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    09:00Spike Vincent: Lie In The Dust
    09:00Ed Sheeran: Shape Of You
    09:00Taylor Swift : Bad Blood (Remi
    08:59Justin Bieber: Sorry
    08:55The Devils: Sin, You Sinner
    08:51First Hate: Fallen
    08:51MoreEats: Waiting On My B
    08:50First Hate: The One
    08:47Al Lover: Permanent Now
    08:45The Garden: Surprise!

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    Fr 25.5.
    09:00Spike Vincent: Lie In The Dust
    09:00Ed Sheeran: Shape Of You
    09:00Taylor Swift : Bad Blood (Remix) Ft. Kendrick Lamar
    08:59Justin Bieber: Sorry
    08:55The Devils: Sin, You Sinners!
    08:51First Hate: Fallen
    08:51MoreEats: Waiting On My Baby
    08:50First Hate: The One
    08:47Al Lover: Permanent Now
    08:45The Garden: Surprise!
    08:41Ryley Walker: Opposite Middle
    08:34Art Feynman: Monday Give Me Monday
    08:30Buzzy Lee: Coolhand
    08:29Ryley Walker: Opposite Middle
    08:23Wildhart: New Beginning - Tinnitus!!!
    08:19Meuko! Meuko!: Live @ Radio 3FACH
    08:14Jungle: Happy Man
    08:12Mr. Husband: Riding a Lightning Bolt
    08:05HIGH HØØPS: Body
    08:00Berdmajik: Circles
    07:52Cat Power: Cross Bone Style
    07:46Yeule: Pocky Boy
    07:43Jeff Haley: Powder Finger (Neil Young Cover)
    07:41In Love Your Mother: 10.1 The Painter
    07:35LieVin: Alli Essed prod. by Sarkastik
    07:30Dead Sea: Know Where
    07:29Yeule: Pocky Boy
    07:29LieVin: Alli Essed prod. by Sarkastik
    07:29Jeff Haley: Powder Finger (Neil Young Cover)
    07:23Old Smile: Worn Out Day - Tinnitus!!!
    07:20Nina Hagen Band: Du Hast Den Farbfilm Vergessen
    07:19Nina Hagen Band: African Reggae
    07:15Makala & Pink Flamingo: Piscine privée
    07:13Nick Lutsko, Bethany Cosentino, @Seinfeld2000: Jerry (Maybe We Should Get Married)
    07:08First Hate: Copenhagen
    07:04Cherry Glazerr: Juicy Socks
    07:00Superorganism: Everybody Wants To Be Famous
    07:00First Hate: Copenhagen
    06:53Olamide: Wo!!
    06:51John Maus: Teenage Witch
    06:45Baywaves: I'm Tryna
    06:33Vive La Void: Death Money
    06:29Chromatics: Black Walls - Tinnitus!!!
    06:25The Avalanches: Park Music
    06:21Westerman: Edison - Tinnitus!!!
    06:20Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse - Tinnitus!!!
    06:19Nick Lutsko, Bethany Cosentino, @Seinfeld2000: Jerry (Maybe We Should Get Married)
    06:19Flaws: All We Are
    06:18Wildhart: New Beginning - Tinnitus!!!
    06:14Molina: Hey Kids
    06:10Bright Music: Shimmer
    06:06Sudan Archives: Nont For Sale
    06:00Para One: Opium
    06:00Chromatics: Black Walls - Tinnitus!!!
    05:59Baywaves: I'm Tryna
    05:59John Maus: Teenage Witch
    05:53Small Wonder: Patron Saint Of Pretty Faces
    05:49TUT: Live From Chattanooga
    05:45Andrew Bird: Anonanimal
    05:39Falcon Punch: Donald's Bird
    05:35Coconut Records: West Coast
    05:31A$AP Rocky: Grippin Woodgrain (feat. Seth Narley)
    05:28Majical Cloudz: Notebook
    05:26Astronaut Husband: Rutabaga
    05:23Whitney: The Falls (demo)
    05:19Züri West: Hallo Schiisluun
    05:16Meanest Man Contest: In the Dark
    05:13Avi Buffalo: Five Little Sluts
    05:10Painted Palms: Angels (Live @ Radio 3FACH)
    05:07Element Of Crime: Dunkle Wolke
    05:03Estrangers: Cape Fear
    04:53Don't DJ: Repetition
    04:46Walls: Sunporch
    04:46Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein: Biking to School
    04:43Yo La Tengo: Friday I'm In Love
    04:39Cant: Too Late Too Far
    04:34Blondes: Clipse
    04:30Reme Izabo's Music Research: The Same Man
    04:23Dirty Beaches: Pacific Ocean
    04:19Tropics: Blame
    04:15Isbells: One Day
    04:10Kalipo: Yaruto
    04:06Rat & Co: The Farm
    04:01Radiohead: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
    03:56Battles: Inchworm
    03:50Todd Terje: Johnny and Mary (feat. Bryan Ferry)
    03:45Kutti MC: Hüt Rägnets No Einisch Gäld (feat. Stephan Eicher)
    03:39BADBADNOTGOOD: Eyes Closed
    03:36Melodiesinfonie: No Difference Between Us
    03:32visu: Nacht (feat. Julia)
    03:27Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessne,r Nico Muhly, James M: Mercury
    03:22Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly, James M: Venus
    03:15The Weeknd: Tears In The Rain
    03:11Aphex Twin: minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]
    03:07Four Tet: Unicorn
    03:00Grizzly Bear: Sleeping Ute (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
    02:56Conveyor: Theme I (Edit)
    02:51Dntel: My Orphaned Son
    02:43Amen Dunes: Love
    02:39Germany Germany: Compliments (Bloc Party Cover)
    02:33Piano Interrupted: Hobi
    02:25Julia Holter: Boy in the Moon
    02:22Julianna Barwick: The Magic Place
    02:11Shackleton: Headcleaner
    02:07THEESatisfaction: Post Black Anyway
    02:04High Water: Someday
    01:59Wovoka Gentle: Seventh Day
    01:54Ringo Deathstarr: Brightest Star
    01:48Roman Fluegel: Wilkie
    01:43Tonstartssbandht: Bread And Butter Meadly Pt. III (Live @ 3FACH)
    01:41How To Dress Well: Decisions
    01:36Foxes in Fiction: Glow (v079)
    01:32The Limiñanas: My Black Sabbath
    01:29SBTRKT: Look At Stars
    01:20Brian Reitzell: Last Summer
    01:15James Blake: Klavierwerke
    01:09Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Excerpts (The Cat Inside)
    01:07Beat Connection: Trap House
    01:02Xeno & Oaklander: Sets & Lights
    00:57Jon Gibson: Criss X Cross #3
    00:54Lewis: Cool Night in Paris
    00:47Deep Space Orchestra: Outliers
    00:42Teebs: Verbena Tea with Rebekah Raff
    00:40Sweet Valley: Sidewalk Surfer
    00:33Fimber Bravo: Orisha Brazil
    00:29Dungen: Jakten Genom skogen
    00:25Bird On The Wire: Elephanta
    00:21Lord Boyd: Better Beedies
    00:09James Blackshaw & Lubomyr Melnyk: Venant
    00:05To Rococo Rot: Many Descriptions (feat. Arto Lindsay)
    Do 24.5.
    23:59Larry Gus: In Violet Ink (Misprints)
    23:54MGMT: She Works Out Too Much
    23:50Long Tall Jefferson: Yonder Is A Mountain
    23:46Yuno: No Going Back
    23:41Professor Rhythm: Professor 3
    23:38SALES: White Jeans - Tinnitus!!!
    23:35Anna Aaron: Why Not
    23:29Sonny: Agoraphobia
    23:24Molly Nilsson & Sean Nicholas Savage: Lunar Eclipse of the Heart
    23:21Ultimate Painting: Out in the Cold
    23:18Tirzah: Gladly
    23:15Altin Gün: Tatli Dile Güler Yüze
    23:12Mac DeMarco: Baby You're Out
    23:09Ducktails: Into The Sky
    23:04DRINKS: She Walks So Fast
    21:57Hana Vu: Cool (feat. Satchy)
    21:53Men I Trust: Show Me How
    21:50Wildhart: New Beginning - Tinnitus!!!
    21:46Polar: Damaged People
    21:45Polar: Damaged People
    21:36Bleu Roi: Darkest Hour (Original version)
    21:27Yishak Banjaw: Libey Ma'aduley
    21:17Meuko! Meuko!: About Time
    21:12Suuns: Peace and Love
    21:08Fenster: Samsons Theme
    20:48Jerusalem In My Heart: A Granular Buzuk
    20:39The Kondi Band: Yeanoh (Powe Handa Blingabe)
    20:30Jeans for Jesus: Toucher
    20:18J&L Defer: Hard Fiction Road
    20:08Schapero: Are You Sure (I'm Sure)
    20:04Frankie Cosmos: Caramelize
    20:00Hibou: Junipero Love
    19:55Wildhart: New Beginning - Tinnitus!!!
