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    13:23Ben Khan: 2000 Angels - T
    13:19Fleetwood Mac: Dreams
    13:13Alina Amuri, Msoke: Modified Vibrat
    13:05Latasha: Sumpn
    13:00GUM: S.I.A
    12:55Hoops: 4U
    12:51World Radio: New Romance
    12:45Guy Mandon: Lueg doch gnau
    12:42Melodys Echo Chamber: Breathe In Brea
    12:38Shuttle: Cruising

    Ganze Playlist   Tinnitus

    17:00 - 19:00
    19:00 - 20:00
    20:00 - 22:00

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    Mo 23.4.
    13:23Ben Khan: 2000 Angels - Tinnitus!!!
    13:19Fleetwood Mac: Dreams
    13:13Alina Amuri, Msoke: Modified Vibration feat. Msoke
    13:05Latasha: Sumpn
    13:00GUM: S.I.A
    12:55Hoops: 4U
    12:51World Radio: New Romance
    12:45Guy Mandon: Lueg doch gnau
    12:42Melodys Echo Chamber: Breathe In Breathe Out - Tinnitus!!!
    12:38Shuttle: Cruising
    12:33AUTOBAHN: Future
    12:29John Maus: Episode
    12:21Love'n'Joy: Come About
    12:18Girls Rituals: Girls Voice in a Rotting Mouth
    12:11Part Time: Faded Rose (Shattered Love) - Tinnitus!!!
    12:06Nativ: Kôdjé (prod. by Santo)
    12:01Charlotte & Magon: The Game
    11:54Reverend Beat Man and the New Wave: i have enough
    11:51Machinedrum: Hype Up!
    11:49Cutouts: Habits
    11:45Morabeza Tobacco: TTYL - Tinnitus!!!
    11:42Nakhane: Clairvoyant
    11:37Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays
    11:34Rome Fortune: One Time For (prod. Four Tet)
    11:30ÌFÉ: UMBO (Come Down) (HUMBUG REMIX)
    11:28Mavi Phoenix: Yellow
    11:24Yeule: Pocky Boy - Tinnitus!!!
    11:20Day Wave: Ohne Titel
    11:16Honey Harper: Secret
    11:11All XS: Monotony
    11:06Hibou: Fall Into
    11:03Best Coast: When I'm With You
    10:59Khruangbin: Evan Finds The Third Room
    10:56Sudan Archives: Nont For Sale - Tinnitus!!!
    10:52Rusty Wes: Blush
    10:48Cool Company: Be More Mad
    10:39The Orielles: Sugar Tastes Like Salt
    10:35Moon King: Apartment Fire
    10:32Roy Irwin: King Of Pop
    10:29Mild High Club: The Chat
    10:26WORLDS: Strange Feeling
    10:20Clap! Clap!: Ode To The Pleiades (Photay Remix) - Tinnitus!!!
    10:15SSION: At Least The Sky Is Blue (feat. Ariel Pink)
    10:09nvdes: Before The Weekend Comes
    10:07Paddy Hanna: Ida
    10:02Koudlam: See You All
    09:59Soccer Mommy: Cool
    09:54Jaunt: Faster Interactions
    09:46Mildlife: The Magnificent Moon
    09:40Gacha Bakradze: The Prayer
    09:34Lauren Auder: For Those Who Patiently Endure
    09:30Ben Khan: 2000 Angels - Tinnitus!!!
    09:27Beach House: Dark Spring
    09:23Hot Dreams: Another Night
    09:20Miel de Montagne: Pourquoi Pas
    09:16Rolling Blackouts C.F.: Talking Straight
    09:11Spike Vincent: Lie In The Dust - Tinnitus!!!
    09:06ViVii: Siv (You and I)
    09:01Bewilderbeast: Swimming II
    08:54The Lemon Twigs: Foolin' Around
    08:51Shuttle: Cruising
    08:47Misun: Eli Eli
    08:44Noname: Diddy Bop (feat. Raury & Cam O'bi)
    08:36Madrepaz: Bonanza
    08:31Sarah Bethe Nelson: Evolution
    08:24Yung Hurn: Bist Du alleine
    08:14Shy Layers: Gateway
    08:07Audio Dope: Floating
    08:02MoreEats: Fürst Of Pop
    07:55Drens: Nein
    07:51Dungen & Woods: Just for the Taste
    07:50Dungen & Woods: Schleife
    07:45Imarhan: Azzaman
    07:42Pizzagirl: Coffee Shop
    07:34Anemone: Bout De Toi
    07:31Don't Cry Shopgirl: Bring Me Home
    07:30Pizzagirl: Coffee Shop
    07:24Yeule: Pocky Boy - Tinnitus!!!
    07:23Latasha: Sumpn
    07:23Clap! Clap!: Ode To The Pleiades (Photay Remix) - Tinnitus!!!
    07:22GUM: S.I.A
    07:21Father John Misty: Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of Them All
    07:21Yeule: Pocky Boy - Tinnitus!!!
    07:16Morabeza Tobacco: TTYL - Tinnitus!!!
    07:08Young Dreams: Wildwind
    07:03Spirit Twin: Billie Dot
    06:53Superorganism: Everybody Wants To Be Famous
    06:50Sudan Archives: Nont For Sale - Tinnitus!!!
    06:44A$AP Ferg Ft. A$AP Rocky: Shabba (Uproot Andy Remix)
    06:41Yaeji: Last Breath
    06:36LCone: Y
    06:31Whistlejacket: Oh Brother
    06:30A$AP Ferg Ft. A$AP Rocky: Shabba (Uproot Andy Remix)
    06:22Clap! Clap!: Ode To The Pleiades (Photay Remix) - Tinnitus!!!
    06:15The Wooden Sky: Riding on the Wind
    06:12Shuttle: Cruising
    06:07Jesper Munk: Happy When I'm Blue
    06:00Les Sympathics: A Min We Vo Nou We
    06:00Shuttle: Cruising
    05:54Machinedrum: Hype Up!
    05:51Twin Shadow: Brace (feat. Rainsford)
    05:46Colleen: Push the Boat Onto the Sand
    05:41Ulrika Spacek: Lord Luck
    05:38Sarah Neufeld: Forcelessness
    05:34Greylag: One Foot
    05:30Ben Khan: 2000 Angels - Tinnitus!!!
    05:27Mavi Phoenix: Yellow
    05:23Lydia Ainsworth: Hologram
    05:20BiigPiig: Perdida (prod. Boss Nass)
    05:16Vampire Weekend: Hannah Hunt
    05:13Perfume Genius: Too Bright
    05:10Bibio: Petals
    05:07Nigel Wright: Barriers
    05:05Wedding: Ruth
    05:03Mr. Husband: Riding a Lightning Bolt
    05:00Shaban Und Käptn Peng: Kündigung 2.0
    04:51Saffron: Rampwalk (feat. Lola Guerrero)
    04:47Beirut: East Harlem
    04:35Matter: Tardis Cymbals
    04:31Tapes: Datura Mystic
    04:30Jeans For Jesus: Schulden
    04:16Oren Ambarchi: Quixotism Part 5
    04:13Tricky: Nothing's Changed (feat. Francesca Belmonte)
    04:09Planningtorock: Human Drama
    04:04Austra: Beat And The Pulse
    03:55Twin Haus: Synthetic Egg
    03:51Nosaj Thing: Eclipse/Blue
    03:44Sinner DC: Los
    03:37Phoenix: Love Like A Sunset
    03:33Zoo Kid: Has This Hit
    03:29Menomena: West
    03:25J Dilla: Two Lips (feat. Joey Bada$$)
    03:20Camel Power Club: Laïka (Hannes Fischer Remix)
    03:14Gamelan Pacifica: Opening
    03:11BAUMON FAVRE: Juke No. 1
    03:09Brandt Brauer Frick: Miami Titles
    03:05Die Astronauten: Dr. Coiffeur
    03:00Justin Walter: Dream Weaving
    02:56Leon Vynehall: Christ Air
    02:53Illum Sphere: Sleeprunner
    02:44Daniel Norgren: Howling Around My Happy Home
    02:40These New Puritans: Fragment Two
    02:34When Saints Go Machine: Fail Forever (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
    02:30Natural Information Society & Bitchin Bajas: Anemometer
    02:27Christian Rich: Seven
    02:23Jah Cotton: Dem Never Know
    02:19Gorillaz: Stylo
    02:14The Drums: I Can't Pretend (YACHT Remix)
    02:11Chancha Via Circuito: Guajaca
    02:07PVT: Light Up Bright Fires
    02:04Public Memory: Heir
    02:00Micachu and the Shapes: Oh Baby
    01:55THAT PORK: L'Evidence
    01:51Zammuto: Yay
    01:48My Panda Shall Fly: Indentiication
    01:45Cadence Weapon: No More Names (Aditi)
    01:40Pure X: Easy
    01:35Tosca: Stuttgart
    01:29Cloud Boat: I Left For A Reason (It Escapes Me Now)
    01:24Rumpistol: We're Not Gonna Make It
    01:19To Rococo Rot: Down In The Traffic
    01:15Second Woman: 100407jd7
    01:11Panama: It's Not Over
    01:05Daphni: Ye Ye
    01:02Le Frère: V1b1n'
    00:58Bonobo: Heaven For The Sinner (Ft. Erykah Badu)
    00:54A.r.t. WilsoN: Rebecca's Theme (Water)
    00:48Devendra Banhart: Golden Girls (Hauschka Mix)
    00:41Cologne Tape: Flutes By Phil Collins
    00:35Ulrich Schnauss: A Long Way To Fall
    00:32Ariel Kalma: What Would You Say
    00:28Clark: Ghosted
    00:27Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein: Biking to School
    00:24George FitzGerald: Roll Back
    00:21Laake: Introspective
    00:16Rival Consoles: Dreamer's Wake
    00:11Kauf: Let Slide (Blue Motel Remix)
    00:05Martin Kohlstedt: ELL (Christian Löffler Rework)
    So 22.4.
