbury Remix)
    03:40Babak Shayan & Pino Shamlou: Baran (Helly Larson 4 a.m. Dub)
    03:35Eaux: Head
    03:25Sun An: Full World View
    03:21Jah Cotton: Dem Never Know
    03:16Tunica Dartos: Hymn
    03:12iamamiwhoami: Sever
    03:08Sequoyah Tiger: Hey Paul Anka
    03:03Apparat: Ash Black Veil
    02:55Jon Hopkins: Open Eye Signal
    02:51A Lily: The Sparrow in the Lemon Tree
    02:48Alexander Spit: Valet Park, CA
    02:42Sleep Party People: The City Light Died
    02:37laFayette: Baboons (feat. Sandro Simon)
    02:34BAUMON FAVRE: Juke No. 1
    02:31Taylor McFerrin: The Antidote (feat. Nai Palm)
    02:22Saffron: Rampwalk (feat. Lola Guerrero)
    02:17Ringo Deathstarr: Brightest Star
    02:14Adam Oko: Legs Akimbo
    02:09Beaty Heart: Lucky Set
    02:03Kormac: Everything Around Me
    02:00Ariel Kalma: What Would You Say
    01:55Dan Deacon: Prettyboy
    01:50Dntel: My Orphaned Son
    01:44Babe Rainbow: Now Is Not The Time
    01:38Dam Mantle: Movement
    01:35My Panda Shall Fly: Indentiication
    01:31Cosmin TRG: Less Of Me, More Of You
    01:21Joshua Abrams: Spiral Up
    01:17Hans Unstern: Paris
    01:10The Weeknd: Tears In The Rain
    01:05The Acid: Basic Instinct (Lapalux Remix)
    01:02Splinta: Pantera
    00:57Grimes: Human Once Again (Four Tet Remix)
    00:48Valentin Stip: Aletheia
    00:44XXYYXX: About You
    00:33Gang Gang Dance: Glass Jar
    00:30Flying Lotus: Obligatory Cadence
    00:27Gonjasufi: Venom
    00:24Illum Sphere: Sleeprunner
    00:15Holden: Blackpool Late Eighties
    00:05Don't DJ: Repetition
    So 19.2.
    23:56Tommy McCook: Winter World Of Love Jumpers
    23:52The Stone Roses: Shoot You Down
    23:48Curtis Mayfield: Wild and Free
    23:46Manu Chao: Por el Suelo
    23:43Dusty Springfield: I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore
    23:40Blue Öyster Cult: Tattoo Vampire
    23:34OutKast: Funky Ride
    23:29Steve Reich: Section IX
    23:22Julee Cruise: The World Spins
    23:12Pink Fairies: Uncle Harrys Last Freakout
    23:08Primal Scream: Movin' On Up
    23:06The Incredible Bongo Band: Bongo Rock '73
    23:03The Kinks: Nothing To Say
    22:58Os Mutantes: Qualquer Bobagem
    22:56Harry Nilsson: Gotta Get Up
    22:47Slint: Washer
    22:42Happy Mondays: Bob's Yer Uncle
    22:38Jungle Brothers: Straight Out The Jungle
    22:34CPT. Kirk &: Puscher
    22:32Black Flag: Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
    22:29The Modern Lovers: Astral Plane
    22:26Pearl Jam: Satan's Bed
    22:21The Durutti Column: Self Portrait
    22:19Ramones: Surfin' Bird
    22:16Them: Gloria
    22:10Ride: Cool Your Boots
    22:07The Young Rascals: It's Love
    22:01Mahmoud Ahmed: Tenbelel Loga (Fine & Young)
    21:59The Beach Boys: Wouldn't It Be Nice
    21:52The Doors: Light My Fire
    21:48The Brian Jonestown Massacre: When I Was Yesterday
    21:45Giorgio Moroder: Cacaphoney (Midnight Express/Soundtrack Version)
    21:41Bob Dylan: Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
    21:40Bad Brains: Sailin' On
    21:36Inner City: Good Life
    21:33james Brown: James Brown/I love You Yes I Do
    21:29Broadcast: Black Cat
    21:24Boubacar Traoré: Sécheresse
    21:17Eminem: Stan
    21:15Brian Eno: Sombre Reptiles
    21:12Karen Dalton: Something On Your Mind
    21:07The KLF: What Time Is Love? (Lp Mix)
    21:04The Psychedelic Furs: So Run Down
    21:01The Mighty Hannibal: Somebody in the World for You
    20:58Lee Moses: The Dark End Of The Street