    19:45Jonathan Wilson: Loving You
    19:41The Pussywarmers & Reka: Summer Breeze
    19:34Ténéré: Tenebris (Olëm Remix)
    19:29The Sloths: One Way Out
    19:24Alela Diane: The Pirates Gospel
    19:17Savages: T.I.W.Y.G.
    19:13Moon: Kissing
    19:05Tame Impala: Cause I'm A Man
    19:00C Duncan: Garden
    18:54Father John Misty: Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of Them All
    18:51Operator Music Band: I Banana
    18:45Ryley Walker: Telluride Speed
    18:40Shuttle: Cruising
    18:38FloFilz: Ivebeentryin'
    18:34Bright Music: Shimmer
    18:30Beach House: Dark Spring
    18:29Ryley Walker: Telluride Speed
    18:26The Devils: Sin, You Sinners!
    18:23Jungle: Happy Man
    18:18Meuko! Meuko!: Live @ Radio 3FACH
    18:16The Prodigy: Smack My Bitch Up
    18:15Meuko! Meuko!: Live @ Radio 3FACH
    18:11Shams Dinn: Hedi Bled Noum
    18:10Meuko! Meuko!: About Time
    18:06HIGH HØØPS: Body
    18:00Isle&Fever: Keep On
    17:54Makala: Ginger Juice
    17:48Bombino: Naqqim Dagh Timshar
    17:47Bombino: Timtar
    17:43First Hate: Fallen
    17:39MoreEats: Stiffgirl
    17:34The Citradels: Believe and Receive
    17:30Mazy: Enemies
    17:21Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse - Tinnitus!!!
    17:18SPORTS: Sunchokes
    17:09Pink Skies: Just To Get By
    17:04Moodoïd: Miss Smith
    17:00Blis.: Floating Somewhere High And Above
    16:53The Internet: Roll (Burbank Funk)
    16:50Praa: Do It All Again
    16:47THIAM: Light Is Still Shining
    16:44The New Pornographers: Darling Shade
    16:35Sau Poler: Jaffe House
    16:32Miss June: Twitch
    16:27Thalab: Good Swim
    16:23Twin Shadow: Saturdays (feat. Haim)
    16:19blush: you win
    16:17To The States: Burn
    16:13Triptides: All My Life
    16:08Westerman: Edison - Tinnitus!!!
    16:04Total Control: Luxury Vacuum
    16:01Part Time: Faded Rose (Shattered Love)
    15:58Nick Lutsko, Bethany Cosentino, @Seinfeld2000: Jerry (Maybe We Should Get Married)
    15:55Wildhart: New Beginning - Tinnitus!!!
    15:51Glo La Luz: Soy Peor
    15:47Baywaves: I'm Tryna
    15:44Cherry Glazerr: Juicy Socks
    15:39Twins: Open Up
    15:35SALES: White Jeans - Tinnitus!!!
    15:31Cool Company: Be More Mad
    15:27The Mary Onettes: Don't Forget (To Forget About Me)
    15:22John Gibbs With The Jam Band: J'Ouvert - PP
    15:19Die Nerven: Albtraum
    15:16Paul Weller & Krar Collective: Mother Ethiopia Part 3 (No Tribe No Colour)
    15:13Mavi Phoenix: Yellow
    15:08Blind Butcher: Alawalawa
    15:05Jakob Ogawa: Youll Be On My Mind
    15:02Machinedrum: Hype Up!
    14:59Sonny Smith: Pictures of You
    14:53Minami Deutsch: Tunnel
    14:48Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse - Tinnitus!!!
    14:45Anna Aaron: Why Not
    14:40Sebastian Reynolds: Mahajanaka (Emseatee Remix)
    14:36Tirzah: Gladly
    14:34HALEY: Bratt
    14:30Long Tall Jefferson: Yonder Is A Mountain
    14:27Lil Pump: ESSKEETIT
    14:24Old Smile: Worn Out Day - Tinnitus!!!
    14:19The I-Twins: It Hurts So Good
    14:15Moon King: I've Stopped Believing
    14:08Real Lies: The Checks
    14:03Ben Stevenson: No Better Way
    13:58Bayonne: Sincere (Live @ 3FACH)
    13:55Value Void: Back In The Day - Tinnitus!!!
    13:50Laura Carbone: Tangerine Tree
    13:46Rusty Wes: Blush
    13:41ViVii: Siv (You and I)
    13:38Beach Fossils: Agony (Yung Lean Cover)
    13:34Mile Me Deaf: Blowout
    13:29Meuko! Meuko!: About Time
    13:24Omar Apollo: Brakelights
    13:19Nate Dogg: First We Pray (feat. Kurupt)
    13:15Met Gala: She's My Swet
    13:04Pépe: Futurepresent
    13:00Westerman: Edison - Tinnitus!!!
    12:59Nate Dogg: First We Pray (feat. Kurupt)
    12:52Sudan Archives: Nont For Sale
    12:48John Maus: Teenage Witch
    12:46Wolf Alice: Yuk Foo
    12:44DonMonique: Selfish (Prod. by Kirk Knight)
    12:40MoreEats: Stiffgirl
    12:35Negative Gemini: Rollercoaster
    12:29George FitzGerald & Bonobo: Outgrown
    12:21The Tallest Man on Earth: Sagres
    12:17Courtney Barnett: City Looks Pretty
    12:10Drelli: Down Day
    12:04Professor Rhythm: Professor 3
    12:00Yeule: Pocky Boy
    12:00Drelli: Down Day
    11:59Courtney Barnett: City Looks Pretty
    11:59Professor Rhythm: Professor 3
    11:53Molina: Hey Kids
    11:49Wildhart: New Beginning - Tinnitus!!!
    11:45KWAYE: Little Ones
    11:41Wanda: Bologna
    11:38Rachel Foxx: Make You Say
    11:31The Stone Roses: Beautiful Thing
    11:27Childish Gambino: This Is America
    11:23SALES: White Jeans - Tinnitus!!!
    11:18Hess Is More: 80 Years, Pt. I
    11:16Bad Nerves: Can't Be Mine
    11:13Jungle: Happy Man
    11:09Gundelach: Duck Hunting
    11:04Suuns: Make It Real
    10:59Daniel T.: Windy Lady (feat. Eiko Hara) (Turbotito Remix)
    10:55The Bilinda Butchers: Girlfriend
    10:52Bright Music: Shimmer
    10:49Furnsss: Divine
    10:46Latasha: Sumpn
    10:43Leeveye: Lately (ooweoo)
    10:37Matthew Dear: Modafinil Blues
    10:34Old Smile: Worn Out Day - Tinnitus!!!
    10:30Cancer: Same Color As Digital Photography
    10:26Témé Tan: Coups De Griffe
    10:23Miss June: Twitch
    10:18IGBO: ThunderLove
    10:15Nava: Ritual
    10:11Morabeza Tobacco: TTYL
    10:06Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse - Tinnitus!!!
    10:01Anna Leone: My Soul I
    09:58Baywaves: I'm Tryna
    09:54Pershagen: Det du söker finns inte här
    09:51Mattiel: Whites of Their Eyes
    09:46Snail Mail: Heat Wave
    09:43Waxahatchee: La Loose
    09:38Twins: Open Up
    09:34Men I Trust: I hope to be around
    09:31The Vegetablets: Do Not Mix
    09:27Value Void: Back In The Day - Tinnitus!!!
    09:22NEWMEN: Trivial Pursuit
    09:19GUM: S.I.A
    09:16Dead Times: Centuries
    09:12Yung Hurn & Rin: Bianco
    09:09Now Now: MJ - Tinnitus!!!
    09:05Launder: Annie Blue
    09:01Niki & The Dove: So Much It Hurts
    08:54Melodys Echo Chamber: Breathe In Breathe Out - Tinnitus!!!
    08:49Bombino: Naqqim Dagh Timshar
    08:45Father John Misty: Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of Them All
    08:42Rin: Nike
    08:35P. Pat: Obsessed (feat. Julaiah)
    08:31THIAM: Light Is Still Shining
    08:31P. Pat: Obsessed (feat. Julaiah)
    08:30Rin: Nike
    08:25Makala: Ginger Juice
    08:21Haute: Shut Me Down
    08:21Ruby Empress: Escapism Deluxe
    08:21MORSE: Shaman
    08:20B77: Beach 77
    08:20Sarah Farina: Ohne Titel
    08:20Mavi Phoenix: Aventura
    08:17Hana Vu: Crying on the Subway
    08:12Cigarettes After Sex: Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby
    08:11Cigarettes After Sex: Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby
    08:10Cigarettes After Sex: Affection
    08:06Anemone: Bout De Toi
    08:02Crimer: Coward
    08:01Cigarettes After Sex: Affection
    07:55Imarhan: Ehad Wa Dagh
    07:51Jimothy Lacoste: Subway System
    07:49Jimothy Lacoste: Getting Busy
    07:45Westerman: Edison - Tinnitus!!!
    07:41Thunder Jackson: Guilty Party
    07:34HIGH HØØPS: Body
    07:29Tirzah: Gladly
    07:24Nick Lutsko, Bethany Cosentino, @Seinfeld2000: Jerry (Maybe We Should Get Married)
    07:20Ryley Walker: Spoil With The Rest
    07:15Dubokaj: Trinidad Babies
    07:12Buzzy Lee: Coolhand
    07:05Wildhart: New Beginning - Tinnitus!!!
