Stromstoss Residency

Stromstoss Residency (010): elin with 50G Vanessa


This week on stromstoss and the for the last one this year Elin invites her dear friend and lucerne's upcoming dj 50g Vanessa. They had a lot of fun playing for eachother and sharing their music. Elin starts off with experimental bass music and a lot of heat and 50g Vanessa dives through a wonderful selection from ambient to breaks and hyperpop which gives you chills and melancholic feels.



Ecotone - Bitter Babe & Nick Leon

Tentan - Dayzero

Baai - Leese

Jim & Caroline Were Bad Omens (Christian Coiffure remix) - Glass

Esso et Four - Vesarchie

Frontera - Octoptic

Called up - Debba

Mainline - Lithe

Hover - Sha Ru

M1 - Mafou

Sangre Digital - Nuevo Prohibido

Cloudnest - Apu Nanu

Dancehall Killa ft PH42E - Y.L.S.

Drum in the Bass of Attention (Cutmeintwice Version) - NVST

Corazon - Nuevo Prohibido

0View - Presente

Aquarius - Amor Satyr & Siu Mata


50G Vanessa:

Dog Days - Varg, Ziuür, Puce Mary

Luna - Elischa Heller

Enter The Sun - Torus, DJ Lostboi

Human Nature - Sevdaliza

Futura Primitive - Thodén

Twice - MILYMA

You See? - Smerz

Bby - Overmono

Es Tu Réel? - IMANU, LaMeduza

Furnace - Splash Pattern

K2 - Aloka

Maybe In The Summer - Sassy 009

Energy Blitz (Heat Mix) - De Grandi

Almost Falling - TIBASKO

Only Seeing God When I Come - Sega Bodega

Ghost Hardware - Burial

Different Ways To Love You - Pocket

Meshes - Dataflex

calling - Tom Place

Close Your Eyes - Prospa, KETTAMA

Niche 2 Divine - Palmistry

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