    20:53Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson: The Bottle
    20:47Pink Floyd: Comfortably Numb
    20:35Alpha Stone: Ghost House
    20:21Arthur Brown: Fire
    20:09The Doors: The End
    20:07Los Belkings: Setima Patrulla
    20:03DAS EFX: Baknaffek
    20:01The Peanut Butter Conspiracy: Flight Of The Psychedelic Bumble Bee
    19:58The Sonics: Jenny Jenny
    19:56The Sonics: Bad Betty
    19:55The Sonics: Break Song
    19:52The Sonics: Wake me Shake Me
    19:50The Sonics: Near My Soul
    19:47The Sonics: Goodbye
    19:44The Sonics: Only She Would Do
    19:42The Sonics: Once Again
    19:39The Sonics: Good Hard Rock
    19:36The Sonics: Lost Love
    19:34The Sonics: Hanky Panky
    19:32The Sonics: Like No Other Man
    19:29The Sonics: Leave My Kitten Alone
    19:29Little Willie John: Leave My Kitten Alone
    19:26The Sonics: Diddy Wah Diddy
    19:24The Sonics: I'm A Rolling Stone
    19:21The Sonics: I'll Always Love Her
    19:19The Sonics: Love Lights
    19:18Jacques Dutronc: Les Cactus
    19:16The Sonics: High Times
    19:13The Sonics: I'm Going Home
    19:10The Sonics: I'm A Man
    19:10Bo Diddley: I'm A Man
    19:08The Sonics: Dirty Old Man
    19:05The Sonics: I'm Right
    19:03The Sonics: You Got Your Head On Backwards
    19:01The Sonics: On the Road Again
    18:58The Sonics: Louie Louie
    18:58Kingsmen: Louie Louie
    18:55The Sonics: It's Alright
    18:53The Sonics: Shot Down
    18:50The Sonics: He's Waitin'
    18:47The Sonics: Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
    18:45The Sonics: Cinderella
    18:42The Sonics: Don't You Just Know
    18:39The Sonics: Santa Claus
    18:36The Sonics: Hitch Hike
    18:34The Sonics: Have Love Will Travel
    18:33The Sonics: Have Love Will Travel
    18:31The Sonics: Boss Hoss
    18:28The Sonics: Do You Love Me
    18:26The Sonics: Psycho
    18:24The Sonics: Money
    18:21The Sonics: Night Time Is The Right Time
    18:18The Sonics: The Witch
    18:16The Sonics: Keep A Knockin'
    18:14The Sonics: Wailers House Party
    18:10Wailers: Out Of Our Tree
    18:07The Sonics: Mashed Potato Time
    18:05The Sonics: Sonic Blues
    18:02The Sonics: Strychnine
    17:56RJD2: Ghostwriter
    17:49PUMAROSA: Priestess
    17:46POND: Sweep Me Off My Feet
    17:43The Sonics: He's Waitin'
    17:39Molly Burch: Wrong For You
    17:35Kackmusikk: Imma Go
    17:29Reckonwrong: The Passions of Pez
    17:27Bones: BlackMold
    17:22Crimer: Brotherlove
    17:13Romare: Who Loves You?
    17:09Charlotte & Magon: The Game
    16:59Galopp: Your Day
    16:53Rob Shields: Suspend
    16:49Molly Nilsson: 1995
    16:41Toro Y Moi: Omaha
    16:37Chain Wallet: Faded Fight
    16:32North Downs: Nothin
    16:29Felikuta: We Dont Want You
    16:23Still Parade: Walk In The Park
    16:18Tycho: Awake
    16:10AM & Shawn Lee: Persuasion
    16:05Milieu Lust: Garden
    16:01Gothic Tropic: How Life Works
    15:57Nomadic Firs: LVSK
    15:54Grumpus: Waters
    15:49Odd Beholder: Landscape Escape
    15:40Mined: Mistakes
    15:36Jeans For Jesus: Dr Letscht Popsong (Gäubi Taxis Im Sand)
    15:33Stahlberger: Wanderwätter
    15:28The Stone Roses: I Wanna Be Adored
    15:21Creepers: Children Of The Vortex
    15:18Communions: Don't Hold Anything Back
    15:10UMSE: Menschen
    15:05Tame Impala: The Moment
    15:01Isaiah Rashad: 4r Da Squaw
    14:56Bayonne: Sincere (Live @ 3FACH)
    14:52Matadors: Trumpet Of Conscience
    14:4979.5: Boy Dont Be Afraid - Tinnitus!!!