    23:58Air: Kelly Watch The Stars
    23:54The Smiths: There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    23:52Liquid Liquid: Optimo
    23:48Ghostface Killa: Buck 50
    23:43Bob Dylan: Masters Of War
    23:41Kate Bush: The Morning Fog
    23:38Dr Dre feat. Snoop Dogg: The Next Episode
    23:36The Outsiders: Face to Face
    23:33Tito Puente: Mi Chiquita Quiere Bembe
    23:28The Psychedelic Furs: Into You Like A Train
    23:25Jacques Brel: Seul
    23:21Beastie Boys: What Comes Around
    23:18Jay-Z: Never Change
    23:14Pink Floyd: Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)
    23:11Slayer: Altar Of Sacrifice
    23:09The Mighty Hannibal: I'm Coming Home
    23:01Bunny Wailer: This Train
    22:59Mani Matter: Ds Lied vo de Bahnhöf
    22:55Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Almost Cut My Hair
    22:52Silicon Teens: Chip N' Roll
    22:49Blur: Parklife
    22:47The Beatles: Doctor Robert
    22:43Happy Mondays: Judge Fudge
    22:35Supertramp: Rudy
    22:33The Police: Miss Gradenko
    22:30Dr. Dre: A Nigga Witta Gun
    22:25James Chance & The Contortions: Contort Yourself
    22:23Giorgio Moroder: The Wheel (Midnight Express/Soundtrack Version)
    22:18Jeff Phelps: On The Corner
    22:15Adriano Celentano: Prisencolinensinainciusol
    22:12The Wake: Of The Matter
    22:09OutKast: Da Art of Storytellin' (Pt. 1)
    22:05Marshall Jefferson & On the House: lets get busy
    21:57Curtis Mayfield: (Don't Worry) If There's Hell Below We're All Gonn
    21:54The Beach Boys: Wouldn't It Be Nice
    21:49The Alan Parsons Project: The Voice
    21:46Felt: Dismantled King Is Off the Throne
    21:42Jorge Ben: Ponta de Lança Africano (Umbabarauma)
    21:37New Order: Age Of Consent
    21:35Sibylle Baier: Tonight
    21:31Ride: Twisterella
    21:26Fleetwood Mac: The Chain
    21:21Beck: Round The Bend
    21:18Them: Mystic Eyes
    21:11Underworld: Spoonman
    21:08The Smiths: Shoplifters Of The World Unite
    21:01Fela Kuti: Mistake (Live At The Berlin Jazz Festival - 1978)
    20:58The Jury: Who Dat?
    20:54The Cure: Other voices
    20:49Led Zeppelin: I Can't Quit You Baby
    20:46The Seeds: Can't Seem To Make You Mine
    20:44Donovan: Belated Forgiveness Plea
    20:41Jacques Dutronc: L'Idole
    20:39Tom Paxton: Bottle Of Wine
    20:36Moloch: I Can Think The Same Of You
    20:32Terry Reid: Juli
    20:30Jodo: Rat Race
    20:28Manu Chao: Bienvenida A Tijuana
    20:23Sting: Englishman in New York
    20:19Originoo Gunn Clappaz: Gunn Clapp
    20:15Black Moon: How Many MC's
    20:10O.G.C: Elite Fleet
    20:05D.R. Hooker: Forge Your Own Chains
    20:02The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band: A Child Of A Few Hours Is Burning to Death
    19:57Kris Kristofferson: Just The Other Side Of Nowhere
    19:53Kris Kristofferson: Me And Bobby McGee
    19:53Janis Joplin: Me and Bobby McGee
    19:50Kris Kristofferson: Help Me Make It Through The Night
    19:47Kris Kristofferson: Jesse Younger
    19:12Screamin' Jay Hawkins: I Put A Spell On You
    18:59Townes Van Zandt: Lungs
    18:56Townes Van Zandt: Sixteen Summers, Fifteen Falls
    18:54Townes Van Zandt: Waitin' Around To Die
    18:49Townes Van Zandt: Ill Be Here in the Morning
    18:46Townes Van Zandt: Pancho And Lefty
    18:40Jerry Jeff Walker: Mr. Bojangles
    18:40Bob Dylan: Mr.Bojangles
    18:35Jerry Jeff Walker: Northeast Texas Woman
    18:32Jerry Jeff Walker: Maybe Mexico
    18:29Johnny Cash: Folsom Prison Blues
    18:25Waylon Jennings: Good Hearted Woman
    18:23Waylon Jennings: Mammas Dont Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
    18:20Waylon Jennings: Ladies Love Outlaws
    18:17Willie Nelson: On The Road Again
    18:14Townes Van Zandt: Dollar Bill Blues
    18:12Willie Nelson: Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
    18:06Jerry Jeff Walker: Ramblin Scramblin
    18:02Willie Nelson: Whiskey River
    18:02Townes Van Zandt: Waitin' Around To Die
    18:01Jerry Jeff Walker: Mr. Bojangles
    17:58RJD2: Ghostwriter
    17:52Love'n'Joy: Come About
    17:46Kevin Ayers: When Your Parents Go To Sleep
    17:40Overmono: Catapult
    17:34Hess Is More: 80 Years, Pt. I
    17:25Jonathan Wilson: Loving You
    17:09Ulrika Spacek: Lord Luck
    17:04Gacha Bakradze: The Prayer
    17:00Nava: Ritual
    16:55Shy Layers: Gateway
    16:50Peter Gabriel: Big Time
    16:50Peter Gabriel: The Rhythm Of The Heat
    16:48Peter Gabriel: Sledgehammer
    16:44Cash+David: Pulse
    16:41Negative Gemini: Rollercoaster
    16:38King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard: Deserted Dunes Welcome Weary Feet
    16:33The Young Gods: Kissing The Sun
    16:25Julia Holter: Vasquez
    16:21Veil of Light: Same Blood
    16:12Candy: Apartment In The City
    16:06Peggy Gou: Han Jan
    16:02Dungen & Woods: Turn Around
    15:59The Lemon Twigs: Foolin' Around
    15:52ViVii: Siv (You and I)
    15:47Barbudo: Realise the Reality
    15:43John Maus: Episode
    15:38Unknown Mortal Orchestra: The Internet Of Love (That Way)
    15:36Unknown Mortal Orchestra: American Guilt
    15:32KOKOKO!: Tokoliana
    15:26Hookworms: On Leaving
    15:20Amen Dunes: Believe
    15:11Art Feynman: Monday Give Me Monday
    15:07Jlin: Nandi
    15:05Sarah Farina: Ohne Titel
    15:05Kali Uchis: In My Dreams
    15:05Sarah Farina: Ohne Titel
    15:04Sarah Farina: Ohne Titel
    15:04Mavi Phoenix: Janet Jackson
    15:03Fever Dream: Reyndu Bara - Tinnitus!!!
    14:56Twin Shadow: Brace (feat. Rainsford)
    14:51Rolling Blackouts C.F.: Talking Straight
    14:47Jaunt: Faster Interactions
    14:43Kainalu: Finding Peace Of Mind
    14:40Thunder Jackson: Colours
    14:38Thunder Jackson: Guilty Party
    14:36cuco: CR-V
    14:33Caramelo: Bolzplatz (prod. Rob surreal)
    14:27The Legendary Lightness: April Hearts
    14:24COBEE: Trink Mit Mir
    14:15Khruangbin: Evan Finds The Third Room
    14:09The Cyclist: Alabaster Thrones
    14:06Mina: Allo (feat. Gafacci & Omo Frenchie)
    14:01Shopping: The Hype
    13:56Mac DeMarco: A Heart Like Hers
    13:50Chris Cohen: Caller No.99
    13:47The Bony King Of Nowhere: Girl From The Play
    13:38The Phoenix Foundation: Modern Rock
    13:34Broadcast 2000: Rouse Your Bones
    13:28Beach House: Sparks
    13:20Fenster: Sunday Owls
    13:08Ryley Walker: Telluride Speed
    13:01Connan Mockasin: I Wanna Roll With You
    12:57Mooryc: You Will Go
    12:54HÅN: The Children
    12:48Laurent & Max: Znünibrot
    12:42Thao & Mirah: Little Cup
    12:39Cosmo Sheldrake: Mind Of Rocks
    12:30Porcelain Raft: I Lost Connection
    12:27Jakob Ogawa: Youll Be On My Mind
    12:24Bay Blue: Fish Fried, Birds Blue
    12:15Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Not In Love We're Just High
    12:08Olaf Kirchgraber: Blickchäs
    12:02Microguagua: El Profeta Del Barrio
    11:57Barbe Rousse: P.I
    11:50Phosphorescent: Song for Zula
    11:47Mac DeMarco: Another One
    11:40Sylvan Esso: Coffee
    11:36BiigPiig: Perdida (prod. Boss Nass)
    11:30Yo La Tengo: Before We Run
    11:22Motion Graphics: Brass Mechanics
    11:13Face+Heel: Pier Video
    11:07Labrador City: Sunlight
    11:03Gabriel Bruce: Sleep Paralysis
    10:55Nightlands: Lost Moon
    10:52Element Of Crime: Dunkle Wolke
    10:47City and Colour: Deaths Song
    10:43She & Him: Unchained Melody
    10:40The National: So Far Around The Bend
    10:36M. Ward: Chinese Translation
    10:32Mister Lies: Wait
    10:26Balmorhea: Pyrakantha
    10:23Widowspeak: Harsh Realm
    10:19Girls: Heartbreaker
    10:15Emily Wells: Passenger
    10:10Tobias Jesso Jr.: Just A Dream
    10:06Amor De Días: The House At Sea
    10:02True Adventures: North Atlantic Ocean
    09:55Joanna Newson: Good Intentions Paving Company
    09:50Breakfast in Fur: Whisper
    09:48J Mascis: Drifter
    09:44kissed her little sister: my nature
    09:41JJ & Palin: Eat
    09:37Corbu: Promise Me
    09:33The Fridge: Common Landslide
    09:31Gemma Ray: The Low Rising
    09:27Majical Cloudz: Turns Turns Turns
    09:22The Antlers: Palace
    09:20MLTD: Sonntag
    09:16Day Joy: Purple
    09:13Peter Wolf Crier: Having It Out
    09:09S. Carey: Supermoon
    09:06Mimicking Birds: Wormholes
    09:03The Tallest Man On Earth: The Wild Hunt
    08:59Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.: Morning Thought
    08:54All The Luck In The World: Your Fires
    08:50Birthmark: Stuck
    08:47Hanni el Khatib: Wait. Wait. Wait.
