Stromstoss Residency

Stromstoss Residency (001): sellyourmania with sanctus libido


The first hour of the show is hosted by sellyourmania and presents you a mix of intelligent dance music from the 90es, genre coined by the legendary Sheffield Warp label with their compilation ‘’Artificial Intelligence’’. Ethereal, strange, extraneated. This is what it feels like to be an alien with adhd on any given day. The second hour is a takeover by sanctus libido, playing post-punk, ebm and industrial gems, because he also is a gem and helps us coming down from our braindance into the weekend. 

Catch you all on the flipside


Orbital - Time becomes

The Dice Man - Polygon Window

Skua Atlantic - Kexland

Pressure of Speech - Mothmath (HIA)

Xonox - Transmission

Ken Ishii - Prodome

Orbital - The Moebius

Locust - Weathered gate

Susumu Yokota - Saboten

CRC - March 3

Airpeople - 7 Deadlies

The Higher Intelligence Agency - Ketamine Entity

Low Res - Amuck

Lostlojic - Lv 426

MDK - Caravan

Masahiko Satoh - Andy Warhol

Spoken Word: From Adam Curtis - Century of the Self

Giant Step - D.E (demoversion)

Amor Industrial - Aviador Dro (original Version)

IAV - You Make The Groove 

IAV - Groove It 

In Aeternam Vale - Moon beat

In Aeternam Vale - Dont Go 

Baüzer Vep - Look! (Club Mix)

In Aeternam Vale - Brûler En Enfer

Siegmar Fricke - His love his hate 

Hard Corps - Water (Remix)

Hard Corps - Je Suis Passee (Club Dub Mix)

The Eagle Lands - Paul Hertzog

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