Stromstoss Residency

Stromstoss Residency (22): elin with dataflex


On this easter episode you get 2 hours of heavy clubby bass music first delivered from elin afterwards from dj and producer dataflex. they both are members of the bern based crttr collective and share a similar taste in music. :)

tracklist elin:

Oklou - god’s chariots (Basile3 Lost Club Mix)

Dual Monitor - Fractal Submission 

Cassius Select - BUNNY

Warzou - Trunk Blaster

Shinra Knives - Girl Missing

Shayu & B.Thorough - Jetstream

Cocktail Party Effect - Safety Button 

Design Default - SILEX

Leese - Sag (Capiuz remix)

Alec Pace - Future Now? (Stenny Remix)

Walton - Debris

Circular Square - 3-HT-(xon)

an galar dub - timbre

Modern Collapse - Hoarse

Klinical - Forbidden

Itoa - This Tune

Kahn & Neek - Shimmer (Neekeetone Jungle Rework)

LMB - San Fierro Bass (Nuevo Prohibido Bass Inferno)

DJ LOUI FROM JUPITER4 - B.O.T.S (ballad of toppled systems) ft. Reverse Live

Tracklist DataFlex:

notte infinita - i lost all my data
bftt - (in)finite scroll
impey - kwest
margaret antwood - power confessions
lokane - see me
lioyd sb - 3X23
ikävä pii - protocol art
hypna - drm/bll
imami - contrappost
geode - pistachio
e-talking - hi-res
reality check - dreams
xen chron - sure why not
walton - point blank
cocktail party effect - war on codex
blastto - ready to go
 solen velour - onyx

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