    07:00Young Fathers: Get Up
    06:54Montero: Running Race
    06:48Bombino: Naqqim Dagh Timshar
    06:47Bombino: Timtar
    06:43Dinner: Turn Me On
    06:39Fellini Félin: Come To The Fore
    06:35Fazerdaze: Misread
    06:30Ruby Empress: Escapism Deluxe
    06:30Fazerdaze: Misread
    06:30Fellini Félin: Come To The Fore
    06:25The Liquorice Experiment: Circa66
    06:21MoreEats: Stiffgirl
    06:17Yung Hurn: Was sie will
    06:12Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse - Tinnitus!!!
    06:11Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse - Tinnitus!!!
    06:11Westerman: Edison - Tinnitus!!!
    06:10Nick Lutsko, Bethany Cosentino, @Seinfeld2000: Jerry (Maybe We Should Get Married)
    06:10Flaws: All We Are
    06:10Wildhart: New Beginning - Tinnitus!!!
    06:06Met Gala: She's My Swet
    06:01Kedr Livanskiy: Ariadna
    05:54Gaussian Curve: Four For You
    05:50M. Ward: Chinese Translation
    05:46Houses: Beginnings (Radio Edit)
    05:42Love Inks: Shoot 100 Panes Of Glass
    05:37Porcelain Raft: I Lost Connection
    05:32Little Children: Falling
    05:28Francesco De Leo: Muse
    05:24Haley Blais: Small Foreign Faction
    05:20Still Parade: Hunter
    05:15Tobias Jesso Jr.: Just A Dream
    05:13Tara Jane O'Neil: This Morning Glory
    05:10H.C. McEntire: Wild Dogs
    05:07Hurray For The Riff Raff: Blue Ridge Mountain
    05:04Foxygen: San Francisco
    04:56EMA: The Grey Ship
    04:54Echo Lake: Monday 5AM
    04:51Flying Lotus: Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph
    04:46Conveyor: Theme I
    04:38Björk: Atom Dance
    04:35AN System: Wrecker
    04:32Kingsley Bloom: Swain
    04:27Small Black: Moon Killer
    04:23Planningtorock: Human Drama
    04:20Beach Fossils: Face It
    04:16Broadcast 2000: Rouse Your Bones
    04:13Kyler Slater: On My Own
    04:08Damien Jurado: Allocate
    04:03The Hundred In The Hands: Red Night
    03:57Eaux: Head
    03:54Sun Airway: Wild Palms
    03:51Taylor McFerrin: The Antidote (feat. Nai Palm)
    03:47Gabriel Saloman: My Funny Valentine
    03:43Portico Quartet: Spinner
    03:38Sarah Neufeld: Hero Brother
    03:35Tommy Guerrero: Where The Sky Drops Into The Sea
    03:32Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX: Startseite
    03:29Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: Wide Awake
    03:26Hove: Hillside
    03:22Cuushe: I Love You
    03:17Bibio: Excuses
    03:11Justin Walter: Dream Weaving
    03:07Teen Daze: Cold Sand
    03:03Le Frère: Nice
    02:57Dam Mantle: Movement
    02:53Silicon Teens: Sun Flight
    02:50Perera Elsewhere: Something's Up
    02:47Julian Lynch: Zurück
    02:39Gidge: Norrland
    02:34THAT PORK: Fifteen
    02:28Fort Romeau: Folle
    02:24Atoms for Peace: Ingenue
    02:20'fö: Sleep
    02:10King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: Crumbling Castle
    01:57Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory: Particle
    01:48Kalabrese: Sihltal
    01:43Boards Of Canada: Zoetrope
    01:40Savant: The Shining Hour
    01:36Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.: Nothing But Our Love
    01:33Still Corners: Cuckoo
    01:30S S S S: August 22 (Hell Is Here)
    01:26Romare: Don't Stop
    01:22Cosmin TRG: Less Of Me, More Of You
    01:18Shigeto: Ritual Howl
    01:13Stefan Jós: Inside Voices
    01:08The Acid: Basic Instinct (Lapalux Remix)
    01:05Pill Wonder: See You On The Cyan Shore
    01:02Chet Faker: Everything I Wanted
    00:58These New Puritans: Fragment Two
    00:53Natural Information Society & Bitchin Bajas: Anemometer
    00:50Christian Rich: Seven
    00:44David Lynch: Pinky's Dream (Trentemøller Remix)
    00:43Perfume Genius: All Waters
    00:34Lindigo: Tany Be (Alma Negra Dub Mix)
    00:29Gorillaz: Stylo
    00:21Jon Hopkins: Open Eye Signal
    00:18Sapphire Slows: Corekill
    00:12Bing & Ruth: Police Police Police Police Police
    00:08Belia Winnewisser: My Life Is Your History
    00:05Dean Blunt: 100
    Mi 23.5.
    23:57Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse - Tinnitus!!!
    23:54Cut Worms: Don't Want to Say Good?-?bye
    23:51Nick Lutsko, Bethany Cosentino, @Seinfeld2000: Jerry (Maybe We Should Get Married)
    23:47Courtney Barnett: City Looks Pretty
    23:43LieVin: Alli Essed prod. by Sarkastik
    23:40Old Smile: Worn Out Day - Tinnitus!!!
    23:36Vive La Void: Death Money
    23:30Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders: Susan
    23:27Flaws: All We Are
    23:21The Cyclist: Alabaster Thrones
    23:14The Legendary Lightness: April Hearts
    23:11MCNZI: 'Cause this Is Acid Rap
    23:08cuco: CR-V
    23:05Baywaves: Time Is Passing U By
    23:01Lua Preta: Quero Mais (feat. Morena Leraba)
    22:58Rin: Nike
    22:54Preoccupations: Espionage
    22:50Drake: You Know, You Know
    22:46Yeule: Pocky Boy
    22:42Molina: Hey Kids
    22:39SALES: White Jeans - Tinnitus!!!
    22:33Christian Kleine: Promise
    22:28Fratelli B: Trainerhose feat. EffE, Semantik & Sulaya
    22:25Childish Gambino: This Is America
    22:21Praa: Do It All Again
    22:18Now Now: MJ - Tinnitus!!!
    22:14Trettmann: Gottseidank feat. RAF Camora & Bonez MC
    22:10Dez Tommy CBN: Sandmaa
    22:07Julie Cool: Sheila
    22:04Jungle: Happy Man
    21:59Suuns: Make It Real
    21:54Drake: U With Me?
    21:51Travis Scott: Butterfly Effect
    21:47PARTYNEXTDOOR: Never Played Me
    21:41Stefflon Don : 16 Shots
    21:38Yung Hurn: Bist Du alleine
    21:35Post Malone: Spoil My Night feat. Swae Lee
    21:31LieVin: Checks feat. Comme1Floccon
    21:23LieVin: Alli Essed prod. by Sarkastik
    21:16LieVin : Top Boy feat. The Youngest
    21:09Tyga: Taste feat. Offset
    21:06Diplo, French Montana & Lil Pump: Welcome To The Party feat. Zhavia
    21:03Rin: Nike
    20:59Dave East: On God
    20:56Post Malone: Better Now
    20:51Melo: Drunk
    20:48Genetikk: Champions (Instrumental)
    20:45Melo: Es Lauft
    20:42Genetikk: Champions (Instrumental)
    20:39Melo: Rollator feat. Visu
    20:35Genetikk: Champions (Instrumental)
    20:31Childish Gambino: This Is America
    20:27Capo & Fabscho: Back in the booth
    20:20Dez Tommy CBN: Tina
    20:17Travis Scott & Quavo: Black & Chinese
    20:15Tory Lanez: B.I.D.
    20:07MHD: AFRO TRAP (Part. 4)
    19:51LieVin: Alli Essed prod. by Sarkastik
    19:38Altin Gün: Tatli Dile Güler Yüze
    19:33Professor Rhythm: Professor 3
    19:20Jay Som: Pirouette
    19:04Bakar: All In
    19:02HALEY: Bratt
    18:53Tirzah: Gladly
    18:48Pink Skies: Just To Get By
    18:44Ryley Walker: Spoil With The Rest
    18:39Zanski: Fool
    18:32Gold Panda: Time Eater
    18:29Vesuvio Solo: Don't Leave Me In The Dark
    18:28Ryley Walker: The Halfwit In Me
    18:24Almond Soy: Happy Ever After
    18:21Sarah Farina: Ohne Titel
    18:20Haute: Shut Me Down
    18:20Ruby Empress: Escapism Deluxe
    18:19MORSE: Shaman
    18:19B77: Beach 77
    18:18Sarah Farina: Ohne Titel
    18:18Mavi Phoenix: Yellow
    18:14Fever Dream: Reyndu BarA
    18:05Mavi Phoenix: Janet Jackson
    17:59Peggy Gou: It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)
    17:49Minami Deutsch: Tangled Yarn
    17:45Old Smile: Worn Out Day - Tinnitus!!!