    14:44Djokovic: Pady
    14:4379.5: Boy Dont Be Afraid - Tinnitus!!!
    14:39Sumsimia: Chloe
    14:33Gross Net: Still Life
    14:26Alex Lahey: Lets Go Out
    14:18Norwegian Arms: West Queen West
    14:14Lord Huron: The Night We Met
    14:08Danny James Etc.: Without Reluctance
    14:04Drangsal: Allan Align
    13:59Bayonne: Fallss
    13:50Jakob Ogawa: All Your Love
    13:46John Andrews & The Yawns: Drivers
    13:39NxWorries: Lyk Dis
    13:36J Mascis: Drifter
    13:33Bowerbirds: Overcome With Light
    13:30FRIEND: Wind Me Up
    13:24Swim good x Merival: Since U Asked
    13:20Freddy Fischer & His Cosmic Rocktime Band: Wohin Kannst Du Gehen...
    13:15All We Are: Something About You
    13:11Moonface: City Wrecker
    13:07Element Of Crime: Dunkle Wolke
    13:04Leonard Cohen: Banjo
    12:59Feist: Bittersweet Melodies
    12:55Pepper Rabbit: In Search of Simon Birch
    12:48Nurses: Fever Dreams
    12:44Grey Reverend: Everlasting/Everything
    12:41Homeshake: Khmlwugh
    12:37Sun Airway: All In
    12:33Johnny Cash: One
    12:07Volcano Choir: Alaskans
    12:03Franky Silence & Ghost Orchestra: No One Knows
    11:57Skinny Lister: Colours
    11:48How to Dress Well: Cold Nites
    11:44Illa J: Universe
    11:40Panama: Jungle
    11:33Toro Y Moi: Omaha
    11:30She & Him: In The Sun
    11:27MIYNT: Letter from the Moon
    11:25Body Language: Seeds Of Sight
    11:22Body Type: Ludlow
    11:18Beirut: East Harlem
    11:11Blended Babies & Vic Mensa: Shakedown '99
    11:08Hurray For The Riff Raff: I Know It's Wrong (But That's Alright)
    11:04Tender: Ausschneiden
    11:01MLTD: Sonntag
    10:56Alcoholic Faith Mission: Reconstruct My Love
    10:53Sivu: Dumb (Nirvana Cover)
    10:50Broadcast 2000: Rouse Your Bones
    10:48John Wizards: Welcome To Cape Town, Cape Town Welcomes You
    10:43The Dø: Too Insistent (Trentemøller Remix)
    10:40Levek: Girl In The Fog
    10:37Hand Habits: Flower Glass
    10:34Black Lips: Spidey's Curse
    10:30APB (The Airplane Boys): Harvest
    10:25Birthmark: Shake Hands
    10:20Ghostpoet: Meltdown
    10:16Lawrence Arabia: Lick Your Wounds
    10:14I am Oak: Omen
    10:11Waxahatchee: Lips And Limbs
    10:07SOHN: The Wheel
    10:01Weyes Blood: Some Winters
    09:57Heavy Heart: Daisy Chain
    09:55A$AP Rocky: Out Of This World
    09:51River Whyless: Cedar Dream Part II
    09:48Patrick Bishop: Walk Up
    09:42The White Birch: The Weight of Spring
    09:38Labrador City: Sunlight
    09:34Echo Lake: In Dreams
    09:29The Miserable Rich: Imperial Lines
    09:23Good Morning: On The Street / You
    09:18Joon Moon: Call Me
    09:15S. Carey: Crown The Pines
    09:10Stealing Sheep: Shoot the ducks to win
    09:06Colleen: Push the Boat Onto the Sand
    09:02Christopher Owens: It Comes Back To You
    08:57Bobby Womack: Please Forgive My Heart
    08:53Dan Baker: One Of Them
    08:50Dan Croll: Sweet Disarray
    08:47King Krule: Easy Easy
    08:44Jason Collett: Pacific Blue
    08:41Natalie Prass: Never Over You
    08:36Flight School Preps: Dat Funk (Prod. BlackMarket)
    08:30Nils Frahm: Chasing God Through Palmyra
    08:27Advance Base: Pamela
    08:24Dear Deër: Speak Up!
