Stromstoss Residency

Stromstoss Residency (056): Lisa Hill ft. DJ Duo ALELEFI


Lisa Hill and DJ Duo ALELEFI share a weak spot for high energy house music, noisy vocals and intimate melodies. For this months mix, they have decided to team up in the studio to exchange recent favorites. 

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Radio 3FACH · Stromstoss Residency (056): Lisa Hill ft. DJ Duo ALELEFI


DJ Fuckoff - Welcome aboard

Kristy Harper - My body my future

Cockroach – Pearl

Abdul Raeva – Phantasya

Youndewan – Cola Beach

Bliss Inc – Transitions

Alan Fitzpatrick & DJ Deeon – Shake Thag Thang (DJOKO Remix)

DJ Life – Digi the Pluck

Paul Street Sounds - Cadence - Wanna Do

Cadence - Wanna Do

Noizu - Summer 91

Paige Tomlinson - Rocked it

L.P Rhythm - People Dancin’ (Paige Tomlinson Remix)

Danny Snowden - There is no Ending

Earwaxx - C-TLR Hot Jam

Namby Pamby - Girlz! 1 (M.B.S. Queer Mix)

Abdul Raeva - Submerged

Jaco - Show some Love

ANF - Visions (S.T.T.G.)

Harrison BDP - Bad Boys in the Milky Way

Deborah Aime La Bagarre - Ishmael

Lore - the Spirit

Hoarder - Intergalactic Conexion

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