    17:38Duets and Stuff: Hold On
    17:32Twins: Open Up
    17:28Gourmet: Jamaica
    17:22Hot Dreams: Another Night
    17:19Phantastic Ferniture: Fuckin n Rollin
    17:15Met Gala: She's My Swet
    17:11Morabeza Tobacco: TTYL
    17:03Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse - Tinnitus!!!
    16:59The Bilinda Butchers: Girlfriend
    16:53Nick Lutsko, Bethany Cosentino, @Seinfeld2000: Jerry (Maybe We Should Get Married)
    16:49Batuk: Move!
    16:45Ruby Empress: Escapism Deluxe
    16:40Jaunt: Faster Interactions
    16:37Diplo: Color Blind (feat. Lil Xan)
    16:34Del Sur: Aubrey Plaza
    16:31SALES: White Jeans - Tinnitus!!!
    16:26NEWMEN: Trivial Pursuit
    16:22Pershagen: Det du söker finns inte här
    16:18Noname: Diddy Bop (feat. Raury & Cam O'bi)
    16:15Sam Gellaitry: Long Distance
    16:09Spike Vincent: Lie In The Dust
    16:05Now Now: MJ - Tinnitus!!!
    16:00Kainalu: Folds Like Origami
    15:56Laura Carbone: Tangerine Tree
    15:51Westerman: Edison - Tinnitus!!!
    15:49Makala: Ginger Juice
    15:45Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Not In Love We're Just High
    15:42Part Time: Faded Rose (Shattered Love)
    15:39LieVin: Alli Essed prod. by Sarkastik
    15:23THIAM: Light Is Still Shining
    15:20Allah-Las: Autumn Dawn
    15:16Kadhja Bonet: Mother Maybe
    15:13Latasha: Sumpn
    15:09Veil of Light: Same Blood
    15:05BAD WITH PHONES: Needles
    15:00Let's Eat Grandma: Deep Six Textbook
    14:56Weekend Affair: Descends
    14:52Kurt Vile: Shame Chamber
    14:48Twin Peaks with Juan Wauters: Back Door
    14:46Rin: Nike
    14:43Drens: Nein
    14:39Mazy: Enemies
    14:34Hala: What Is Love Tell Me Is It Easy
    14:28Overmono: Catapult
    14:25Wildhart: New Beginning - Tinnitus!!!
    14:19George FitzGerald & Bonobo: Outgrown
    14:15Bellatrix: Your Blood Only
    14:11Dead Sea: Know Where
    14:06Francesco De Leo: Muse
    14:02Value Void: Back In The Day - Tinnitus!!!
    14:00Tiedye Ky: Yellow
    13:55MGMT: When You Die
    13:52Machinedrum: Hype Up
    13:48Long Tall Jefferson: Yonder Is A Mountain
    13:44FlexFab: Places feat The Venopian Solitude
    13:41Travis Bretzer: Promises
    13:38LCone: Scheissegal feat. Dave
    13:34Dreamgirl: Hedonists
    13:31Shuttle: Cruising
    13:23B77: Panthère
    13:16Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse - Tinnitus!!!
    13:12Phantastic Ferniture: Fuckin n Rollin
    13:07The Internet: Roll (Burbank Funk)
    13:03Old Smile: Worn Out Day - Tinnitus!!!
    13:03Phantastic Ferniture: Fuckin n Rollin
    12:52The Orielles: Blue Suitcase (Disco Wrist)
    12:47MORSE: Shaman
    12:40The Vegetablets: Do Not Mix
    12:35Now Now: MJ - Tinnitus!!!
    12:32Miss June: Twitch
    12:31Now Now: MJ - Tinnitus!!!
    12:25Plastic Flowers: Diver
    12:19Bad Nerves: Can't Be Mine
    12:14Nate Dogg: Hardest Man In Town
    12:09Cherry Glazerr: Juicy Socks
    12:04Kommode: Fight or Flight or Dance All Night
    12:04Nate Dogg: Hardest Man In Town
    11:54Leeveye: Lately (ooweoo)
    11:52Melodys Echo Chamber: Breathe In Breathe Out - Tinnitus!!!
    11:47Westerman: Edison - Tinnitus!!!
    11:42Professor Rhythm: Professor 3
    11:39Leroy Francis: Going Steady
    11:31Real Lies: The Checks
    11:28Yung Hurn: Was sie will
    11:26Reverend Beat Man and the New Wave: i have enough
    11:22Chromatics: Black Walls - Tinnitus!!!
    11:17Vive La Void: Death Money
    11:12Amen Dunes: Believe
    11:08Leyya: Heat
    11:04The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Melodys Actual Echo Chamber
    11:01TV On the Radio: Mercy
    10:57Molina: Hey Kids
    10:54Wildhart: New Beginning - Tinnitus!!!
    10:49Pink Skies: Just To Get By
    10:46Duets and Stuff: Hold On
    10:44Film 2: Spreading Of Disorder
    10:39Courtney Barnett: City Looks Pretty
    10:36Met Gala: She's My Swet
    10:31Michael Nau: Less Than Positive
    10:28BOYBOY: Afraid
    10:24Alabama Shakes: Gimme All Your Love
    10:20Cones: Back In The Brain
    10:17Value Void: Back In The Day - Tinnitus!!!
    10:15Onyedikachi Ebiringah: Sweet Sammy
    10:09Shy Layers: Gateway
    10:06Spissy: Cruising Paradise
    10:02Real Guy: Everyday
    09:58The Shacks: Follow Me
    09:55Tops: Anything
    09:52MCNZI: 'Cause this Is Acid Rap
    09:49Nick Lutsko, Bethany Cosentino, @Seinfeld2000: Jerry (Maybe We Should Get Married)
    09:46LieVin: Alli Essed prod. by Sarkastik
    09:44Spinning Coin: Sleepless
    09:39Barbudo: Realise the Reality
    09:36The Walkmen: Angela Surf City
    09:33Loto/hjkhlhl/btg: Stop Sending Unsolicited Dick Pics
    09:29Jesper Munk: Happy When I'm Blue
    09:26Lil Pump: ESSKEETIT
    09:23Odd Couple: Katta
    09:20Flasher: Pressure
    09:16Childish Gambino: This Is America
    09:12Bright Music: Shimmer
    09:09Cléa Vincent: Samba
    09:07Rin: Nike
    09:04Soleima: Pacify Me
    09:00Aadae: River Of Tears (RYD Rework)
    08:51Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse - Tinnitus!!!
    08:47Curtis Harding: Wednesday Morning Atonement
    08:44Veneer: Plasticine Leather
    08:39Machinedrum: Hype Up!
    08:34Promised Land Sound: By The Rain
    08:29Animal Collective: Summertime Clothes
    08:23SALES: White Jeans - Tinnitus!!!
    08:20Phantastic Ferniture: Fuckin n Rollin
    08:15Now Now: MJ - Tinnitus!!!
    08:12Bakar: All In
    08:04Laura Carbone: Tangerine Tree
    08:00THIAM: Light Is Still Shining
    07:53Nativ: Kôdjé (prod. by Santo)
    07:49Sheer Mag: Need to Feel Your Love
    07:43Juan Wauters: Sanity Or Not
    07:39The Tallest Man On Earth: An Ocean
    07:33Chromatics: Black Walls - Tinnitus!!!
    07:28Ruby Empress: Escapism Deluxe
    07:17Mildlife: The Magnificent Moon
    07:10Ryley Walker: Telluride Speed
    07:04Westerman: Edison - Tinnitus!!!
    07:01El Último Vecino: Un Secreto Mal Guardado
    06:52Municipality: Miles Away
    06:49LUMA: Flower
    06:41Vampire Weekend: Walcott
    06:35Long Tall Jefferson: Yonder Is A Mountain
    06:30River Tiber: Patience
    06:24Value Void: Back In The Day - Tinnitus!!!