    08:21Damien Jurado: Silver Katherine
    08:18Lenparrot: Les Yeux en Cavale
    08:14Bill Callahan: The Sing
    08:09Kevin Drew: And That's All I Know
    08:05Indians: Cakelakers
    08:01Kwes.: 36
    07:57Tinariwen: Ténéré Tàqqàl
    07:50Moodoïd: Les chemins de traverse
    07:47Pregnant: Letter To A Friend
    07:44Tim Woulfe: Joyce
    07:37Falcon Punch: Donald's Bird
    07:33Low: Stay (Rihanna Cover)
    07:29Conveyor: Mukraker
    07:25Yesterday Shop: Me & Meursault (Live @ Radio 3FACH)
    07:22The Darcys: The Pacific Theatre (Live @ Radio 3FACH)
    07:18Sea Of Bees: Get Up And Go
    07:16Olaf Kirchgraber: Blickchäs
    07:13Sparklehorse: It's A Wonderful Life
    07:08Takako Minekawa & Dustin Wong: Party on a Floating Cake
    07:04Beck: Say Goodbye
    07:00Züri West: Hallo Schiisluun
    06:56Yellow Ostrich: Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Eiffel 65 cover)
    06:53MUSO: Schatten
    06:50Tommy Guerrero: Embers Of Memory
    06:47Lullatone: Race Against The Sunset
    06:45Magnetic Fields: The Book Of Love
    06:40Tiger Dare: Morning After Morning
    06:35Ether Teeth: Autumn Sky
    06:32David Byrne & St. Vincent: Cissus
    06:29JJ & Palin: Eat
    06:25Money: Goodnight London
    06:20Kurt Vile: The Creature
    06:15Glass Animals: Gooey
    06:12SAFE: Black Satin Living Room
    06:07Beach House: 10 Mile Stereo
    06:03jj: Fågelsången
    06:01Halls: Aside
    05:57Rue Royale: Set Out to Discover
    05:55East Sister: Avenue
    05:52Flock of Dimes: Curtain
    05:48Hanni el Khatib: Wait. Wait. Wait.
    05:44Maple Tree Circus: All White
    05:40Tom Brosseau: Today Is a Bright New Day
    05:36Sandro Perri: Love & Light
    05:32Aquilo: Part Of Your Life (Croquet Club Remix)
    05:27Youth Lagoon: Juli
    05:25Twerps: Fern Murderers
    05:20White Fence: Afraid Of What It's Worth
    05:18Destroyer: Bye Bye
    05:12Ariel Pink: Picture Me Gone
    05:08Shearwater: You as You Were
    05:04Tamikrest: Achaka Achail Aynaian Daghchilan
    05:01Cold Specks: Winter Solstice
    04:55THAT PORK: Fifteen
    04:51Damon Albarn: Everyday Robots
    04:48Lyla Foy: Easy
    04:43IVVVO: Darkness In My Soul
    04:38Roman Fluegel: Friendship Song
    04:35Young Fathers: WAR
    04:32AN System: Wrecker
    04:28Fai Baba: True Friend
    04:19Todd Terje: Johnny and Mary (feat. Bryan Ferry)
    04:15Teebs: Verbena Tea with Rebekah Raff
    04:10Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Kifi-Mifi
    04:02Acid Pauli: a clone is a clone
    03:59Anna Meredith: Honeyed Words
    03:55Orcas: Petrichor
    03:49Walls: Sunporch
    03:43Michael Price: The Attachment
    03:39Gorillaz: Stylo
    03:34Atoms for Peace: Standard
    03:30Wild Nothing: Hachiko
    03:27Arcade Fire: Sleepwalker
    03:17Lotus Plaza: Gemini Pt. 1
    03:12Nosaj Thing: Eclipse/Blue
    03:09To Rococo Rot: Classify (feat. Arto Lindsay)
    03:05Cuz: Thinkin' 'Bout Thinkin'
    03:00Rolf Laureijs: FCL
    02:58Tapes: Good Thing You Came Along
    02:54Helado Negro: Myself On 2 U
    02:50Reme Izabo's Music Research: The Same Man
    02:43Lazy Salon: Halo Hand
    02:39Darkside: Things Behind The Sun (Nick Drake Cover)
    02:36Still Corners: The White Season
    02:32Gabriel Saloman: My Funny Valentine
    02:27The Hundred In The Hands: Red Night
    02:23Tallesen: Strike Silver, Love Green
    02:18Kelly Lee Owens: CBM
    02:15Savant: The Shining Hour
    02:11Suuns: Pie IX
    02:07The Holydrug Couple: Je T'Aime...Moi Non Plus
    02:03Trentemøller: Never Stop Running (feat. Jonny Pierce)
    01:59Jeans For Jesus: Dr Letscht Popsong (Gäubi Taxis Im Sand)
    01:57Ty Segall: You're The Doctor
    01:54Black River Delta: Wind Collides
    01:50Siriusmo: Stinky Wig
    01:47Vic Mensa: Down On My Luck
    01:43Belle And Sebastian: The Party Line
    01:38Owiny Sigoma Band: Nyiduonge Drums
    01:35The Derevolutions: Yell It Out!