    08:42Califone: Funeral Singers
    08:39Sunken: Swoon
    08:33Siskiyou: Violent Motion Pictures
    08:28Franky Silence & Ghost Orchestra: No One Knows
    08:24Kwes.: 36
    08:22Fleet Foxes: White Winter Hymnal
    08:18Daughter: Smother
    08:14Laura Gibson: La Grande
    08:08Moodoïd: Les chemins de traverse
    08:03The Underground Youth: Midnight Lust
    07:59Dark Dark Dark: What I Needed
    07:55FKA x inc.: FKA x inc.
    07:53Stealing Sheep: The Mountain Dogs
    07:50MUSO: Schatten
    07:47His Clancyness: Miss Out These Days
    07:42Kevin Drew: And That's All I Know
    07:38Kurt Vile: Life Like This
    07:36John Wizards: Welcome To Cape Town, Cape Town Welcomes You
    07:32Death Cab For Cutie: Long Division
    07:28ETHIMM: Why
    07:25Modest Mouse: Coyotes
    07:21Dan Baker: One Of Them
    07:18Arms and Sleepers: Ghost Loop
    07:14Simen Mitlid: I Don't Care
    07:10Low: Stay (Rihanna Cover)
    07:06James Vincent McMorrow: Cavalier
    07:02Monsoonsiren: Geisha
    06:57Ramona Falls: Spore
    06:51Yo La Tengo: Before We Run
    06:47French For Rabbits: Goat
    06:41Evelinn Trouble: WISH MMXVII
    06:38Gregory Alan Isakov: Saint Valentine
    06:34Vadoinmessico: Pepita, Queen Of The Animals
    06:30Lina Tullgren: Older
    06:28Hurray For The Riff Raff: Blue Ridge Mountain
    06:25Rue Royale: Set Out to Discover
    06:21Iron & Wine: Grace For Saints And Ramblers
    06:19NO CEREMONY///: AWAYFROMHERE (feat. James Vincent McMorrow)
    06:16Rob Moir: Cop Car Crucifix (Live @ Radio 3FACH)
    06:10Blood Orange: Time Will Tell
    06:06The Hold Steady: Criminal Fingers
    06:03Whitney: The Falls (demo)
    06:01Dean Blunt: 50 Cent
    05:57Mike Wexler: Glyph
    05:53Bobby Womack: Please Forgive My Heart
    05:49Alcoholic Faith Mission: Reconstruct My Love
    05:46Air Waves: Knockout
    05:43Caspian: Akiko
    05:41Lenparrot: Les Yeux en Cavale
    05:37William Fitzsimmons: You Still Hurt Me
    05:33Houndmouth: Penitentiary
    05:30The Black Atlantic: Fragile Meadow
    05:25Noir Désir: Le vent nous portera
    05:22Jungle Green: The One I Love
    05:18Rhye: The Fall
    05:13Forced Random: I May Believe In Me
    05:08Still Parade: Hunter
    05:05Indians: Cakelakers
    04:59The Advisory Circle: Causeway Ballet
    04:52Father John Misty: Pure Country
    04:47Indian Wells: Deuce
    04:43Rat & Co: Robes
    04:40Pill Wonder: See You On The Cyan Shore
    04:36Cuz: Thinkin' 'Bout Thinkin'
    04:28Nicolas Jaar: Fight
    04:24Radiohead: Everything In Its Right Place
    04:20A Lily: The Sparrow in the Lemon Tree
    04:14DJ Koze: Das Wort (feat. Dirk von Lowtzow)
    04:07Israel Nash: LA Lately
    04:03Masayoshi Fujita: Moonlight
    04:00Magnetic Fields: The Book Of Love
    03:55FaltyDL: Atlantis
    03:32Günter Schlienz: Watermarked Memories
    03:29BEAK>: Deserters
    03:24Human Teenager: Whites In General
    03:20Thug Entrancer: Death After Life VI
    03:15CCFX: Venetian Screen
    03:09Fort Romeau: Folle
    03:06Absolutely Free: Window Of Time
    03:03Dirty Beaches: I Don't Know How To Find My Way Back To You
    03:01DARKSIDE: Greek Light
    02:58Hove: Hillside
    02:52Dam Mantle: Movement
    02:47visu: Nacht (feat. Julia)
    02:42James Blake: Klavierwerke
    02:39S O H N: Lessons
    02:35Kate NV: KAK HOW
    02:30Lewis: Just Sittin' By The River Bank
    02:25Múm: Toothwheels
    02:23Zombie Disco Squad: Righteous Sound (Round Table Knights Edit)
    02:19Actress: Rule
    02:15Pieces of Juno: Saffron
    02:11SBTRKT: Look At Stars
    02:06Polar Bear: Be Free
    02:04Coals: VHS Nightmaner ft. Hatti Vatti
    02:00Cult of Youth: Todestrieb
    01:57Jeans Wilder: Spanish Tile
    01:53Future Islands: Seasons (BADBADNOTGOOD Neuinterpretation)
    01:50Schnellertollermeier: Sing For Me
    01:45Trentemøller: Candy Tongue (feat. Marie Fisker)
    01:40Machinedrum: Rise N Fall
    01:36Shabazz Palaces: Swerve... The reeping of all that is worthwhile (N
    01:32Baths: Lovely Bloodflow
    01:27Fatima Al Qadiri: Wudang
    01:24Kara-Lis Coverdale: TOUCH ME & DIE
    01:17Stahlberger: Heimat
    01:12Washed Out: Eyes Be Closed
    01:08Land Observations: Appian Way
    01:04River Tiber: The Star Falls
    01:03Pablo Nouvelle: Push Me (feat. Sam Brookes)
    00:59Kali Uchis: In My Dreams
    00:56Say Lou Lou: Games For Girls x Lindstrom
    00:51Moodoïd: Planète Tokyo
    00:48COBEE: Trink Mit Mir
    00:44Desiigner: Panda
    00:41a=f/m: Body Collide
    00:33Lindstrom: De Javu
    00:30Cayucas: East Coast Girl
    00:27TV ME: Mountain Biplane
    00:24King Tuff: Sun Medallion (Al Lover Remix)
    00:19ODESZA: Say My Name (feat. Zyra)
    00:16Streets Of Laredo: Hey Rose
    00:10Para One: Opium
    00:08Azealia Banks: Heavy Metal And Reflective
    Sa 21.4.
