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  • Ganze Playlist

    05:26Falcon Punch: Donald's Bird
    05:22Cheerleader: Do What You Wan
    05:19H.C. McEntire: Wild Dogs
    05:17Perfume Genius: Hood
    05:14Lenparrot: Les Yeux en Cav
    05:11Vampire Weekend: White Sky
    05:05Nils Frahm: Chasing God Thr
    05:02Leroy Francis: Intoxicated Dre
    04:57Planningtorock: The Breaks
    04:54The Invisible: Generational

    Ganze Playlist   Tinnitus
    Sa 21.7.
    05:26Falcon Punch: Donald's Bird
    05:22Cheerleader: Do What You Want
    05:19H.C. McEntire: Wild Dogs
    05:17Perfume Genius: Hood
    05:14Lenparrot: Les Yeux en Cavale
    05:11Vampire Weekend: White Sky
    05:05Nils Frahm: Chasing God Through Palmyra
    05:02Leroy Francis: Intoxicated Dreams
    04:57Planningtorock: The Breaks
    04:54The Invisible: Generational
    04:51The Raveonettes: When Night Is Almost Done
    04:45Portico Quartet: Ruins
    04:42'fö: Sleep
    04:36Ulysses: The Casual Mystic
    04:34TEEN: Voices
    04:25Andy Stott: Anytime Soon
    04:20Damon Eliza Palermo: River Drum
    04:15Connan Mockasin: Faking Jazz Together
    04:11Volcano Choir: Alaskans
    04:05The War on Drugs: Best Night
    04:03Caroline Says: A Good Thief Steals Clean
    03:59Galapagoose: Milkwood (Feat. Panorama)
    03:53Piano Interrupted: Hobi
    03:49S. Carey: Inspir
    03:45SSSS: Tyranny of Intimacy
    03:40The Acid: Basic Instinct (Lapalux Remix)
    03:32Deerhunter: He Would Have Laughed
    03:29Sun Airway: Wild Palms
    03:24Holy Other: Yr Love
    03:22Brandt Brauer Frick: Miami Titles
    03:18Hans Unstern: Paris
    03:14Ephrem Lüchinger: Waza Piano
    03:10The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Memorymix
    03:05Kalabrese: Afterhour
    03:01Panda Bear: Tomboy
    02:56Kalipo: Yaruto
    02:49Jamie XX: Sleep Sound
    02:46How To Dress Well: Ocean Floor For Everything
    02:42Beaty Heart: Lucky Set
    02:38Tallesen: Strike Silver, Love Green
    02:32Elektro Guzzi: Atlas
    02:26Dan Deacon: USA: III. Rail
    02:22A Lily: The Sparrow in the Lemon Tree
    02:16Sleep Party People: The City Light Died
    02:09Kevin Morby: Singing Saw
    02:05Dirty Beaches: I Don't Know How To Find My Way Back To You
    01:59Ellroy: Zeche (Sumsuch Remix)
    01:52Philipp Gonzales: Us And Them (Mano Andrei Remix)
    01:45Johannes Heil: Gospel Six
    01:38Mattei & Omich, Ella: Goody Sounds Feat. Ella (Original Mix)
    01:32Jarred Gallo: No Requests (Original Mix)
    01:25Frink: Nordico (Original Mix)
    01:20Babert: We Got to Celebrate
    01:13Angelo Ferreri, Hatiras: In The House (Original Mix)
    01:07Johannes Volk: Cosmic Clockwork
    00:59Octave One, Ann Saunderson: Black Water (Full Strings Vocal Mix)
    00:53Saison: Do You
    00:48Purple Disco Machine, Boris Dlugosch: L.O.V.E.
    00:41El Mundo: Soulshift (Original Mix)
    00:33Belogurov & Orbit: Frivolity in Harlingen (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
    00:27Rob!n, Lumoon -: Detroit (Galvino Remix)
    00:19Johannes Heil, Markus Suckut: Gospel Twelve
    00:12Eli Escobar: City Song, Pt. 2 (Peace, Love And Harmony)
    Fr 20.7.
    23:59Andreas Henneberg: Better Than This (Original Mix)
    23:53Man Go Funk, Ryan Briggs (City Soul Project): Downtown
    23:47Komarken Electronics: Svensk Elektronik
    23:41Two Sided Agency: Nostalgia For Lost Futures
    23:34Hacker & Miethig: Knoxville (Original Mix)
    23:26Johannes Brecht: Breathe! (Original Mix)
    23:19Dantiez Saunderson: Red Room
    23:11Dirty Culture: Science (Original Mix)
    23:04Frink: Loola (Original Mix)
    22:56Ellroy: Sonder (Dread J Remix)
    22:48Johannes Heil: Gospel Two
    22:42Jamie Ward: A Dark Knight In Gotham (Original Mix)
    22:34NO CEREMONY///: Feelsolow (Kiki's Balearic Mix)
    22:26Philipp Gonzales: Make It Last (Sous Sol Remix)
    22:20Khainz: Acrux
    22:13Daniel Meister: Carry Out (Original Mix)
    22:06Aney F.: Indian Tool (Orginal Mix)
    21:59Andreas Henneberg: Watch What (Original Mix)
    21:49Jamie xx: Loud Places feat. Romy (John Talabot's Higher Dub)
    21:43Billy Rath: Groovzin' (Dubbed Chord Mix)
    21:37Yuko., Ivan Deyanov: 0010 (Original Mix)
    21:30Jerome Hadey: I Wonder (Ninetoes Remix)
    21:24Saison: Something Made Me (Werkshy Remix)
    21:17Konvex & The Shadow: Sources (Frankey & Sandrino remix)
    21:11Parsifal & Helas: Horizons (Original Mix)
    21:04Sous Sol: Blurred Strings (Original Mix)
    20:57Frink: Sincronias (Original Mix)
    20:52Hermann: Kellner
    20:49Gaia: Charade
    20:46What Josephine Saw: Let Go
    20:42Monoski: Imaginary Spheres
    20:38ARKA DIV: She Can Talk
    20:36Yellow Teeth: She Had the Best of Me
    20:31Huck Finn: Kapitalismus Kolleg (Jeans For Jesus Cover)
    20:28GeilerAsDu: Feel This Too (feat. Hanreti)
    20:24Bob Spring: I Get Drunk
    20:21LCone: Scheissegal feat. Dave
    20:17The Fridge: Wait
    20:14Traktorkestar: Gavotte De Carotte (Klischée Radio Edit Remix)
    20:10Timothy Jaromir: Don't You Honey Me (feat. Rykka)
    20:05Black Sea Dahu: In Case I Fall for You
    20:02Cee-Roo: Work Song
    19:58Shady and the Vamp: get wild
    19:557 Dollar Taxi: Daily Routine
    19:51Silver Firs: Hinterland
    19:47Die Selektion: Bis unter die Haut
    19:43Wassily: Zuckersee
    19:38Nativ: Kôdjé (prod. by Santo)
    19:35Sirens Of Lesbos: We´ll Be Fine
    19:31Visions In Clouds: Come Back
    19:27Sophie Louise: Louise Blues
    19:24Alois: Young Sun Paradox
    19:20Veil Of Light: Fight Fire With Fire
    19:16Dans la Tente: A Waste
    19:12Audio Dope: Unconditional
    19:09Kummerbuben: One Love, Arschloch
    19:07Schnellertollermeier: Backyard Lipstick
    19:03Random God: Call My Head
    18:57Len Sander: Moving Into
    18:55Maraudeur: Bad Morning
    18:51Massage: Lydia
    18:48A.C. Freazy: Only One
    18:45Earth Moon Transit: Weight of Paper
    18:40Champagne Superchillin: DJ Scott
    18:36Last Dinosaurs: Eleven
    18:33Now Now: MJ
    18:28Chancha Via Circuito: Alegria
    18:25Frankie and the Witch Fingers: Sunshine Earthquake
    18:18Waves of Dread: In Your Mind
    18:15The Zephyr Bones: Juglar Child on the Carousel
    18:12BOYBOY: None Of Your Love
    18:08Noga Erez: Bad Habits
    18:04Jaunt: Faster Interactions
    17:59Snail Mail: Deep Sea
    17:54HIGH HØØPS: Body
    17:50Divorce Court: Indonesia
    17:46Pastel Dreams: Summer Nights
    17:42Anemone: Bout De Toi
    17:38Eaux: Sleeper
    17:34Lay Llamas: Silver Sun
    17:30Tanukichan: Perfect
    17:27Ogris Debris: Brighter
    17:25Dead Sullivan: Swallow
    17:22YBN Cordae: Old N*ggas
    17:22The Lemons: Ice Cream Shop
    17:18Barrie: Canyons
    17:12Jude Woodhead: Beautiful Rain
    17:09Lorenzo_BITW: Chasing (feat. Chikaya)