    01:29Jagwar Ma: O B 1
    01:24Yeasayer: Reagan's Skeleton
    01:21WHB: Out The Woods
    01:16Leopard Of Honour: Visions Of Garuda
    01:13Black Lips: Cruising
    01:10Teen Daze: Let's Groove
    01:06Tame Impala: The Less I Know The Better
    01:03Nozinja: Xihukwani
    01:00Mykki Blanco: Moshin In The Front (feat. Cities Aviv)
    00:57Pusha T: Numbers On The Board
    00:54English Singles: Ordinary Girls
    00:50STRFKR: Malmo
    00:4779.5: Terrorize My Heart (Disco Dub)
    00:43Their / They're / There: New Blood
    00:39Les Sins: Bother
    00:35ODESZA: Say My Name (feat. Zyra)
    00:33nvdes: Fela
    00:29Flamingo Jones: Botanical Animal
    00:26The Youngest: Tontonshit
    00:23Azealia Banks: Heavy Metal And Reflective
    00:17Factory Floor: Dial Me In
    00:13Cairobi: Zoraide
    00:08Troumaca: Trees
    Sa 18.2.
    23:59a=f/m: Body Collide
    23:55Kisses: Air Conditioning
    23:50George FritzGerald: Full Circle (feat. Boxed In)
    23:46Fofoulah: Hook Up (Nango Dereh)
    23:43Cam & China: We Gon Make It (Prod. By Seige Monstracity)
    23:39Gregory Porter: Liquid Spirit (20syl Remix)
    23:36Michna: Solid Gold (feat. MNDR)
    23:29Lindstrom: De Javu
    23:25Jamie xx: Loud Places (feat. Romy) [Eekkoo Edit]
    23:20TEN FÉ: Twist Your Arm
    23:16Blue Hawaii: In Two II (Edit)
    23:13Champions League: Ebiza
    23:09Chance The Rapper: Angels (feat. Saba)
    23:06Machinedrum: Angel Speak (feat. MeLo-X)
    23:00Classixx: Holding On
    22:56Deep Touch: Personalities Part 2
    22:51Lone: Backtail Was Heavy
    22:48The Walkmen: Angela Surf City
    22:44Run The Jewels: Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) (feat. Zack De
    22:40Daughn Gibson: Kissin On The Blacktop
    22:34Boredom: Geometry
    22:29Shit Robot: We Got A Love (feat. Reggie Watts)
    22:25Thee Oh Sees: Tunnel Time
    22:21Painted Palms: Upper Floors
    22:17Danny Brown: Dip
    22:14Juicy J: No English (feat. Travis Scott)
    22:10Fair Ohs: Ya Mustafa
    22:07Pendentif: Embrasse Moi
    22:02AV AV AV: All Good
    21:58Speelburg: Lay it Right
    21:53Gold Panda: Brazil
    21:49Desiigner: Panda
    21:41Wanda: Bologna
    21:35Bantu Clan vs Sarabi: Africa Ni Leo (Esa & Nonku Phiri Kaap Mix)
    21:32Purity Ring: Push Pull
    21:29The Orwells: Who Needs You
    21:26Cold War Kids: Miracle Mile
    21:20Fort Romeau & New Jackson: Not A Word
    21:16boycrush: Flirt (feat. Yumi Zouma-Madeira)
    21:13Pronto: Trungs
    21:05Lindstrøm: Closing Shot
    21:01Edwin Organ: Janene
    20:58Satchmode: Hall & Oates
    20:55Bleached: Next Stop
    20:50Cyril Hahn: Getting There
    20:45Kimyan Law: Eclairage
    20:42Bomba Estéreo: Fiesta
    20:39Bwazan: An Ka Foli Ke
    20:35Larytta: Something Good
    20:31Angel Haze: A Tribe Called Red
    20:26Cheikha Habiba Saghira: Yasker Ou Yebki
    20:20Dorade & Wonker: Dorade & Wonkers - Funky Cold Medina (Remix)
    20:12Aly Talibab: Al-Kamal
    20:07Anchorsong: Mawa (Original Mix)
    20:01Daymè Arocena: Madres
    19:53Penya: Acelere (José Marquez Remix)
    19:48MAGNUS P.I: Search it out
    19:44Black Classical: Voduns
    19:41Sharmila: Chozi Lanitoka (Black Star)
    19:38Waipod Phetsuphan: Ding Ding Dong
    19:36Sorn Petch Pinyo: Laek Laow Deum Nom
    19:33Ros Sereysothea: Sra Muy Kev
