Bestes Stück


von Annie Kahri

Dear immigration, 

I’m writing you this letter as a part of my application, my lawyer said if I gave an explanation of my situation and shed a little light on all the shit I’m facing it might help with my case Sometimes I think it was the heavens testing Meh You took my rights and then you took what ever was left of meh I looked to the sky every night look for the recipe Whilst you sent letters tryna threaten me about arresting me You give me a stomach ache You made me feel like a fugitive and runaway I hate you for putting away my mother away in Holloway You made me look in the mirror in horror and took my tomorrows You made me despise the person standing front of Meh Today my little brother told me he wants sell drugs and I hate you for that, I really blame you for that. How is he born in the country and still he need papers and that. You made him wanna sell drugs and he’s so much greater than that I came here in 2005 when I was just 9 Just a child who really needed his mum at the time I had no idea she was on drugs at the time She had no papers and couldn’t get no jobs at the time But she wanted a better life for her son at the time So she did whatever she could do to find funds at the time I won’t sit here and lie some of the time I wish it was different and it weren’t how it was at the time But I was only nine and my friends had guns at the time And they was just kidnapping children for fun at the time I want you to know since I was nine I’ve felt like a crime. I used to imagine you coming for me every day of my life Like a movie in my mind and play the shit on rewind. I used to argue with teachers all of the time Tell them I’d sit where I wanna But the truth is I just needed a window to climb For my peace of mind How do you sleep at night You told my mum to give me up, she took me away to hide Look me in the eyes and say you won’t do the same for your child Furthermore I’ll never get the chance to look you in the eyes You’re not even real but you wanna make me feel like i’m the lie We used to wake up hit the bottle see what job we could find Working for 30 a day going till 12 in the night More times bossman would just all ah the ps and then hide All you did was get us hooked on all these drugs to get us by I wish you knew what it was like At the bottom of the pile You took away my smile I was just a fucking child Now my tears run for miles Coming Like the river Nile Dear immigration you are vile And you can stick that on my file I ain’t begging you for nothing I don’t know why I’m on trial For these are my tribulations For these are my tribulations All I needed was a SIM card and a heart to make it out the simulation These are my tribulations Dear immigration, I hope you take all of the facts into consideration when you decide on my case. I don’t mind what you say It’s been a very long ride and I’m tired, 

You’re sincerely
Berwyn the great

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