    17:05Vansire: Halcyon Age
    17:00Accü: Did You Count Your Eyes
    16:55Candy: Apartment In The City
    16:52Cam Maclean: Sunshine
    16:47Terakaft: Tafouk Tele
    16:44Biig Piig: You Know Better (feat. Bone Slim)
    16:38Native Cruise: Calypso Spring
    16:34Krush Puppies: PetalHead
    16:29Black Sea Dahu: In Case I Fall for You
    16:26Dungen & Woods: Schleife
    16:22Matty: Every Moment I Live To Come
    16:18Laskaar: Traicion
    16:15Warm Drag: Cave Crawl
    16:13Lonely Parade: Night Cruise
    16:08The Mary Onettes: Cola Falls
    16:05Hollow Hand: End Of Everything
    16:01Leeveye: Lately (ooweoo)
    15:58Sean Henry: The Ants
    15:54Molly Nilsson: Serious Flowers
    15:48Charolastra: Can't Nobody
    15:44Neil Frances: Coming Back Around
    15:40Breathe Panel: The Time Always
    15:37Silent Runners: Dark Mountain
    15:32Art Feynman: Monday Give Me Monday
    15:29LNLY: Feed Your Soul
    15:26Coral Pink: Another Year
    15:18Antenna: Love 66
    15:15The Rural Alberta Advantage: Stamp
    15:11Ruby Empress: Escapism Deluxe
    15:08Girls Rituals: Girls Voice in a Rotting Mouth
    15:06Hardy Nimi: Boko Koka Te
    15:02Mitski: Nobody
    14:56LT: North Circular
    14:53Ages and Ages: Needle And Thread
    14:51PONGO: Kuzola
    14:47Dachs: Selecta Automat
    14:42A.C. Freazy: Only One
    14:39Lil Baby: Transporter (feat. Offset)
    14:35Molina: Hey Kids
    14:31Ed Mount: Don't You Remember
    14:28Hana Vu: Cool (feat. Satchy)
    14:24Retiree: Pumice Stone
    14:20NickHakim: Bet She Looks Like You
    14:17Kevin Krauter: Restless
    14:14Wiz Khalifa: Smoke Chambers (feat. Mac DeMarco)
    14:12ABADABAD: Feelings Gone
    14:07Florentino: Rosas En Diciembre
    14:04MoreEats: Waiting On My Baby
    13:59Rat Columns: Sometimes We're Friends
    13:56Tanukichan: Perfect
    13:49Bob Moses: Talk
    13:46Buzzy Lee: Coolhand
    13:43Loredana: Sonnenbrille
    13:41Carolina Durante: El Himno Titular
    13:38Carino: Cancion De Pop De Amor
    13:34Glo La Luz: Soy Peor
    13:31Yaeji: Drink Im Sippin On
    13:26Rendez Vous: Double Zero
    13:22LieVin: Alli Essed prod. by Sarkastik
    13:19Lorenzo_BITW: Chasing (feat. Chikaya)
    13:13Love'n'Joy: Come About
    13:08Gil Scott-Heron: Ny Is Killing Me (Jamie Xx Rmx)
    13:02Death Bells: Echoes
    12:59Thud: Ado
    12:55Flaural: Bounders
    12:52Club Kuru: Giving In
    12:47Maribou State: Feel Good (feat. Khruangbin)
    12:43Krush Puppies: PetalHead
    12:39Long Tall Jefferson: Over For Tea
    12:35Massage: Lydia
    12:30The Knife: Without You My Life Would Be Boring
    12:27Elektro Hafiz: Günahkar Helvasi (Grup Ses Dubmix)
    12:24Warm Drag: Cave Crawl
    12:21Slow Pulp: At Home
    12:18Earth Moon Transit: Weight of Paper
    12:14Praa: Do It All Again
    12:11Zola Jesus: Exhumed
    12:04Accü: Did You Count Your Eyes
    12:00Melody's Echo Chamber: Breathe In Breathe Out
    11:56Neil Frances: Coming Back Around
    11:51Chancha Via Circuito: Alegria
    11:47Ben Khan: 2000 Angels
    11:44Last Dinosaurs: Eleven
    11:41Pell: '93 Supreme
    11:37Many Voices Speak: I Saw You
    11:29Antenna: Love 66
    11:24Brenda: Children
    11:22Da Souza: Palma Pina i Cas Català
    11:19COBEE: Pillies Freestyle (prod. Syndrome)
    11:15Pastel Dreams: Summer Nights
    11:12The Magic Gang: All This Way
    11:09Ron Sexsmith: Radio
    11:05Batuk: Move!
    11:00Jeans for Jesus: Europe (ManDuo Remix)
    10:57Jakob Ogawa: Youll Be On My Mind
    10:53Sleep Party People: The Mind Still Travels
    10:52Dead Sullivan: Swallow
    10:48Voyou: Papillon
    10:44Paddy Hanna: Ida
    10:41Otha: One Of the Girls
    10:35De Lux: 875 Dollars
    10:30Pool Boy: Deluxe Oceanview
    10:27A.C. Freazy: Only One
    10:24B77: Woods
    10:20OMMA: Sol Pleureur
    10:16Vilde: Maintain
    10:11Black Sea Dahu: In Case I Fall for You
    10:07Favela: Gong
    10:03Michael Nau: Less Than Positive
    10:00Makeness: Stepping Out Of Sync
    09:55Mint Field: Quiero Otoño De Nuevo
    09:52Cam Maclean: Sunshine
    09:48Matty: Leeren
    09:45THIAM: Light Is Still Shining
    09:42Swimm: Uh Huh
    09:36Jaguar Sun: Cold Wind
    09:34Cut Worms: Don't Want to Say Good?-?bye
    09:30Lorenzo_BITW: Chasing (feat. Chikaya)
    09:25Mieux: Shenzhen
    09:21Breathe Panel: The Time Always
    09:18The Vegetablets: Do Not Mix
    09:14Molly Nilsson: Serious Flowers
    09:10YBN Cordae: Old N*ggas
    09:07Tanukichan: Perfect
    09:02Christian Kleine: Promise
    08:58Ella Soto: Touch My Mind
    08:52Native Cruise: Calypso Spring
    08:49Concrete Knives: The Lights
    08:46El Último Vecino: Un Secreto Mal Guardado
    08:43Warm Drag: Cave Crawl
    08:40Jimothy Lacoste: I Can Speak Spanish
    08:36Cool Company: Summer Sickness (feat. Roni.)
    08:33Launder: Annie Blue
    08:28Snail Mail: Deep Sea
    08:25Warming: White Lies
    08:21The Mary Onettes: Cola Falls
    08:18Les Yeux Sans Visage: Monument
    08:15Met Gala: She's My Swet
    08:12Mitski: Nobody
    08:07Krush Puppies: PetalHead
    08:02JR JR: Control (Secretly Sorry) (Holy Ghost! Remix)
    07:59Evidence: Throw It All Away
    07:54Champagne Superchillin: DJ Scott
    07:49Hairy Hands: Wildcats (feat. Roseau)
    07:46Santigold: Disparate Youth
    07:40Rat Columns: Sometimes We're Friends
    07:37Sophie Meiers: Fade Away
    07:33Neil Frances: Coming Back Around
    07:29Sirens Of Lesbos: We´ll Be Fine
    07:26Das Body: Boys
    07:23Pronto: EXPO
    07:17RJD2: Descended from Myth
    07:11Spike Vincent: Lie In The Dust
    07:04Antenna: Love 66
    07:00Weekend Affair: Tu m'emmènes feat Cléa Vincent
    06:57Kevin Krauter: Restless
    06:53Ghost Hours: For You
    06:51PONGO: Kuzola
    06:47Crimer: Coward
    06:43Divorce Court: Indonesia
    06:40A.C. Freazy: Only One
    06:36Pastel Dreams: Summer Nights
    06:31Holy Oysters: Just So You Know
    06:28Ages and Ages: Needle And Thread
    06:23Kainalu: Folds Like Origami
    06:20Empath: Polyfoam
    06:17Last Dinosaurs: Eleven
    06:13Palace Winter: Time Machine
    06:07MORSE: Shaman
    06:03Little Miss Sunshine: Lila Farben
    06:00Morabeza Tobacco: TTYL
    05:56Jaakko Eino Kalevi: Double Talk
    05:50Kapnorth: All The Shephereds Have Left
    05:46Julia Holter: In The Same Room
    05:42You Can't Win, Charlie Brown: Be My World
    05:38Hubbert (feat. Kathryn Joseph): The Dog
    05:35Luke Top: Avalon
    05:30David Lemaitre: Jacques Cousteau
    05:26Fai Baba: True Friend
    05:23Money: Goodnight London
    05:17Joon Moon: I Might Be Wrong
    05:14Black Lips: Spidey's Curse
    05:12Leon Bridges: What Can I Do
    05:08Damon Albarn: Everyday Robots
    05:04Kalle Mattson: In The Morning Light
    04:59Gauntlet Hair: I Was Thinking...