    19:29Bimbo: Borondong Garing
    19:26Pumpuang Duangjan: Sao Dok Kum Tai
    19:24P. Promdan: Lung Dee Kee Mao
    19:21Duongdao And Chailai: Mia Rai Duen
    19:19Man City Lion: Tid Lom Ta Lai
    19:13The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band: Sao Sakit Mae (Rabih Beaini's Molam Variation)
    19:08The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band: Sao Sakit Mae
    19:05The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band: Kwang Noi Chaolay
    19:01Chanpen Dennapa: Lam Toey Dai Lao Leaw Luem Mia
    18:58Salak Silathong: Sung Nang
    18:53Illyaraaja: Poonkaatru
    18:50Somjai Nilbarun: Lam Plearn Diew Khaen Diew Phin
    18:47Warin Shinaraj: Noo Yaak Dang
    18:40Obbatuké: Biancamo
    18:35Obbatuké: Yambu Arara
    18:31Hector Plimmer: Saturn's Lullaby Pt.2
    18:27Hector Plimmer & Drahla: Eastern System
    18:22Hector Plimmer: Sunshine feat. And Is Phi
    18:19Hector Plimmer: Kalimba
    18:15Broadway Sounds: Le Voyage d'un Vagabond
    18:10Shafiq Husayn: On Our Way Home
    18:06Fatima : Family
    18:02Gisela Joao: Vieste Do Fim Do Mundo
    17:59A Tribe Called Quest: We The People....
    17:52Disclosure: Grab Her!
    17:43Slugabed: ANOTHER CHANCE 2K14
    17:23Tunji Ige: Day2Day (Feat. Wonda)
    17:20Franz Ferdinand: Bullet
    17:14Lana Del Rey: Brooklyn Baby (Tom Vek Remix)
    16:54The Derevolutions: Pascualita'
    16:50Lust for Youth: Sudden Ambitions
    16:45Les Sins: Prelims
    16:40JD Twitch: Maya
    16:33Unknown Mortal Orchestra: First World Problem
    16:28GUM: Anesthetized Lesson
    16:24Dagobert: Ich bin zu jung
    16:18Sophie: Lemonade
    16:15Odd Beholder: Gravity
    16:09True: Blocksatz
    16:03Tim & Puma Mimi: Dupi Dough
    16:01Paws: Tongues
    15:56Say Lou Lou: Games For Girls x Lindstrom
    15:51Marteria: Kids (2 Finger An Den Kopf)
    15:46G_Force & Radiation City: Zombies Remix (feat. TxE)
    15:44Swet Shop Boys: Zayn Malik
    15:40True: Back In A Second
    15:342 Chainz: Trap Back
    15:29Real Lies: North Circular
    15:22TRUE: Holiday Tickets
    15:12True: Hold It Back
    15:06TRUE: Live at KAA15 #2
    15:02TRUE: Live at KAA15 #1
    15:01TRUE: Holiday Tickets
    14:51Bill Laurance: Ready Wednesday
    14:48Jeans For Jesus: Dr Letscht Popsong (Gäubi Taxis Im Sand)
    14:43Dans la Tente: A Waste
    14:40Pronto: Trungs
    14:33a=f/m: Ashes
    14:31Febueder: Chimes
    14:31Mac DeMarco: My Old Man
    14:30BIG SPACE: Cape Town Sis Khethiwe
    14:29Little Dragon: High
    14:28Sumsimia: Chloe
    14:24Alogte Oho and his Sounds of Joy: Mam Yinne Wa
    14:20Nativ: 3eye
    14:17Shady and the vamp: sex drive
    14:15The Youngest: Tontonshit
    14:11Key!: Money Phone Feat. Offset Feat. Offset
    14:03Chance the Rapper: 10 All Night (feat. Knox Fortune)
    13:59Tinariwen: Sastanàqqàm
    13:54Haubi Songs: Display
    13:51Juveniles: Someone Better
    13:47Matadors: Trumpet Of Conscience
    13:44Thundercat: Show You The Way ft. M. McDonald & K. Loggins
    13:40Crimer: Brotherlove
    13:40Alois: Credo
    13:40Seeing Hands: It's True
    13:39Aldous RH: Sensuality
    13:39The Nude Party: Water on Mars
    13:38Willie J Healey: Would You Be
    13:34Communions: It's Like Air
    13:31Toro Y Moi: Omaha
    13:23Kackmusikk: Imma Go
    13:19Chain Wallet: Faded Fight