    23:58Run The Jewels: Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) (feat. Zack De
    23:54Moon King: Apartment Fire
    23:45Montezumas Rache: Wu Du Wu
    23:43Hands: Brave Motion
    23:40Groves: Friends
    23:34Gold Panda: Brazil
    23:31Cold War Kids: Miracle Mile
    23:27NVOY: You Are
    23:24Marash & Dave: Primakova Girl (feat. LCone)
    23:21Twin Shadow: Saturdays (feat. Haim)
    23:17Siriusmo: Stinky Wig
    23:11Brisa Roche: Disco (Blackjoy Remix)
    23:04Justin Jay: You Give Me Butterflies
    23:02Yung Hurn: MHM
    22:55Burial & Four Tet & Thom Yorke: Ego
    22:50Exuma: Mama Loi, Papa Loi
    22:44Exuma: Baal
    22:39K.I.Z.: Hurra die Welt geht unter ft. Henning May
    22:37Adam Green: Hard To Be A Girl
    22:28Tame Impala: Let It Happen (Soulwax Remix)
    22:25Ras G: Take It Slow
    22:22Mykki Blanco: Moshin In The Front (feat. Cities Aviv)
    22:16Gil Scott-Heron: Ny Is Killing Me (Jamie Xx Rmx)
    22:13Joy Division: Disorder
    22:08Trettmann: Grauer Beton
    22:02Soft Walls: Never Come Back Again
    21:57Les Sins: Prelims
    21:51Lana Del Rey: Brooklyn Baby (Tom Vek Remix)
    21:44Rex The Dog: Do You Feel What I Feel (Tiger & Woods Remix)
    21:38Peggy Gou: Han Jan
    21:34Kisses: Air Conditioning
    21:30Gnork: See Me Rollin
    21:26Peace: Bloodshake
    21:23Kali Uchis: In My Dreams
    21:19Tommy Cash: WINALOTO
    21:14ABRA: Novacane
    21:10YELLE: Ici & Maintenant (Kane West Remix)
    21:04DJ SEINFELD: U
    21:01COBEE: Trink Mit Mir
    20:56Gundelach: Garden
    20:53Doomtree: Spill Me Up
    20:50Barbwire: Nora Dean
    20:45Roland Tings: Higher Ground (feat. Nylo)
    20:41Bauchamp: AfroSkank (feat. Tsunami)
    20:34Rizzoknor: Trip
    20:30Daniela Casa: Esodo
    20:26Dele Sosimi: E Go Betta (O'Flynn Edit)
    20:23Pumpuang Duangjan: Sao Dok Kum Tai
    20:18Nozinja: Nwa Baloyi
    20:16House of Feelings: Keep On Running
    20:13Somjai Nilbarun: Lam Plearn Diew Khaen Diew Phin
    20:02Sonzeira: City Of Saints (Dj Oil Remix)
    20:00P. Promdan: Lung Dee Kee Mao
    19:55African Futurism: Akal Akal
    19:44Pat Thomas: Yesu San Bra Disco Hi-Life
    19:37Mappa Mundi: Trance Fusion (Hunee Tempo Edit)
    19:31Don Laka: Stages
    19:26Tohon Stanislas: Owhaaou (Raphael Top Secret Edit)
    19:21Aby Ngana Diop: Michael Ozone's Liital Rhythm
    19:17Maga Bo: No Balanço da Canoa (Chico Correa Remix)
    19:12Georgette: Kirie
    19:08Forró RED Light: Baião Violossintético
    19:04Renata Rosa: Brilhantina
    18:58Steel An' Skin: Afro Punk Reggae Dub
    18:54Arp Frique: African Reggae Disco
    18:51Arp Frique: Blaka Doti feat. Humphrey Campbell
    18:47Arp Frique: This Is Love
    18:42Arp Frique: Nos Magia
    18:39Arp Frique: City Lights feat. Ronald Snijders
    18:34Arp Frique: Kamajo
    18:30Cynthia: Jhoom Le
    18:25Cynthia: Aadja Mere Sawaria
    18:17Shadow: Let's Get It Together (Dub)
    18:12Jorge Ben: O Dia Em Que o Sol (JKriv Mais Baixo Rework)
    18:06William & The Young Five: You Turn Me On (JKriv Rework)
    18:01Malebu Satari: Smile
    17:55Moon King: Apartment Fire
    17:51Nocando: No Sweat (feat. Pigeon John & Cel)
    17:46Tohon Stanislas: Owhaaou (Raphael Top Secret Edit)
    17:37Woman's Hour: In Stillness We Remain (Jack Savidge Remix)
    17:31Trust: Rescue, Mister
    17:29IMPERIO: Excommunion
    17:29Fischermanns Orchestra: Gualalepo
    17:24Belle And Sebastian: The Party Line
    17:21Kali Uchis: In My Dreams
    17:16Fool's Gold: I'm In Love
    17:11Florentino: Rosas En Diciembre
    17:05Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton: Freedom (Björn Storig Edit)
    17:01Jimothy Lacoste: Subway System
    16:56Parcels: Overnight
    16:53Gregory Porter: Liquid Spirit (20syl Remix)
    16:49Junior Boys: Over It
    16:46Purity Ring: Push Pull
    16:42Round Table Knights: Secret Place (Radio Edit)
    16:37Disclosure: Grab Her!
    16:31Fleetwood Mac: Go Your Own Way
    16:29IMPERIO: Excommunion
    16:29Fischermanns Orchestra: Gualalepo
    16:23SondreLerche: Soft Feelings
    16:19Len Sander: Woman On The Run
    16:19Len Sander: Places
    16:15Neil Frances: Music Sounds Better With You (STARDUST COVER)
    16:10AV AV AV: All Good
    16:05JD Twitch: Maya
    16:01Danny Brown: Dip
    15:56Kali Uchis: In My Dreams
    15:52Santigold: Disparate Youth
    15:47Launder: Fade
    15:41Tunji Ige: Day2Day (Feat. Wonda)
    15:37Mozzik: Madam
    15:32Imarhan: Ehad Wa Dagh
    15:30IMPERIO: Excommunion
    15:30Fischermanns Orchestra: Gualalepo
    15:25The Tallest Man On Earth: An Ocean
    15:20Dr. Dog: Listening In
    15:16Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays
    15:13Avicii: Levels
    15:12Avicii: Hey Brother
    15:07Project Pablo: Napoletana
    15:01SSION: At Least The Sky Is Blue (feat. Ariel Pink)
    14:55Nativ: Kôdjé (prod. by Santo)
    14:51Ben Khan: 2000 Angels - Tinnitus!!!
    14:47Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays
    14:42Hess Is More: 80 Years, Pt. I
    14:37LCone: Bäumli
    14:34PYNKIE: Dew
    14:29Hibou: Junipero Love
    14:26Nava: Ritual
    14:26Latasha: Sumpn
    14:25Clap! Clap!: Ode To The Pleiades (Photay Remix) - Tinnitus!!!
    14:25GUM: S.I.A
    14:24Father John Misty: Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of Them All
    14:24Yeule: Pocky Boy - Tinnitus!!!
    14:20Nick Dorian: Yawn (Prod. by Shibo)
    14:17Mavi Phoenix: Yellow
    14:13Beach House: Dark Spring
    14:09Video Age: Hold On (I Was Wrong)
    14:06Faces on TV: Dancing After All
    14:03L.A. Witch: Kill My Baby Tonight
    13:57Lucia Manca: Bar Stazione
    13:53Kadhja Bonet: Mother Maybe
    13:48Moon King: Apartment Fire
    13:45RAF Camora: Maserati
    13:44Colloquials: Elegance (Instrumental)
    13:39Vive la Void: Red Rider
    13:34Kainalu: Folds Like Origami
    13:30FlexFab: Places feat The Venopian Solitude
    13:29Latasha: Sumpn
    13:29Clap! Clap!: Ode To The Pleiades (Photay Remix) - Tinnitus!!!
    13:28GUM: S.I.A
    13:27Father John Misty: Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of Them All
    13:27Yeule: Pocky Boy - Tinnitus!!!
    13:23Natalie Prass: Short Court Style
    13:20Crimer: Coward
    13:19Hinds: The Club
    13:19Ian Fisher: Come Cambiano
    13:19Slimka: George De La Dew
    13:19Tshegue: Muanapoto
    13:18Miel de Montagne: Pourquoi Pas
    13:13SSION: At Least The Sky Is Blue (feat. Ariel Pink)
    13:08Ulrika Spacek: Lord Luck
    13:01Fischermanns Orchestra: Squeezy Fish
    12:52Fischermanns Orchestra: Gualalepo
    12:49Sun Ra: Enlightenment
    12:43Sun Ra Arkestra: Celestial Love
    12:38Sun Ra: Discipline
    12:31Fischermanns Orchestra: Blau Sein
    12:21Fischermanns Orchestra: Der Oger
    12:20Sly & Robbie: Bam Bam / Murder She Wrote Riddim (Instrumental)
    12:15Get The Blessing: Hope (For The Moment)
    12:12Get The Blessing: Phaenomena
    12:07Get The Blessing: Little Ease
    12:02Sly & Robbie Molvær Aarset & Vladislav Delay: Hidden Track
    12:01Sly & Robbie: Bam Bam / Murder She Wrote Riddim (Instrumental)
    11:54Sly & Robbie Molvær Aarset & Vladislav Delay: Politically Kkkorrrekkttt
    11:49Sly & Robbie Molvær Aarset & Vladislav Delay: Norwegian sword fish
    11:42Sly & Robbie Molvær Aarset & Vladislav Delay: European Express
    11:37Sly & Robbie Molvær Aarset & Vladislav Delay: Was in the blues
    11:34Sly & Robbie feat. Tricky: Street Times
    11:27Sly & Robbie Molvær Aarset & Vladislav Delay: Strange bright crowd
    11:21Sly & Robbie Molvær Aarset & Vladislav Delay: Dream Drifter
    11:15Sly & Robbie Molvær Aarset & Vladislav Delay: White scarf in the mist
    11:10Sly & Robbie Molvær Aarset & Vladislav Delay: How Long
    11:03Sly & Robbie Molvær Aarset & Vladislav Delay: Rock-stone Noah Bingie
    10:58Medeski Martin & Wood: Big Time
    10:56La Sera: I'm Alone
    10:52Echo Lake: In Dreams
    10:47Kevin Krauter: Bachelor
    10:43Hubbert (feat. Kathryn Joseph): The Dog
    10:41Karen O: The Moon Song
    10:37Natural Child: I'm Gonna Try