    04:47Jon Hopkins: Sun Harmonics
    04:38Lubomyr Melnyk: Le Miroir D'Amour
    04:34Tunica Dartos: Hymn
    04:27Acid Pauli: a clone is a clone
    04:21Ultraísta: Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix)
    04:18Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: Wide Awake
    04:15Siriusmo: Mosaik
    04:11Nightmares On Wax: So Here We Are
    04:07Orcas: Petrichor
    04:03Indians: Cakelakers
    03:58Clark: Superscope
    03:55Tara Jane O'Neil: Wordless In Woods
    03:50James Blake: Klavierwerke
    03:45Chad Valley: Two Dots (Lusine Cover)
    03:40Graphics: The Provoker
    03:34Caribou: Bowls
    03:29Battles: Inchworm
    03:25THAT PORK: Kayak
    03:21Conveyor: Theme I (Edit)
    03:18Ricky Eat Acid: Inside your house; it will swallow us too
    03:14Belia Winnewisser: My Life Is Your History
    03:10Dean Blunt: 100
    03:04BADBADNOTGOOD: Sustain
    03:01Tricky: Nothing's Changed (feat. Francesca Belmonte)
    02:54Nicolas Jaar: Time For Us
    02:51Perera Elsewhere: Something's Up
    02:46Mount Eerie: Pumpkin
    02:43Pill Wonder: See You On The Cyan Shore
    02:38Tosca: What If
    02:33Angelo Badalamenti: Twin Peaks Theme (Instrumental)
    02:29RATKING: So Sick Stories (feat. King Krule)
    02:24Xeno & Oaklander: Sets & Lights
    02:20Teen Daze: Cold Sand
    02:18Ava Luna: Aquarium
    02:12The Hundred In The Hands: Red Night
    02:03Lotus Plaza: Gemini Pt. 1
    01:53Lazy Salon: DAM
    01:49Porcelain Raft: Is It Too Deep For You?
    01:43Bing & Ruth: Police Police Police Police Police
    01:38Sei A: I Miss You
    01:32Martin Kohlstedt: AMS
    01:26David Lynch: Pinky's Dream (Trentemøller Remix)
    01:23Cuz: Thinkin' 'Bout Thinkin'
    01:20Still Corners: The White Season
    01:16Kara-Lis Coverdale: TOUCH ME & DIE
    01:13Forest Swords: Rattling Cage
    01:10To Rococo Rot: Classify (feat. Arto Lindsay)
    01:07The Drums: Bell Laboratories
    01:02Jacques: Tout Est Magnifique
    00:56Karl Blau: A Melody To Wake Us In The Morning
    00:52Adam Oko: Legs Akimbo
    00:46Ulrich Schnauss: A Long Way To Fall
    00:44Curxes: The Stars, Like Dust
    00:40Laser: Disconnect
    00:33Burial & Four Tet & Thom Yorke: Ego
    00:29Human Teenager: Whites In General
    00:25Thug Entrancer: Death After Life VI
    00:22Throwing Shade: Underneath My Eyelids
    00:17Darkstar: Aidy's Girl Is A Computer
    00:15Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein: Theoretically
    00:11Conveyor: Theme I
    00:05Mike Wexler: Pariah
    Do 19.7.
    23:55Native Cruise: Calypso Spring
    23:50Retiree: Pumice Stone
    23:46Black Sea Dahu: In Case I Fall for You
    23:42Ogris Debris: Brighter
    23:38Westerman: I Turned Away
    23:34Long Tall Jefferson: Over For Tea
    23:29Rendez Vous: Double Zero
    23:25Tanukichan: Perfect - Tinnitus!!!
    23:22Massage: Lydia
    23:19Slow Pulp: At Home
    23:15Pure Bathing Culture: Pendulum
    23:12Thud: Ado
    23:08Krush Puppies: PetalHead - Tinnitus!!!
    23:04Breathe Panel: The Time Always
    22:58Frankie Boyles: Capturer
    22:55Coral Pink: Another Year
    22:51Flaural: Bounders
    22:48Sports: Feels Like Magic
    22:45TUT: Outside
    22:42A.C. Freazy: Only One - Tinnitus!!!
    22:39Wolther Goes Stranger: Intorno
    22:35The Internet: Come Over
    22:32Allah-Las: High & Dry
    22:29Ultimate Painting: Lead the Way
    22:27Nevskij: Better off alone
    22:23Bibio: Night Falls (feat. Olivier St Louis)
    22:20Lorenzo_BITW: Chasing (feat. Chikaya) - Tinnitus!!!
    22:17Junk Culture: Hang Roxy (feat. Jana Hunter)
    22:15Perfume Genius: Alan
    22:12COBEE: Pillies Freestyle (prod. Syndrome)
    22:07Adventure: Rio
    22:02Pfarmers: The Ol' River Gang
    21:58Afterbloom: Droned
    21:55The Districts: Hounds
    21:51No Joy: Everything New
    21:46Life is Better Blonde: Follow Me
    21:41Alice Cohen: Backwards
    21:38No Vacation: August
    21:35She & Him: She
    21:32Terribly Yours: Answered Prayers
    21:28Aron McFaul: From Love
    21:23Kahn, Commodo and Gantz: AMK
    21:19Amateur Best: They Know
    21:13Advance Base: Nephew In The Wild
    21:10Hundreds: Circus
    21:05Ghost Culture: Giudecca
    20:58Dan Deacon: Take It to the Max
    20:54The Grubby Mitts: Worm Of Eternal Return
    20:52LA Priest: Mountain
    20:47Total Control: Flesh War
    20:45DRINKS: Cheerio
    20:41Metronomy: This Could Be Beautiful (It Is)
    20:34Shigeto: Pulse
    20:30Tom Brosseau: Gregory Page of San Diego
    20:26Bibio: Stress Me Out (feat. Olivier St Louis)
    20:23Allah-Las: Satisfied
    20:19Ultimate Painting: Skippool Creek
    20:14Cymbals Eat Guitars: Dancing Days
    20:10Perfume Genius: Run Me Through
    20:07Thundercat: Song for the Dead
    19:59LCD Soundsystem: Tonite
    19:57Latasha: Sumpn
    19:53Sequoyah Tiger: cassius
    19:48Cat Power: Cherokee
    19:45Kid Koala: 2 Bit Blues
    19:42Trust Fund: Cut Me Out
    19:39Lil Baby: Transporter (feat. Offset)
    19:35Ella Soto: Touch My Mind
    19:31The Palms: Future Love (We All Make Mistakes)
    19:28Communions: Don't Hold Anything Back - PP
    19:23ETHIMM: Burning Down (Hove Remix)
    19:20Kero Kero Bonito: The One True Path
    19:16Fucked Up: Led By Hand
    19:12Jeans for Jesus: Europe (ManDuo Remix)
    19:10Wolf Alice: Yuk Foo
    19:06American Pets: Dying Alone
    19:03Biig Piig: You Know Better (feat. Bone Slim)
    18:57Vive la Void: Red Rider
    18:52Language Arts: With Me
    18:49Mitski: Nobody
    18:45The Go! Team: If There's One Thing You Should Know
    18:41Salfvman: Iwyl
    18:38Nick Lutsko, Bethany Cosentino, @Seinfeld2000: Jerry (Maybe We Should Get Married)
    18:35OMMA: Sol Pleureur
    18:32Warm Drag: Cave Crawl - Tinnitus!!!
    18:29Goodman: Love Alone
    18:25Sleep Party People: The Mind Still Travels
    18:20Homeshake: Khmlwugh
    18:17Tiger Choir: Shani
    18:13Paul Weller & Krar Collective: Mother Ethiopia Part 3 (No Tribe No Colour)
    18:10Sophie Meiers: Fade Away
    18:08Carolina Durante: El Himno Titular
    18:05Flaws: All We Are
    18:02PONGO: Kuzola
    17:58Molly Nilsson: Serious Flowers
    17:55Carino: Cancion De Pop De Amor
    17:50Rat Columns: Sometimes We're Friends
    17:46Matty: Every Moment I Live To Come
    17:42Pejzaz: Uwazaj Jak Tanczysz
    17:39Kevin Krauter: Restless
    17:35Elegante La Imperial: Carnaval
    17:29A Beacon School: It's Late
    17:23Chancha Via Circuito: Alegria
    17:16Antenna: Love 66 - Tinnitus!!!
    17:12Last Dinosaurs: Eleven
    17:08Soft Hair: Lying Has To Stop
    17:04Swimm: Uh Huh
    17:00Real Guy: Everyday
    16:56Noga Erez: Bad Habits
    16:52DJ Khalab: Aeh
    16:48Jaguar Sun: Cold Wind
    16:42JR JR: Control (Secretly Sorry) (Holy Ghost! Remix)
    16:39A.C. Freazy: Only One - Tinnitus!!!
    16:36Forever: Falling (Prod by. Ouri)
    16:32Earth Moon Transit: Weight of Paper
    16:30Loredana: Sonnenbrille
    16:26Pool Boy: Deluxe Oceanview
    16:23Terry: Third War
    16:20YBN Cordae: Old N*ggas
    16:16Lorenzo_BITW: Chasing (feat. Chikaya) - Tinnitus!!!
    16:12Pamela Mendez: Time
    16:07Ténéré: Tenebris (Olëm Remix)
    16:06Dead Sullivan: Swallow
    16:03Furnsss: Divine
    15:58Champagne Superchillin: DJ Scott
    15:54Bright Music: Shimmer
    15:52Darci: On My Own
    15:48B77: Woods
    15:44Tanukichan: Perfect - Tinnitus!!!
    15:41Cool Company: Summer Sickness (feat. Roni.)
    15:37Das Body: Boys
    15:34Pastel Dreams: Summer Nights
    15:30Rhye: Taste
    15:26Goth Babe: Sometimes
    15:23Jimothy Lacoste: I Can Speak Spanish
    15:20Raffertie: Build Me Up
    15:16Routine Death: Parallel Universe
    15:12Voyou: Papillon
    15:09Almond Soy: Happy Ever After
    15:05Krush Puppies: PetalHead - Tinnitus!!!
