Stromstoss Residency

Stromstoss Residency (033): Lisa Hill


Lisa Hill is kicking off her residency with recent finds, energetic percussive rollers, seasoned house classics and a bit of breakbeat nostalgia. 


Just can’t stop  - Serpico 

Get Lover - Hidden Spheres 

Anonymous Force - Sedef Adasi 

Radiant Reality - Bliss Inc. 

C-quence of Calamities  

ANF Dub - D. Tiffany`s Milano Remix 

U Wont C Me - Mystic Bill 

Kikau - KAWAKE 

Mauna Kea - ANF 

Spiritus Sanctus - Bliss Street Queens 

I Get Deep - Roland Clark 

Searching for the real - Hymns 

Good Situation - Komponente & Kurilo

Attirer - Philo, Sandilè 

Say What - Known Artist 

A Bit Spooky- The Trip 

For to the Floor - Wodda 

Improvisation  - Hidden Spheres 

System Love - OSSX 

Cybernet - Druid

The Sun can’t Compare - Larry Heard & Mr. White 

Tempted - Waterlillies

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