Stromstoss Residency

Stromstoss Residency (048): Lisa Hill


This month's mix is an ode to the dancefloor. High-energy house meets techno meets contemporary vibes and a subtle touch of ethereal rave hymns.

Radio 3FACH · Stromstoss Residency (048): Lisa Hill


Liquid Earth - The Electronic Brain

Abdul Raeva - FCP Assault

Drua - Leisureplex

CC Disco - Chez Moi (Sprays Witching Hour Mix)

Drua - LARP

Freddie Fresh + Tim Taylor - The penguin

Simple Symmetry - Where I Am

Abdul Raeva - Planet One

DJ Deep State - Eco Portal

The Trip - Fantazia

Gotta Let You Go (Original `95 Club Mix)

Speaking Minds - Sharpless 248

Jex Opolis - If you Wanna ( Ft. Precious Okome)

Mabel - Miss Demeanor

Byron Yeates - Sweat Ur Prayers

131bmp - Entrance

Tapestry of Sound - Whip it Up (Olsvanger Remix)

ANF - Visions (S.T.T.G.)

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