    15:01Approachable Members Of Your Local Community: Millennium Queen
    14:55Jude Woodhead: Beautiful Rain
    14:50Black Sea Dahu: In Case I Fall for You
    14:46Jesse: Hard Sky
    14:43Coral Pink: Another Year
    14:39Miel de Montagne: Pourquoi Pas
    14:36The West Coast: May The Vibes Be With You (feat. Gullberg)
    14:32Perel: Alles
    14:28Snail Mail: Deep Sea
    14:24Massage: Lydia
    14:22Warm Drag: Cave Crawl - Tinnitus!!!
    14:16Daniel T.: Windy Lady (feat. Eiko Hara) (Turbotito Remix)
    14:12Vansire: Halcyon Age
    14:09Yung Hurn: Bist Du alleine
    14:02Fool's Gold: Surprise Hotel
    13:57Squaring Circles: Anima
    13:54L-Vis 1990: Do My Ting (feat. Mista Silva) (DJ Veneno Remix)
    13:50World's Most: Tall Shadows
    13:42Antenna: Love 66 - Tinnitus!!!
    13:38Breathe Panel: The Time Always
    13:34Molly Nilsson: Serious Flowers
    13:29Charolastra: Can't Nobody
    13:25Wild Nothing: Begin Again
    13:18Dream Police: Let It Be
    13:14Two People: Im Tied To You
    13:09The Mary Onettes: Cola Falls
    13:05Maraudeur: Bad Morning
    13:02Reverend Beat Man and the New Wave: i have enough
    12:56Amen Dunes: Believe
    12:52Sure Sure: Hands Up Head Down
    12:49Pizzagirl: Coffee Shop
    12:45Key!: Money Phone Feat. Offset Feat. Offset
    12:41Matty: Leeren
    12:37Rat Columns: Sometimes We're Friends
    12:33Kadhja Bonet: Another Time Lover
    12:27Native Cruise: Calypso Spring
    12:24A.C. Freazy: Only One - Tinnitus!!!
    12:20Empath: Polyfoam
    12:16The Holydrug Couple: I`ll Only Say This
    12:12Phantastic Ferniture: Fuckin n Rollin
    12:09Ogris Debris: Brighter
    12:06The Chap: Student Experience
    12:01PONGO: Kuzola
    11:57Lorenzo_BITW: Chasing (feat. Chikaya) - Tinnitus!!!
    11:52Hibou: Fall Into
    11:50Carolina Durante: El Himno Titular
    11:47Tanukichan: Perfect - Tinnitus!!!
    11:43Ella Soto: Touch My Mind
    11:40Ages and Ages: Needle And Thread
    11:38TV ME: Mountain Biplane
    11:33Long Tall Jefferson: Over For Tea
    11:30Death Bells: Echoes
    11:26Krush Puppies: PetalHead - Tinnitus!!!
    11:20LT: North Circular
    11:15Barbudo: Secret Admirer
    11:09Cousin Kula: Working For It
    11:03Rendez Vous: Double Zero
    11:01Sudan Archives: Come Meh Way
    10:58Machinedrum: Hype Up!
    10:54Golan: Rocket Love (feat. Island Chain)
    10:49Many Voices Speak: I Saw You
    10:47Kodie Shane: Start a Riot
    10:44Lonely Parade: Night Cruise
    10:40Sirens Of Lesbos: We´ll Be Fine
    10:36Last Dinosaurs: Eleven
    10:33Ravyn Lenae: 4 Leaf Clover (feat. Steve Lacy)
    10:29Kodak To Graph: Los Angeles
    10:26Warm Drag: Cave Crawl - Tinnitus!!!
    10:21Chancha Via Circuito: Alegria
    10:18Mavi Phoenix: Yellow
    10:13Courtney Barnett: City Looks Pretty
    10:09The Internet: Come Over
    10:03Ride: Catch You Dreaming
    09:59B77: Woods
    09:56Slow Pulp: At Home
    09:53Das Body: Boys
    09:49Divorce Court: Indonesia
    09:46Jimothy Lacoste: I Can Speak Spanish
    09:40The Legendary Lightness: April Hearts
    09:32Antenna: Love 66 - Tinnitus!!!
    09:29Cherry Glazerr: Juicy Socks
    09:25Silver Firs: Danse Macabre
    09:21Tom Misch: Startseite
    09:17Pastel Dreams: Summer Nights
    09:13A$AP Rocky: A$AP Forever (feat. Moby)
    09:09Albrecht Schrader: Ganz normal
    09:05Beach House: Lemon Glow
    09:02Damaged Bug: Unmanned Scanner
    08:58Otha: One Of the Girls
    08:54Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays
    08:51Spissy: Cruising Paradise
    08:49Dead Sullivan: Swallow
    08:46Cam Maclean: Sunshine
    08:43A.C. Freazy: Only One - Tinnitus!!!
    08:38Salfvman: Iwyl
    08:35Roseau: New Glass
    08:31Skinny Stylus: Ocean (feat. Dzzy)
    08:28Wargirl: Arbolita
    08:24Maribou State: Feel Good (feat. Khruangbin)
    08:20Baba Stiltz: Maze
    08:17Carino: Cancion De Pop De Amor
    08:14Coral Pink: Another Year
    08:09Black Sea Dahu: In Case I Fall for You
    08:05Lorenzo_BITW: Chasing (feat. Chikaya) - Tinnitus!!!
    08:00Hotel Lux: Envoi
    07:57OMMA: Sol Pleureur
    07:53Natalie Prass: Short Court Style
    07:50Loredana: Sonnenbrille
    07:46Krush Puppies: PetalHead - Tinnitus!!!
    07:44The Babe Rainbow: Johny Says Stay Cool
    07:39Professor Rhythm: Professor 3
    07:33Waves of Dread: Sun Shows
    07:30Gun Outfit: Death Drive
    07:27Tanukichan: Perfect - Tinnitus!!!
    07:24Massage: Lydia
    07:20Tame Impala: The Less I Know The Better
    07:16Breathe Panel: The Time Always
    07:13Miss C-Line: The One
    07:08Matty: Every Moment I Live To Come
    07:04Childish Gambino: This Is America
    07:00Molly Nilsson: Serious Flowers
    06:55Rat Columns: Sometimes We're Friends
    06:51Neil Frances: Coming Back Around - Tinnitus!!!
    06:47Barrie: Tal Uno
    06:43Voyou: Papillon
    06:40Loto/hjkhlhl/btg: Stop Sending Unsolicited Dick Pics
    06:37Mitski: Nobody
    06:34Warm Drag: Cave Crawl - Tinnitus!!!
    06:32Film 2: Spreading Of Disorder
    06:30COBEE: Pillies Freestyle (prod. Syndrome)
    06:24Hot Chip: Over And Over
    06:20The Mary Onettes: Cola Falls
    06:16Cold War Kids: Hang Me Up To Dry
    06:10SW.: Untitled A2
    06:05Accü: Did You Count Your Eyes
    05:59The Phoenix Foundation: Modern Rock
    05:57La Sera: I'm Alone
    05:51The Cave Singers: Shine
    05:48Simen Mitlid: I Don't Care
    05:44Illa J: All Good Pt. 2 ft. Moka Only & Ivan Ave
    05:41Kyler Slater: Wasted
    05:38Stealing Sheep: The Mountain Dogs
    05:33Phosphorescent: Song for Zula
    05:29Way Yes: Singing
    05:22Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper: Pony Blues
    05:19J. Irvin Dally: Sun Room
    05:16jj: Beautiful Life
    05:12Manuel Stahlberger: Begegnigszone
    05:08Glasser: Mirrorage
    05:03Kevin Krauter: Bachelor
    04:56Matmos: You
    04:53Jeans Wilder: Spanish Tile
    04:49Perfume Genius: No Good
    04:45Dear Reader: Monkey (You Can Go Home)
    04:41Esben And The Witch: Putting Down The Prey
    04:39Freddie Gibbs And Madlib: Watts (feat. Big Time Watts)
    04:36Young Fathers: WAR
    04:32Nosaj Thing: Eclipse/Blue
    04:29Julianna Barwick: The Magic Place
    04:25Pale King: An Airing
    04:23Rabit & Dedekind Cut: R&D-ii
    04:18A.r.t. WilsoN: Rebecca's Theme (Water)
    04:14Quicksails: Valley Voice
    04:10Júníus Meyvant: Domestic Grace Man
    04:04Babe Rainbow: Now Is Not The Time
    04:01Taylor McFerrin: The Antidote (feat. Nai Palm)
    03:57River Tiber: The Star Falls
    03:53Tapes: Datura Mystic
    03:50Nils Frahm: Ross's Harmonium
    03:46FKA twigs: Closer
    03:43Chet Faker: Everything I Wanted
    03:39Shabazz Palaces: Free Press And Curl
    03:35Julian Lynch: Zurück
    03:13Günter Schlienz: Watermarked Memories
    03:07FaltyDL: Atlantis
    03:02Roman Fluegel: Wilkie
    02:57Bill Callahan: Ride My Dub
    02:51Sapphire Slows: Rules
    02:48Zammuto: Yay
    02:39Holden: Blackpool Late Eighties
    02:34Ringo Deathstarr: Brightest Star
    02:21Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory: Particle
    02:17Land Observations: Appian Way
    02:16Hundred Waters: Show Me Love
    02:11Panama: It's Not Over
    02:08Ghost Culture: How
    02:05Sia: Chandelier (Dev Hynes Remix)
    01:59Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Dead Souls
    01:53Peaking Lights: All The Sun That Shines
    01:48ETHIMM: Fertig
    01:42Rival Consoles: Unfolding
    01:36Gold Panda: An Iceberg Hurled... (Peaking Lights Remix)
    01:30Teen: Sleep Is Noise (Peaking Lights Remix)
    01:23The Churchhill Garden: Waking Up (feat. Omega Vague)
    01:20Milo: You Are Go(o)d to Me
    01:14Animal Collective: My Girls
    01:08Andy Stott: Violence
    01:02Masayoshi Fujita: Tears of Unicorn
    00:54Suuns: Bambi (EP Version)
    00:50Dungen: Jakten Genom skogen
    00:40Don't DJ: Repetition
    00:35Lewis: Just Sittin' By The River Bank
    00:31Braids: Plath Heart
    00:27Slow Magic: Hold Still
    00:23Baths: Lovely Bloodflow
    00:19Cant: Too Late Too Far
    00:13Fort Romeau: New Wave
    00:05Björk: Atom Dance
    Mi 18.7.