    06:21HALEY: Bratt
    06:16Twins: Open Up
    06:12Phantastic Ferniture: Fuckin n Rollin
    06:08Wasabi: On Your Mind (feat. Hardy Nimi)
    06:01Jonti: Sleeping and Falling
    05:55I Am Oak: Famine
    05:52Sandro Perri: Love & Light
    05:48Tamikrest: Achaka Achail Aynaian Daghchilan
    05:44Tim Woulfe: Joyce
    05:40Wild Beasts: This Is Our Lot
    05:37Cold Specks: Let Loose The Dogs
    05:32Villagers: Ship Of Promises
    05:29Southern Boutique: Growing Old
    05:26Owen Pallett: Lewis Takes Action
    05:22Death Cab For Cutie: Long Division
    05:18French For Rabbits: Goat
    05:15Matt Duncan: Lone Ranger
    05:12She & Him: Unchained Melody
    05:06Junip: Walking Lightly
    05:03Woods: Be All Be Easy
    05:00Thao & Mirah: Little Cup
    04:50Jeans For Jesus: Zyt
    04:44Holly Herndon: Home (A Capella)
    04:41Leon Vynehall: Christ Air
    04:36Jenny Hval: Heaven
    04:29Monumental Men: The Revenant Main Theme (Monumental Men Edit)
    04:25Grouper: Driving
    04:21Masayoshi Fujita: Moonlight
    04:15Mike Wexler: Pariah
    04:13Jessy Lanza: New Ogi
    04:08Indian Wells: Mountains
    04:05Egopusher: Purple Air
    04:02Tricky: Nothing's Changed (feat. Francesca Belmonte)
    03:56Holly Miranda: Slow Burn Treason
    03:53Tim Hecker: Amps, Drugs, Mellotron
    03:48Darkstar: You Don't Need A Weatherman
    03:45George FitzGerald: Roll Back
    03:41Laake: Introspective
    03:36Kauf: Let Slide (Blue Motel Remix)
    03:30Martin Kohlstedt: ELL (Christian Löffler Rework)
    03:25Rival Consoles: Dreamer's Wake
    03:23Daedelus: Pre-munitions
    03:20Espectrostatic: Abandoned Places
    03:15Grimes: Human Once Again (Four Tet Remix)
    03:11Evian Christ: Go Girl
    03:07Holy Other: U Now
    02:56Lubomyr Melnyk: The Six Day Moment
    02:51Panama: It's Not Over
    02:42Charles Cohen: Solos Duos
    02:37Lee Gamble: Frame Drag
    02:34Alexander Spit: Valet Park, CA
    02:30R.Seiliog: Peripheral Thermal (Left)
    02:25Roman Fluegel: Friendship Song
    02:22Chancha Via Circuito: Guajaca
    02:18IKEBANA: Ikebana (Danny Norbury Remix)
    02:14Kid Koala: 7 bit Blues
    02:10FKA twigs: Closer
    02:07Arcade Fire: Sleepwalker
    02:03Tunica Dartos: Hymn
    01:57Israel Nash: LA Lately
    01:53Four Tet: She Just Likes To Fight
    01:49The Invisible: Generational
    01:45ETHIMM: Weiter
    01:42Nils Frahm: Ross's Harmonium
    01:40Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein: Fresh Blood
    01:32Kamaal Williams: Salaam
    01:29Apparat: K&F Thema (Pizzicato)
    01:23Floating Points: Silurian Blue
    01:20Alex G: Station
    01:16Laser: Disconnect
    01:12Graphics: The Provoker
    01:09TOUCH: In The End
    01:07Ricky Eat Acid: Inside your house; it will swallow us too
    01:02Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Kifi-Mifi
    00:58Palmbomen: 17
    00:53The Advisory Circle: Causeway Ballet
    00:49Julianna Barwick: Pacing
    00:45Nosaj Thing: Try (feat. Toro y Moi)
    00:34Axel Boman: 1979
    00:31How To Dress Well: Ocean Floor For Everything
    00:28Hauschka: Sanzhi Pod City
    00:24Lee Bannon: Shoot Out The Stars And Win
    00:20Sierre: Vegetation
    00:16Pure X: Easy
    00:12Nightmares On Wax: So Here We Are
    00:08Kelly Lee Owens: CBM
    00:05Dirty Beaches: Danseur De Ballet
    Di 22.5.
    23:56Chromatics: Black Walls - Tinnitus!!!
    23:54Bad Nerves: Can't Be Mine
    23:51THIAM: Light Is Still Shining
    23:48Yung Hurn: Was sie will
    23:44Oumou Sangaré: Kamelemba
    23:41Value Void: Back In The Day - Tinnitus!!!
    23:37The Vegetablets: Do Not Mix
    23:35Bones: BlackMold
    23:32Bright Music: Shimmer
    23:29Siskiyou: Imbecile Thoughts
    23:25Mazy: Enemies
    23:20Daniel.Avery: Slow Fade
    23:16LieVin: Alli Essed prod. by Sarkastik
    23:13Wildhart: New Beginning - Tinnitus!!!
    23:07Minami Deutsch: Tunnel
    23:04Roger George: NuNu
    23:01Girls Rituals: Girls Voice in a Rotting Mouth
    23:00groove: Tight Spot Opener NEW.wav
    22:56Soldiers Of Jah Army: Rasta Courage
    22:54Tribal Seeds: Lost Paradise
    22:49Slightly Stoopid: No Cocaine
    22:45Beef: One Step
    22:40Rootz Underground: Special Place
    22:35Stephen Marley, Jo Mersa Marley, Julian Marley, Da: Rude Bwoy feat. Jo Mersa Marley, Julian Marley, Da
    22:33Dexta Daps: Shabba Madda Pot
    22:30Danitsa: Captain
    22:27Mavado & Jahmiel: Badness
    22:24Dexta Daps: Scared To Love
    22:21Stylo G ft. Sister Nancy: Badd
    22:18Javada: Full Package
    22:14Chronixx: Like A Whistle
    22:10Busy Signal: Stay So
    22:06Kabaka Pyramid: Borders feat. Stonebwoy
    22:03Stereo Luchs: Ziitreis
    21:59Dre Island: We Pray feat. Popcaan
    21:58groove: Tight Spot Opener NEW.wav
    21:55Alina Amuri: On My Way
    21:51Million Stylez: One Life To Live
    21:51Million Stylez: Miss Fatty
    21:44Dub Inc.: Maché Bécif
    21:41Dub Inc: Grand Périple
    21:37Dub Inc.: Exil
    21:33Raphael: Joka Soundbwoy feat. Triston Palma
    21:29Earthkry: Do What You Got To Do
    21:25Earthkry: Praise Jah
    21:22Alborosie: Work
    21:21Alborosie: Kingston Town
    21:17Exco Levi: Bawl Blood
    21:17Elijah: Do Good In Life
    21:13Dellé: Waiting On The World To Change
    21:09Jahcoustix: Rocks
    21:05Sebastian Sturm: Waste Too Much Time
    20:59Romain Virgo, Agent Sasco: Fade Away feat. Agent Sasco
    20:55Di Genius, Jahmiel, Konshens: Evil Friend feat. Jamiel, Konshens
    20:51Anthony B: Where To Turn
    20:48Skarra Mucci: Telephone Love feat. Teacha Dee
    20:43Jah9: Love Has Found I
    20:38Joe Pilgrim & The Ligerians: Open The Gate
    20:33Marcus Gad & Tribe: Community Living
    20:29Ken Boothe: Down By The River
    20:24Misty In Roots: How Long Jah
    20:20The Viceroys: Jah Oh Jah
    20:16Ijahman Levi: Africa
    20:08Max Romeo: Warning
    20:05Twinkle Brothers: Come Home
    19:59Oscar Key Sung: Fools (feat. Ah Mer ah su & HTML Flowers)
    19:55Francis Lung: Back One Day
    19:52Phoenix: Ti Amo
    19:46SALES: White Jeans - Tinnitus!!!
    19:43Cut Worms: Don't Want to Say Good?-?bye
    19:42Signet: L-Teppich - Mirko Eilmeldung
    19:38Tirzah: Gladly
    19:31Rin: Nike
    19:27Molina: Hey Kids
    19:22Roots Manuva: Witness (1 Hope)
    19:17Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse - Tinnitus!!!
    19:08Courtney Barnett: City Looks Pretty
    19:03Florentino: Rosas En Diciembre
    18:59Sunflower Bean: I Was A Fool
    18:54Yo La Tengo: Out of the Pool
    18:51Elektro Hafiz: Günahkar Helvasi (Grup Ses Dubmix)
    18:47Ryley Walker: Spoil With The Rest
    18:42Yeule: Pocky Boy
    18:38laFayette: Airlines (feat. Nick Broadhurst)
    18:32Long Tall Jefferson: Yonder Is A Mountain
    18:28Buzzy Lee: Coolhand
    18:22Unknown Mortal Orchestra: American Guilt
    18:19Machinedrum: Hype Up
    18:16Lil Pump: ESSKEETIT
    18:08Chromatics: Black Walls - Tinnitus!!!
    18:03Professor Rhythm: Professor 3
    17:59Pamela Méndez: I Will Die
    17:54Drens: Nein
    17:51Leroy Francis: Going Steady
    17:39Solo Astra: Japanese Food
    17:33Westerman: Edison - Tinnitus!!!
    17:29Baywaves: I'm Tryna
    17:22David West: Swan's Beat
    17:17Boys Age: Be Your R. Stevie Moore
    17:13Strawberry Guy: Without You
    17:10Baba Stiltz: Maze
    17:08Baba Stiltz: Baby
    17:04Vive La Void: Death Money
    16:59Childish Gambino: This Is America
    16:54The Coathangers: Squeeki Tiki
    16:49Suuns: Make It Real
    16:46Stephan Kreussel: Mermaid
    16:44HALEY: Bratt
    16:40Duets and Stuff: Hold On
    16:35Pink Skies: Just To Get By
    16:32Wildhart: New Beginning - Tinnitus!!!
    16:28Leeveye: Lately (ooweoo)
    16:25Soleima: Pacify Me
    16:22Crack Ignaz: Gustav Klimt (feat. Phatman)
    16:18Dead Sea: Know Where
    16:12Hear The Taste: Lost
    16:09VSITOR: Pheromones
    16:03Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti: Round and Round
    16:00Slow Pulp: Preoccupied
    15:55Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse - Tinnitus!!!