    13:15Alex Lahey: Lets Go Out
    13:11Arcade Fire: I Give You Power (feat. Mavis Staples)
    13:06Reckonwrong: The Passions of Pez
    13:04Max Gardener: After Hours (V.U. Cover)
    12:59Le Rex: Riff Raff (Live @ 3FACH)
    12:51Raphael Walsers GangArt: Explosion Of The Green
    12:46Raphael Walsers GangArt: Jazzkantine 18.2. Live
    12:38Colin Vallon, Patrice Moret, Julian Sartorius: Sisyphe
    12:27Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra: Saturn Hoola Hoop
    12:23Medeski Martin & Wood: Big Time
    12:19Medeski Martin & Wood: The Dropper
    12:14Marc Ribot: Clever White Youths
    12:05Brian Blade Fellowship: Crooked Creek
    12:00Erb_Gut: Li La
    11:47GoGo Penguin: Murmuration
    11:41Bill Evans Trio: How My Heart Sings
    11:37Manillio: Monbijou feat. Take This (Acoustic Live)
    11:32Pete Josef: Colour
    11:12Charles Mingus: Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
    11:09Christy Doran's New Bag: Embarkation
    11:02John Coltrane: The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
    10:55Matthew E. White: Tranquility
    10:52Yo La Tengo: Friday I'm In Love
    10:47The Hold Steady: Criminal Fingers
    10:43Kadhja Bonet: Remember The Rain
    10:39Anaïs Mitchell: He Did
    10:36Bibio: Down To The Sound
    10:30Cass McCombs: The Same Thing
    10:27Southern Boutique: Growing Old
    10:19Gem Club: Polly
    10:16Mooryc: You Will Go
    10:12Dear Reader: Monkey (You Can Go Home)
    10:08Avi Buffalo: Overwhelmed with Pride
    10:04Mimicking Birds: Wormholes
    10:00Lissy Trullie: Madeleine
    09:56Atlas Sound: Te Amo
    09:54Hiss Golden Messenger: Hat of Rain
    09:51The Black Atlantic: Fragile Meadow
    09:47Love Inks: Shoot 100 Panes Of Glass
    09:39Steve Gunn: Lurker
    09:35Junip: Your Life Your Call
    09:33Widowspeak: Harsh Realm
    09:28James Vincent McMorrow: Cavalier
    09:24Fake Laugh: Kinda Girl
    09:20Lambchop: If Not I'll Just Die
    09:16Cancer: Age of Pinballs
    09:10Golden Suits: I Think You Would Have Been Mine
    09:05The Acid: Animal
    09:02Glasser: Startseite
    08:57Kalle Mattson: A Love Song To The City
    08:52Serafyn: Gold Master
    08:48All The Luck In The World: Your Fires
    08:44Beach Fossils: Face It
    08:41Islands: Wave Forms
    08:35Siskiyou: Violent Motion Pictures
    08:32Juan Wauters: Water
    08:27Amor De Días: The House At Sea
    08:25Little Joy: No One's Better Sake
    08:21Bon Iver: For Emma
    08:16Nick Leng: Leaves
    08:12Die Heiterkeit: Kapitän
    08:09Blitzen Trapper: Black River Killer
    08:03Tobias Jesso Jr.: Hollywood
    08:00Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.: Habits
    07:56The Sea and Cake: Harps
    07:48Sébastien Tellier: La Ritournelle
    07:46Fleet Foxes: White Winter Hymnal
    07:43I Am Kloot: Proof
    07:40Gardens & Villa: Sunday Morning
    07:36Modest Mouse: Coyotes
    07:33Way Yes: Singing
    07:29Audio Dope: Coral Capers
    07:26Andrew Bird: Fitz & Dizzyspells
    07:23J. Irvin Dally: Teething
    07:21Vadoinmessico: Pond
    07:18Pat Jordache: Gold Bound
    07:13Abram Shook: Coastal
    07:10Dean Blunt: Two
    07:03Joanna Newson: Good Intentions Paving Company
    06:59Icarus Himself: Digging Holes
    06:54Young Man: In A Sense
    06:51William Fitzsimmons: You Still Hurt Me