    23:47Many Voices Speak: I Saw You
    23:45Hana Vu: Crying on the Subway
    23:41Last Dinosaurs: Eleven
    23:38Nakhane: Clairvoyant
    23:35Sean Henry: The Ants
    23:32PONGO: Kuzola
    23:28Pastel Dreams: Summer Nights
    23:25Warm Drag: Cave Crawl - Tinnitus!!!
    23:21Noga Erez: Bad Habits
    23:20Dead Sullivan: Swallow
    23:16The Wooden Sky: Riding on the Wind
    23:13Twin Peaks with Juan Wauters: Back Door
    23:08Neil Frances: Coming Back Around - Tinnitus!!!
    23:04WORKERZ: Limousine
    23:00Laskaar: Traicion
    22:58Maraudeur: Bad Morning
    22:55Strawberry Guy: Without You
    22:52Ages and Ages: Needle And Thread
    22:49Caramelo: Bolzplatz (prod. Rob surreal)
    22:44Rat Columns: Sometimes We're Friends
    22:38Ryley Walker: Telluride Speed
    22:34Long Tall Jefferson: Over For Tea
    22:30Sophie Meiers: Fade Away
    22:26B77: Panthère
    22:24Maurice Polo: Mai feat. Juli
    22:20Breathe Panel: The Time Always
    22:17Sirens Of Lesbos: We´ll Be Fine
    22:09Antenna: Love 66 - Tinnitus!!!
    22:06Didi: Liebets Kaputt feat. Zid
    22:02Leroy: Sorry Mama
    21:59Beach Fossils: Agony (Yung Lean Cover)
    21:55Molly Nilsson: Serious Flowers
    21:52Pronto: Trungs
    21:49Slow Pulp: At Home
    21:44Wale: Voices In My Head
    21:42The Weeknd: Wanna See
    21:40Famous Dex: Japan
    21:37BlocBoy JB: Look Alive feat. Drake
    21:33Monumental Men: Far
    21:29TBRW & Little Miss Sunshine: LOVE
    21:28Rich Brian: Amen
    21:24Drake & Future: Plastic Bag
    21:20ALI: No Ziit (feat. Mimiks & LCone)
    21:17Rich Homie Quan: Trap House
    21:13Sfera Ebbasta: Sciroppo (feat. DrefGold)
    21:11Lirik & Les: Herzschlag
    21:08Fratelli B: Min Rider
    21:04Melo: Es Lauft
    21:00Fettes Brot: Meh' Bier
    20:57Kush Karisma: Strossereflex
    20:53Don Fuego: Club 27 feat. Xen
    20:51Frank Ocean: Solo (Reprise) (Ft. Andre 3000)
    20:48Kendrick Lamar: Untitled 06 | 06.30.2014
    20:45Bonez MC & RAF Camora: Mörder (feat. Gzuz)
    20:41Justin Bieber: Vatican
    20:35Maurice Polo: Tag für Tag
    20:32A$AP Rocky: OG Beeper
    20:29Fetty Wap: Sumn Quick
    20:25Möchtegang: Arrogant
    20:22Felikuta: Maluka
    20:19GENETIKK: Jordan Belfort
    20:16Didi: Fuer immer feat. Bossnak & Zid
    20:12Leroy: Same Girl
    20:09Skip: Märliwald Instrumental
    20:03The Carters: FRIENDS
    20:01Freezy: Fritzli us de Vorstadt
    19:55Moon King: Apartment Fire
    19:52Lorenzo_BITW: Chasing (feat. Chikaya) - Tinnitus!!!
    19:48The I-Twins: It Hurts So Good
    19:45Kevin Krauter: Restless
    19:41Otha: One Of the Girls
    19:38Zanski: Fool
    19:34A.C. Freazy: Only One - Tinnitus!!!
    19:32Nevskij: Better off alone
    19:27Accü: Did You Count Your Eyes
    19:23OMMA: Sol Pleureur
    19:21Toast: Onetwothree
    19:17Matt Duncan: The Keys
    19:13O Terno: Não Espero Mais
    19:10Flaural: Bounders
    19:07Coral Pink: Another Year
    19:02Art School Girlfriend: Moon
    18:59Teenage Wildlife: You
    18:53Disclosure: Ultimatum (feat. Fatoumata Diawara)
    18:50Mavi Phoenix: Bite
    18:47Tanukichan: Perfect - Tinnitus!!!
    18:43Triptides: Throne Of Stars
    18:39Puzzle: Years
    18:36Imarhan: Tumast
    18:30Charolastra: Can't Nobody
    18:26Krush Puppies: PetalHead - Tinnitus!!!
    18:22Lil Baby: Transporter (feat. Offset)
    18:19Veil of Light: Same Blood
    18:16Darci: On My Own
    18:10Native Cruise: Calypso Spring
    18:07Madrepaz: Bonanza
    18:01LT: North Circular
    17:57Cam Maclean: Sunshine
    17:55COBEE: Pillies Freestyle (prod. Syndrome)
    17:51Das Body: Boys
    17:48The West Coast: May The Vibes Be With You (feat. Gullberg)
    17:45Warm Drag: Cave Crawl - Tinnitus!!!
    17:40Rendez Vous: Double Zero
    17:35Jeans for Jesus: Europe (ManDuo Remix)
    17:31Diamond Thug: Choo Choo
    17:27L-Vis 1990: Do My Ting (feat. Mista Silva) (DJ Veneno Remix)
    17:23Neil Frances: Coming Back Around - Tinnitus!!!
    17:20Massage: Lydia
    17:16Preoccupations: Decompose
    17:12World Radio: New Romance
    17:07The Holydrug Couple: I`ll Only Say This
    17:03Shams Dinn: Hedi Bled Noum
    16:55Antenna: Love 66 - Tinnitus!!!
    16:53Carolina Durante: El Himno Titular
    16:49John Maus: Episode
    16:46Old Smile: Worn Out Day
    16:42Salfvman: Iwyl
    16:39PONGO: Kuzola
    16:35POND: Paint Me Silver
    16:32Last Dinosaurs: Eleven
    16:28Phoenix: J-Boy
    16:23Mr Beatnick: Ice Cream Strut
    16:19Sleep Party People: The Mind Still Travels
    16:16Leroy Francis: Going Steady
    16:12Birthday: We Need To Talk
    16:07Hala: What Is Love Tell Me Is It Easy
    16:03Retiree: Pumice Stone
    15:59Lorenzo_BITW: Chasing (feat. Chikaya) - Tinnitus!!!
    15:55Divorce Court: Indonesia
    15:51The Mary Onettes: Cola Falls
    15:47Golan: Rocket Love (feat. Island Chain)
    15:43Catastrophe & Cure: On the Internet
    15:39Dita Von Teese: My Lips on Your Lips
    15:35blush: you win
    15:31Charlotte & Magon: The Game
    15:28Kadhja Bonet: Another Time Lover
    15:24Dungen & Woods: Turn Around
    15:20A.C. Freazy: Only One - Tinnitus!!!
    15:16Sun Airway: All In
    15:12Mined: Mistakes
    15:07Ulrika Spacek: Lord Luck
    15:02Chancha Via Circuito: Alegria
    14:57Krush Puppies: PetalHead - Tinnitus!!!