    10:32Aidan Knight: Funeral Singers
    10:30Laura Marling: You Know
    10:27Advance Base: Pamela
    10:23Gold Dust: Singapore
    10:18The Morning Benders: Stitches
    10:15Gaussian Curve: Four For You
    10:12David Lemaitre: Pandora Express
    10:08Bat For Lashes: Prescilla
    10:03Cancer: Age of Pinballs
    10:00Ben Kweller: I Miss You
    09:56Another: Maika
    09:52Panda Bear: Lonely Wanderer
    09:47Skinny Lister: Colours
    09:44Lyla Foy: Feather Tongue
    09:39Andrew Bird: Anonanimal
    09:36Bonnie Prince Billy: Mindlessness
    09:32Gardens & Villa: Sunday Morning
    09:28Villagers: Ship Of Promises
    09:24Moonface: Running in Place with Everyone
    09:21Audio Dope: Coral Capers
    09:17Here We Go Magic: Hard To Be Close
    09:10Steve Gunn & Black Twig Pickers: Trailways Ramble
    09:07Astronaut Husband: Changeless
    09:03Dems: Sinking In The Sorry
    09:00Gun Outfit: Slow Realization
    08:57Abram Shook: Hangover
    08:52Wild Beasts: This Is Our Lot
    08:49Painted Palms: Angels (Live @ Radio 3FACH)
    08:46Cloud Nothings: Hey Cool Kid
    08:43Alex Bury: Waiting On Tomorrow
    08:39Dear Reader: Monkey (You Can Go Home)
    08:36Black Lips: Spidey's Curse
    08:33Bruno Major: Second Time
    08:28Deerhunter: Helicopter
    08:25Southern Boutique: Growing Old
    08:21Serafyn: Gold Master
    08:16A$AP Rocky: Grippin Woodgrain (feat. Seth Narley)
    08:12Lupa: The Creature
    08:08Field Maps: Action at a Distance
    08:03Young Man: In A Sense
    08:00Courtney Farren: Go Easy
    07:56Love Inks: Shoot 100 Panes Of Glass
    07:53I Am Oak: Famine
    07:50Beck: Say Goodbye
    07:47Girls: Martina Martinez
    07:41Native Eloquence: Habits
    07:33Avi Buffalo: Remember Last Time
    07:31Mac DeMarco: This Old Dog
    07:28Conveyor: Wry Thing
    07:23The Head and the Heart: Coeur D'Alene
    07:21Pat Jordache: Gold Bound
    07:15Ariel Pink: Picture Me Gone
    07:11Bill Callahan: Javelin Unlanding
    07:10Frankie Cosmos: Birthday Song
    07:07Tim Woulfe: Joyce
    07:03Dans La Tente: Zoomer
    07:00Blitzen Trapper: Black River Killer
    06:56Úlfur: Fovea
    06:54ERAAS: Splitting
    06:52Hiss Golden Messenger: Hat of Rain
    06:45Gem Club: Polly
    06:41First Aid Kit: King of the World (feat. Conor Oberst)
    06:36Cass McCombs: The Lonely Doll
    06:32Peals: Blue Elvis
    06:27Kevin Morby: The Dead They Don't Come Back
    06:20Moon Loves Honey: Balloon
    06:14Junip: Walking Lightly
    06:09The Luyas: Face
    06:05Kait Lawson: Take Your Charge
    06:01Lust For Youth: Breaking Silence
    05:58H.C. McEntire: A Lamb, A Dove
    05:52The Dentals: I Love You Even More
    05:49Palus Somnii: Maze
    05:45Peter Broderick: Not At Home
    05:42Allo Darlin': If Loneliness Was Art
    05:38Isbells: One Day
    05:33Cotillon: Exempt
    05:25Kristofer Åström: Full Moon
    05:22Tweedy: The Wolf Is On The Hill
    05:19Yo La Tengo: Friday I'm In Love
    05:17Rodrigo Amarante: Maná
    05:12Matthew E. White: Vision
    05:08Papercuts: Do What You Will
    05:03The War on Drugs: Best Night
    05:00Devotional: My Baby Loves Me All The Time
    04:58Hundred Waters: Show Me Love
    04:55Still Corners: Cuckoo
    04:48Tropic of Cancer: Children Of A Lesser God
    04:43Bibio: Excuses
    04:39Inc.: Angel
    04:37Arca: Held Apart
    04:32Damon Eliza Palermo: River Drum
    04:24Laurine Frost: Marionette Manifesto
    04:19Boards of Canada: Reach For The Dead
    04:16Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie: Woody Synth
    04:10Sleep Party People: The City Light Died
    04:07Beacon: Into The Night
    04:04The xx: Angels
    04:02Tommy Guerrero: Where The Sky Drops Into The Sea
    03:58Kyler Slater: On My Own
    03:54Jenny Hval: Heaven
    03:50John Maus: Believer
    03:46Alias: Dahorses
    03:34Jon Hopkins: Sun Harmonics
    03:29The Acid: Basic Instinct (Lapalux Remix)
    03:27Gonjasufi: Venom
    03:19Suuns: Bambi (EP Version)
    03:14Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Kifi-Mifi
    03:11Sun Airway: Wild Palms
    03:08Throwing Shade: Underneath My Eyelids
    03:05THEESatisfaction: Post Black Anyway
    03:00OMBRE: Tormentas
    02:56Yung Lean: Yoshi City
    02:51Nicolas Jaar: Why Didn't You Save Me
    02:33Floating Points: Kuiper
    02:31Rabit & Dedekind Cut: R&D-ii
    02:22Amen Dunes: Love
    02:17Le Frère: Candid
    02:08Kamaal Williams: Salaam
    02:06The Drums: Bell Laboratories
    02:04Noah Wall: Closed Source
    01:55Kink: Yom Thorke
    01:48Dave Martins: Natural (Hector Couto Remix)
    01:46LK: Angel (snipp)
    01:38Dave Martins, Mimanos, Thomas T Feat. Caio: Killer On The Road (Original Mix)
    01:30Death On The Balcony: Solar Lives (Original Mix)
    01:23Audiojack: Bonafide (Original Mix)
    01:14Nico Stojan: Use Your Wings (Original Mix)
    01:06Matthias Meyer: Matthias Meyer - Hope (Watergate Records)
    00:58Ian Pooley: Floris (Original Mix)
    00:51The Glitz: Snowmaker (David Keno Remix)
    00:46Sigha: Interior
    00:41Peder Mannerfelt: Stream Of Time
    00:33Octave One, Ann Saunderson: Black Water (Full Strings Vocal Mix)
    00:27Saison: Do You
    00:22Purple Disco Machine, Boris Dlugosch: L.O.V.E.
    00:13Rodriguez Jr.: Sulfuric State (Original Mix)
    00:06Kapote: Temptation
    00:00samy'z: Samy'z - Jamm on me (Orginal Mix)
    Fr 20.4.
    21:32Inkfish: IOTA (Original Mix)
    21:24Nico Stojan: Use Your Wings (Original Mix)
    21:20Kid Baba: Black Water
    21:13YES BABY!: ROOM 3003 (Original Mix)
    21:08Magit Cacoon: History In The Makin
    21:00Matthias Meyer: Matthias Meyer - Hope (Watergate Records)
    20:55Dolphin Flight: Princesse
    20:50Atlas Clouds: Close My Eyes
    20:45Naked In English Class: Psycho
    20:41Gaia: Aurora
    20:36Monumental Men: We Do No Want To Wait
    20:32Evelinn Trouble: Hope Music
    20:27Evelinn Trouble: Monstruous
    20:26Evelinn Trouble: Monstruous
    20:25Evelinn Trouble: WISH MMXVII
    20:21Vsitor: Dark Veil
    20:17Die Selektion: Dein Herz Wiegt Tausend Scherben
    20:12The Young Gods: Kissing The Sun
    20:06Pablo Nouvelle: Wrong
    20:03Danitsa: Captain
    19:58ChateauGhetto: Booba m'a dit
    19:56ChateauGhetto: Orgasme Posthume
    19:53ChateauGhetto: Balltrap feat Kassette
    19:49Régis X ChateauGhetto: Contre Toi
    19:44ChateauGhetto: Paris - Lausanne feat Roccobelly
    19:41ChateauGhetto: La Nuit
    19:36ChâteauGhetto: Rhum
    19:31Len Sander: Now That I Burn
    19:24Heb Di De: s'chond scho guet - Live @ Stanser Musiktage
    19:18Linda Vogel: I want you (Bob Dylan Cover)
    19:14Hanreti: Cuetrigger (Live @ Stanser Musiktage 2018)
    19:11Hanreti: Green In Green
    19:03Gaspard de La Montagne: Pespectives
    18:59Audio Dope: Thamiam
    18:50Ride: Catch You Dreaming
    18:47Unknown Mortal Orchestra: How Many Zeros
    18:45Unknown Mortal Orchestra: American Guilt
    18:42Melodys Echo Chamber: Breathe In Breathe Out - Tinnitus!!!
    18:39The Citradels: Believe and Receive
    18:38ChateauGhetto: Balltrap feat Kassette
    18:33Philippe Petit: Fracture (Radio Edit)
    18:29Kali Uchis: In My Dreams - Tinnitus!!!
    18:29Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays
    18:22Portable: Surrender (feat. Lcio)
    18:18COBEE: Trink Mit Mir
    18:13Preoccupations: Decompose
    18:06blush: you win
    18:02Twin Shadow: Brace (feat. Rainsford)
    17:59Nava: Ritual - Tinnitus!!!
    17:59Preoccupations: Decompose
    17:59Twin Shadow: Brace (feat. Rainsford)
    17:54El Último Vecino: Un Secreto Mal Guardado
    17:49Art School Girlfriend: Moon
    17:47Mind Patrol: Doomsday
    17:47Jon Hood: Tears
    17:46Kid Baba: Black Water
    17:43Prof: Bar Breaker
    17:40Elektro Hafiz: Günahkar Helvasi (Grup Ses Dubmix)
    17:36Nick Dorian: Yawn (Prod. by Shibo)
    17:33John Maus: Teenage Witch
    17:28Veil of Light: Same Blood
    17:21Peggy Gou: Han Jan
    17:18Sarah Farina: Ohne Titel
    17:17Sarah Farina: Ohne Titel
    17:17Mavi Phoenix: Janet Jackson
    17:17Fever Dream: Reyndu Bara - Tinnitus!!!