    15:52Tender: Design
    15:48biyo: moments
    15:45Kississippi: Cut Yr Teeth
    15:39Pépe: Futurepresent
    15:34Lucia Manca: Bar Stazione
    15:31NickHakim: Bet She Looks Like You
    15:28Cristallin: Tides
    15:25Miss June: Twitch
    15:21Imarhan: Azzaman
    15:17The Vegetablets: Do Not Mix
    15:14Altin Gün: Tatli Dile Güler Yüze
    15:10Michael Nau: Less Than Positive
    15:07Old Smile: Worn Out Day - Tinnitus!!!
    15:03Praa: Do It All Again
    14:58Spike Vincent: Lie In The Dust
    14:54Todd Terje: Maskindans
    14:50Son Lux: Dangerous
    14:44De Lux: 875 Dollars
    14:41THIAM: Light Is Still Shining
    14:37Men I Trust: Show Me How
    14:32Snail Mail: Heat Wave
    14:28Now Now: MJ - Tinnitus!!!
    14:24Girls In Hawaii: Not Dead
    14:22Nick Lutsko, Bethany Cosentino, @Seinfeld2000: Jerry (Maybe We Should Get Married)
    14:19Zanski: Fool
    14:14Laura Carbone: Tangerine Tree
    14:10SALES: White Jeans - Tinnitus!!!
    14:06Natalie Prass: Short Court Style
    14:03The Bilinda Butchers: Girlfriend
    13:59Pershagen: Det du söker finns inte här
    13:54Twins: Open Up
    13:49Westerman: Edison - Tinnitus!!!
    13:45Tirzah: Gladly
    13:43Father John Misty: Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of Them All
    13:38NEWMEN: Trivial Pursuit
    13:35Glass Animals: Gold Lime
    13:31Albrecht Schrader: Ganz normal
    13:28Rin: Nike
    13:21Holy Wave: Adult Fear
    13:18Stereo Luchs: Dame
    13:13Mos Def: Summertime Running
    13:05LNZNDRF: Beneath The Black Sea
    13:00John Maus: Episode
    13:00Mos Def: Summertime Running
    12:54Wildhart: New Beginning - Tinnitus!!!
    12:48Diplo: Color Blind (feat. Lil Xan)
    12:45Weekend Affair: Tu m'emmènes feat Cléa Vincent
    12:40Squaring Circles: Anima
    12:34Flash Trading: Acceleration
    12:29Cold Beat: Cracks
    12:29Squaring Circles: Anima
    12:22Ella Soto: Power
    12:17First Hate: Holiday
    12:16First Hate: Fallen
    12:16Crimer: Coward
    12:15MoreEats: Bar
    12:15First Hate: A Prayer For The Unemployed
    12:11Haubi Songs: Easyjet
    12:04George FitzGerald & Bonobo: Outgrown
    11:59Banoffee: Ripe
    11:52Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse - Tinnitus!!!
    11:46Minami Deutsch: Tunnel
    11:43Pronto: EXPO
    11:40Flasher: Pressure
    11:37Anemone: Baby Only You & I
    11:33Anna Aaron: Why Not
    11:28Candy: Apartment In The City
    11:25Makala: Ginger Juice
    11:21SVPER: Azul Profundo
    11:18Woman's Hour: Her Ghost
    11:14Mazy: Enemies
    11:10Shuttle: Cruising
    11:07Baywaves: I'm Tryna
    11:04Old Smile: Worn Out Day - Tinnitus!!!
    11:01Promise Keeper: Endless Motion
    10:56Professor Rhythm: Professor 3
    10:52Now Now: MJ - Tinnitus!!!
    10:49boy pablo: Losing You
    10:44Lay Llamas: Silver Sun
    10:41Buzzy Lee: Coolhand
    10:38Yung Hurn: Was sie will
    10:34Hala: What Is Love Tell Me Is It Easy
    10:30SALES: White Jeans - Tinnitus!!!
    10:27Cherry Glazerr: Juicy Socks
    10:24Vagabon: The Embers
    10:18Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth
    10:15The Babe Rainbow: Monky Disco
    10:11Childish Gambino: This Is America
    10:07Mahalia: Sober
    10:02Cruel Boyz: Izaa
    10:00The Devils: Drunk Town
    09:57Miss June: Twitch
    09:53BAD WITH PHONES: Needles
    09:50The Internet: Roll (Burbank Funk)
    09:46Westerman: Edison - Tinnitus!!!
    09:41Dead Sea: Know Where
    09:35DJ Rocca, Daniele Baldelli: Complotto Geometrico (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
    09:30Moses Sumney: Lonely World
    09:24Ryley Walker: Telluride Speed
    09:20Chromatics: Black Walls - Tinnitus!!!
    09:16Témé Tan x Le Motel: Le Ciel
    09:12Clea: Bright Blue
    09:10Bad Nerves: Can't Be Mine
    09:05Pink Skies: Just To Get By
    09:03The Raveonettes: Love In A Trashcan
    08:59Tirzah: Gladly
    08:53Old Smile: Worn Out Day - Tinnitus!!!
    08:50Francis: All I Want
    08:42Now Now: MJ - Tinnitus!!!
    08:39Baba Stiltz: Maze
    08:34Molina: Hey Kids
    08:29Steady Sun: Television Eyes
    08:29Now Now: MJ - Tinnitus!!!
    08:29Molina: Hey Kids
    08:23Machinedrum: Hype Up
    08:20Eye: Tu Anima
    08:14Nick Lutsko, Bethany Cosentino, @Seinfeld2000: Jerry (Maybe We Should Get Married)
    08:10Wolfman: Mark My World
    08:09Wolfman: Tell us Were Crazy
    08:05The Dead Heir: Hand
    07:59LCD Soundsystem: emotional haircut
    07:54Jaws: Donut
    07:50Roosevelt: Hold On
    07:49Grimes: Vanessa
    07:45Miel de Montagne: Pourquoi Pas
    07:41Barbagallo: L'échappée
    07:33The War On Drugs: Up All Night
    07:29THIAM: Light Is Still Shining
    07:29Miel de Montagne: Pourquoi Pas
    07:29Barbagallo: L'échappée
    07:23SALES: White Jeans - Tinnitus!!!
    07:20Priya Ragu: Good'Luv (prod. Japhna Gold)
    07:16Ryley Walker: Spoil With The Rest
    07:15Ryley Walker: Primrose Green
    07:06Real Lies: The Checks
    07:00Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse - Tinnitus!!!
    06:54Thundercat: Friend Zone
    06:49Laura Carbone: Tangerine Tree
    06:44Bombino: Naqqim Dagh Timshar
    06:41Bombino: Timtar
    06:34Waves of Dread: In Your Mind
    06:29First Hate: Fallen
    06:22Long Tall Jefferson: Yonder Is A Mountain
    06:18Baba Stiltz: Maze
    06:14Westerman: Confirmation
    06:11Flaws: All We Are
    06:10Flaws: All We Are
    06:10Westerman: Edison - Tinnitus!!!
    06:09Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse - Tinnitus!!!
    06:09Nick Lutsko, Bethany Cosentino, @Seinfeld2000: Jerry (Maybe We Should Get Married)
    06:09Wildhart: New Beginning - Tinnitus!!!
    06:04Mons Vi: Want Me Too
    06:00Jon Hopkins: Emerald Rush
    05:54Masasolo: Really Thought She Loved Me
    05:46Avi Buffalo: Remember Last Time
    05:44King Krule: Easy Easy
    05:38Vive la Void: Red Rider
    05:34Glo La Luz: Soy Peor
    05:31Anna Aaron: Why Not
    05:24Lambchop: Gone Tomorrow
    05:21Met Gala: She's My Swet
    05:17Volcano Choir: Byegone
    05:14Raleigh Moncrief: Beyond The Neon Lights
    05:10Westerman: Edison - Tinnitus!!!