    14:54Breathe Panel: The Time Always
    14:51Lonely Parade: Night Cruise
    14:45JR JR: Control (Secretly Sorry) (Holy Ghost! Remix)
    14:41Chuckamuck: Sayonara
    14:37Mazy: Enemies
    14:34Ella Soto: Touch My Mind
    14:30Harvey Rushmore and the Octopus: Darkside
    14:27Biig Piig: You Know Better (feat. Bone Slim)
    14:23Astrobal: Everybody Loves the Sunrise
    14:19Molly Nilsson: Serious Flowers
    13:33Sudan Archives: Nont For Sale
    13:28Deer Eyes: Swim Deep
    13:24Insecure Men: Teenage Toy
    13:23Jude Woodhead: Beautiful Rain
    13:19Rolling Blackouts C.F.: Talking Straight
    13:16B77: Woods
    13:12Leisure: Money
    13:08Sudan Archives: Nont For Sale
    13:05Cam Maclean: Sunshine
    13:00buerak: Alphonse Lover
    12:57Cool Company: Summer Sickness (feat. Roni.)
    12:52Black Sea Dahu: In Case I Fall for You
    12:49Thud: Ado
    12:45Julien Gasc: Luke Howard
    12:37Antenna: Love 66 - Tinnitus!!!
    12:34Coral Pink: Another Year
    12:30Emmett Kai: Midnight
    12:27Mile Me Deaf: She's quite alright
    12:24Twin Shadow: Saturdays (feat. Haim)
    12:21Carino: Cancion De Pop De Amor
    12:17Pool Boy: Deluxe Oceanview
    12:14Anemone: Baby Only You & I
    12:11Vansire: Halcyon Age
    12:08Kevin Krauter: Restless
    12:03Loredana: Sonnenbrille
    11:58Project Pablo: Napoletana
    11:54The Internet: Come Over
    11:51Jungle: Happy Man
    11:47Laskaar: Traicion
    11:42The Holydrug Couple: I`ll Only Say This
    11:38Massage: Lydia
    11:34Voyou: Papillon
    11:31A.C. Freazy: Only One - Tinnitus!!!
    11:28visu: Vancouver
    11:25Monumental Men: Navigate
    11:22Das Body: Boys
    11:17Ten Fé: Elodie
    11:14Peonies: Thin Holidays
    11:10Lorenzo_BITW: Chasing (feat. Chikaya) - Tinnitus!!!
    11:03Real Lies: The Checks
    10:58Long Tall Jefferson: Over For Tea
    10:54Krush Puppies: PetalHead - Tinnitus!!!
    10:52Spooky Mansion: I'm The Moon
    10:48Be Forest: Glow
    10:44Hannah Epperson: 20/20 (Amelia)
    10:39Rendez Vous: Double Zero
    10:33MGMT: She Works Out Too Much
    10:27LT: North Circular
    10:24Tanukichan: Perfect - Tinnitus!!!
    10:21Noga Erez: Bad Habits
    10:18Kevin Morby: Motors Running
    10:14Negative Gemini: Rollercoaster
    10:11Mitski: Nobody
    10:08Ages and Ages: Needle And Thread
    10:04Arcade Fire: Signs of Life
    10:00Caroline Says: Sweet Home Alabama
    09:56Neil Frances: Coming Back Around - Tinnitus!!!
    09:52Laura Carbone: Tangerine Tree
    09:48Ogris Debris: Brighter
    09:44Everett Bird: Bucket of Dark Meat
    09:40Death Bells: Echoes
    09:37PYNKIE: Dew
    09:32Rat Columns: Sometimes We're Friends
    09:29Darci: On My Own
    09:24Chancha Via Circuito: Alegria
    09:21Yung Hurn: Was sie will
    09:17Matty: Every Moment I Live To Come
    09:12The Exorcist GBG: Bahnhof
    09:06Charolastra: Can't Nobody
    09:03Warm Drag: Cave Crawl - Tinnitus!!!
    09:01Elvis Depressedly: Bruises (amethyst)
    08:57Ouri / Mind Bath: Wild Mother
    08:54The Boy I Used To Be: The Only One
    08:50Palm Beach: Falling Over
    08:46Molly Nilsson: Serious Flowers
    08:41Peggy Gou: It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)
    08:37Sean Henry: The Ants
    08:31Bonobo: Bambro Koyo Ganda (Analog Version)
    08:28Parquet Courts: Wide Awake
    08:25YBN Cordae: Old N*ggas
    08:21Pastel Dreams: Summer Nights
    08:14Antenna: Love 66 - Tinnitus!!!
    08:12Maraudeur: Bad Morning
    08:08Lil Baby: Transporter (feat. Offset)
    08:04Breathe Panel: The Time Always
    08:01COBEE: Pillies Freestyle (prod. Syndrome)
    07:58The West Coast: May The Vibes Be With You (feat. Gullberg)
    07:55A.C. Freazy: Only One - Tinnitus!!!
    07:48The Cyclist: Alabaster Thrones
    07:44Jeans for Jesus: Europe (ManDuo Remix)
    07:40Video Age: Hold On (I Was Wrong)
    07:36Otha: One Of the Girls
    07:34Biig Piig: Perdida (prod. Boss Nass)
    07:30Earth Moon Transit: Weight of Paper
    07:27Cam Maclean: Sunshine
    07:23Lorenzo_BITW: Chasing (feat. Chikaya) - Tinnitus!!!
    07:19Sleep Party People: The Mind Still Travels
    07:122 Responsible: Warm For a Long Time
    07:09The Jim Mitchells: Easy Love
    07:03Mark Renner: Half A Heart
    06:59Coral Pink: Another Year
    06:57Jimothy Lacoste: I Can Speak Spanish
    06:52Retiree: Pumice Stone
    06:48Cloud Control: Treetops
    06:45Tanukichan: Perfect - Tinnitus!!!
    06:42L-Vis 1990: Do My Ting (feat. Mista Silva) (DJ Veneno Remix)
    06:37Salfvman: Iwyl
    06:33Krush Puppies: PetalHead - Tinnitus!!!
    06:28Blue of Noon: Nightmare
    06:24Lucia Manca: Bar Stazione
    06:21Slow Pulp: At Home
    06:18B77: Woods
    06:14Rusty Wes: Blush
    06:10Ra Ra Riot: Boy
    06:06EchoWave: It's Alright
    06:00George FitzGerald & Bonobo: Outgrown
    05:57Perfume Genius: Too Bright
    05:52Beck: Waking Light
    05:48Franky Silence & Ghost Orchestra: How Does It Feel
    05:44The National: So Far Around The Bend
    05:41Broadcast 2000: Run
    05:38Laura Marling: Devil's Resting Place
    05:34Lina Tullgren: Older
    05:31Jon Hood: Kingston Kraut
    05:25Matthew E. White: Tranquility
    05:22First Aid Kit: Blue
    05:19Champs: White Satellite
    05:17Lucy Lu: Promise I Broke
    05:14Timber Timbre: We'll Find Out
    05:11Tommy Guerrero: Signals From Points Beyond
    05:05Wooden Shjips: These Shadows (Acoustic Version)
    05:00SABA: FIGHTER (feat. Kaina)
    04:57Palmbomen: 17
    04:55Beat Connection: Trap House
    04:52Montage: Back Then
    04:45The xx: Shelter (John Talabot's Feel It Too Remix)
    04:38Leon Vynehall: Butterflies
    04:34Woodkid: Brooklyn
    04:32Father John Misty: Chateau Lobby 4 (In C For Two Virgins)
    04:29Gemma Ray: The Low Rising
    04:22Grizzly Bear: Sleeping Ute (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
    04:17Sarah Neufeld: Hero Brother
    04:08Kalabrese: Sihltal
    04:04The Holydrug Couple: Je T'Aime...Moi Non Plus
    04:00The Acid: RA
    03:56Call Super: Sulu Sekou
    03:53Woodes x Elkkle: Muddy
    03:45Kamaal Williams: Salaam
    03:41Young Magic: You With Air
    03:37Badlands: Sleeping Beauty
    03:31Sinner DC: Los
    03:26Jenny Hval: Heaven
    03:22Camel Power Club: Laïka (Hannes Fischer Remix)
    03:16Torn Hawk: I'm Flexible
    03:11chipmunkson16speed: Call Me
    03:04The Field: Over The Ice
    03:00Die Astronauten: Dr. Coiffeur
    02:56Shigeto: Ritual Howl
    02:50God Loves Fags: Akshak
    02:45Stefan Jós: Inside Voices
    02:42Melodiesinfonie: No Difference Between Us
    02:38laFayette: Baboons (feat. Sandro Simon)
    02:34Savant: The Shining Hour
    02:33Good Good Blood: Under A Northern Wind
    02:22Axel Boman: 1979
    02:18James Blake: Building It Still
    02:14Kelly Lee Owens: Lucid
    02:10Wovoka Gentle: Seventh Day
    02:05Deco Child: Nocturne
    02:01Zoo Kid: Has This Hit
    01:58BONES: HollisterJeans
    01:53R.Seiliog: Peripheral Thermal (Left)
    01:48King Of Spain: Basement Fires
    01:42James Ferraro: City Smells
    01:39Dimitris Petsetakis: Liquid
    01:27King Midas Sound & Fennesz: Above Water
    01:19Babak Shayan & Pino Shamlou: Baran (Helly Larson 4 a.m. Dub)
    01:13Efterklang: Modern Drift (Rumpistol Remix)
    01:01Zs: Corps
    00:43Floating Points: Kuiper
    00:36Deep Space Orchestra: Outliers
    00:34Sweet Valley: Sidewalk Surfer
    00:29Teebs: Verbena Tea with Rebekah Raff
    00:25To Rococo Rot: Many Descriptions (feat. Arto Lindsay)
    00:20Kutti MC: Hüt Rägnets No Einisch Gäld (feat. Stephan Eicher)
    00:16Dawn Of Midi: Algol
    00:14Gonjasufi: Venom
    00:11S S S S: Carved Out
    00:08Kingsley Bloom: Swain
    00:05AN System: Wrecker
    Di 17.7.