    17:09Jimothy Lacoste: Subway System
    17:03ALASKALASKA: Familiar Ways
    17:00Mavi Phoenix: Yellow
    16:54Diane Coffee: Soon To Be, Won't To Be
    16:50The Tallest Man On Earth: An Ocean
    16:45Ulrika Spacek: Lord Luck
    16:41Pamela Méndez: I Will Die
    16:35Pale Blue: Daughter Of Babylon
    16:31Ryley Walker: Opposite Middle - Tinnitus!!!
    16:29Fazerdaze: Misread
    16:22Kyson: You (Thomas Jack Remix)
    16:19Caroline Says: Sweet Home Alabama
    16:13Warpaint: Warpaint
    16:10Guy Mandon: Lueg doch gnau
    16:07Dungen & Woods: Schleife
    16:04Jakob Ogawa: Youll Be On My Mind
    16:00Silent Runners: Dark Mountain
    15:57BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah: Gunshowers (feat. Elzhi)
    15:53Diamond Thug: Choo Choo
    15:51cuco: CR-V - Tinnitus!!!
    15:47Beach House: Dark Spring
    15:43ViVii: Siv (You and I)
    15:40Faka: Uyang'khumbula
    15:36Lucia Manca: Bar Stazione
    15:31King Krule: Dum Surfer
    15:27Rusty Wes: Blush
    15:23Nativ: Kôdjé (prod. by Santo)
    15:19Habibi: Nedayeh Bahar
    15:17Leon Bridges: Better Man
    15:13Bloody Beach: Au Revoir
    15:10Kid Koala: 2 Bit Blues
    15:06jdex: JD11
    15:03Kali Uchis: In My Dreams - Tinnitus!!!
    15:00Sun June: Young
    14:56Salt Cathedral: Move Along
    14:53Jack Grace: us
    14:50TV ME: Mountain Biplane
    14:44Lauren Auder: For Those Who Patiently Endure
    14:40Real Guy: Everyday
    14:37BOYTOY: Mary Anne
    14:33Launder: Keep You Close (feat. Soko)
    14:30Nava: Ritual - Tinnitus!!!
    14:26The New Romantics: Haikus
    14:24Trust Fund: Cut Me Out
    14:21Mazes: Missing Numbers
    14:17Daphni: Carry on
    14:14BiigPiig: Perdida (prod. Boss Nass) - Tinnitus!!!
    14:07Oktoberklubben: Varekil
    14:03Cherry Glazerr: Told You I'd Be With The Guys
    13:59Natalie Prass: Short Court Style
    13:54Barbudo: Realise the Reality
    13:50Cool Company: Be More Mad - Tinnitus!!!
    13:47Swatka City: Mammoth
    13:43Moodoïd: Reptile
    13:39Wooden Shjips: Lazy Bones
    13:36Shine 2009: Happy
    13:32Shams Dinn: Hedi Bled Noum
    13:28Video Age: Hold On (I Was Wrong)
    13:26Mild High Club: Ceiling Zero
    13:20Peter Gabriel: Shock The Monkey
    13:17Peter Gabriel: Sledgehammer
    13:13Balladur: Il y a des choses qu'un oublie pas
    13:07Ali: Yume (feat. Pronto)
    13:02COBEE: Trink Mit Mir
    12:58Miel de Montagne: Pourquoi Pas
    12:53Twin Shadow: Saturdays (feat. Haim)
    12:48Fischermanns Orchestra: Gualalepo
    12:46Fischermanns Orchestra: Blau Sein
    12:42Ryley Walker: Opposite Middle - Tinnitus!!!
    12:38Nick Dorian: Yawn (Prod. by Shibo)
    12:32Gacha Bakradze: The Prayer
    12:28Leyya: Drumsolo
    12:28Nick Dorian: Yawn (Prod. by Shibo)
    12:19Waves of Dread: In Your Mind
    12:08Thalab: Good Swim
    12:04Damaged Bug: The Mirror
    11:59Skinny Stylus: Ocean (feat. Dzzy)
    11:53Goodman: Love Alone
    11:51Caramelo: Bolzplatz (prod. Rob surreal)
    11:49Zack Villere: Cool
    11:45Khruangbin: Evan Finds The Third Room
    11:41PYNKIE: Dew
    11:36B77: Panthère
    11:33BRONCHO: Class Historian
    11:28Cruel Boyz: Izaa
    11:25Melodys Echo Chamber: Breathe In Breathe Out - Tinnitus!!!
    11:22Kali Uchis: In My Dreams - Tinnitus!!!
    11:13Jonathan Wilson: Over The Midnight
    11:10boy pablo: Losing You
    11:06Lawrence Rothman: Your Kiss Taste Like Dope
    11:02Veil of Light: Same Blood
    11:00Gus White: Dream Man
    10:57Stephan Kreussel: Mermaid
    10:52Shy Layers: Gateway
    10:49Nava: Ritual - Tinnitus!!!
    10:45Golden Teacher: Sauchiehall Withdrawal (Edit)
    10:41Jimothy Lacoste: Subway System
    10:34Melody's Echo Chamber: Cross My Heart
    10:30Lay Llamas: Silver Sun
    10:27a=f/m: X X X X (feat. S S S S)
    10:23Jon Hopkins: Emerald Rush
    10:20Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles: Holy Rollers
    10:16Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays
    10:09The Cyclist: Alabaster Thrones
    10:04Grizzly Bear: Two Weeks
    10:01Miss C-Line: The One
    10:00Neon Indian: Hit Parade
    09:56The Babe Rainbow: Monky Disco
    09:52Part Time: Virgo's Maze
    09:49Approachable Members Of Your Local Community: Millennium Queen
    09:46Jeff Haley: Powder Finger (Neil Young Cover)
    09:42Cool Company: Be More Mad - Tinnitus!!!
    09:39Jakob Ogawa: Youll Be On My Mind
    09:34Preoccupations: Decompose
    09:29Gundelach: Games (feat. ARY)
    09:27Cutouts: Habits
    09:22Pizzagirl: Carseat
    09:18Moon King: Apartment Fire
    09:12Amen Dunes: Believe
    09:08Ducktails: Map to the Stars
    09:05CFCF: Imagination
    09:00SSION: At Least The Sky Is Blue (feat. Ariel Pink)
    08:54BiigPiig: Perdida (prod. Boss Nass) - Tinnitus!!!
    08:43John Maus: Episode
    08:40Thunder Jackson: Guilty Party
    08:38Mind Patrol: Doomsday
    08:37Kid Baba: Black Water
    08:34Toro Y Moi: Omaha
    08:30Sister Nancy: Bam Bam
    08:25DonMonique: Selfish (Prod. by Kirk Knight)
    08:15Beach House: Dark Spring
    08:13Girls Rituals: Girls Voice in a Rotting Mouth
    08:09Nick Dorian: Yawn (Prod. by Shibo)
    08:04Johannes Heil: Gospel Five
    08:00Shame: Concrete
    07:59Nick Dorian: Yawn (Prod. by Shibo)
    07:53Exploded View: Summer Came Early
    07:49Rolling Blackouts C.F.: Talking Straight
    07:43buerak: Alphonse Lover
    07:40Chain Wallet: Faded Fight
    07:34Kali Uchis: In My Dreams - Tinnitus!!!
    07:29Westerman: I Turned Away
    07:22The Churchhill Garden: Evelyn (feat. Blush Response)
    07:15Oktoberklubben: Varekil
    07:11Unknown Mortal Orchestra: How Many Zeros
    07:10Unknown Mortal Orchestra: American Guilt
    07:07El Último Vecino: Un Secreto Mal Guardado
    07:00Lauren Auder: For Those Who Patiently Endure
    06:59Unknown Mortal Orchestra: American Guilt
    06:56Thundercat: Day & Night
    06:52Grimes: Genesis
    06:47Cool Company: Be More Mad - Tinnitus!!!
    06:45Boyhood: He Don't
    06:41FlexFab: Places feat The Venopian Solitude
    06:40Nick Dorian: Yawn (Prod. by Shibo)
    06:40Beach House: Dark Spring
    06:39Ben Khan: 2000 Angels
    06:39Mavi Phoenix: Yellow
    06:35Ty Segall: Meaning
    06:30Hess Is More: 80 Years, Pt. I
    06:24Alois: Credo
    06:18Nava: Ritual - Tinnitus!!!
