Stromstoss Residency

Stromstoss Residency (015): Apinti with Ayshat Campell


Ayshat Campbell and Apinti come together to give you two hours of warm beats and R&B you can enjoy with your lovvies and bbs xxx.


faking jazz together - Connan Mockasin

in luv -

Afternoon Love In - Prefuse 73

Dark & Handsome - Blood Orange

Empire (Leemz Bootleg) - Gunna

ULTRA VIOLET - Thouxanbanfauni

Sneeky Steps - Sideshow

Rock the Boat - Aaliyah

Stay Fresh - J Rocc

penelope freestyle - Babyfather

Mind Sex - Dead Prez

SNF Riddim - Merca Bae & Heny Envy

Over - Lucky Daye

WHO HURT YOU - Daniel Caesar

Anoche (T5UMUT5UMU Edit) - Arca

Earth Beat - Yoshinori Sunahara

Fire Like Tyndall - Vegyn

Hair Down feat. Kendrick Lamar- SiR

Love Takeover feat Saturn Rising - davOmakesbeats

Love feat Lord Byron & Pink Siifu - Kryptonyte

Mating Dance - Flako

My Love for You - ./Marten Lou

Confianza - Syntrovert

Mystery Boy (Vegyn Remix)

Toes Down - Louke Man

Ángel X Daño - AKIRA & YANX

Burn - Oshun

Actavis - Gucci Mane

love - lofi.samurai

Pulled Apart - Louke Man

Primavera - VHOOR

You Give Me Love - Baltra

Overflowering - upsammy

Only Seeing God When I Come - Sega Bodega

Olbass All Bass 004 - Vegyn

princess bubblegum - ilytommy

Archangel Terrotpry (Broken Lip Edit)

True Love - Thaiboy Digital & Yung Lean

Love & War - Kodak Black

Goodlookin - Paxslim

Aidée - Lala &ce


Sugar Armor - 7038634357

Can’t Nobody - Princesa 28

C - Dj Sleeky

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