    23:56Jaguar Sun: Cold Wind
    23:53Cam Maclean: Sunshine
    23:49Lorenzo_BITW: Chasing (feat. Chikaya) - Tinnitus!!!
    23:45Divorce Court: Indonesia
    23:41Molly Nilsson: Serious Flowers
    23:37Swimm: Uh Huh
    23:34YBN Cordae: Old N*ggas
    23:32Hoops: Rules
    23:29Matty: Leeren
    23:24Portable: Surrender (feat. Lcio)
    23:20A.C. Freazy: Only One - Tinnitus!!!
    23:15NEWMEN: Trivial Pursuit
    23:13Carino: Cancion De Pop De Amor
    23:10Jimothy Lacoste: I Can Speak Spanish
    23:08Drens: Nein
    23:04The Mary Onettes: Cola Falls
    23:01Kali Uchis: In My Dreams
    22:58Mitski: Nobody
    22:54Flasher: Pressure
    22:53Dead Sullivan: Swallow
    22:50Tanukichan: Perfect - Tinnitus!!!
    22:46Voyou: Papillon
    22:43Treesha: Don't Run Away
    22:40Makala: Ginger Juice
    22:36Krush Puppies: PetalHead - Tinnitus!!!
    22:31Black Sea Dahu: In Case I Fall for You
    22:27Sizzla: Wealthy Rich
    22:21Lauren Auder: For Those Who Patiently Endure
    22:18Machel Montano: On My Way
    22:14Alaine: Sugar Love (feat. Tarrus Riley)
    22:09Chancha Via Circuito: Alegria
    22:06Etobasi: Die Einzig
    22:03Empath: Polyfoam
    22:00M'Ghadi: Miley Dub (Interlude)
    21:56MG Florentine & Mighty Roots: No Food (Jamaican Version)
    21:52Di Govanah, Miss C: Let Me Take You feat. Miss C
    21:48Agent Sasco: What's The Story
    21:45Queen Ifrica, Damian Marley: Trueversation feat. Damian Marley
    21:42The Meditations: Woman Is Like A Shadow
    21:39Busy Signal: Fresh From Yaad
    21:35Gyptian, Lady Leshurr: All On Me (Diztortion Remix) feat. Lady Leshurr
    21:32Omi, Erik Hassle: Midnight Serenade KAPUTT
    21:30Stereo Luchs: Träne Ufem Tanzbode
    21:27Earthkry: Praise Jah
    21:22Sümetrix: Fly
    21:18Professor: See Them Come (live)
    21:14Bob Marley: Running Away
    21:09Danakil: Champs De Roses
    21:05FiGURES: Freeze
    21:01Kabaka Pyramid: Make Way
    20:58Dre Island: Jah Is For Us
    20:55Lutan Fyah: Not Around
    20:52Tarrus Riley: Just The Way You Are
    20:48Schwellheim: Stand Uf
    20:45chok: Frei si Instrumental.wav
    20:41Mono & Nikitaman: Bis Ans Ende Der Welt
    20:38Dixkson: Africa is my place to go
    20:34Culture: Too Long In Slavery
    20:31Miwata: Level Up
    20:29Samora: Stay
    20:25Irina Mossi: Love Detective
    20:21Bunny Lee & The Aggrovators: Shalin Temple Dub
    20:16De Luca: So Nice
    20:12Etobasi: Wiiter Als
    20:08M'Ghadi: Karussell
    19:57Long Tall Jefferson: Over For Tea
    19:54Warm Drag: Cave Crawl - Tinnitus!!!
    19:51Ages and Ages: Needle And Thread
    19:48Massage: Lydia
    19:44Roy Irwin: King Of Pop
    19:39Rat Columns: Sometimes We're Friends
    19:35Neil Frances: Coming Back Around - Tinnitus!!!
    19:30Unknown Mortal Orchestra: American Guilt
    19:27Last Dinosaurs: Eleven
    19:23HAIM: Little of Your Love
    19:21COBEE: Pillies Freestyle (prod. Syndrome)
    19:18Altin Gün: Tatli Dile Güler Yüze
    19:13The Cactus Channel: Leech
    19:09Jack Frederick: In My Dreams
    19:04Adieu Gary Cooper: Solitaire Volon
    19:00Shy Layers: Gateway
    18:55Breathe Panel: The Time Always
    18:49Minami Deutsch: Tunnel
    18:46Thud: Ado
    18:42Pastel Dreams: Summer Nights
    18:40Jakob Ogawa: Velvet Light
    18:34Jude Woodhead: Beautiful Rain
    18:29Twins: Open Up
    18:25B77: Woods
    18:23Allah-Las: Autumn Dawn
    18:19Little Element: Birds leave
    18:16Sean Henry: The Ants
    18:08Antenna: Love 66 - Tinnitus!!!
    18:05Thundercat: Friend Zone
    18:03Static Animal: Country Room
    18:00Coral Pink: Another Year
    17:55Snail Mail: Deep Sea
    17:51Many Voices Speak: I Saw You
    17:48A.C. Freazy: Only One - Tinnitus!!!
    17:44Lawrence Rothman: Your Kiss Taste Like Dope
    17:42Bad Nerves: Can't Be Mine
    17:38Old S Resort: Friendly Fire
    17:34Beach House: Dark Spring
    17:31Pool Boy: Deluxe Oceanview
    17:27Distractor: Orbital
    17:21Charolastra: Can't Nobody
    17:17Accü: Did You Count Your Eyes
    17:13Lorenzo_BITW: Chasing (feat. Chikaya) - Tinnitus!!!
    17:06Oktoberklubben: Varekil
    17:03Laskaar: Traicion
    16:59OMMA: Sol Pleureur
    16:56Cam Maclean: Sunshine
    16:52Krush Puppies: PetalHead - Tinnitus!!!
    16:48Vansire: Halcyon Age
    16:44Molly Nilsson: Serious Flowers
    16:41L-Vis 1990: Do My Ting (feat. Mista Silva) (DJ Veneno Remix)
    16:35Native Cruise: Calypso Spring
    16:32Das Body: Boys
    16:28Naomi Punk: Television Man
    16:25Yaeji: Last Breath
    16:21Anna Aaron: Why Not
    16:18Tanukichan: Perfect - Tinnitus!!!
    16:15Sophie Meiers: Fade Away
    16:11Eleanor Friedberger: In Between Stars
    16:07Témé Tan x Le Motel: Le Ciel
    16:03Sirens Of Lesbos: We´ll Be Fine
    16:00Mild High Club: Homage
    15:55Lev Snowe: Daydream I
    15:53cuco: CR-V
    15:47Rendez Vous: Double Zero
    15:44Nava: Ritual
    15:40Ella Soto: Touch My Mind
    15:38Warm Drag: Cave Crawl - Tinnitus!!!
    15:33The Holydrug Couple: I`ll Only Say This
    15:29Khruangbin: Evan Finds The Third Room
    15:24Maribou State: Feel Good (feat. Khruangbin)
    15:21Lil Baby: Transporter (feat. Offset)
    15:17Neil Frances: Coming Back Around - Tinnitus!!!
    15:14Carolina Durante: El Himno Titular
    15:10Knox Fortune: Torture
    15:06Professor Rhythm: Via Botswana
    15:02The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Melodys Actual Echo Chamber
    14:59Sue The Night: From The Mire
    14:57Rin: Nike
    14:52Dead Sea: Know Where
    14:49Mitski: Nobody
    14:45Nadine Carina: Fading Lights - PP
    14:40Salfvman: Iwyl
    14:35Chancha Via Circuito: Alegria
    14:31Otha: One Of the Girls
    14:28Death Bells: Echoes
    14:24Eye: Tu Anima
    14:21YBN Cordae: Old N*ggas
    14:17Matty: Every Moment I Live To Come
    14:09Antenna: Love 66 - Tinnitus!!!
    14:06The Bilinda Butchers: Girlfriend
    14:03Hater: Cry Later
    13:58Black Sea Dahu: In Case I Fall for You
    13:54Jef Elise Barbara: Sexe Machin / Sex Machine
    13:49Rat Columns: Sometimes We're Friends
    13:46The Lemon Twigs: Foolin' Around
    13:43Coral Pink: Another Year
    13:40A.C. Freazy: Only One - Tinnitus!!!
    13:36Sleep Party People: The Mind Still Travels
    13:31Sebastian Reynolds: Mahajanaka (Emseatee Remix)
    13:28TRUE: Holiday Tickets
    13:25Luke Reed: I'm Dreaming
    13:21Lorenzo_BITW: Chasing (feat. Chikaya) - Tinnitus!!!