    06:47Lina Tullgren: Older
    06:43Deptford Goth: Two Hearts
    06:39Ryley Walker: The Great And Undecided
    06:36Floridas: Destination
    06:34Ben Kweller: Hurtin' You
    06:29Beat Connection: Silver Screen
    06:24Girls: Laura
    06:20The Legendary Lightness: Airplane
    06:15Akron/Family: Until the Morning
    06:11Mean Lady: Lonely
    06:06The National: Afraid Of Everyone
    06:03Allo Darlin': If Loneliness Was Art
    05:59Majical Cloudz: Love Soul
    05:55Day Joy: Purple
    05:50Forced Random: I May Believe In Me
    05:46Case Studies: The Eagle, or the Serpent
    05:41Zachary Cale: Wayward Son
    05:38Quiet Island: Andersens Fair
    05:36Iron & Wine: Naked As We Came
    05:33First Aid Kit: Blue
    05:30Okay Kaya: Damn, Gravity
    05:24The Phoenix Foundation: Modern Rock
    05:21Mac DeMarco: Go Easy
    05:18Thao & Mirah: How Dare You
    05:14Gregory Alan Isakov: Saint Valentine
    05:11Oh Wonder: Livewire
    05:07Vampire Weekend: Hannah Hunt
    05:03Jon Hopkins: I Remember (Yeasayer Cover)
    04:54Charles Cohen: Solos Duos
    04:48Mike Wexler: Pariah
    04:43Dawn Of Midi: Algol
    04:40Born Gold: 1: Ferocious Body
    04:35Sylvan Esso: Coffee
    04:31Hundred Waters: Thistle (TOKiMONSTA Remix)
    04:27Max Graef & Glenn Astro: Money $ex Theme
    04:21The War on Drugs: Best Night
    04:19Fort Romeau: IKB
    04:15Niagara: Watershipdown
    04:09Nicolas Jaar: Mi Mujer
    04:05Romare: Don't Stop
    04:01Second Woman: 100407jd7
    03:57Lee Bannon: Shoot Out The Stars And Win
    03:53Kalabrese: Afterhour
    03:48Sarah Neufeld: Hero Brother
    03:44ETHIMM: Weiter
    03:39Panda Bear: Tomboy
    03:33Mountain Range: Circles
    03:28FaltyDL: Atlantis
    03:24DM Stith: Get Out Get Out Get Out (Jason Molina Cover)
    03:20Wovoka Gentle: Seventh Day
    03:14Sapphire Slows: Rules
    03:11Dirty Beaches: I Don't Know How To Find My Way Back To You
    03:07Shabazz Palaces: They Come In Gold
    03:05Ava Luna: Aquarium
    03:02Liars: Who Is the Hunter
    02:58Philip Selway: Coming Up For Air
    02:52Jamie XX: Sleep Sound
    02:48Pale King: An Airing
    02:43Raime: Your Cast Will Tire
    02:40BONES: HollisterJeans
    02:36The Invisible: Generational
    02:28Darkside: The Only Shrine I've Seen
    02:22Lee Gamble: Frame Drag
    02:16DJ Koze: Das Wort (feat. Dirk von Lowtzow)
    02:12SBTRKT: Resolute
    02:09CREEP: Introduction (feat. Planningtorock)
    02:06Nils Frahm: Ross's Harmonium
    01:58DJ Pierre, Supernova: The Beat (Dario D'Attis Remix)
    01:51Shimmer: Give Me (Accatone Black Keys Remix)
    01:43Ian Pooley: Floris (Original Mix)
    01:39Xeno & Oaklander: Sheen
    01:35Anchorsong: Flamingos (Original Mix)
    01:30Dorian Concept: Draft Culture
    01:23Bara Bröst: Gangsta Shit (Original Mix)
    01:16Andrey Pushkarev: Between The Mountains (Original Mix)
    01:12Loituma: Ieva's Polka (Wandervogel Edit)
    01:04Johnny D.: Night Clubbing (Original Mix)
    00:57Re.You: Fantasy (Original Mix)
    00:53Boston Bun: Time Bomb (feat. Piu Piu)
    00:47Lawrence: Marlen (Original Mix)
    00:39Kuniyuki: Earth Beats (Magazine Remix)
    00:31Jessica Diaz, Chad Andrew: Buhos (Chad Andrew Remix)
    00:27Gazelle Twin: Human Touch
    00:20Brandt Brauer Frick: Bop
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