    05:07Modest Mouse: Coyotes
    05:03The National: Demons
    04:58Halls: Funeral
    04:55Air: Sing Sang Sung
    04:52SABA: SMILE
    04:49Julian Lynch: Yawning
    04:45Dolphin Flight: Princesse
    04:43Ava Luna: Aquarium
    04:40GABI: Koo Koo
    04:39Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: Labyrinth V
    04:37Mountain Man: Soft Skin
    04:33Air France: It Feels Good To Be Around You
    04:28Mount Eerie: Pumpkin
    04:24J Dilla: Two Lips (feat. Joey Bada$$)
    04:22Curxes: The Stars, Like Dust
    04:18DM Stith: Get Out Get Out Get Out (Jason Molina Cover)
    04:13Lockjaw: Letting Go
    04:10Gonjasufi: Venom
    04:07Clark: Ghosted
    04:02Savant: Indifference
    03:57Cavern Of Anti-Matter: planetary folklore (feat. Sonic Boom)
    03:50Karl Blau: A Melody To Wake Us In The Morning
    03:45Trailblazer: Magic Hour
    03:38Lazy Salon: Halo Hand
    03:34Land Observations: Appian Way
    03:30Zammuto: Yay
    03:27Ghostpoet: Cash And Carry Me Home
    03:21Fatima Al Qadiri: Shanghai Freeway
    03:16Portico Quartet: Ruins
    03:12Rat & Co: Robes
    03:08Bonobo: Heaven For The Sinner (Ft. Erykah Badu)
    03:04Born Gold: 1: Ferocious Body
    03:01S O H N: Lessons
    02:59Noah Wall: Closed Source
    02:58Arca: Held Apart
    02:53THAT PORK: L'Evidence
    02:47BADBADNOTGOOD: Sustain
    02:42Forest Swords: An Hour
    02:35Matmos: You
    02:29Fort Romeau: New Wave
    02:18The War On Drugs: Thinking Of A Place
    02:14Micachu and the Shapes: Oh Baby
    02:12Flying Lotus: ..And The World Laughs With You (Feat. Thom Yorke)
    02:08The Mast: UpUpUp
    02:05Tennis System: My Life In
    02:03TEEN: Voices
    02:01DARKSIDE: Greek Light
    01:54Cloud Boat: I Left For A Reason (It Escapes Me Now)
    01:49Clive Tanaka Y Su Orquesta: Lonely for the High Scrapers
    01:45James Blake: Building It Still
    01:41Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal: Super etoile
    01:34Babak Shayan & Pino Shamlou: Baran (Helly Larson 4 a.m. Dub)
    01:30Max Graef & Glenn Astro: Money $ex Theme
    01:26Tapes: Datura Mystic
    01:23Absolutely Free: Window Of Time
    01:20S S S S: Carved Out
    01:16PVT: Light Up Bright Fires
    01:13Public Memory: Heir
    01:07Le Frère: Candid
    01:01The xx: Shelter (John Talabot's Feel It Too Remix)
    00:56Austra: Beat And The Pulse
    00:43Matter: Tardis Cymbals
    00:38Noveller: Into The Dunes
    00:34Camel Power Club: Laïka (Hannes Fischer Remix)
    00:28Torn Hawk: I'm Flexible
    00:22Caribou: Bowls
    00:18e.m.m.a.: Bijoux de Diamants
    00:13Bill Callahan: Ride My Dub
    00:05Valentin Stip: Aletheia
    Mo 21.5.
    23:56Baywaves: I'm Tryna
    23:53BiigPiig: Perdida (prod. Boss Nass)
    23:51HALEY: Bratt
    23:46Twins: Open Up
    23:43Guy Mandon: Lueg doch gnau
    23:40GUM: S.I.A
    23:36ABADABAD: 10 Fingers
    23:30Ulrika Spacek: Lord Luck
    23:23Real Lies: The Checks
    23:20Wildhart: New Beginning - Tinnitus!!!
    23:16Ben Khan: Youth
    23:14Drens: Nein
    23:11Soleima: Pacify Me
    23:08Tirzah: Gladly
    23:04Westerman: Edison - Tinnitus!!!
    23:00Buzzy Lee: Coolhand
    22:58PEARS: Sycophant
    22:54Twoonacouch: Decisions
    22:50Converge: Reptilian
    22:40Beesus: Nuna Y Frena
    22:31Watain: A Throne Below
    22:29Melkbelly: Middle of
    22:24Conjurer: The Mire
    22:21Glassjaw: Bibleland 6
    22:19Booji Boys: Highest Guy In The HRM
    22:17Turnstile: Time and Space
    22:14War On Women: Anarcha
    22:11Sectioned: Annihilated
    22:09Bitch Queens: Collateral Damage
    22:07Superjoint: Rigging the Fight
    22:05The Shrine: Pull the Trigger
    22:02Full Blown A.I.D.S.: Throwing Cars At People (On Coke With Thor)
    21:59Flip Kowlier: Grotste Lul Van t Stad
    21:52Wakrat: Nail in the Snail
    21:48RED FANG: Not For You
    21:4568: Without Any Words
    21:43Abbrechen: Hysteria
    21:40Melvins: Break Bread
    21:37Pennywise: Goodbye Bad Times
    21:34Cancer Bats: Can't Sleep
    21:32In Love Your Mother: The Incredible Exploding Frosch Experience
    21:19In Love Your Mother: 8.7 The Chair
    21:11In Love Your Mother: 8.4 She
    21:02In Love Your Mother: 8.8 En Bom, Zwo Böm
    20:53In Love Your Mother: 8.5 The Artist
    20:45In Love Your Mother: 10.1 The Painter
    20:39Bakers Eddy: Good Decision
    20:29Sleep: Giza Butler
    20:23Queens of the Stone Age: A Song For The Dead
    20:19Pentagram: Relentless
    20:03The Dwarves: Safe Space
    20:01Anal Cunt: You're a Cop
    19:56Francesco De Leo: Muse
    19:52Greg Kozo: Terry
    19:44Homeboy Sandman: Mine All Mine
    19:42In Love Your Mother: 10.1 The Painter
    19:37Blue For Noon: Never Near
    19:34Cherry Glazerr: Juicy Socks
    19:27Yung Hurn: Was sie will
    19:24Miracles Of Modern Science: Fidget
    19:14Luke Reed: I'm Dreaming
    19:04Temples: (I Want To Be Your) Mirror
    19:00The Internet: Roll (Burbank Funk)
    18:55Neon Indian: Hit Parade
    18:49Peggy Gou: Han Jan
    18:45Ryley Walker: Opposite Middle
    18:44Ryley Walker: Primrose Green
    18:40Westkust: Swirl
    18:37Met Gala: She's My Swet
    18:33Machinedrum: Hype Up!
    18:29Soccer Mommy: Cool
    18:21Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse - Tinnitus!!!
    18:15First Hate: Holiday
    18:15First Hate: Fallen
    18:15Crimer: The Fortress
    18:14MoreEats: Bar
    18:14First Hate: Copenhagen
    18:11Rin: Nike
    18:05SALES: White Jeans - Tinnitus!!!
    18:01Gengahr: Loki
    17:56Nick Lutsko, Bethany Cosentino, @Seinfeld2000: Jerry (Maybe We Should Get Married)
    17:47Cutouts: Habits
    17:43Wildhart: New Beginning - Tinnitus!!!
    17:39Squaring Circles: Anima
    17:38Dungen: Akt Dit
    17:37The Holydrug Couple: Vase of flowers
    17:33Mazy: Enemies
    17:29Kate Teague: Low Life
    17:20George FitzGerald & Bonobo: Outgrown
    17:17Praa: Do It All Again
    17:09Pizzagirl: Carseat
    17:06Father John Misty: Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of Them All
    16:59Prequel: Chant For You
    16:54Jungle: Happy Man
    16:50Everything Everything: Kemosabe
    16:43Dave Depper: Do You Want Love
    16:39Everett Bird: Bucket of Dark Meat
    16:35Weekend Affair: Tu m'emmènes feat Cléa Vincent
    16:32Baywaves: I'm Tryna
    16:28First Hate: Fallen
    16:24Dead Gaze: Yuppies Are Flowers
    16:21LCone: Scheissegal feat. Dave
    16:16Mateo Kingman: Sendero Del Monte (Jiony Remix)
    16:12Video Age: Hold On (I Was Wrong)
    16:08Chromatics: Black Walls - Tinnitus!!!
    16:03Twins: Open Up
    15:59Vive La Void: Death Money
    15:56Superorganism: Everybody Wants To Be Famous
    15:48Real Lies: The Checks
    15:44Yeule: Pocky Boy
    15:39Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam: A 1000 Times
    15:33Hugo Jay: Wide Eyed
    15:30Value Void: Back In The Day - Tinnitus!!!
    15:24Delta Crash: Shimmer Of Time
    15:21Roy Irwin: King Of Pop
    15:17Morabeza Tobacco: TTYL
    15:14PYNKIE: Dew
    15:10Buzzy Lee: Coolhand
    15:06Now Now: MJ - Tinnitus!!!
    15:01Youandewan: Waiting For L
    14:57Beach House: Lemon Glow
    14:50Little Kid: nothing that is was ever meant to be
    14:45Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays
    14:41Gents: Lost In The City
    14:39Da Souza: Palma Pina i Cas Català
    14:36Leroy Francis: Going Steady
    14:32Old Smile: Worn Out Day - Tinnitus!!!
    14:30Boyhood: He Don't
    14:27Loto/hjkhlhl/btg: Stop Sending Unsolicited Dick Pics
    14:24Flaws: All We Are
    14:21Makala: Ginger Juice
    14:16Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse - Tinnitus!!!
    14:12Bright Music: Shimmer
    14:08Freeman: Soldierboy
    14:03Pink Skies: Just To Get By
    14:00School of X: Words
    13:56CANT: Too Late, Too Far
    13:52AUTOBAHN: Future
    13:49Altin Gün: Tatli Dile Güler Yüze
    13:45Laura Carbone: Tangerine Tree
    13:40Sidney Gish: Sin Triangle
    13:37SALES: White Jeans - Tinnitus!!!
    13:33Lil Pump: ESSKEETIT
    13:29Wildhart: New Beginning - Tinnitus!!!