    06:15Hey Anna: Garage Queen
    06:07Kyson: You (Thomas Jack Remix)
    05:59La Femme: It's Time to Wake Up (2023)
    05:53It's a Musical: Fish Song
    05:50Matt Duncan: Lone Ranger
    05:45All We Are: Something About You
    05:41Fai Baba: True Friend
    05:36Nick Leng: Leaves
    05:32James Blake: Radio Silence
    05:29Chet Faker: Release Your Problems
    05:25Night Moves: Colored Emotions
    05:22ElRitschi: Haferflöckli (Live @ Radio 3FACH)
    05:17Joon Moon: Call Me
    05:13Case Studies: The Eagle, or the Serpent
    05:07Kurt Vile: Feel My Pain
    05:04Whitney: Dave's Song (demo)
    04:58Röyksopp: The Drug
    04:53Forest Swords: An Hour
    04:46Valentin Stip: Regards Sur L'Enfance (I Et II)
    04:39Leon Vynehall: Be Brave, Clench Fists
    04:36Roman Fluegel: All That Matters
    04:30Rolf Laureijs: FCL
    04:22Midori Takada: Crossing
    04:17David Lynch & Lykke Li: I'm Waiting Here
    04:11Todd Terje: Johnny and Mary (feat. Bryan Ferry)
    04:07The Legendary Lightness: World Full Of You
    04:02The National: I Should Live In Salt
    03:58Botany: Laughtrack (feat. Father John Misty)
    03:55CREEP: Introduction (feat. Planningtorock)
    03:50Gold Panda: An Iceberg Hurled... (Peaking Lights Remix)
    03:46Teen Daze: Cold Sand
    03:43Songs of Green Pheasant: I Am Daylights
    03:41Perfume Genius: All Waters
    03:36Piano Interrupted: Bulbus
    03:31Noveller: Into The Dunes
    03:25Laura Mvula: She (Shlohmo Remix)
    03:20Damon Albarn: Spoons
    03:14Fort Romeau: New Wave
    03:05Lubomyr Melnyk: Le Miroir D'Amour
    03:00Foxes in Fiction: Glow (v079)
    02:56Ghostpoet: Cash And Carry Me Home
    02:53Born Gold: 1: Ferocious Body
    02:48THAT PORK: Kayak
    02:41Nicolas Jaar: Time For Us
    02:35Apparat: Ash Black Veil
    02:33S S S S: Carved Out
    02:27The Hundred In The Hands: Red Night
    02:25Ava Luna: Aquarium
    02:19Sapphire Slows: Rules
    02:12Matmos: You
    02:09Julian Lynch: Zurück
    02:03Masayoshi Fujita: Tears of Unicorn
    01:58oOoOO: Across A Sea
    01:55Dean Blunt: The Redeemer
    01:49God Loves Fags: Akshak
    01:45Woodes x Elkkle: Muddy
    01:33Zs: Corps
    01:30Team Ghost: Zeit
    01:27Montage: Back Then
    01:24Tallesen: Strike Silver, Love Green
    01:12Gang Gang Dance: Glass Jar
    01:05Fontarrian: Sissy Fuzz (Oberst & Buchner Remix)
    00:57Björk: Atom Dance
    00:53TRUE: Colors Of My Estimation
    00:50Siriusmo: Mosaik
    00:44Babe Rainbow: Now Is Not The Time
    00:41Atoms For Peace: Judge Jury And Executioner
    00:35Dan Deacon: Prettyboy
    00:33Daedelus: Pre-munitions
    00:30Raleigh Moncrief: Lament For Morning
    00:28NIVA: Ghost in My Head
    00:24S. Carey: Inspir
    00:19Sei A: I Miss You
    00:16Lewis: Cool Night in Paris
    00:11ETHIMM: Weiter
    00:09Flume: Star Eyes
    00:08Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein: Theoretically
    00:05The Raveonettes: When Night Is Almost Done
    Do 19.4.
    23:56Madrepaz: Bonanza
    23:51Project Pablo: Napoletana - Tinnitus!!!
    23:48Lucy Rose: Our Eyes
    23:43The Dodos: Confidence
    23:40Wavering Hands: Fountain Deep Diving
    23:37The Lemon Twigs: Foolin' Around
    23:33Lay Llamas: Silver Sun
    23:29Imarhan: Tumast
    23:25Rusty Wes: Blush
    23:23Nava: Ritual - Tinnitus!!!
    23:17Preoccupations: Antidote
    23:12ViVii: Siv (You and I)
    23:09Faka: Uyang'khumbula
    23:05You Blew It!: Lanai
    23:01Mellow Fellow: New Year's Eve
    22:57Microguagua: El Profeta Del Barrio
    22:52Delorean: Bena
    22:50Best Friends: Shred Til Youre Dead
    22:47Kali Uchis: In My Dreams - Tinnitus!!!
    22:43Son Lux: Lost It To Trying (Mouths Only Lying)
    22:39Pizzagirl: Coffee Shop
    22:37Azul Toga: Bedroom #3
    22:34Alt-J: In Cold Blood
    22:27Waves of Dread: In Your Mind
    22:24Bikini Showers: Lullaby
    22:21Ryley Walker: Opposite Middle - Tinnitus!!!
    22:16In Limbo: Sable
    22:13Jeff Haley: Powder Finger (Neil Young Cover)
    22:08Steve Gunn: Water Wheel
    22:04Beach Baby: U R
    22:00Hibou: Dissolve
    21:49Spring Onion: I Did My Taxes For Free Online
    21:46Barry Walker: Ediacaran Moonrise
    21:33Hibou: Junipero Love
    21:29Fake Laugh: Better For Me
    21:26Beach House: Dark Spring
    21:10Melodys Echo Chamber: Breathe In Breathe Out - Tinnitus!!!
    21:06Barbagallo: L'échappée
    21:02GUM: Rehearsed in a Dream
    20:58GUM: Trying My Best
    20:55GUM: Couldn't See Past My Ego
    20:51GUM: Serotonin
    20:48GUM: S.I.A
    20:46GUM: Introduction
    20:43GUM: Anesthetized Lesson
    20:38Wand: The Gift
    20:34PÉPITE: Hiéroglyphes
    20:30Anemone: Bout De Toi
    20:26L'Impératrice: Matahari
    20:23boy pablo: Losing You
    20:20Molly Nilsson: About Somebody
    20:19Molly Nilsson: 1995
    20:19Jenny Hval: Female Vampire - PP
    20:17junior a: sleep machine
    20:13junior a: sleep machine
    20:07Dungen & Woods: Saint George
    20:03John Maus: Episode
    19:59Ultimate Painting: I Was Lost
    19:53Guerilla Toss: Betty Dreams Of Green Men
    19:48Crumb: Locket
    19:46Cutouts: Habits
    19:41The Tallest Man On Earth: An Ocean
    19:38BlocBoy JB: Look Alive feat. Drake
    19:33American Pets: Dying Alone
    19:24Visions In Clouds: Rage In Silence
    19:15Golden Teacher: Sauchiehall Withdrawal (Edit)
    19:11Mura Masa: NOTHING ELSE! (feat. Jamie Lidell)
    19:04Jaunt: Faster Interactions
    19:01NE-HI: Stay Young
    18:54Mårten Lärka: ROBOT
    18:51SBTRKT: New Dorp, New York (feat. Ezra Koenig)
    18:47Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Ministry of Alienation
    18:45Unknown Mortal Orchestra: American Guilt
    18:41Jimothy Lacoste: Getting Busy
    18:39FloFilz: Ivebeentryin'
    18:39The Lemons: Ice Cream Shop
    18:36Nativ: Limits
    18:33Ryley Walker: Opposite Middle - Tinnitus!!!
    18:29Video Age: Hold On (I Was Wrong)
    18:24Monumental Men: Navigate
    18:20Balladur: Il y a des choses qu'un oublie pas
    18:12Launder: Keep You Close (feat. Soko)
    18:05Lauren Auder: For Those Who Patiently Endure
    18:00BNNY RBBT: Big World
    17:52Red Axes: Round
    17:50Shady And The Vamp: Hey Girl
    17:48Jefferson Airplane: White Rabbit
    17:43All XS: Millennials
    17:38Francesco De Leo: Muse
    17:33Rolling Blackouts C.F.: Talking Straight
    17:30Brightness: Oblivion
    17:30Francesco De Leo: Muse
    17:22Shy Layers: Gateway
    17:18Westerman: I Turned Away
    17:10Wax Witches: Im Without
    17:04Negative Gemini: You Werent There Anymore
    17:00Deap Vally: Royal Jelly
    16:53Beach House: Dark Spring
    16:50COBEE: Trink Mit Mir
    16:48The Smoking Trees: Its Up To You
    16:45Oli Hannaford: The Crown
    16:42Girls Rituals: Girls Voice in a Rotting Mouth
    16:39Kali Uchis: In My Dreams - Tinnitus!!!
    16:35John Maus: Episode
    16:31Surf Philosophies: Bonecrusher
    16:27Candy: Apartment In The City
    16:22ETHIMM: Burning Down (Hove Remix)
    16:20Michael Nau: I Root
    16:17Reverend Beat Man and the New Wave: i have enough
    16:14Cut Chemist: Work My Mind (ft. Chali 2na and Hymnal)
    16:10Charles Bradley: The World (Is Going Up In Flames)
    16:07Gorillaz: Garage Palace (feat. Little Simz)
    16:02Amen Dunes: Believe
    15:56Daniel T.: Windy Lady (feat. Eiko Hara) (Turbotito Remix)
    15:53Men I Trust: Show Me How
    15:48Project Pablo: Napoletana - Tinnitus!!!
    15:44Nao: Bad Blood
    15:41Roy Irwin: King Of Pop
    15:38LCone: Bäumli
    15:34Homeshake: Khmlwugh
    15:31Fucked Up: Led By Hand
    15:27Spissy: Cruising Paradise
    15:22SSION: At Least The Sky Is Blue (feat. Ariel Pink)
    15:18Raging Fyah: Dash Wata
    15:15Dita Von Teese: Rendez-Vous
    15:10Skinny Stylus: Ocean (feat. Dzzy)
    15:06Cool Company: Be More Mad - Tinnitus!!!
    15:01Gacha Bakradze: The Prayer
    14:57Veil of Light: Same Blood
    14:54Cold War Kids: Hang Me Up To Dry
    14:49Beach House: Dive
    14:46The Go! Team: If There's One Thing You Should Know
    14:42Lucia Manca: Bar Stazione
    14:39RIN: Blackout (prod. Lex Lugner)
    14:35Rusty Wes: Blush
    14:30Ulrika Spacek: Lord Luck
    14:27Ben Khan: Eden
    14:23Ryley Walker: Opposite Middle - Tinnitus!!!