    13:18Moon King: I've Stopped Believing
    13:14Slow Pulp: At Home
    13:11Last Dinosaurs: Eleven
    13:07Divorce Court: Indonesia
    13:00Retiree: Pumice Stone
    12:57Gus White: Dream Man
    12:53The West Coast: May The Vibes Be With You (feat. Gullberg)
    12:50Breathe Panel: The Time Always
    12:45Suuns: Make It Real
    12:41The Mary Onettes: Cola Falls
    12:38Darci: On My Own
    12:35Tanukichan: Perfect - Tinnitus!!!
    12:31Pastel Dreams: Summer Nights
    12:27Krush Puppies: PetalHead - Tinnitus!!!
    12:23Acid Baby Jesus: Me & Panormita
    12:20Haley Bonar: Kill The Fun
    12:12Underworld & Iggy Pop: Bells & Circles
    12:10Biig Piig: You Know Better (feat. Bone Slim)
    12:03Jeans for Jesus: Europe (ManDuo Remix)
    11:59Molly Nilsson: Serious Flowers
    11:53Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse
    11:49Slowdive: Sugar for the Pill
    11:44Jaguar Sun: Cold Wind
    11:41Warm Drag: Cave Crawl - Tinnitus!!!
    11:39Jimothy Lacoste: I Can Speak Spanish
    11:36Cam Maclean: Sunshine
    11:30JR JR: Control (Secretly Sorry) (Holy Ghost! Remix)
    11:27Earth Moon Transit: Weight of Paper
    11:23Swimm: Uh Huh
    11:20B77: Woods
    11:16Neil Frances: Coming Back Around - Tinnitus!!!
    11:12Mardou: The Enemy
    11:09boy pablo: Losing You
    11:05Throws: The Harbour
    11:01Jon Hopkins: Emerald Rush
    10:58Faces on TV: Dancing After All
    10:55GUM: S.I.A
    10:52Walker Lukens: Lifted
    10:48Yeule: Pocky Boy
    10:44Tops: Further
    10:40Westerman: Edison
    10:37Mavi Phoenix: Bite
    10:35Dead Sullivan: Swallow
    10:27Antenna: Love 66 - Tinnitus!!!
    10:24Flaural: Bounders
    10:21Das Body: Boys
    10:17Massage: Lydia
    10:13Canari: Passagers
    10:11Loredana: Sonnenbrille
    10:06Accü: Did You Count Your Eyes
    10:04Nevskij: Better off alone
    09:59Weekend Phantom: Neighbourhood
    09:55Long Tall Jefferson: Over For Tea
    09:51Voyou: Papillon
    09:48Pool Boy: Deluxe Oceanview
    09:44Lorenzo_BITW: Chasing (feat. Chikaya) - Tinnitus!!!
    09:39Holy Wave: Adult Fear
    09:35A.C. Freazy: Only One - Tinnitus!!!
    09:32Stephan Kreussel: Mermaid
    09:29Cool Company: Summer Sickness (feat. Roni.)
    09:26Kevin Krauter: Restless
    09:23Miss June: Twitch
    09:20LCone, Ali, SAD (L.A.S.): Woodstock
    09:14Toro Y Moi: Omaha
    09:10Fake Laugh: Melt
    09:05Gacha Bakradze: The Prayer
    09:01The Internet: Come Over
    08:58Tanukichan: Perfect - Tinnitus!!!
    08:53Day Wave: Come Home Now
    08:50SALES: White Jeans
    08:47Ages and Ages: Needle And Thread
    08:42Hartasan: Zoe
    08:40Melody's Echo Chamber: Breathe In Breathe Out
    08:35Pink Skies: Just To Get By
    08:31Krush Puppies: PetalHead - Tinnitus!!!
    08:26Collaj: Tropical Vacation
    08:23Laskaar: Traicion
    08:21Carolina Durante: El Himno Titular
    08:17Empath: Polyfoam
    08:12Chancha Via Circuito: Alegria
    08:09Thud: Ado
    08:05Shopping: The Hype
    08:00Rendez Vous: Double Zero
    07:57Father John Misty: Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of Them All
    07:52Charolastra: Can't Nobody
    07:47Black Sea Dahu: In Case I Fall for You
    07:43Neil Frances: Coming Back Around - Tinnitus!!!
    07:38Rat Columns: Sometimes We're Friends
    07:33KOKOKO!: Tokoliana
    07:29Golan: Rocket Love (feat. Island Chain)
    07:26Aldous RH: Feelin Blue
    07:24Micachu & The Shapes: Never
    07:21Coral Pink: Another Year
    07:18Sea Moya: New Past
    07:14Last Dinosaurs: Eleven
    07:10Niki & The Dove: So Much It Hurts
    07:07Warm Drag: Cave Crawl - Tinnitus!!!
    07:02Palace Winter: Empire
    06:57MoreEats: Fürst Of Pop
    06:54It Looks Sad.: Radical
    06:51Kadhja Bonet: Another Time Lover
    06:47YBN Cordae: Old N*ggas
    06:40Antenna: Love 66 - Tinnitus!!!
    06:36Chromatics: Black Walls
    06:32Pastel Dreams: Summer Nights
    06:28Superorganism: Everybody Wants To Be Famous
    06:23Jude Woodhead: Beautiful Rain
    06:19Breathe Panel: The Time Always
    06:15Molly Nilsson: Serious Flowers
    06:12Twin Peaks: I Found A New Way
    06:09Noga Erez: Bad Habits
    06:04Now Now: MJ
    06:01Willie J Healey: Lazy Shade of Pink
    05:58Dean Blunt: 50 Cent
    05:54Yellow Ostrich: Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Eiffel 65 cover)
    05:50The Eves: Kicking At Stones
    05:47Jeff Haley: Powder Finger (Neil Young Cover)
    05:44Ella Soto: Touch My Mind
    05:41Cam Maclean: Sunshine
    05:37Lorenzo_BITW: Chasing (feat. Chikaya) - Tinnitus!!!
    05:33Air Review: H
    05:29Alexander Biggs: Tidal Wave
    05:25Vansire: Halcyon Age
    05:22Cass McCombs: Robin Egg Blue
    05:19She & Him: In The Sun
    05:15Juana Molina: Eras
    05:11Califone: Funeral Singers
    05:08Ariel Pink: Put Your Number In My Phone
    05:06Dead Sullivan: Swallow
    05:02Lambchop: If Not I'll Just Die
    04:57Portico Quartet: Spinner
    04:51Ibrahim Maalouf: Movement I
    04:46Nils Frahm: Familiar
    04:42Liars: Who Is the Hunter
    04:37David Lynch & Lykke Li: I'm Waiting Here
    04:32Holly Miranda: Slow Burn Treason
    04:27Foxes in Fiction: Glow (v079)
    04:24Daedelus: Pre-munitions
    04:18Martin Kohlstedt: ELL (Christian Löffler Rework)
    04:13Radiohead: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
    04:08Fatima Al Qadiri: Wudang
    04:02Dark Sky: Silent Fall
    03:59Lewis: Cool Night in Paris
    03:54Nicolas Jaar: Why Didn't You Save Me
    03:46Midori Takada: Crossing
    03:40Rolf Laureijs: FCL
    03:37Illum Sphere: Sleeprunner
    03:34Cosmin TRG: Less Of Me, More Of You
    03:26Gidge: You
    03:20Fort Romeau: Folle
    03:16Natural Information Society & Bitchin Bajas: Anemometer
    03:09Fimber Bravo: Orisha Brazil
    03:06Flume: Star Eyes
    03:02Matmos: Very Large Green Triangles
    02:57Hundred Waters: Thistle (TOKiMONSTA Remix)
    02:52The Advisory Circle: Causeway Ballet
    02:47Julianna Barwick: Pacing
    02:44IKEBANA: Ikebana (Danny Norbury Remix)
    02:41Dirty Beaches: Danseur De Ballet
    02:30King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: Crumbling Castle
    02:26Future Islands: Seasons (BADBADNOTGOOD Neuinterpretation)
    02:22Robot Koch: Let Me (feat. Curtain Blue & Born In Flamez)
    02:17Darkstar: You Don't Need A Weatherman
    02:13Kate Tempest: A Hammer
    02:07Laura Mvula: She (Shlohmo Remix)
    02:03Throwing Shade: Fear Of Silence
    01:57Indian Wells: Deuce
    01:52Holly Herndon: Home (A Capella)
    01:47Le Frère: Nice
    01:44BAUMON FAVRE: Juke No. 1
    01:38Gamelan Pacifica: Opening
    01:27Gang Gang Dance: Glass Jar
    01:23Team Ghost: Zeit
    01:20High Water: Someday
    01:17Pill Wonder: See You On The Cyan Shore
    01:10Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Excerpts (The Cat Inside)
    01:03Julia Holter: Boy in the Moon
    00:59Stabil Elite: Aether
    00:53Jamie Principle: Bad Boy (Unreleased Mix)
    00:45Valentin Stip: Regards Sur L'Enfance (I Et II)
    00:42Ghostpoet: Cash And Carry Me Home
    00:38High Places: From Stardust to Sentience
    00:35SBTRKT: Resolute
    00:28Huerco S: Promises Of Fertility
    00:26DARKSIDE: Greek Light
    00:20Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Swim and Sleep (Like A Shark) (Little Dragon Remix
    00:16Born Gold: 1: Ferocious Body
    00:13S O H N: Lessons
    00:09Clark: Ghosted
    00:05THAT PORK: Fifteen
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