    13:25Nick Lutsko, Bethany Cosentino, @Seinfeld2000: Jerry (Maybe We Should Get Married)
    13:19Nate Dogg: My Money
    13:14Cymbals Eat Guitars: Warning
    13:10Dead Sea: Know Where
    13:05Bad Nerves: Can't Be Mine
    13:00Sinkane: Favorite Song
    12:54Little Element: Birds leave
    12:51First Hate: A Prayer For The Unemployed
    12:50MoreEats: Fürst Of Pop
    12:50First Hate: Copenhagen
    12:45Molina: Hey Kids
    12:42Hookworms: Static Resistance
    12:37Squaring Circles: Anima
    12:33Rin: Nike
    12:28Michael Nau: Less Than Positive
    12:20Justice: Randy
    12:16Chromatics: Black Walls - Tinnitus!!!
    12:09LieVin: Alli Essed prod. by Sarkastik
    12:05Anna Aaron: Why Not
    11:59Snail Mail: Heat Wave
    11:54DJ Khalab: Aeh
    11:49Long Tall Jefferson: Yonder Is A Mountain
    11:46Value Void: Back In The Day - Tinnitus!!!
    11:42Ben Khan: 2000 Angels
    11:39Tirzah: Gladly
    11:35Miss June: Twitch
    11:32The Lemon Twigs: Foolin' Around
    11:28Now Now: MJ - Tinnitus!!!
    11:22Ride: Catch You Dreaming
    11:20HALEY: Bratt
    11:17Mura Masa: Nothing Else! ft. Jamie Lidell
    11:13The Internet: Roll (Burbank Funk)
    11:09Schapero: Are You Sure (I'm Sure)
    11:04Edmony Krater: An ba jouk
    11:00Jaakko Eino Kalevi: Everything Nice (Popcaan cover) (feat. Farao)
    10:57Kero Kero Bonito: The One True Path
    10:54Bakar: All In
    10:51Old Smile: Worn Out Day - Tinnitus!!!
    10:47Dan Deacon: When I Was Done Dying
    10:42Evelinn Trouble: Monstruous
    10:37NEWMEN: Trivial Pursuit
    10:32Spike Vincent: Lie In The Dust
    10:26George FitzGerald & Bonobo: Outgrown
    10:20Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse - Tinnitus!!!
    10:18Oder: Points Of View
    10:14Yes We Mystic: Undertow
    10:10Diplo: Color Blind (feat. Lil Xan)
    10:06Deer Eyes: Swim Deep
    10:01Koudlam: See You All
    09:56Ténéré: Tenebris (Olëm Remix)
    09:52HIGH HØØPS: Body
    09:48Leeveye: Lately (ooweoo)
    09:45SALES: White Jeans - Tinnitus!!!
    09:40B77: Panthère
    09:38Met Gala: She's My Swet
    09:34Latasha: Sumpn
    09:31Jungle: Happy Man
    09:28Wildhart: New Beginning - Tinnitus!!!
    09:25LUH.: I&I
    09:22Oli Hannaford: The Crown
    09:18Famara: Ghetto Prezident
    09:15Menace Beach: Suck It Out
    09:10The Espionne: Waves Roll In
    09:05Minami Deutsch: Tunnel
    09:01Float Fall: Someday
    08:56Vive La Void: Death Money
    08:54Goodman: Lady In Black
    08:50Young Dreams: Wildwind
    08:46Westerman: Edison - Tinnitus!!!
    08:43Yuno: No Going Back
    08:39Hala: What Is Love Tell Me Is It Easy
    08:34Baywaves: I'm Tryna
    08:32Yung Hurn: Was sie will
    08:28Chromatics: Black Walls - Tinnitus!!!
    08:25Flowertruck: Enough for Now
    08:21The Bilinda Butchers: Girlfriend
    08:17TBRW & Little Miss Sunshine: CHOLLO
    08:14Crooked Colours: I Hope You Get It
    08:11Tomas Barfod: Pulsing (feat. Nina Kinert)
    08:06Love'n'Joy: Come About
    08:02Bright Music: Shimmer
    07:59Wargirl: Arbolita
    07:55Chrome Sparks: All Or Nothing
    07:52Warming: White Lies
    07:49Flaws: All We Are
    07:45MCNZI: 'Cause this Is Acid Rap
    07:41Laura Carbone: Tangerine Tree
    07:37Flasher: Pressure
    07:33Professor Rhythm: Professor 3
    07:29Cherry Glazerr: Juicy Socks
    07:26Value Void: Back In The Day - Tinnitus!!!
    07:23THIAM: Light Is Still Shining
    07:21Lexie: Blood Boils
    07:17Lipka: Union Square Kids
    07:15Father John Misty: Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of Them All
    07:11Flew: Enter The Void
    07:07Now Now: MJ - Tinnitus!!!
    07:00Kyson: You (Thomas Jack Remix)
    06:56Art Feynman: Feeling Good About Feeling Good
    06:53Anna Aaron: Why Not
    06:49Glo La Luz: Soy Peor
    06:44Melody's Echo Chamber: Desert Horse - Tinnitus!!!
    06:40C'est Life: New Years Eve 2013
    06:37Birthday: Qué Pasa
    06:33Melodys Echo Chamber: Breathe In Breathe Out - Tinnitus!!!
    06:30Palm Beach: Falling Over
    06:27Rin: Nike
    06:23Diamond Thug: Choo Choo
    06:20Snyder: Something
    06:14Mark Renner: Half A Heart
    06:11Machinedrum: Hype Up!
    06:07LieVin: Alli Essed prod. by Sarkastik
    06:03Old Smile: Worn Out Day - Tinnitus!!!
    06:00Nakhane: Clairvoyant
    05:56Atlas Sound: Te Amo
    05:53Wildhart: New Beginning - Tinnitus!!!
    05:49Domenique Dumont: +371
    05:45Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin: Glue Girls
    05:42Eleanor Friedberger: In Between Stars
    05:37The Miserable Rich: Imperial Lines
    05:34Isaiah Rashad: I Shot You Down
    05:31Zanski: Fool
    05:27Gregory Alan Isakov: Saint Valentine
    05:23Amor De Días: The House At Sea
    05:15Kalabrese: Kafi Lied (feat. Sarah Palin)
    05:12Abram Shook: Hangover
    05:08Praa: Do It All Again
    05:04Franky Silence & Ghost Orchestra: No One Knows
    05:01Alexis Taylor: I'm Ready
    04:59Coals: VHS Nightmaner ft. Hatti Vatti
    04:49Twin Haus: Synthetic Egg
    04:46Roman Fluegel: All That Matters
    04:41Koloto: Mechanica (Sun Glitters Remix)
    04:37James Vincent McMorrow: Cavalier
    04:31Disappears: Halcyon Days
    04:27Suzy Callahan: See Through
    04:05Günter Schlienz: Watermarked Memories
    03:57Gidge: You
    03:52The Drums: I Can't Pretend (YACHT Remix)
    03:47Dawn Of Midi: Moon
    03:43Astronauts, etc.: Mystery Colors
    03:39OMBRE: Tormentas
    03:35Ariel Kalma: What Would You Say
    03:28Cologne Tape: Flutes By Phil Collins
    03:25BEAK>: Deserters
    03:20Human Teenager: Whites In General
    03:14Burial & Four Tet & Thom Yorke: Ego
    03:09Thug Entrancer: Death After Life VI
    03:06CREEP: Introduction (feat. Planningtorock)
    03:01Laura Mvula: She (Shlohmo Remix)
    02:54Sinner DC: Los
    02:50Sequoyah Tiger: Hey Paul Anka
    02:44God Loves Fags: Akshak
    02:39A.r.t. WilsoN: Rebecca's Theme (Water)
    02:34Devendra Banhart: Golden Girls (Hauschka Mix)
    02:28Ulrich Schnauss: A Long Way To Fall
    02:24Nosaj Thing: Eclipse/Blue
    02:20Philip Selway: Coming Up For Air
    02:14Burial: Street Halo
    02:13Martin Eden: Worker
    02:07Sapphire Slows: Rules
    02:05Rabit & Dedekind Cut: R&D-ii
    01:51Oren Ambarchi: Quixotism Part 5
    01:43Saffron: Rampwalk (feat. Lola Guerrero)
    01:37Nonkeen: re:turn!
    01:27Joshua Abrams: Spiral Up
    01:23Jah Cotton: Dem Never Know
    01:15Darkside: The Only Shrine I've Seen
    01:07Andy Stott: Anytime Soon
    01:02Kormac: Everything Around Me
    00:58Dirty Beaches: I Don't Know How To Find My Way Back To You
    00:47Gang Gang Dance: Glass Jar
    00:42Holy Other: Yr Love
    00:39Pill Wonder: See You On The Cyan Shore
    00:37Brandt Brauer Frick: Miami Titles
    00:33Hans Unstern: Paris
    00:30Die Astronauten: Dr. Coiffeur
    00:25Ephrem Lüchinger: Waza Piano
    00:19Nicolas Jaar: Mi Mujer
    00:15Inc.: Black Wings
    00:10IVVVO: Darkness In My Soul
    00:05Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Dead Souls
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