    14:19Bayonne: I Know
    14:16Rich Brian: Cold
    14:12Hinds: The Club
    14:09Public Access T.V.: MetroTech
    14:05Preoccupations: Decompose
    14:00Bamboo: Thinking Of You (Edit)
    13:56Nativ: Kôdjé (prod. by Santo)
    13:53Goat: I Sing In Silence
    13:50Sun June: Young
    13:48Caramelo: Bolzplatz (prod. Rob surreal)
    13:45Melodys Echo Chamber: Breathe In Breathe Out - Tinnitus!!!
    13:41Beach Fossils: Agony (Yung Lean Cover)
    13:37STaG: It Worked For Him (Brothertiger Remix)
    13:34BiigPiig: Perdida (prod. Boss Nass) - Tinnitus!!!
    13:32The Liquorice Experiment: Circa66
    13:28Ill: Space Dick - PP
    13:23Jakob Ogawa: Youll Be On My Mind
    13:18Peter Gabriel: Kiss Of Life
    13:13Nava: Ritual - Tinnitus!!!
    13:10El Último Vecino: Un Secreto Mal Guardado
    13:04Isaiah Toothtaker: SouthWest Testament
    12:59ViVii: Siv (You and I)
    12:53Dachs: DüDaDo
    12:48PYNKIE: Dew
    12:45GENTS: Brother
    12:41Francesco De Leo: Muse
    12:34Hess Is More: 80 Years, Pt. I
    12:28MGMT: Little Dark Age
    12:20Peggy Gou: Han Jan
    12:15Monika: 1000 Miles of Ocean
    12:07Kali Uchis: In My Dreams - Tinnitus!!!
    12:03Miel de Montagne: Pourquoi Pas
    11:58Visions In Clouds: Time
    11:52junior a: sleep machine
    11:50cuco: CR-V - Tinnitus!!!
    11:46Balladur: Il y a des choses qu'un oublie pas
    11:42Launder: Keep You Close (feat. Soko)
    11:41Sons of Raphael: Rio
    11:36Art School Girlfriend: Moon
    11:33The Lemon Twigs: Foolin' Around
    11:29Jimothy Lacoste: Subway System
    11:25Cool Company: Be More Mad - Tinnitus!!!
    11:21Microguagua: El Profeta Del Barrio
    11:17Video Age: Hold On (I Was Wrong)
    11:13Phoenix: Goodbye Soleil
    11:10Stereo Luchs: Ziitreis
    11:06MS MR: Hurricane
    11:03Panaderia: No Tengo Ganas
    11:00Gavin Turek: Good Look For You - PP
    10:56Joey Bada$$: Too Lit (Prod. By Statik Selektah)
    10:52Jeans For Jesus: Dr Letscht Popsong (Gäubi Taxis Im Sand)
    10:49Gap Dream: Rock And Roll
    10:46Idan Altman: Back Again
    10:42Mavi Phoenix: Janet Jackson
    10:36Oktoberklubben: Varekil
    10:32Imarhan: Tumast
    10:26Love'n'Joy: Come About
    10:21Daniel.Avery: Slow Fade
    10:18Pizzagirl: Coffee Shop
    10:14Westerman: I Turned Away
    10:10JW Ridley: Blitz
    10:06KOKOKO!: Likolo
    10:01Jaunt: Faster Interactions
    09:58Yuno: No Going Back
    09:54Lay Llamas: Silver Sun
    09:49Project Pablo: Napoletana - Tinnitus!!!
    09:45Patrick Bishop: Redoubt
    09:39Waves of Dread: In Your Mind
    09:35Patawawa: Patagonia
    09:30Palace Winter: Empire
    09:27Lua Preta: Quero Mais (feat. Morena Leraba)
    09:22Yser: Happy Tune
    09:18Tom Misch: Movie
    09:14Letherette: Triosys
    09:09Palm: Dog Milk
    09:04Khruangbin: Evan Finds The Third Room
    09:01Sylvia Sylvia: Burn Alive Kitsuné Hot Stream
    08:55Nava: Ritual - Tinnitus!!!
    08:51Mozzik: Madam
    08:47Cutouts: Habits
    08:43Francesco De Leo: Muse
    08:33Jonathan Wilson: Over The Midnight
    08:29Banoffee: Ripe
    08:29Francesco De Leo: Muse
    08:24Petite League: Sun Dogs
    08:21Teenage Wildlife: You
    08:16Birthday: We Need To Talk
    08:12Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Ministry of Alienation
    08:11Unknown Mortal Orchestra: American Guilt
    08:08BiigPiig: Perdida (prod. Boss Nass) - Tinnitus!!!
    08:02Gacha Bakradze: The Prayer
    07:56Sea Moya: New Past
    07:53BOYTOY: Mary Anne
    07:45Groundation: Dub Them All
    07:43Groundation: Babylon Rule Dem
    07:43Sebastian Sturm: Free Man
    07:36Rusty Wes: Blush
    07:30Bonobo: Cirrus
    07:24Thundercat: Show You The Way ft. M. McDonald & K. Loggins
    07:22Peonies: Thin Holidays
    07:16Kommode: Fight or Flight or Dance All Night
    07:12Mind Patrol: Schizophrenia
    07:08Cool Company: Be More Mad - Tinnitus!!!
    07:01The Cyclist: Alabaster Thrones
    07:00Mind Patrol: Schizophrenia
    06:54Champs: Savannah
    06:50Lirik & Les: Goodfellas
    06:46FlexFab: Places feat The Venopian Solitude
    06:42Beach House: Dark Spring
    06:42FlexFab: Places feat The Venopian Solitude
    06:42Beach House: Dark Spring
    06:41Ben Khan: 2000 Angels
    06:41Nick Dorian: Yawn (Prod. by Shibo)
    06:40Mavi Phoenix: Yellow
    06:34SSION: At Least The Sky Is Blue (feat. Ariel Pink)
    06:30FlexFab: Places feat The Venopian Solitude
    06:24Odd Beholder: Coins
    06:21Still Parade: Should Have Known
    06:17Pronto: EXPO
    06:12Francesco De Leo: Muse
    06:07ViVii: Siv (You and I)
    06:02Project Pablo: Napoletana - Tinnitus!!!
    05:53Tandem Felix: Waiting In The Wings
    05:50Robbing Millions: Ritualistic
    05:46Beirut: Vagabond
    05:43River Whyless: Cedar Dream Part II
    05:37Júníus Meyvant: Neon Experience
    05:34J. Irvin Dally: Teething
    05:27Indoor Voices: Atomic (feat. Jimena Torres)
    05:22Shugo Tokumaru: Tightrope
    05:18Pepper Rabbit: In Search of Simon Birch
    05:15Blouse: 1000 Years
    05:11Deptford Goth: Relics
    05:06Alela Diane: The Way We Fall
    05:02Twin Shadow: I Can't Wait
    04:58Stabil Elite: Aether
    04:53Blondes: Clipse
    04:51Beat Connection: Trap House
    04:47Larry Gus: With All Your Eyes Look
    04:41Ultraísta: Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix)
    04:34Dirty Beaches: Pacific Ocean
    04:29Conveyor: Theme I
    04:26Throwing Shade: Ecco Echo
    04:22Yellow Ostrich: Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Eiffel 65 cover)
    04:12Don't DJ: Repetition
    04:07Tosca: What If
    04:04Kyler Slater: Wasted
    04:00Marissa Nadler: Was It A Dream
    03:46Lotus Plaza: Indian Paintbrush
    03:42Savant: Indifference
    03:40Mbongwana Star: From Kinshasa to the Moon
    03:37Sigur Ros: The Rains Of Castamere
    03:33Sarah Neufeld: Hero Brother
    03:25Darkside: The Only Shrine I've Seen
    03:22Alex G: Station
    03:17chipmunkson16speed: Call Me
    03:10The Weeknd: Tears In The Rain
    03:06Xeno & Oaklander: Sets & Lights
    02:58Acid Pauli: a clone is a clone
    02:52Mogwai: Remurdered
    02:49Alphacloud: Give In
    02:45Inc.: Black Wings
    02:41Baths: Voyeur
    02:37The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Memorymix
    02:34Shabazz Palaces: They Come In Gold
    02:29Hundred Waters: Thistle (TOKiMONSTA Remix)
    02:24Bon Iver: Blindsided
    02:20Niagara: Watershipdown
    02:17Kuhrye-oo: Give in (For the Fame) (Boody & Le1f Remix)
    02:14IKEBANA: Ikebana (Danny Norbury Remix)
    02:09Silicon Teens: Sun Flight
    02:05Slow Magic: Hold Still
    02:00Chromatics: Lady
    01:55James Ferraro: City Smells
    01:42King Midas Sound & Fennesz: Above Water
    01:37Boards Of Canada: Zoetrope
    01:33Dntel: My Orphaned Son
    01:30Espectrostatic: The Cold Spot
    01:25Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Dead Souls
    01:22Dimitris Petsetakis: Liquid
    01:18Radiohead: Staircase
    01:14How To Dress Well: Ocean Floor For Everything
    01:08Nicolas Jaar: Mi Mujer
    01:02Suuns: Minor Work
    00:59Flying Lotus: Obligatory Cadence
    00:53Ibrahim Maalouf: Movement I
    00:50Tara Jane O'Neil: Wordless In Woods
    00:46Trentemøller: Never Stop Running (feat. Jonny Pierce)
    00:42Bird On The Wire: Elephanta
    00:38Teebs: Verbena Tea with Rebekah Raff
    00:34Lord Boyd: Better Beedies
    00:22James Blackshaw & Lubomyr Melnyk: Venant
    00:16Disappears: Halcyon Days
    00:12Astronauts, etc.: Mystery Colors
    00:09Arcade Fire: Sleepwalker
    00:05Nightmares On Wax: So Here We Are
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